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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 581

Battle 581: the fate of the missiles


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 581

Battle 581: the fate of the missiles\\
side: kenichi sticks to katsujinken to the end… he brilliantly defeats kajima!!\\
ken: … uh…\\
miu: kenichi-san!!\\
miu: kyah!!\\
sen: this is strange…\\
sen: things are a little different from what I have calculated…\\
sai: maybe I should have killed you sooner…? I cannot know that until I try.\\
sai: and your wounds are a little deeper than mine. If you make a mistake from now on you will die.\\
miu: f-father!!\\
ken: uuuh…\\
sai: cough\\
sai: don’t come, miu!!\\
shi: he is right… stop miu…\\
shi: they have both only the strength for one final attack… left.\\
shi: if you get too close you will be reduced into a piece of… meat.\\
tou: chu~~~\\
niji: guwaaaah\\
niji: my sensors are telling me to run away from here, and yet~~~~\\
niji: keh!\\
niji: p-perfect!!\\
?: counter system clear. Entering waiting mode.\\
niji: kekekekeh!!\\
niji: I was able to stop it!!\\
niji: I have stopped the missiles, kenichi!!\\
ken: uuuh…\\
ken: d-did we won?\\
sai: give up, senzui! This is the end of your ambitions!!\\
sai: didn’t you tell me that you didn’t desire for the second coming of the “eternal sunset”?\\
sai: It was the bewitching fist… kunishinada that made you change your mind, right senzui?\\
kaji: guh…\\
sen: kajima satomi…\\
sen: I always thought that the one who was supposed to defeat you would have been someone blessed with the lineage of a genius.\\
sen: but you continued to win against such opponents and at the end the one who defeated you was…\\
sen: someone even less blessed with talent than you.\\
sen: it is true that when you make calculation for a battle there are too many things that you cannot even imagine.\\
sen: the release of us, the kuremisago, was the same…\\
sen: you should have noticed a little already, saiga.\\
sen: the blood that was polished for war in centuries…\\
sen: could not adapt to a peaceful world, even after it was released… this is another thing I have understood in the middle of the fight…\\
sen: kushinada-dono said that…\\ “a place to go is necessary for a warrior”… we are birds able to flap their wings only on the flames of the battlefield.\\
sen: in that case…\\
sen: our true freedom lies in spreading the war in the entire world!!\\
sai: … but the missiles, that should trigger such a thing are now stopped.\\
sen: did you really think…\\
sen: that I would just be silent and have you have it your way?\\
ken: ah!!\\
sai: are you searching for this, senzui?\\
niji: eh? The switch to activate the missiles directly!?\\
niji: did you have something like that~~~?\\
tou: chu\\
sai: we know each other since a long time. Therefore I know all of your tricks.\\
sen: heh.\\
sen: Michael!!\\
mic: hyahooo!! The hero always shows up late!!\\
mic: I was climbing here in order to avoid the god fist, and it seems that I have reached a spot where to show myself!!\\
sai: stop Michael!! You will bring chaos to the world!!\\
sai: kuh!! I cannot fight against the two of them at the same time now…\\
shi: Michael!! I am your… opponent!!\\
mi: kuh, kousaga shigure!!?\\
shi: Shinto gourenzan!!\\
shi: the scythe that my father made and killed the most people…\\
shi: finally it is in my… hands.\\
tou: chu\\
sen: to be honest, I’m afraid that the trajectory will be a little off if I fire the missiles from here…\\
sen: I would have gladly avoided to resort to this.\\
sai: just tell me one thing, senzui…\\
sai: someone like you who ruthlessly killed his comrades to that extent…\\
sai: why did not kill miu… that little infant?\\
sai: fuurinji mueishu!!\\
sen: I was just thoughtless.\\
sai: senzui!!\\
sen: hahahahah!!\\
sen: with this the eternal sunset will be complete, it is my victory!!\\
sen: I was too weak…\\
sen: I can…\\
sen: see both my friend and my beloved person into you…\\
jen: aaah!!\\
jen: what’s happening!!\\
jen: the missiles are… impossible!!\\
aki: saiga!! So you didn’t stop senzui after all!!\\
tachi: heh! So you have built you war plan by knowing the one shadow’s true identity!!?\\
tachi: but you are barely able to nail us down here, therefore there is nothing you can do!!\\
kushi: this is our victory!!\\
niji: what the!! He really launched the missiles!!\\
ken: … ah, that’s going to japan… father, mother… honokaaaah!!\\
haya: toh!!\\
haya: no you don’t~~~~~~\\
ken: e-elder~~~~~!!\\
inserted: the elder throws his life away to stop the missiles!! In the next issue the last chapter of the eternal sunset arc in 26 pages!!\\

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