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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 582

Battle 582: the things he persisted to


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 582

Battle 582: the things he persisted to\\
side: senzui tenacity is on the realization of the “eternal sunset”. He was finally able to launch the missiles! But who did appear on the scene…!?\\
hon: kuh…\\
hon: you!!\\
haya: I don’t understand the situation of the battle here!!\\
hon: stop the missiles!!\\
haya: is it really fine to trust your words!?\\
haya: that pure look in your eyes…\\
haya: I will believe you!!\\
ken: elder~~~~!!\\
miu: grandfather!!\\
saka: hey, did you see that, he went against that missile…\\
ma: kuh, the elder really clung to that missile!!\\
apa: apapapah!!\\
aki: the elder has…\\
aki: passed away!!\\
sai: f-\\
sai: father!!\\
ren: chowa!!\\
?: heh… disciples, huh…\\
?: I knew that sooner or later some of you would become masters…\\
?: it was a good fight…\\
ren: good job… boxer!!\\
take: you too, renka-chan.\\
take: in any case it was a close one, are you ok, freya?\\
kana: what about you, ryuuto!!\\
ryuu: just a little more!!\\
?: a little more? Just a little more and you will meet your end!!\\
?: just a little more and you will reach your limit, right?\\
ryuu: it is true that my seidou gouitsu it’s reaching the limit…\\
ryuu: you two, let’s finish this in one go!!\\
?: look, your limit is near!!\\
?: who should I send to his grave first~~~?\\
natsu: limits exist…\\
natsu: in order to be surpassed!!\\
?: so naive!!\\
ber: ooooh!!\\
?: hoi!\\
ber: urah!!\\
natsu: nuuhn!!\\
ber: berserk mode, activation!!!\\
natsu: kou kyousa!!!\\
ryuu: seidou inyou taikyouku!! (seidou in-yang extreme limit)\\
ber: heh,\\
ber: we have surpassed our limit once again.\\
ki: we too!!\\
blonde: the situation became disadvantageous for us!!\\
blonde: heh, I will be scolded by my master if I don’t choose the right moment to retreat.\\
blonde: armed division, let’s retreat!!\\
boris: the armed division is retreating toward 3 o’ clock!!\\
bow: uguh\\
kou: don’t pursue those who are retreating!! Hold the formation!\\
sieg: this is our victory!!\\
lugh: however, what was that explosion…\\
jen: they are here, we have found the enemy’s masters!! Advance!!\\
saka: Jennifer, huh.\\
saka: don’t come\\
jen: !!\\ s-sakaki!!\\
aki: he is right! we cannot spill more innocent blood than this!!\\
ma: eight radiant executioner blades.\\
ma: you don’t want this war of attrition as well, right?\\
mi: saiga-dono! Saiga-dono!\\
mi: reply to me senzui!!\\
mi: kuh… just a little more and the sunset would have been completed…\\
mi: this is vexing.\\
mi: I will settle things with you…\\
mi: in another occasion.\\
apa: apah!!\\
aki: ah, wait!!\\
aga: kuh, a ki explosion, I cannot control my body.\\
rahm: damn you bewitching fist!!\\
saka: dammit she run away!?\\
ma: no.\\
ma: you will not get away!\\
mi: whaat!!?\\
ma: ma extreme style: clothes explosion!!\\
mi: tsk\\
saka: kensei!!\\
ma: t-that’s enough…\\
ma: for today.\\
to: it is true that a war of attrition is not our objective…\\
edel: I will stop singing the song of war.\\
edel: even so I will not stealthily cut the mignon’s lighting cylinder.\\
tachi: can I ask you something, kouetsuji-dono?\\
tachi: will I…\\
tachi: be ever able to meet shigure once again?\\
?: d-don’t move!!\\
?: you will not pass through here!!\\
oga: you are in the way.\\
oga: move!!\\
aga: nuhn?\\
aga: look at that everyone.\\
saka: eh!! I’m sure that I saw something flying in that smoke.\\
saka: kuh, could it be a weapon?\\
apa: apa, it is a big bird!\\
apa_ maybe it is a giant flying squirrel!\\
aki: no you are wrong.\\
aki: that!?\\
aki: the elder!!!\\
ken: elder!\\
miu: grandfather!\\
sai: heh…\\
sai: I still cannot compare to him yet.\\
sai: it was an incredible fight, satomi.\\
sai: but if you really want to make the martial arts develop…\\
sai: people like you should survive.\\
sai: I both know the satsujinken and the katsujinken and yet…\\
sai: it was difficult for me to understand the path I should have taken… but\\
sai: kenichi-kun, miu and everyone else, you have persisted on your path since the beginning.\\
sai: and with that light you have saved the world from the darkness that was going to swallow it!\\
sai: this the victory of the katsujinken!!\\
ken: katsujinken, huh…\\
sai: … is something wrong?\\
ken: senzui-san persisted in the ways of the satsujinken for the sake of the life of many of his comrades, right?\\
ken: In some way I understand why he did that…\\
sai: kenichi-kun.\\
sai: what is for you the katsujinken?\\
ken: eh?\\
sai: what does it mean for you?\\
ken: I-I would never say my opinion on such important thing!\\ But I just persisted to the belief to defeat opponents who came from the satsujinken without killing them even if I had to put my life at risk…\\
ken: I just thought that I was supposed to wield the fists that would destroy the darkness in the hearts of people\\ that’s all!!\\
shi: heh…\\
sai: I did think this, but…\\
sai: you really resemble my father in some way!!\\
diego: the battle has ended, this is your reporter, diego carlo.\\
ale: let’s make a statue to commemorate this event.\\
near ma: this are miku-tan’s clothes\\
aki: wounded people cannot smoke\\
kaname’s grandfather: is the lunch ready?\\
haya: so, I told you that he resembled me, right?\\
niji: aaah…\\
niji: and now we have to go to school tomorrow, huh~~~\\
ken: stop saying those things, alien!!\\
inserted: and then in the next issue… the end of 12 years of serialization, with a last chapter with central colour!!\\

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#1. by wickedsaga ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2014
Hey aegon-rokudo!

Is there any chance you could translate Matsuena-sensei's thank-you-note along with the final HSDK chapter?


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