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Chrono Monochrome 38

Board 38: the determination for the monochrome

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 30, 2014 15:37 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

-> RTS Page for Chrono Monochrome 38

Still free if people are interested in scanlating it.\\

Board 38: the determination for the monochrome\\
inserted: kuromu unexpectedly reacts to something kempelen said! What is the nature of that connection…!?\\
phil: k-kuromu\\ you mother is called francisca!?\\
kuro: ah… yes…\\
kuro: but she was a non Japanese of Japanese descent, however she just looked like a japanese.\\
kuro: she gave birth to me and raised me as a Japanese and…\\ ah…\\
reb: kuro!!\\
inserted: the chain and collar that connects them, their relationship is formed by strong bonds… well… maybe…\\
box: a few days later\\
reb: it is the first time I see a coach with 4 horses!\\
phil: it is something used only by the guests of the royal family, it is the most confortable thing you can ride on~~\\
reb: the mood is really bad… even anton who is normally so cheerful is…\\
reb: but when we joined with him at the regence he was fine…\\
near an: master~~ I thought that you forgot about me\\
an: according to what they said about their training…\\ they took a bath together while being chained…\\
phil: those two didn’t speak at all~~\\
phil: well it is just normal…\\
phil: after that he…\\
phil: kuromu is sleeping in my room.\\
phil: Rebecca is keeping an eye on him.\\ he focused too much and he was tired.\\
phil: … it is better than you don’t jump to the conclusions.\\ francisca is a popular name*. we don’t know if it is the same person…\\ furthermore you…\\
TLN: yeah, there are a lot of non Japanese people of Japanese descent, and the name francisca is really popular among them and they all like to play chess. Furthermore she doesn’t resemble kuro at all…\\
Kem: yes.\\
Kem: francisca wasn’t pregnant after all.\\
Kem: furthermore the shitty dog… comes from a special place, totally unrelated to francisca.\\
Kem: and even if he was francisca’s child, nothing changes.\\
kem: we are accomplishes who desire to fight with the turk…\\ we will fight to our heart’s content…\\
phil: I promised you to tell about the monochrome if you would win.\\
kuro: if he will bury me after listening to you, then I decline…\\
near kuro: his S-aura is…\\
phil: hey kempelen!\\ you are a prideful Hungarian, you cannot go against a promise!\\
phil: … well, I understand that you think that it is better if he doesn’t know after all.\\
phil: but, both me and kuromu are chess masters.\\
TLN: I remind you that “chess master” in Japanese is written “kishi” that also means “knight”\\
Phil: and chess masters are soldiers.\\
Phil: the sword of a knight without determination cannot pierce through someone who has that determination.\\
Phil: Rebecca, you are the one doing the turk’s maintenance, so I want you to listen as well.\\
Phil: the monochrome is…\\
phil: a match to decide history behind the scenes…\\
phil: it is a substitute war among countries performed with chess.\\
phil: because entire countries are involved in it, even a wrong move could cost you your life.\\ and it often happens that even your family and friends are blamed for your failures.\\
phil: but even considering that…\\
phil: there are a lot of chess masters strangely charmed by the monochrome.\\
phil: there are compensations for being a country’s representative chess masters.\\
phil: things like money rewards and social position improvements, but…\\
phil: nothing can be greater than\\ playing on the greatest stage against the strongest opponents…\\
phil: while fulfilling a duty comparable to that of a king.\\
phil: the turk has been chosen as chess master representative.\\
phil: and you will have to go to battle if you will be called from Austria.\\
kuro: … hum… sorry but this talk became a little too big…\\
kuro: eh? You also know about the turk…? I don’t understand anything anymore…\\
phil: the other day I was called for the monochrome.\\
phil: I will be France’s representative. And for this time my enemy will be Prussia.\\
phil: it is a military country of the German area, and Austria’s sworn enemy.\\
phil: I want you to,\\
phil: look at my match.\\
phil: after that you will decide.\\
phil: if you want to fight or not.\\
phil: if you want to bet your life on chess or not…\\
reb: ah look! We have arrived!\\
reb: it is so dazzling…\\
reb: that’s the pivot of the Ville de lumiere so much admired through Europe…\\
reb: Versailles palace!!\\
reb: incredible…!! It looks like a dream…!!\\
phil: this is the “war room”.\\ it is a room to celebrate the former king luis xiv victory and cessation of hostilities.\\
phil: the most beautiful place in here is the “corridor of mirrors” that is near here, so you should go and see it. They will not allow people to visit it from today onward.\\
phil: furthermore…\\
phil: they are installing the platform for the monochrome.\\
phil: I have to finish the preparations for the match.\\ enjoy your field trip as much as you want.\\
an: where are you going, master~~~!? (don’t leave me alone anymore~~!!)\\
kem: I have an audience with luis xv, shitty insects cannot come!\\
kem: france and Austria are allies after all.\\ So I have at least to greet him as representative of the monochrome.\\
kemp: the turk is also in Versailles and it is being taken care of by one of my acquaintances.\\
kemp: after the audience we have to make the maintenance of the turk so come after you have finished things here.\\
kemp: you can feed that scrap of shit to the horses if you want.\\
reb: kuro… do you want to go to see the monochrome’s stage?\\
kuro: this is a gorgeous place like those you only see in your dreams…\\
kuro: it is like this is not reality.\\
kuro: just like the inside of my head.\\
kuro: a substitute war performed with chess? A match where you put your life on the line?\\
kuro: even if they told me all of that so suddenly…\\
kuro: my only objective is to become the “king” of chess…\\
kuro: what should I do…\\
kuro: … the sound of pieces moving…?\\
reb: ah! Kuro, wait!\\
kuro: the match clock used during the world tournament…\\
kuro: a clock\\
kuro: from the future…!!\\
kuro: so he is here after all…\\
kuro: the other chess master from the future beside me…!!\\
kuro: siros…\\
kuro: raska varbruk…!!\\
inserted: their meeting is a simple coincidence, or a prank from God…!!? In the next issue the story accelerates…!! In a dramatic central colour!!!\\

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