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Chrono Monochrome 39

Board 39: the move that I have chosen

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 9, 2014 17:11 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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No one likes Chrono (T_T)

Board 39: the move that I have chosen\\
side: siting there kuromu can see his trauma itself! That moment is carved in his memories!!!\\
kuro: the other chess master from the future…\\ siros!!!\\
kuro: to think that I would meet my rival from the future in the past…!!\\
inserted: the black and the white’s destinies… blend into each other.\\ a turning point… in the story about the past and the future.\\
reb: hey isn’t siros…\\
reb: that person you were talking about, that you fought in the past…? Why is he in Versailles…!?\\
TLN: I’m guessing he is a man\\
Fed: what are you doing there siros.\\
fred: to act without permission is an unworthy and foolish act for a military man.\\
si: … I was bored.\\
fred: you will fight soon.\\ furthermore your opponent is philidor.\\
fre: if you win he will be executed.\\ and you will become the king of the world in name and reality.\\
kuro: philidor…!? So he is going to fight against siros…!?\\
kuro: that’s means…\\
kuro: that siros is prussia’s representative for the monochrome!?\\
kuro: hey wait a minute, he said something about executing philidor…!!\\
fred: you will probably enjoy your match with him more than the ones you had until now. you can play a little with him.\\
si: chess is not something like that.\\
si: if you want to defy the king, you must challenge him with suitable fangs.\\
si: isn’t a frivolous speech and conduct the real unworthy and foolish act for a military man?\\
?: contain yourself, siros!\\
? how dare you to be so arrogant toward king Frederic…!\\
fred: … kuh.\\
fred: you are interesting after all!!(hahahah)\\
fred: the roar of a savage dog is more confortable for me than the chipping of a songbird.\\
fred: well then siros… come with me in the waiting room to play for a while.\\
fred: it will not count as a training for you, but it will contribute to increase your strength.\\
fred: where did I…?\\
fred: do you know him?\\
si: who knows…\\
si: who is this guy?\\
reb: … are you alright, kuro?\\
kuro: yeah…\\
reb: he is reduced in such a state by just meeting him…\\
reb: maybe we shouldn’t observe the game. Your body will not hold.\\
kuro: … siros is brimming with self-confidence…\\
reb: because he doesn’t know philidor’s strength\\
near reb: you are not listening to me\\
reb: you were like that at the beginning as well.\\ you thought that you could win against him because you come from the future…\\
reb: but that did not work.\\ you could not win.\\
kuro: but…\\
reb: ah geez.\\
reb: the fact that he is stronger than you is something that belongs to the past, right?\\
reb: he also did not have an partner to train with, so everything should be alright!\\
reb: just leave the rest to philidor and rest…\\
reb: … eh?\\
kuro: you are wrong, Rebecca.\\
kuro: the truth is that I…\\
reb: eh… wait…\\
kuro: won against philidor.\\
reb: ah?\\
kuro: obviously my real strength is not enough against him. That’s why I did not try to challenge him on real strength, but…\\
kuro: I only used moves that philidor is not able to cope with.\\
reb: but maybe siros is not like that…\\
reb: … kuro? What are you trying to say…\\
kuro: there is a way…\\
kuro: to win against philidor without fail.\\
kuro: there is a trap move in the future against which you cannot win if you don’t know it…!!\\
phil: a long time passed since I wore this clothes…\\
phil: this is the 7th match I put my life on the line, huh…\\
phil: oh man… it’s bitter to be used by a royal family in financial difficulties.\\
phil: … well, this is also for my beloved france after all.\\
phil: Albert, nicolò, Jaakkola, Odette,\\Franz, Sylvie,\\
phil: zoltan, Tipo…\\
phil: … and francisca.\\
phil: my poor disciples who have lost their life on the board.\\
phil: please dwell in my soul and lend me your strength.\\
phil: and let put and end,\\
phil: to this holy war.\\
ken: tsk\\
phil: kempelen!?\\
phil: what’s the meaning of this!?\\
kem: you are accustomed to assassins, just like I have expected.\\
kem: 18 years passed since I have crossed my sword with someone.\\
kuro: you cannot do that, philidor!\\
kuro: you don’t have to fight back!!\\
phil: kuromu…!?\\
kuro: and you kempelen, explain it to him…\\ you have to tell him about the current situation.\\
kem: … the truth is that while I was doing the maintenance on the turk, I obtained some intelligence about prussia’s chess master…\\
kem: I leave this farce to you, shitty dog.\\
phil: wha?\\
phil: w-\\why…\\
phil: kuromu…\\
kuro: this… should be enough, right!?\\
near kuro: I did it…\\
kem: no need to worry. He is a muscle freak more than you can see at a first glance.\\
kuro: but I have to thank you for your help. I could not have done it alone…\\
kem: heh, I did it only because you thought about doing some interesting thing.\\
kem: I would always agree when it comes to tie someone down.\\
near kuro: it seems that you are enjoying this…\\
kuro: yes!\\
phil: … kuromu…\\ those like you are…\\
kuro: I am sorry, philidor.\\ this is…\\
kuro: the move I have chosen…\\
kuro: I am an idiot.\\
kuro: he comes from the future… he is different from the players in the 18th century.\\
kuro: the moves and tactics from the future will not work against him.\\
kuro: because he has defeated me in the past…\\
kuro: I cannot stop my shaking even if we are not sitting one in front of each other and I not looking at him.\\
kuro: I don’t have any positive proof that I can win this difficult match where I put my life on the line, but…\\
kuro: I cannot let philidor die like this…\\
kuro: I cannot run away anymore!!!\\
kuro: because I think this the reason why I came to the 18th…\\
?: … what’s the meaning of this?\\ you told us something different!!\\
kem: … we had to make sudden preparations, because of some personal circumstances.\\
kem: the Austrian representative, the automata “the turk”…\\
kem: will be france’s substitute representative for the monochrome!!!\\
inserted: a bold and determined move! Will he be able to defeat his enemy on this stage!?\\

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