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Chrono Monochrome 40

Board 40: the representative who puts his life on the line

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 14, 2014 17:03 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

-> RTS Page for Chrono Monochrome 40

Board 40: the representative who puts his life on the line\\
Side: The life is difficult not only for those on the stage but also for those who support them, especially in battles where an entire country is at stake.\\
Reb: kuro and kempelen are too reckless!\\
Reb: not only it is difficult to hide the real identity of the turk, but they also play matches where they put their life at risk…!\
Near reb: it is difficult to run in this dress~~\\
An: the master has made his decision and we don’t have any other choice.\\
Reb: you are quite calm.\\
Near reb: that’s unusual.\\
An: that’s because I am not clever.\\ I didn’t understand well what’s happening even after you told me that it is a substitute war with chess.\\
An: but if the master is fighting, then…\\
An: the only thing I understand is that I have to help him!!\\
Kem: we will be the representatives of france…\\
inserted: kempelen’s bold and magnificent declaration! What is the real meaning behind this!?\\
kem: for the monochrome!!\\
?: to think that you would play a petty prank during the monochrome where I put the interests of my country at stake…\\
luis: I never liked puppet shows, baron kempelen.\\
kem: oh my, your majesty.\\ thank you for the audience you granted me earlier.\\
luis: I will not allow you to do whatever you want. What happened to philidor, our representative!?\\
kem: he cannot come. He suddenly collapsed.\\
?: what? Philidor…?\\
??: could it be that Prussia did something…?\\
du: we should change the date of the match, your majesty…\\
luis: madame du Barry, in the monochrome to ask for a postponement is defeat by default, in order to uphold to fairness.\\
kem: both the parties have to agree on the change of the date, but…\\
fred: urupes’ work is always so rough.\\
fred: is france trying to make philidor run away…?\\
fred: no they accepted to execute philidor in the case they would lose the match, so it is not the case.\\ and by looking at how luis has reacted, it seems that the fact there was an accident is also true.\\
fred: furthermore, according to urupes’ report, the turk has some skills, but\\
fred: she heard that its true ability is lower than that of philidor.\\
fred: therefore the best course of action is to press onward.\\
fred: I cannot agree with such a thing.\\
fred: siros is quite whimsical…\\
fred: it would be troublesome for me if you ruin his mood.\\
ken: in that case your majesty the turk should…\\
luis: shut up!!\\
luis: philidor’s life is at stake in this match!\\
luis: you want me to leave in custody the life of the world champion to another country… how will you bear the responsibility in the case you will lose!?\\
anto: I will bear the responsibility, grandfather!\\
box: Marie Antoinette\ france’s crown princess, last daughter of maria Teresa, a
central figure in the future france revolution \\
luis: Antoinette…!!\\
?: princess Antoinette…!\\
kem: lady Antonia…\\
anto: I have left that name in austria, baron kempelen.\\
anto: but I am happy…\\
anto: because this brings back memories.\\
an: Austria…? Is she someone my master knows?\\
reb: that’s political marriage!\\ some time ago* there was a festival because the princess was married.\\
note: Antoinette’s marriage was a great news that really excited Europe in that period.\\
reb: she married in france as proof of our alliance…\\ she is so cute <3 (she really looks like a princess)\\
an: no… even Rebecca…\\
anto: grandfather, the truth is that the turk…\\
anto: was created based on philidor’s matches!\\
?: is she saying that machine has the same skills as philidor…?\\
??: can automata do such a thing…?\\
?: now that she mentions it, lord kemplen is philidor’s disciple after all…\\ it would not be strange if he created the turk based on that experience…\\
anto: grandfather, everyone. I am france’s crown princess, even if I was born in Austria.\\
anto: since the day I was married to your crown prince, I had the determination to share the fate of france until this body will be consumed.\\
anto: I will put my soul on stake here\\
anto: and swear that the turk will win!\\
anto: please let the turk fight this battle!!!\\
?: she is like venus… no, like nike (the goodness of victory)…\\
??: if the crown princess, the bridge of our alliance says so, then…\\
luis: … well then, in that case I will allow it.\\
anto: I really love you! Grandfather!!\\
anto: I did as you asked me. I hope that I was useful…\\
kem: yes…\\
kem: … I’m grateful for your collaboration.\\
anto: it is pathetic that I am so nervous for just this…\\ it still will take time for me to become a princess who will not embarrass my mother…\\
kem: your feelings are more than enough.\\
kem: I’m really grateful that she believed the lie that the turk is based on philidor…\\
kem: she is still such a pure person… I’m worried about her future as a stateswoman.\\
kem: I hope her purity will not be fatal for her…\\
fred: and with this it is settled that the opponent will be the turk…\\ this was unexpected but really good.\\
fred: if I win my principal trouble, philidor, will be executed,\\
fred: and if the turk loses, the empress will be deemed to not be mentally sane and that will create a crack in the alliance.\\
fred: in one shot I will split both Austria and france’s powers…\\
fred: and Europe will heel over Prussia!!!\\
fred: well… in any way no one can stop siros…\\
fred: because siros’ chess is…\\
fred: the future of our country itself!!\\
kuro: I can feel siros’ presence~~~~\\
kem: are you interested in the turk?\\
kuro: this voice… kempelen!?\\
kem: the shitty dog said that this guy called siros comes from the future…\\
kem: are you looking forward to play against a machine?\\
si: not in particular… machines or people are the same for me.\\
si: because they immediately break down against me after all.\\
kem: … too soft.\\
kem: have you seen it? Not a single scratch.\\
kem: this guy here is not something you can break.\\
si: heh…\\
kem: well then everyone, please look at the turk.\\
kem: this automata…\\
kem: I see… so he really is someone from the future…\\
kem: in that case I will give you an hand if you want to help philidor.\\
kem: I will also collaborate so that you will be able to have your revenge match.\\
kem: that’s perfect, Prussia also has a debt toward me after all.\\
kem: let go together in this.\\
kuro: you are promising me this without the due consideration, there is a country… no people’s life at stake here.\\
kuro: you did not even hesitate to use me for the monochrome.\\
kem: yes, exactly.\\
kuro: … then why…!\\
kuro: at that time you were going to break the turk…!!?\\
kem: because at that time…\\
kem: I was sure that you would say “I want to fight” to me.\\
kem: it is easier to manifest your strength if you are doing something you have decided yourself.\\
kem: did you wished for a little of compassion?\\ you are just a part of the turk…\\
kem: and tools exist because they must be used.\\
kuro: then why…\\
kuro: are you putting your life at stake for that tool?\\
kem: what…?\\
kuro: it is true that I was going to the monochrome without knowing the truth.\\
kuro: but now that I think about it, the enemy will not know of me as long as I am inside the turk.\\
kem: you are protecting my body.\\
kem: by exposing yourself to danger!!!\\
kuro: by telling me to fight, you are leaving your life in my hands!!\\
kuro: in that case…\\
kuro: I will go to the battlefield…\\
kem: well then\\ machine activation!!!\\
kuro: with your same determination!!!\\
inserted: they blend their life on the battlefield! In the next issue we go toward a grandiose match!!\\

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