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Chrono Monochrome 41

Board 41: the not yet known trap move

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 23, 2014 16:43 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

-> RTS Page for Chrono Monochrome 41

Board 41: the not yet known trap move\\
side: in the secret room of the turk kuromu gets his determination!!\\
kuro: in the past I lost to siros.\\
kuro: and because of that trauma, I cannot sit in front of other people anymore.\\
sfx: gyun\\
kuro: but if I run away philidor will die. He is the hero I admire…\\
kuro: the one who faced me in chess with great eagerness…\\
kuro: I have no other choice than to fight!!\\
kuro: in this monochrome!!\\
inserted: the light and the shade illuminated by the moonlight. The two kings confront each other…\\
reb: the sound of its movements are good! And I also did a accurate maintenance of the clock!\\
an: you are a real workaholic, Rebecca…\\
reb: yeah, sure! Kempelen and ku… the turk are risking their life here.\\
reb: furthermore this is the only thing I can do for them right now…\\
si: use this chess clock.\\
kem: it is made of materials I have never seen before. Is this from the future as well…?\\
kem: it looks like a really interesting clock.\\
kem: I have no problems with using it if you let me dissemble it.\\ it would be intolerable if you are trying to cheat with it.\\
si: sure… but in exchange you have to let me dissemble the turk.\\
si: it would be intolerable if you are trying to cheat with it.\\
kuro: he made kempelen be at loss with words…\\
near reb: who the hell he think he is!? That’s my clock!!\\
anto: it seems that you have done your arrangements. Well then, let me pledge.\\
anto: … the tests that man had to face was not ordinary.\\ it was the truth of god.*\\
note: from the new testament “First Letter to the Corinthians ”
anto: that man cannot only face tests that he is not able to endure,\\
anto: but at the same time they give him the path to escape…\\
anto: could you be all blessed by god’s divine protection…\\
anto: well then…\\
anto: begin the match!!\\
box: siros Vs the turk (kuromu)\\
?: it really moved!\\
si: … look everyone.\\at the splendour of the enemy’s formation in the horizon.\\
si: don’t be impatient.\\ the first move is important. Who will be the first to go?\\
kuro: this is…\\
si: please start the game!\\
kuro: good luck\\
si: the first move is important.\\ who will go…\\
si: … who,\\ will be the first…\\
si: to dye that white bodies in red?\\
kuro: … I will not lose!!\\
an: that guy called siros, he is grumbling something, right?\\
kem: schevartz…!?\\
reb: ah! The imperial guard we met at that party…!\\
sch: I was in the vicinity because his majesty’s inspection tour was passing near here…\\ but in any case I am really surprised. I never thought that we would represent france in the monochrome.\\
sch: is this one of her majesty’s orders?\\
kem: … it is better to refrain to speak about such secret matters in public.\\ more importantly, why do you know about siros?\\
sch: the imperial guards must know a lot of things about our enemies.\\ I will tell you about this story I heard…\\
box: capital of the Prussian kingdom, berlin\\
?: there are more customers than normal today…\\
??: they are betting on chess matches inside.\\ they said that one of the guys playing is just a kid, you know?\\
sch: I came here because I heard the rumour that there was some strong guy playing chess here, but…\\ he has good skills to be just a kid.\\
sch: but he is just a kid after all, I wonder how long he will be able to endure.\\
?: hey, you are drinking too much~~~~\\
??: shut up~~~~\\
sch: it is your turn, right?\\
si: there was a pawn here…\\
sch: well… I never saw a pawn in there.\\
?: hey kid, are you trying to cheat~~~?\\
??: we know that you want to win, but that’s too much.\\
sch: … that’s right.\\
sch: all the people around here my subordinates!!\\
sch: even the guy who fell is my subordinate.\\
sch: what will you do… in such a disadvantageous situation?\\
si: … listen everyone, there was a kidnapping here.\\
si: generally you would kidnap the queen, but it is strange that they took the pawn.\\
si: one day I will send you flowers.\\ my queen.\\
sch: he threw away the queen!?\\
sch: why did he perform such a bad move… is he desperate or something?\\ geez… that’s why you cannot count on kids…\\
?: … I cannot believe it…\\
?: he won from such a inferior position… he trampled her down…\\
?: just like a demon…!!\\
sch: … why did you put yourself in even a more disadvantageous position?\\
si: … because things would have become more interesting then, right?\\
sch: he was enjoying that situation… he has good skills to be just a kid.\\ I think that even king Frederick will be pleased by him…\\
sch: hey you…\\
sch: would you risk your life on your king?\\
si: I’m doing that since a long time ago, you know?\\
si: that’s a strange question. The king is the most important thing in chess, so it is normal to risk my life for it.\\
si: if the king dies I die as well.\\ his life is my own life, so I am risking it every time, you know?\\
sch: the “king” he is talking about is not king Frederick, but the king in chess…!?\\
sch: no, more importantly this kid…\\
sch: he thinks to be the king himself…!!\\
si: as long as the king is there, the pieces can be resurrected endlessly.\\ I will not die.\\
si: it is normal for me to fight by risking everything.\\ therefore…\\
si: all the people who will try to put their hands on the king, will die.\\
sch: what arrogance…\\ but if he would risk so much for the king in chess…\\
sch: he could be a suitable representative for the monochrome…\\
sch: that’s what I heard.\\ I have to say that he is quite interesting, even if he is our enemy, do you agree?\\
kem: … yes.\\
kem: however, even if my turk is only a rough work, it is not that bad…\\
kem: because it can use some interesting moves…\\
?: I’m surprised… it doesn’t look like an automata…!\\
??: furthermore it has some interesting playing skills, right…?\\
fred: heh… philidor’s patterns cannot win against siros.\\
fred: because siros has some trap moves…\\
fred: we still not know of yet!!\\
si: b5… Bb3… castling…\\
si: he will be…\\
si: dyed in red in the next move…\\
si: he moved the pawn in h3…\\
si: he totally stopped the attack toward the white king with a spectacular move…\\
kuro: this is a reversal technique from the future,\\
kuro: against a trap move from the future!!!\\
si: it doesn’t break easily…!!\\
inserted: the chess from the future scatters its sparks in the past!\\

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