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Chrono Monochrome 42

Board 42: the loyalty toward victory

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 30, 2014 14:18 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

-> RTS Page for Chrono Monochrome 42

Board 42: the loyalty toward victory\\
side: their destinies intertwine in the past. And the people are ready to cheer for kuromu!\\
reb: eh? You know Mozart!?\\
anto: yes, we are pen friends. For time to time he sends me letters, and he asked me to take care of the turk…\\
anto: that’s really funny.\\
anto: he was worried of the turk just like it is a human being…\\
reb: could it be that Mozart knows that…\\
anto: for Mozart to have such feelings for a machine. It certainly means that machine is incredible…\\
reb: … yeah, the turk is incredible.\\
reb: I have been tied together with it for a long time, so I understand well.\\
reb: it is chess crazed… reckless…\\
reb: but he is an incredible guy who…\\
inserted: the black trauma hurts… the battle against siros reaches its climax!!\\
reb: at the end always overcomes that wall…\\
kuro: strangely enough the first move was in e4, e5… it is the same move he performed when we had the match in the world tournament.\\
kuro: and then after 7 moves he did a castling…\\
kuro: it is a common tactic in the initial phase of a match, but it looks like a boring strategy.\\
kuro: but this is what hides the trap…\\
kuro: those are the preparatory moves for the Marshall attack!!!\\
kuro: generally you play in c3 in order to strengthen your control on the centre.\\
box: a simple case where you normally attack the centre without any second thought\\
under the board: following the theory, you make the pawn advance toward the centre.\\
kuro: but that’s what the black (siros) is aiming for!! It is a skilful trap where you attack the king by pinning down the left side of his formation!!\\
box: in the case you moved the pawn in c3 (fifth move)\\
on the board: a strong attack from the black bishop and the black queen\\
under the board: the pawn in c3 gets in the way, and the pieces in the square cannot move, making it difficult for them to protect the king.\\
kuro: and the pivot to defend is here in h3…\\
kuro: the anti-Marshall!!!\\
kuro: at a first glance it is a meaningless and plain move…\\
box: in the case you saw through the trap and played in h3\\
kuro but in this way you can protect from the strong attack, and make the left side of the formation take action…\\ it is like an investment for the future!!\\
right of the board: by playing the pawn in h3 you removed it from the trajectory of the strong attack.\\
left of the board: and because there is no pawn in c3 the other pieces can move easily.\\
?: why did he play in such a way from the edge of the board?\\
?: he just wasted a move.\\
kuro: this is something that people in the 18th century who don’t know many standard moves in chess are unable to understand.\\ it is a move that would trick even a grand master from the future…\\
kuro: I thought that I would never see such a thing in the monochrome, but to think that he would actually use it…\\
kuro: siros!!\\ I will not let you play your game!!\\
si: he is still standing…\\ he is still standing, everyone…\\
si: strangely enough he is an opponent with a strong spirit, brace yourselves, my pawns.\\
shu: the flow of the match is different from what I had anticipated…\\
shu: could it be that siros is playing around out of one of his whims?\\
shu: heheh… he is not even breaking a sweat during the monochrome, a match that would make any adult feel tense…\\
shu: this will be an easy victory as well.\\
shu: siros began to drive the turk into a corner.\\
shu: are things really going well?\\ if we lose philidor will be executed…\\
shu: and Austria will not be able to escape from its responsibilities toward france.\\
kem: no worries. That thing’s strength is based on philidor.\\
shu: oh my, that sounds so reassuring.\\
shu: you fucking Hungarian yokel…\\
shu: don’t you know that siros was undefeated until now!!?\\
shu: and all of his matches ended with the annihilation of his opponent!!\\
shu: the turk could even be based on philidor, but siros is on a totally different level.\\ I am really looking forward to seeing this good-looking man crumble.\\
shu: because siros is…\\
shu: the only person who was able to shatter king Frederick’s stern face…\\
shu: kingdom of Prussia, Sanssouci palace\\
shu: I’m surprised… you won against all the chess masters in the palace…!\\
shu: he solved all the exercises in the chess manual in a moment.\\
shu: furthermore all of his moves…\\
shu: are unknown!!\\
shu: I can use this kid, but…\\
shu: where did you learn to play chess like this?\\
shu: where are you from?\\
si: I come from the monochrome ranger M96 nebula.\\
shu: stop playing around, you brat!!\\
shu: it was stupid to try to talk with him, and even the things inside of his bag where strange, so it was difficult to understand his background.\\
shu: I cannot give a double edged sword to his majesty even if it is so sharp.\\
shu: what should I do…\\
?: welcome back…\\
??: welcome back, king Frederick!!\\
?: … the smell of blood?\\
??: I heard that the other day they discovered that a general put his hands on something he was not supposed to. And he was executed.\\
??: he was a general that king Frederick appointed himself.\\ you can leave the traitors to your executioners, and yet he did it all by himself…\\
??: he is strict toward the ones around him as well as with himself.\\
?: I like that about him. Generally the royal family members are strict on the people and really lenient toward themselves.\\
?: and also during the last famine, he took the initiative and began to eat potatoes* and distributed them as food,\\ his clothes are also those of a military man, just like ours…\\
note: at that time potatoes were mostly used as fodder for animals.\\
?: you just have to not make him angry…\\
shu: hey wait, siros!!\\
shu: siro…\\
si: hey, are you the king here?\\
si: I am a king too… are you strong?\\
shu: why did this happen…?\\
shu: listen siros, you cannot win.\\
shu: the king is a strict person… if you ignore his position and put him on shame, your head will be sent flying.\\
shu: show him your real strength and end things in a stalemate.\\
shu: even if I told him that…\\
?: his majesty…\\
?: king Frederick lost…!!\\
shu: I knew this would happen, that’s why I didn’t want him to meet the king…\\
shu: … my apologies, your majesty.\\
shu: siros has skills, but he lack loyalty…\\ I did not educate him enough. Please give me any punishment you…\\
fed: …\\
fed: ahahahahaha\\hahahahahah!!!\\
fed: it felt really refreshing to lose in such a way.\\ you are an interesting guy, siros.\\
fed: furthermore he has the most extreme kind of loyalty.\\
shu: pardon…?\\
fed: he is loyal to victory!!!\\
shu: it was the first time I saw king Frederick…\\ making such as face.\\
shu: siros… you were able to surpass a wall called Frederick the Great…\\
shu: this is one of the reasons why your are a chess master capable of manipulating the king on the board, huh…\\
shu: in any case\\
shu: you don’t have anything to fear from an automata!!\\
shu: …?\\ the turk’s pieces are not diminishing…?\\
?: hey, is this…\\
?: a struggle for supremacy on the board…?\\
kem: I told you that his strength was based on philidor.\\
kem: in other words the turk is philidor’s disciple…\\
kuro: I lost to siros…\\
kuro: it was painful… bitter…\\
kuro: I did not forget about him for a single day.\\
si: I wonder who is this guy?\\
kuro: I will make you remember, siros.\\
kuro: I will use my sharp claws\\
kuro: and surpass this wall!!!\\
turk: b3!!\\the turk is forcing him back…!!\\
?: it is the disciple’s duty to surpass his master.\\
inserted: the good looking man doesn’t yield!!\\

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