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Chrono Monochrome 43

Board 43: the beasts of the battlefield

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 6, 2014 17:19 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

-> RTS Page for Chrono Monochrome 43

Board 43: the beasts of the battlefield\\
side: his concentration power gets sharper together with the movements of his pieces! The duel reaches further heights!!\\
kuro: I know that I must focus.\\
kuro: my ears, eyes and head\\
kuro: are all becoming sharper because of the tension and I can feel the sparks everywhere.\\
kuro: but in some way I am calm.\\
kuro: this brings back memories…\\
kuro: I’m going back!! To where my past self is…\\
kuro: to what lies ahead of this pure white!!\\
inserted: they crossed a far away space time\ in order to meet…\\
?: lord siros is retreating…!\\
??: he never took the attacking initiative like this, and yet…!\\
luis: as it should be expected by an automata as strong as philidor!\\ we can relax now!\\
near luis: be sure to buy me a castle~~ <3\\
luis: this is such a pity Frederick.\\ maria teresa’s doll has quite good skills after all.\\
fed: I wonder…\\ siros’ strength reminds me that of the devil.\\
barry: oh well! The turk resembles Cerberus then!\\ he would easily chew even the devil.\\
TLN: wow… the lover of the king of france talking like that with a misogynist like frederick the great in such a important occasion. If it was in reality she could have been killed just for this.\\
Barry: I don’t like people who don’t know when to give up!\\
Fed: this is why women are…\\
Kem: the white’s attack is fast…!\\ now that he was able to make the black knight retreat, the enemy’s formation is crumbling…\\
Above: the turk attacking moves\\
Text: with moves 1 and 2 he made the black knight retreat and…\\ with move 3 the black knight cannot move forward…\\ and with move 4 he cut the connection between the black queen and the black bishop\\
Reb: now attack…\\
Reb: with everything you have got!!\\
turk: try to crush it.\\
anto: wow… the turk really spoke!\\
reb: did you already know about the synthetic voice device?\\
anto: france is the centre of fashion!\\
anto: and rumours travel fast.\\
turk: you will not be able to crush it.\\ because…\\
turk: I will crush you before that happens!!\\
?: Nc8… the black knight has retreated even further…!\\
?: he lost one move by retreating and he was able to avoid that bad situation, but the knight now has returned to its initial position…\\
board: the knight cannot take any move, so it has no other choice than searching for a detour.\\
board: yet the number of black pieces on the centre has decreased allowing the white to enter into a fast attack mode.\\
?: lord siros is being driven into a corner…!\\
shu: impossible!\\
shu: shiros is a demonic chess master that should not lose not even against philidor!\\
shu: impossible, could it be that he is facing…\\
shu: a Cerberus that would even devour the diablo!!!\\
an: … isn’t again something strange with him?\\
an: Rebecca!?\\
reb: … kempelen! You already know about this, right?\\
reb: I know it because I was for all this time on the turk’s side but…\\
reb: what is happening?\\
reb: it is like he is totally different…\\ is this alright…!?\\
kem: … there are tons of people who can kill others while still keeping their reason…\\
reb: eh…?\\
kem: the monochrome is a war. In wars people kill each other.\\
kem: and in the most extreme situations the people show their real self…\\
kem: you cannot go on the battlefield if you don’t become a beast.\\
kuro: I can see it\\
kuro: I can see it!!!\\
kuro: the sound of he clutching his nails… he is pondering his next move.\\
kuro: and the creaking of his chair is really annoying.\\
kuro: he saw the queen on the turk’s side. He doesn’t have any intention of defending himself there.\\
kuro: he intends to cut the queen from the formation and use a combination attack with the shift rook and pawn in order to break through.\\
above the board: the prevision of siros’ attack pattern\\
1: he leaves the queen in the centre in order to strengthen his control there\\
2: the rook and the pawn in 3 break through the centre\\
kuro: I have already read your plan.\\
kuro: instead I will attack and capture your too exposed queen!!\\
?: the pawn is controlling the centre…!\\
??: siros’ defence is shallow… once the turk will gather his pieces it will commence the attack!!\\
kuro: … white.\\
kuro: I have to plunge myself even more in the white.\\
kuro: it was so painful until today.\\
kuro: all those black faces.\\
kuro: it was a black black nightmare.\\
kuro: after philidor taught me, I finally remembered.\\
kuro: my old way of fighting.\\
kuro: the playing style which like a bright light wipes away the dark from the board…\\
kuro: I can finally awake from this black nightmare.\\
kuro: I am the king who…\\
kuro: controls this board!!!\\
anto: the turk is overwhelming siros…!!\\
si: rook C2\\
kuro: … eh?\\
kuro: why was the white queen captured by the black rook…!?\\
kuro: …!?\\ the laid open black formation is changing into a surprise attack!\\
kuro: siros’ retreat was nothing more than a way to hide the preparations for the attack against the queen…\\ a decoy!?\\
above: the trap hidden by siros’ retreat\\
below: siros retreats and the turks advances\ the black rook raids the white queen\ the turk cannot move because of the link between the black bishop in 2 and the black queen in 3 \\
kuro: he predicted that I was reading his moves… I am an idiot…\\
kuro: if I can see him, then…\\
kuro: he can see me as well!!!\\
fred: the Cerberus has a weak point after all…\\ he cannot resist an easy prey…\\
fred: it is immediately lured and becomes full of openings.\\
si: … I have found it.\\
si: the way of crushing you.\\
side: the both of them go wild on the battlefield without yielding anything!!\\

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