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Chrono Monochrome 47

Final Board: the eternal time

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 4, 2014 15:47 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

-> RTS Page for Chrono Monochrome 47

And this is finished too. I hope the author is able to get another of his works published because he is good, the only thing is that the subject of this manga did not appeal to the japanese audience I guess.

In the worst case he can create good hentai materials.

Final Board: the eternal time\\
inserted: the final chapter of the chess story that transcends time and space…!!!\\
inserted: what is the final station of these people who put their life at stake on the board…?\\
kuro: … so bright.\\
kuro: I wonder what time is it now…\\
kuro: and what about the date…?\\ the time slip happened in the first 10 days of march…\\
kuro: and I should have spent several months in the 18th century…\\
kuro: I hope nothing happened…\\
kuro: the date did not change…!?\\
kuro: there are still the clothes I wore when I went to the 18th century…\\
kuro: and not… other clothes.\\
kuro: could it be that…\\
kuro: I came home before the time slip happened…!?\\
kuro: … in other words there are two of me here now…!? Why did this happen…\\
kuro: that’s…!!\\
kuro: … just like I thought!! This is…\\
kuro: the contract seal of the monochrome!!!\\
kuro: this chess set is a memento from my mother…\\ I thought that it was strange that only the design of the king was different. now that I remember it she never wanted me to use it no matter what…\\
kuro: this means that my mother was…!\\
kuro: it will still take time until the other me returns home…\\
text: developments in the life of empress maria Teresa\ Wolfgang von kempelen\ kempelen and the reclamation of the banat mountain\ he is an Hungarian inventor who invented the turk, an automata\ in july 1770 the turk appeared in france’s newspapers\ the real identity of the turk’s first driver is unknown\ the fist match the turk appeared in was in april 1770 in the schonbrunn royal palace against duke colbertz\ in September the 1757 his wife francisca died\ the turk played against philidor in the cafè do la regence\\ the turk’s tour in England begins\ in the 1767 he has his first daughter Teresa is born\ in the 1771 his son carl is born\ in 1766 he remarries with anna maria\ his servant anton became a famous showman\ in the 19th century the turk has a match against napoleon buonaparte\\

kuro: I see… so wolfgang means “travelling wolf”.\\
kuro: and he calls me shitty dog…\\ it was a sign of affection after all…\\
kuro: this is strange after all… there must be a reason because there are two of me now…\\
kuro: at that time the one I played against was the “turk”, and when I searched about him, I didn’t understand a lot about him, but…\\
kuro: could it be that the turk was siros…?\\
kuro: he also returned to the modern age before me…\\
kuro: but would a person who didn’t even remember my face came and ask me for a match…?\\
kuro: not only he doesn’t know that I am “KING”, but he also played against me the same match when we were at the tournament…\\
kuro: but the only one capable of playing like that is only siros…\\
kuro: ah… that’s right.\\ I will wear this “later”.\\
kuro: hey mom,\\ the fact that you came here in the present…\\
kuro: could all be part of history?\\
on the paper: to kuro\ I will me at the neighbourhood association, I will be late, saku\\
kuro: I researched the history of the turk.\\
kuro: it was created in the 1770… and after the first announcement,\\
kuero: it was sealed away once.\\
kuro: but after that… the country changed, the people changed,\\ and the turk began to go around the world…!!\\
kuro: the turk’s fight is not finished yet!!\\
kuro: if my mother is really from the 18th century\\ and she was already pregnant when she was with my father, then…\\
kuro: my existence is…\\
kuro: … I met the turk and kempelen because I wanted a place where to fight.\\
kuro: I am sure… that also siros had a reason to be in the 18th century…\\
kuro: in any case the 18th century is connected to my mother.\\
kuro: to only problem is the key to open the door…\\
kuro: probably that key lies in the PC…\\
kuro: that is based on the turk’s conception!!\\
kuro: … I should be home soon.\\
kuro: he is here…!\\
kuro: … It is strange to see KING play…\\
kuro: I really… never learn when to quit…\\
in the user name: turk\\
kuro: but right now I am happy about that.\\
kuro: the me on the other side of the screen…\\
kuro: should aim to become king as well.\\
kuro: he really when to the past… the pc is still on!\\
kuro: now that I have cured my condition, I should leave “KING” rest as well…\\
on the screen: turk\\
box: a request for a match has arrived.\\
kuro: sorry.\\
kuro: saku-san, nene, riki, satoshi…\\
kuro: but I am fine now… because they helped me a lot.\\
kuro: that’s why I have to help them now.\\ even if it will be hard… I will not stop walking…\\
kuro: together with the noble wolf!!\\
nene: … kuro?\\
kuro: wah!!\\
kuro: …\\ d-did I do it…? (it is all black once again)\\
kuro: wha!!\\ it is so narrow here…!?\\
kuro: …! Footsteps…?\\
kuro: !\\ it’s opening…!\\
reb: siros appeared once again!? They are going to fight in the monochrome!?\\
kem: yeah… furthermore urpes and eysler are on the side of Prussia.\\ even his majesty joseph is involved in that.\\
kem: her majesty ordered me to go to fight them with the turk as soon as possible,\\
reb: piroska is still in training!\\ and anton also has a rehearsal as a showman…\\
reb: …\\ if only kuromu was here…\\
an: two years already passed right…? I wonder what should we do.\\
reb: he is an idiot… who suddenly disappeared! Without even saying good bye…\\
kem: if you have the spare time to rely on someone who is not here, then think about improving yourselves.\\
kem: I met him because we are connected. And he is my dog.\\
kem: and dogs come back to their bed (the turk) sooner or later.\\
box: the secret is in the box…\\
box: the black hides and rests behind the white and shinning history.\\ we have to embrace the past while searching for the future.\\
box: and once we find it…\\
box: people live at the “fullest”.\\
kem: … kuromu…\\
inserted: his story to become the king in engraved in eternity.\\

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