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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 252

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 17, 2015 15:01 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 252: the reunion of the two king vessels\\
side: the reunion of the two companion who travelled together… what will alibaba say to the new king hakuryuu!!?\\
b1: I… rushed here in order to “tell him about alma toran!”, but…\\
b2: maybe it will not be that simple…?\\
b1: then, I will take care of you, midget\\
b2: eh!?\\
b3: leave us. These people are my old friends. And also for you alibaba, it is simpler if we talk alone, right? Well now, sit here\\
b1: anyway, I have to begin to talk!\\
b2: hey hakuryuu!! I came here to talk with you.\\
b1: I see. What is it?\\
b1: well you know…\\
b2: you grew taller, right?\\
b1: wha?\\
b1: look, you are quite a lot taller than the time we were in “zagan”… you really are a cheeky fellow!\\
b1: w-was it useless?\\
b2: maybe we cannot return to like we were in the past after all…\\
b1: geez… people like you are…\\
b2: more than a year passed and you didn’t change a bit, alibaba.\\
b1: thank god he is back…\\
b1: is alibaba alright?\\
b2: I had a bad feeling when I met hakuryuu once again…\\
b1: what is it? Why are you so worried, midget~~~?\\
b2: judar…?\\
b1: I can do the “full djinn equip” as well, you know!\\
b2: I see~~~ you took your sweet time, huh?\\
b3: shut up you idiot!\\
b1: what the hell, hakuryuu…\\ hakuryuu…\\
b1: you didn’t totally change after all!\\
b2: I was thinking about how to behave with you after you got your revenge, became emperor and did a lot of other things, but… hakuryuu is hakuryuu after all!\\
b3: alibaba.\\
b1: I’m tired of this. Can we get to the point?\\ the reason that brought you here.\\
b1: …\\ eh…?\\
b1: you came here to join me. In order to get back balbadd, we have to invade it together because now it is occupied by kouen.\\
b2: right?\\
b1: i-invade… balbadd!!?\\
b1: yes. We will make balbadd fall and attack kouen. And you will have you kingdom back.\\
b1: are you suggesting me to take back my country after I made it into a sea of flames?\\
b1: exactly. But this will be far better than when we where controlled by kouen. With this the both of us can finally get their countries back!\\
b1: what…!?\\
b2: was… hakuryuu really like this…!?\\
b1: but.. I have…\\
b2: to tell him the truth…\\
b1: you are wrong hakuryuu. I came here…\\
b2: to tell you to “stop your war against kouen”…\\
b1: what…!?\\
b1: listen to me hakuryuu!!\\
b2: “al-thamen” wants to summon an enemy called “il illah”, a being far worse than them.\\ and we metal vessel users cannot fight against each other when we have to stop him!\\
b1: I already know.\\
b1: eh?\\
b1: if you are talking about the summit, judar showed it to me. I grasped everything after he showed me the story with his long range clairvoyance magic.\\
b2: geez, things would have been far more simpler if we obtained that information before fighting against gyokuen…\\
b1: y-…\\
b2: you already knew, then…!!!\\
b1: however, even if that’s true,\\
b2: it is not a reason for me to ally myself with kouen!\\
b1: I cannot trust him.\\
b2: probably al thamen has other members besides gyokuen. However who do you think are the guys who pretended to not see the “organization” in the last few decades and only obtained benefits from them?\\
b1: it was kouen and his lot.\\ in the future, who tells you that they will not do exactly the same thing,\\ in the case a second or a third gyokuen appears?\\ furthermore…\\
b1: I will kill kouen!!!!\\
b2: right now, in this world, he is a villain that should be hated far more than “al thamen”!!!!\\
b1: hakuryuu…\\
b2: you…\\
b1: what is that look in your eyes… you are talking about your cousin, and yet…\\
b2: no… even I know a little about the difficulties between siblings in the royal family. And yet he is…!!\\
b3: he thinks that his own family is hopeless to this extent.\\ what kind of life did he live until now to make him like this?\\ hakuryuu…\\ you are…\\
sfx: tch\\
b1: what the hell is that face…?\\
b1: well… it is not like we can ignore “il illah”. Even kouen should something about it after knowing the truth about “alma toran”.\\
b1: in that case, what will you do, alibaba?\\
b1: the chance to get back balbadd is in front of you. You can join me and then defeat kouen. And yet you are doing nothing…\\
b2: I’m sure that the subjects of the former balbadd kingdom must be really happy with an incredible prince like yourself…\\
b1: stop!!!\\
b2: I cannot break the talk here!!!\\
b1: I just… don’t want that balbadd becomes a battlefield!!!\\
b2: and I don’t want to ignore aladdin’s desires as well, he doesn’t want to make the world just like “alma toran”…\\
b3: but, what should I do!? He is a totally different person…\\
b4: he wasn’t the type of guy who would just suggest to assault balbadd, and yet…\\
b1: that’s right, think and don’t give up!\\ he was a honest, kind a good person before!\\ I’m sure that he would not want to hurt nor fight the people he holds dear…\\
b1: hakuryuu…!\\
b1: what will you do about your sister!?\\
b1: you told me that you sister is the only member of your family you care for…\\
b1: they told me at the summit that the kou empire’s army is gathering on kouen’s side, in that case your sister should be called back at balbadd as well ,right!?\\
b1: furthermore, if we fight a war, your former friends with which you fought side by side in the past…\\
b2: Aladdin…\\
b1: and morgiana…\\
b1: and more importantly the people of your own kingdom will be hurt!!\\
b2: during the civil war in balbadd, I had to kill the… person I considered like my own older brother… and I don't’ want that you end up just like me…\\
b1: I see, you are incredible after all.\\
b1: …eh?\\
b1: just as you have guessed, bringing out my sister now would have some effect on me.\\ if we talked about this a few weeks ago, I would have probably taken your hand.\\
b1: you are able to understand the moment the people in front of you are the most vulnerable…\\
b1: what the are you talking about, hakuryuu!?\\
b1: alibaba…\\
b2: I have finally understood. What kind of person you are…\\
b1: you… naturally approach a person while telling him that you wish for their happiness…\\
b2: then you take the thing in his heart of that he doesn’t want that anyone touches and…\\
b3: dig it\\ gouge it out,\\ and you would use anything in order to realize…\\
b1: what you think to be the “right world”\\
b2: your hypocrisy makes me puke!\\
b1: me and my sisters are in discord. And I didn’t want you to touch that argument.\\
b2: but that’s fine with you, right?\\ it doesn’t matter how I feel as long as…\\ it is for the sake of this world and for the sake of balbadd.\\
b1: hakuryuu…\\
b1: but your righteousness is just the pure glimpse of an illusion, and everyone loses tracks of what they really think.\\
b2: even morgiana, and maybe even Aladdin,\\ were deceived by you.\\
b1: but, alibaba.\\ are you sure in this “world” there is at least one thing that is “right”?\\
b2: there should be as many right ways as the people out there.\\ however…\\
b1: your light is too bright…\\ and I was on the verge of taking your hand. You are the kind of person that I don’t want to live the most in the world I am aiming to.\\
b2: therefore…\\
b1: you will die here.\\
b2: alibaba!!!\\
inserted: he is pointing his blade against his former “friend”, what will alibaba do!? Continued in issue 8!!\\
f1: from now on in this manga there will be advices from your sempais for those who aim to become mangaka…!\\
b1: good evening!\\ I am isshiki muho!\\ this time we will ask to ookata shinobu, the creator of magi about\\
b2: this topic on the scroll!\\
on the scroll: the essential points of a story\\
b1: magi has reached more than 20 volumes and it has already 2 anime.\\ it is really a story on an incredible scale\\
b2: I think that it must not be easy to make week an interesting story, but\\ how are you able to do it…?\\
b3: what is your guess, isshiku-san?\\
b1: that is obviously the “story composition and development”!\\
b1: but even if I understand the theory I am unable to put it into practice…\\
near the bubble: it is easier said than done\\ on the manga: how to write a manga\\
over shinobu: even the “how to book” have the principles in it…\\
b1: don’t put an air of importance on yourself and tell me~~~!!\\
b1: well in my case…\\
b2: first decide the scene that you want to draw the most!!\\
b3: something like that.\\
b1: how does such a thing apply to the “story composition and development”…?\\
b2: you like this “story composition and development” thing a lot, huh?\\
b1: that is surely important, but maybe you are not able to put that into shape.\\
b1: for example these things represent what you want to draw.\\
b2: and if you try to put them into a box…\\
b1:I put too much things in here and this out doesn’t fit.\\
b2: if I would put in there its small details would be covered…\\
b1: that’s right. And the only things that would be sorted well would be the small ones.\\
b2: y-you are right…\\
text: it is difficult to make the big one fit in there\\
b1: in my case I first take care of the thing I want to write the most,\\
b2: and then thick the other things to it\\
near her: this doesn’t enter in the box\\
on the thing: the scene I want to draw the most\\
b1: in that way you can draw well the scene you wanted to draw the most!\\
b2: exactly.\\
b1: I see…! That’s why your manga has such a strong impact.\\
near her: magi first chapter had such a strong impact on the readers after all\\
near shinobu: well in that case I just wanted to draw a falling giant\\
b1: in that case, next time we will talk about how to draw those scenes in a charming way\\ that is we will ask you how to “draw pictures”!!\\
TLN: I think that it will be a difficult subject for shinobu…\\

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