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Sengoku 21

The Battle of Rokujou 2

+ posted by akika as translation on Feb 14, 2009 04:07 | Go to Sengoku

-> RTS Page for Sengoku 21

[Reserved for Illuminati-Manga]

pg 24
Txt: Vol. 21 The Battle of Rokujou 2

Pg 25
Txt: In front of Honkoku Temple
?: Defenders of the Shogun are approaching from all sides
Txt: Saitou Uhyoue-taihitsu Tatsuoki
TO: Damn, they're quick
TO: Counterattack!

MH: Be patient for awhile, until reinforcements arrive!
MH: Don't panic! Keep your mind clear!
Txt: Akechi Juubei Mitsuhide
Txt: Within the Honkoku Temple

Txt: Suburbs of Kyoto
HY: Hurry, hurry
HY: We're avoiding battle, but let's try to be the first to get there!
SG: We'll get there first, then clear the enemy out in one blow!

Pg 26
?: Hah
?: Hah

Koichi: When it's this cold, the horses' legs are stiff too
Koichi: Uh?

SG: This time, this time, we'll get to the front line
SG: This time will be the first time I go into the breach in a real battle!

Koichi: Gonbei.... recently you've surpassed my vigor in martial arts; we can rely on you now
Txt: Kinoshita Koichirou Hidenaga
Koichi: But be careful when you advance... the fearsomeness of a real battle differs from that of a mock battle.

Pg 27
HY: This fool doesn't know fear
Txt: Kinoshita Toukichirou Hideyoshi

SG: I know how scary being at the front is
SG: But because of that, I'm going to be cheerfully full of energy...

HY: You must all push down and crush your fears!
HY: Now, follow Sengoku!

Pg 28
?: The sound of the conch and the drum!
?: It seems the battlefield is near

?: Huh?

HY: Hey, vanguard. What is that unit up ahead?
?: Understood

?: That flag belongs to
?: the ally of our Oda army, the Asai clan
(Translator's note: In most historical sources, it is known as the Azai clan, but for some reason, the creator is going with "Asai," so we'll leave it as that.)

?: We are in the army of the Asai clan. You are the Oda clan's....?
HY: Kinoshita Toukichirou
HY: Well, well, now..... we have such dependable comrades! Shall we fight together?

Pg 29
?: There is no need.
?: Wait on the side
Txt: Asai clan retainer Isono Tanba no Kami Kazumasa

SG and HY: Eh?!

Isono: Your actual level of ability can be gauged from your miserable appearances
Isono: Common soldiers who are the very first to flee at the front only will get in the way

Pg 30
SG: What do you mean, 'very first to flee'?!
HY: Stop, Sengoku. We came to protect the shogun.

HY: He he he..... Then, good luck in battle

SG: At least get down from your horse and...
SG: Urgh
HY: No, no, it's all.....

Pg 31
SG: Damn, really!
SG: You can tell someone's strength from their appearance?

HY: You can tell!!
HY: Saying that you should be judged from the inside is wishful thinking

HY: It's through their dress and bearing that their valor and daring comes through
HY: Today or tomorrow, they're willing to die, and cause of that, they'll dress to the nines

HY: First-rate guys are like that...

Pg 32
Txt: Honkoku Temple

MH: Fire, fire
MH: No matter how tired you get, don't stop smiling!!

MH: Never show the enemy weakness
MH: Become like an ogre who smiles as he kills people!

?: Hahahahahaha
?: A------hahahaha

Pg 33
Box: A passage about this battle from the Shinchoukou-ki:
Box: "The warriors of the Oda clan raised sparks among the enemy as they fought. In a flash, thirty enemy warriors were shot dead. The dead and wounded among the enemy were nearly innumerable, and thus the attackers did not even consider entering the temple."

MH: Ha
MH: Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Txt: As I thought, I should put on the makeup to bring out my madness

Note: Shinchoukou-ki: A work compiled by the Oda retainer Ota Gyuuichi. Is thought to be highly reliable as a source.

Txt: It'll probably take around three days for the main forces of the Oda clan to get here from Gifu
Txt: But the allied forces around here should be arriving soon
Txt: Especially the Asai clan. If they come, we'll win, because they have that hero within their ranks.

Pg 34
?: They've come
?: An enemy attack!
?: With rifles!
?: The rebel army has set a trap for us!

?: Eee
?: E—even here...

HY: Do...don't flinch, Kinoshita brigade! Get into a defensive formation
HY: Set up the shields!

SG: Let's fire too!
HY: Showing useless bravery? We'll wait!

Pg 35
?: Guh
?: The enemy is gradually approaching!
?: We've got to run away!

SG: After the guns will come the arrows...

HY: And after the arrows will come the spears!!

Txt: They're....

Txt: Coming!!

Pg 36
?: Eee
?: Run!

SG: Ugh

Txt: I'm not scared
Txt: I'm not scared

SG: I... won't run!
SG: Can I retreat after they've said we're the sorts who'll be the first to run from the front?

Koichi: What?!

HY: Get back, Sengoku!

Pg 37
?: Your body has become stiff with fear. If you run to the front now, only a dog's death awaits you.
?: Retreat, young warrior.

Pg 38
Txt: He's an Asai clan warrior.... Wh-what's this?
Txt: I...I'm shaking

?: Well then, shall we show you the charge of the vaunted vanguard of the Asai clan?

Pg 39
?: Hey, get back, youngster
SG: But if those guys charge into the yari-busuma on horseback, they'll be struck off their horses...

?: Guh..

Pg 40-41
?: The soldiers on the left side have been shot down!!
?: Continue circling towards the left side!

Pg 42
SG: That's.... the sole weakness of the yari-busuma, an attack from the left! But... how will he do that with a bow?!

SG: A bow.... no....
SG: A spear!

?: Ee, a spear attack from the side!
SG: All of a sudden, he's using a spear on horseback!

Pg 43
HY: I remember now... That crimson arrow, and hazu-yari (bow-spear)
HY: Using a spear on horseback would be rare enough... but he also uses as hazu-yari

HY: He is the brave warrior whose name resounds about the Kinai region...
Note: Hazu-yari: A bow which has spearheads attached to both ends. It was extremely rare for one to be used in actual battle.

Pg 44
HY: He is usually seen at the front, as the Asai clan's vanguard general...
HY: Yamazaki Shinpei

Txt: I gazed at that warrior of fearsome strength
Txt: Inwardly, I had been relieved not to go to the front. But after that, regret and shame rose up within me....

Pg 45
Box: January the 6th—(Three days after the start of the Battle of Rokujou) The request for aid from the Shogun reaches Oda Nobunaga in Gifu. He immediately sets out with a small number of soldiers.
Box: January 8th—Through frigid snowstorms, Oda Nobunaga makes a three days' journey in two days, and arrives in Kyoto, a mobilization of godlike speed.

Txt: Oda Danjou-no-Chuu Nobunaga

Pg 46
?: Excuse me
?: Thanks to the accomplishments of Akechi Juubei-sama within the residence, and our allies, the Asai army, the enemy has already been subdued!!

?: The Shogun is also safe!

?: Our victory is total!

Nobu: Hmph
Nobu: Really?

?: Even so, with this rapid advance
?: Truly, my lord, you have labored much

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