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Translations: One Piece 855 by cnet128 , Gintama 624 by Bomber D Rufi

Gintama 71

Stop Drinking Sake When You're Feeling Good

+ posted by Amzy as translation on Mar 27, 2009 01:54 | Go to Gintama

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Note: For Maximum7.

Chapter 71

Page 67

Small Text: 第七十一訓
Chapter 71

Narration: 拝啓 神楽ちゃん、元気にやってますか?
Dear Kagura-chan, are you doing well?
As for me, my hair roots are extinct, but my body is well.

Narration: えいりあんを追って星々を飛び回る 生活は相変わらずですが
I’ve been flying to different planets chasing after aliens. Life is the same as always.

- 貴様、何者だ?ジェダイの騎士か?
What are you? A Jedi knight?

Umibouzu: 四十台のおっさんだ
No, I’m a middle-aged man in his 40s.

t/n note: word play on “Jedi” and “yonjuudai” here, which refers to a period of time.

- いや そういうんじゃなくて
No, that’s not what I meant.

Narration: 最近は どこだかの星の帝国と反乱軍の戦いに巻き込まれて けっこう忙しいです
Lately, I’ve been caught up in a battle between an empire and a rebel army on a distant planet, so I’ve been very busy.

Narration: まア、お父さんがついたからには間違いなく帝国が勝つと思います。
Well, ever since I arrived, there’s no doubt that the Empire will win.

Umibouzu: オイぃぃ!今日から俺が帝国を指揮るから
Oiiiii! Starting today, I will be commanding the Empire!
First of all, everyone will shave their heads! Those who grow out their hair will have their rear ends beaten with a bat!!

Narration: それより神楽ちゃんは楽しくやってますか?あの白髪にいじめられたり、あの眼鏡に思春期特有のいやらしい眼で見られたりしていませんか?
More importantly, are you enjoying yourself, Kagura-chan? Is that white haired guy bullying you or is that pubescent boy wearing glasses looking at you with indecent eyes?

Narration: 何かあったら、気軽に手紙ください。
If anything happens, please feel free to write me a letter.
I’ll rush over right away.

Umibouzu: 娘がさァ、地球に留学しててさァ。
My daughter is studying abroad on Earth.

- マジすか。心配でしょ。
Really? You must be worried.

Page 68

Narration: それじゃあ、またお手紙します。
Well then, I will write again.
P.S. 一つ言い忘れてたことがあった。
P.S. There is one thing I forgot to mention.

Narration: 神楽ちゃん達が飼ってた、あのデカイ犬な…
About that huge dog that you and the others are keeping…

Shinpachi: ぎゃああああ!!

Kagura: 新八、どうしたネ!?
Shinpachi, what’s wrong!?

Shinpachi: か、神楽ちゃん!!

Shinpachi: さ、定春が…!!
S-Sadaharu is…!!

Page 69

Title: 第七十一訓
Chapter 71
Stop Drinking Sake When You’re Feeling Good

Page 70

sfx: ガララ

Gintoki: おーう。帰ったぞう。
Hey. I’m back.

Gintoki: 銀さんが帰ってきたよ~っと。
Gin-san has returned~ Ugh.
あー 気持ちワル。
Man, I feel sick.

Gintoki: 誰か~いちご牛乳~オエッ。
Someone~ Strawberry milk~ Hey.
Bring me strawberry milk…Ugh. Heeey, you guys are awake, aren’t you?
I’ll die if no one brings me strawberry milk, I tell you. Heeyy, can you hear me?

Gintoki: ……何だ?妙に静かだな。
…What the? It got strangely quiet.
Are they not awake yet? Jeez. What lazy bums.

Gintoki: とりあえず、風呂かしてアルコール抜かなねーとな。
Anyway, I’ll go bathe to get rid of the alcohol smell.

Page 71

Gintoki: ……なんだ。
…What the?
I really did drink too much. Sadaharu looks way too big.

Gintoki: まャ いいや オイ 新八そんな所に頭つっこんでないでいちご牛乳もってこい 神楽は風呂だ
Well, whatever. Hey, Shinpachi. Get your head out of there and fetch me some strawberry milk. Kagura-chan, you prepare the bath.

Shinpachi: 何 寝ぼけたこと言ってんすかァァ!この状況を見ろォ!!
What nonsense are you spouting!? Look at this situation!!

Kagura: 定春が・・・定春が一夜にして巨大化したネ!!
Sadaharu has gotten huge overnight!!

― うるせーな でかい声出すんじゃねーよ 頭いたいんだから
Shut up. Don’t talk so loud. My head hurts.

― 男と犬はなァ 二三日 目ェ離すと別人のように大きくなってるもんなんだよ
For men and dogs, if you take your eyes off of them for two or three days, they’ll grow big as if they were another person.

― アンタは何日たってもずっと平行線でダメ人間だけどな酔っばらい!
But you’re still a useless person no matter how long it’s been!

― なにをををを!!いだだだだだ 頭 痛ェェェェ!!
What the!? Ow ow ow ow ow ow! My head hurts!!

Page 72

― 定春はいちご牛乳が好物ヨ 飲んだらおとなしくなるネ
Sadaharu’s favorite food is strawberry milk. If he drinks it, he’ll become obedient.
His body got bigger, but his personality hasn’t changed.

― さっきもじゃれてただけみたいアル
He was only playing with us earlier.

― じゃれてただけみたいって・・・ あの大きさでじゃれられたら
Playing with us, you say… If he plays with us at that huge size,
こっちとしては 命とりなんだよね
he’ll take away our lives.

― なんなんでしょ 一体なんでこんな事に・・・
Just what is this? How did this happen?

― 成長期じゃねーの 元々があのデカさだこれ位になるだろ
Isn’t this just a growth spurt? He was big to start with, so it’s natural for him to grow to this size, right?

― でも 一夜にしてこんな・・・
But to grow this much in one night…

― だから お前らが無闇にカルシウムなんかとらせるから こんなデカクなんだよ
If you guys take in calcium excessively, you’ll get this big too.
カルシウムなめんなよ カルシウムさえとっときゃ 全てうまくいくんだよ
Don’t underestimate calcium. Everything will go well if you have calcium.

― あんた 全然 うまくいってないじゃないですか
But nothing goes well for you, does it?

― それより どうしましょ これじゃ 象飼ってるようなもんですよ エサ代が・・・
More importantly, what should we do about this? It’s like we’re keeping an elephant now. The price of food will be expensive…

― エサ代なんて 元々 バカになってなかったアルヨ
The price of food wasn’t that ridiculous before.

― 万が億になろうが 億が兆になろうが 一緒ネ
It’s the same thing if ten thousand yen becomes a hundred million yen and if a hundred million yen becomes a trillion yen.

― 一緒じゃねーよ!一兆は一億がなんほあると思ってんだテメーは!!
Those aren’t the same! What similarity is there between a trillion and a hundred million!?
アレ? 何個だっけ 新八くん
Huh? How much is that, Shinpachi-kun?

Page 73

― とにかく このままじゃ 飼ってくことすら 難しいですよ いや 捨てるのだって難しい
Anyway, at this rate, keeping him will be difficult. No, getting rid of him will be difficult.

― 捨てるなんて選択肢ないネ!お前ふざけるなヨ!!
Don’t even think about getting rid of him! Don’t joke with me!!

― 誰も捨てようなんて 言ってないだろ!!
Nobody said anything about getting rid of him, did they!?

― 大丈夫だよ~ 新八くーん 神楽ちゃん
It’ll be okay, Shinpachi-kun, Kagura-chan~

― こんな事もあろうかと
There’s such a thing as this…

― たりららったら~

― 犬語翻訳機「わんじゃこりゃああ」
A dog language translation device, “It’s woof, yo”.
― これさえあれば 犬が何をしゃべっているかその鳴き声から 割り出すことができるんだ~ (ダ三声)
With this, whenever a dog is speaking, this device will translate the dog’s voice for us.

― 銀さん!いつの間にそんな便利なアイテムを!!
Gin-san! When did you get such a useful item!?

― 昨日 飲み屋で隣の親父に枝豆と交換してもらったんだ~ (ダ三声)
Yesterday, an old man sitting next to me at the bar exchanged it with me for some green soybeans.

― 胡散くささ 100%じゃねーか!!
Isn’t that 100% suspicious!?

― とにかく こいつで 定春がなんで巨大化したか 探り出せば 解決策が見つからかもしれねー
Anyway, if we use this to find out why Sadaharu got this big, we might be able to find a solution.

― なァ 定春?お前はどーしてそんなにデカくなったんだ
Hey, Sadaharu. Why did you get that big?

― オイ なんか言え
Hey. Say something.

― わぎゃァ!!

― ぶべら!!

Page 74

Sfx: ピピッ
Beep beep

Screen: いてーな
That hurts.
I’ll call the animal rights organization on you, woof.

― あってるっちゃあ あってる
It worked, it worked.

― この野郎ォォ!!ご主人様に何しやがんだァ!!
You bastard!! What are you doing to your master!?

― 銀ちゃん 定春の世話したことないから
Gin-chan, you’ve never looked after Sadaharu.

― 銀さん でもコレ けっこう 使えるかもしれませんよ
Gin-san. It looks like we might be able to use this device after all.

― フフン 次は私がやるネ
Fufu. I’ll do it next.

― 私は 定春いつも可愛がってるアルから きっと
I’m always affectionate with Sadaharu, so he’ll definitely respond to me.

― 定春 とりあえず 私への日頃の感謝を言ってみるアル
Sadaharu, first of all, try thanking me like you always do.

― ワン

sfx: ピピッ
Beep beep

― お前 人気投票 7位だったな
You were 7th place in the character popularity poll.

Page 75

― てめェェェ! 何でそんな事しってんだァ!
You bastard! How do you know that!?

― おちついて 神楽ちゃん!僕なんか8???だぞ!!
Calm down, Kagura-chan! I was in 8th place!!

― しょーがねいな
I guess it can’t be helped.

― なんだかんだで 定春の世話を一番してたのは僕だもんね
I’m the one who looked after Sadaharu the most after all.

― ねっ 定春 僕の言うことはきいてくれるよね?
Hey, Sadaharu. You’ll listen to what I have to say, right?

― ワン

Sfx: ピピピー
Beep beep beep beep

Screen: お前という男を常日頃観察し
I’ll tell you what I think of you from my daily observations.
感じたことを述べる 誰がボケても
Your frustrated personality
in every situation deserves merit.
But because you’re so wrapped up in your frustration
you tend to forget your unique characteristic.
Then again, your only unique characteristic
アイドルオタク以外ないがな 哀れな奴だ
is being an idol otaku. You’re a pitiful guy.

― 黒ォォォ!!こんなに白い犬なのに 腹の中 黒っ!!
How mean!! Even though he’s this white, the inside of him is black!!

― っていうか長げーよ!あの一吠えに こんな長い意味あんの!?
And isn’t this too long!? That one bark had such a long meaning!?

― ってツッコんじまったァ!!コイツの思うがままだ!!
Gah, I’m getting frustrated again! It’s just like Sadaharu said!!

― チキショー なんだこのインチキ翻訳機!!定春がこんな事考えてるわけねーだろ!!
Damn it! What’s with this bogus translation device!? There’s no way Sadaharu would think those kinds of things!!

― あのジジイ 枝豆画返せ コノヤロォ!!
That old man! Give me back my green soybeans, bastard!!


page 76

sfx: ピピ
beep beep

screen: く・・・苦しい
It… It hurts.

― 苦しい?
“It hurts”?

― 故障かな
It’s probably broken.

― 俺は二日酔いで苦しいな
Well, I’m going be hurting from a hangover for two days.

Sfx: ピッ

― 助けて
Help me.

― 助けて?
“Help me”?

― こっちが助けてほしいわ どうすんだ 家 コレ
I’m the one who wants to be helped. What should we do about this?

― なんだ さっきから メキメキメキメキ 夏期講習で 学力アップか?
What’s that sound? I’ve been hearing rumbling for a while now. Is that the sound of kids in summer school increasing their knowledge?

― 定春 静かにしなさい!メッ!! 夏期講習で学力アップですか お前は!!
Sadaharu, be quiet! Jeez!! Are you in summer school increasing your knowledge!?

Page 77

― なんだァァ!!
What is that!?

― 犬!?犬かアレ!?
A dog!? Is that a dog!?

― ―――という ように
…And that is what happened.

― 突如 かぶき町に 現れた 巨大犬なんですが
A giant dog suddenly appeared in Kabuki Town.

Page 78

― えー 三日たった 現在もですね あのように屋根から 頭をつき出した状態のままです
It’s been three days since then. You can see the dog’s head protruding from the roof behind me.

― ワン

― 現場は巨大犬を見ようと 人だかりができ かぶき町はさながら 観光スポットのようになっています
The scene has attracted many people coming to see this huge dog, turning Kabuki Town into a sightseeing spot.

― えー 周辺住民はどのように考えているのでしょうか? 取材してきました
Just what do the neighbors think about this situation? We asked them earlier.

Text: 巨大犬について どう思われますか?
What do you think about the current situation?

― いやー 正直 迷惑だよね
Well, to be honest, it’s a nuisance.
やっぱ 怖いし 吠き声とかもうるさいしね・・・ でもペットだっていうからさ
The dog looks frightening and its barks are loud… But I guess that’s what a pet is.

Text: 巨大犬について どう思われますか?
What do you think about the current situation?

― 定春君ですか?カワイイですよね ほんと食べちゃいたいくらいに
Sadaharu-kun? He’s cute, isn’t he? I just want to eat him up.

― アハハ 冗談ですよ・・・ いやホントに・・・ ちょっと ホントですって
Ahaha, that was a joke… No, really it was… I’m serious, it was a joke.
Why are you crying?

Text: 巨大犬について どう思われますか?
What do you think about the current situation?

― いや しらねーよ かぶき町の住人じゃねーし
I don’t care. I don’t live in Kabuki Town.

Text: ここは歩きタバコ禁止ですが?
Isn’t it prohibited to be smoking while walking around here?

― うるせーよ 歩いてねーだろーが 立ち止まってるだろーが
Shut up. I’m not walking around, am I? I’m standing still.

Text: 巨大犬の飼い主をご存知のAさん
An acquaintance of the giant dog’s owners, A-san.

― ロクデモナイ 奴等デネ イツカ何かやルト 思ッテタヨ アタイハ
They’re a good-for-nothing bunch. I knew something like this would happen someday.

Text: どうやって 不法入国されたんですか?
Aren’t you an illegal immigrant?

― オイ オ前チョット 便所コイ
Hey, you come to the bathroom with me for a bit.

― ――というように 周辺住民には多大な迷惑がかかっているようなんですね
That’s the situation now. It seems like many neighbors are very bothered by this.

― 一体 飼い主は何を考えているのでしょうか?そのへん直撃してみました どうぞ
What do the owners think about this? We tried asking them earlier. Here is what they said.

Page 79

Text: 巨大犬にエサをやる飼い主A
The person feeding the giant dog, dog owner A

― あのー すいませーん!ニュース・ザ 江戸の者なんですがー!!
Excuse me! I’m a reporter from Edo News!!

― あのー あなた 巨大犬の飼い主さんですよね!?
You are the giant dog’s owner, correct!?

― あっ!ちょっと録らないでくださいよ 何やってんですかアンタラ!!
Ah! Please don’t film this! What are you guys doing!?

― あのー 巨大犬のせいで 近所の方々は大変 迷惑されているようなんですが そのへん どうお考えなんですか!?
It seems that the neighborhood residents are troubled by your giant dog. What do you think of that?

― すいまっせーん!!
I’m sorry!!

― いや すいまっせんじゃなくて
No, I don’t want you to apologize.

― すいまっせーん!世界中のみんなにすいまっせーん
I’m sorry! To everyone in the world, I apologize!

― いや すいまっせーんじゃなくて
Like I said, I don’t want you to apologize.

Text: 巨大犬の飼い主B
Giant dog owner B

― あのー すいまっせーん ニュース・ザ 江戸の花のと申しますが!
Excuse me! I’m Hanano from Edo News!

― また お前らかァァ!!
You guys again!?

― 何回も何回もネ!!そんなに悪者にしたいかァァ!それがマスメディアかァ!!
You sure are persistent!! Do you want make us look bad that much!? Is that what the mass media does!?

― かっえっれっ!かっえっれっ!さっさと帰れ~!!
Get! Lost! Get! Lost! Hurry up and get lost!!

― 帰りません そんな態度でいると近所から孤立しますよ
We’re not leaving. The neighborhood will shun you if you behave like that, you know.

― はっなっのっ アッナッはっ 司会者と不倫~!!
Ha! Na! No! A! Na! Is! Having an affair with the chairman!!

― 何 でたらめ言ってんだコラァ!!
What bullshit are you spouting!?

Page 80

Text: 巨大犬の飼い主C
Giant dog owner C

― あの すいませーん!ニュース・ザ 江戸の者ですが!!
Excuse me! I’m from Edo News!!

― げふっ!!

― オイオイ ダメだよ~ 急に飛び出してきちゃあ
Hey, hey. That’s dangerous, you know, suddenly rushing out into the street like that.

― アレ?なんでカメラあんだ?
Huh? What’s a camera doing here?

― う・・・う あの・・・ 巨大犬の・・・
Ugh…Urgh… Excuse me… About the giant dog…

― ああアレか?ランク王国の街角アンケート?
Ohh, is it that thing? Is this a questionnaire from the street corner?

― ギャアアアア!!チャック開いてます 前ェェェ!!
Gyaaaa!!!! Your zipper is open! Look in front of you!!

― 前?あ カメラの前 このへん?で質問は?不倫したい芸能人?
In front? In front of the camera like this? So, what’s the question about? An entertainer who wants to have an affair?

― ちょっとォォ!!カメラ止めてェ カメラ!!
Wait!! Turn off the camera, turn it off!!

― やっぱ結野アナかな~ 人妻になって逆にまた こう・・・
It’s probably Ketsuno Ana. She gets married and yet she does the opposite thing…

― いや~ ひどい飼い主ですねー 皇子
What a terrible pet owner he is. Don’t you think so, Prince?

― 終始 チャック 全開でしたよ~
His zipper was open the entire time.

― マナーを守らない 飼い主にペットを飼う資格はないね ウン

A pet owner with no manners isn’t qualified to own a pet.

Page 81

Sfx: プチン

― ・・・まいったなー オイ
That was so embarrassing, man.
まさか 全国ネットでチャック全開してたとはよー
To think that I had my zipper wide open on a nation-wide broadcast…

― 最近なんか 俺 こんなん ばっかだな
I didn’t think that this would happen to me.

― そこかよ
Is that so?

― どうすんだい こんな大事になっちまって
What are you going to do about this? It’s become a huge deal.

― 定チャン饅頭モ 全然 売シネーシ
The “Sada-chan Buns” aren’t selling at all either.
モウ出テケヨ 迷惑ナンダヨ アンタラニ イラレルト
Get out already. You guys are troublesome.

― オイ 誰の許可 得て商品化してんだ
Hey. Who gave you permission to make that merchandise?

― ・・・まーな アンタらにも 色々 迷惑かけちまって
…Well, we’ve caused you some trouble too. Maybe this is the right time.

― マナーも守れねー奴にペットを飼う資格はねーもんな
Those who don’t have manners aren’t qualified to own a pet.

― 銀さん

― デモ捨テルニシテモ アンナ大キナ犬トナルト 大変デスヨ
But even if you decide to get rid of him, it’d be tough to do so with such a big dog.

― 捨てる?
Get rid of him?

― バカ言うな
Don’t be ridiculous.

Page 82

― 途中で放り出すくらいなら 最初から背負いこんじゃいねーさ
If we were planning to get rid of him later on, we wouldn’t have taken him in from the start.

― どっか 広いトコにでも引っ越すか
Maybe we should move to a bigger place.

― ゴメンネ定春
I’m sorry, Sadaharu.

― 傘 ちょっと小さいけど 我慢するネ
The umbrella is a little small, but bear with it.

― ワン

― ・・・定春

― 定春は何も心配しなくていいネ
You don’t have to worry about anything.

― みんなが何を言おうと捨てたりしないからネ
No matter what everyone says, I won’t get rid of you.

― 定春がどんなにでっかくなっても
No matter how big you get,

― 私が定春 護ってあげるからネ
I’ll protect you.

Page 83

― わかった?
Do you understand?

― ワン

― キャイン!!

Sfx: コロコロ

― 定春!!

― 出てけェェェェ!!
Get out!!

― 化け物はこの町から出ていけェェ!!
Take that monster away from this town!!

― てめーらァァァ!!
You bastards!!

― 何しやがんだァァ!! 動物愛護団体にうったえるぞォォ!!
What are you doing!? I’ll report you to the animal rights organization!!

― 何が動物だ!とんでもねー化け物つれこみやがって!!
What animal!? That thing is a monster!!

― 妖怪じゃ!!あれは妖怪じゃ!!
A demon!! That thing is a demon!!

― 今にそこから抜け出して 江戸中の人間を食っちまうぞ!!
If he got out now, he’d eat everyone in Edo!

― 殺しちまえ あんな化け物!!
Kill that monster!!

Page 84

― やめてヨ
Stop it!

― 定春 そんなことしないヨ!!
Sadaharu wouldn’t do that!!

― 定春 普通より デカイけどでも・・・
Sadaharu may be bigger than normal,
but his kindness is just as big!!

― 定春のことなんにもしらないくせに!勝手な事言うな!!
You don’t know anything about Sadaharu! Don’t talk about what you don’t know!!

― うるせエ 妖魔の使いが!
Shut up, you monster lover!

― お前も消えろ!!
You should disappear too!!

― うぐっ

― おっ なんだァ!!
What’s happening!?

― 化け物が・・・
The monster is…

Page 85

― P.S. 一つ 言い忘れてたことがあった
P.S. I forgot to mention something.

― 神楽ちゃん達が 飼ってたあのデカイ犬な・・・
About that huge dog you and the others are keeping…

― あれ とんでもない化け物だから すぐに捨てなさい(哀)
It’s an unbelievable monster, so get rid of it immediately. (With love, Dad)

Page 86

Title: 空知の 読者とふれ会う
Sorachi’s Reader Question Corner

(大阪市 P.N.もぐたんさんからの質問)
(Question from Mokutan-san in Osaka)

Is Hamko’s boyfriend, Tasuke,
the son of Mamushi?
あとあの2人 (ハム子と太助)
And what happened to
the two of them afterward (Hamko and Tasuke)?


もぐたん君の言うと通りです マムシの息子 太助は
It is as you say. Mamushi’s son, Tasuke,
ハム子の彼氏 太助と同一人物です。
is the same person as Hamko’s boyfriend.
Because he was arrested by his old man (Mamushi),
しっかりしなきゃ と更正し鳶やってます。
he is learning the error of his ways now.
Hamko went on a diet for two months
減量に成功しましたが やせてもブサイクはブサイクです。
and successfully lost 30 kilograms, but she’s still unsightly even when she’s skinny.
By the way, the two of them aren’t dating anymore. They broke up.
そんなもんです 男と女なんて
Such are the relationships between men and women.

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