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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage 43

+ posted by Amzy as translation on Aug 27, 2009 21:10 | Go to Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

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Reserved for Inconnu

Dogs 43

― そちらの状況は?
How are things on your end?

― 当初の予想通りです
It’s just as I feared.

― 機関車両二基の大破外部からのおそらくは大口径榴弾砲による砲撃
It’s likely that we’re being bombarded outside by a couple of locomotives equipped with high caliber howitzer cannons.

― それに加えて別の爆発による損壊の痕跡が見られました
Also, there are signs of damage due to another kind of explosion.

― 先の見解の通りであるとするならば
If all of this is true,

― 現状のこの場はかなり危険な状態であると見るべきです
then this place should be in quite a dangerous situation right now.

― 君達はそのまま現場に急行したまえ
You guys hurry over to the scene.

― 了解

― 二番隊から五番隊にも支援に向かわせよう
Provide backup for the Second through Fifth Units also.

The surface is in mayhem!

― 五隊を全てですか?
The entire Fifth Unit?
That’s right.

― 「彼女」の出方も気になる
I'm also worried about what "she" is going to do.

― わかりました
I understand.

― 大盤振る舞いだな
He sure is going all out for this.
Is it really okay to send out almost all of your men?

― 軍警だけでは手にあまるからな
I guess the army’s the only place with extra hands lying around.
― 君もそろそろ戻らないのか
Isn’t it almost time for you to go back too?

― あんた・・・
Hey, you…
Ow, ow…

― さっき地・・・鳴りがどうとか・・・何の話よ・・・
The trembling…from underground you were talking about before…what was that about?

― おいバドー無理して喋るな
Hey, Bado. Don’t try too hard to talk.

― あーうんさっき話した古巣の連中ね
Oh, yes. I mentioned my old buddies, didn’t I?
They're having fun right now...

― この近所に野暮用でね
…taking care of a little business nearby.

― 今となっては地下の連中のことなどどうでもいいんだけど
I couldn’t care less what happens to those guys from the underground now.
― 今回はちょっと面白そうなんでね
But it looks like things are getting a little interesting this time.

― おびやかされたくないんじゃなかったのかよ
Isn’t it because you didn’t want to be threatened?

― 楽団までけしかけてこんな場所で大立ち回りで
I mean, you even got the orchestra members to come after me all the way over here.

Aren’t you the bad guy here?

― 今日の楽団員はいささか出来のよくない子等でね
These orchestra members aren’t very talented, you see.

― そろそろ編成を変えようと思ってたんだ
I thought it was about time I fired them anyway.

― それに

― おびやかされたくないと言ったのは
since the one who said that he didn’t want to be threatened
― 静かな方が「音」はよく響くからさ
was a quiet person who taught me that "music" reaches people’s hearts,
― この街を一つの「作品」にしたいんだ
I want to put on a "performance" in this city…

― 僕の「音」
…of my very own “music”.
The “music of chaos”, that is.

― まあ今回は半分便乗なんで恰好はつかないけど
Well, now! I shouldn’t try to show off anymore.

― これからは僕も楽しませてもらうとするよ
I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.

― それがこの有様か?
So that’s what this is all about, huh?

― ショボイ情報屋ひとり楽団のリストラついでに片付ける程度で
Doing away with the scruffy informant and “cleaning up” your orchestra while you’re at it?

― 言ってる割にはサエない三文芝居じゃないすか
This is one cheap-ass performance, then.

― だからシメはちょっと奮発することにしてね
That’s why I went through much effort to prepare a grand finale.

― 結構な量の爆薬を仕掛けてみたんだ
This place has been rigged with plenty of explosives.

― この劇場もろともフッ飛んでもらっちゃおうかなってね
I’ll have this entire theater come crashing down.

― バ!?

― 音響とかはなかなかいいんだけどデコレーションがイマイチなんだよね劇場
The acoustics are quite splendid in this theater, but I’m afraid the décor isn’t as up to par.

― ものはついでさ
That can’t be helped, though.

― 哀れな君達を悼んで素敵に生まれ変わってもらうとするよ
I’ll be sure to mourn for your pitiful self and I wish you all the best of luck in your next life.

― 墓標には少々贅沢とは思わないか?
Don’t you think this theater will make a lovely little grave for you?

― 待て!!

― 君との数年の縁もこれきりだね
This is where our long history together ends.

― 君のことは忘れないよ
I won’t forget you.

― さようならバドー君
Goodbye, Bado.

― また爆発かよ・・・最近縁があるな
Damn, more bombs? Fate seems to hate us lately.

― ハッタリだと思うか?
You think he’s just bluffing?

― ならいいんすけど
That would be just great, but…

― ここまでのノリで考えるとしっかりフッ飛ばしてくれそうっスよね
If that guy did plan all this, then it looks like he’s serious about taking me out.

― この人等には悪いけとっとと片付けて早く出ちゃいましょうや
I feel bad for these guys, but let’s take care of ‘em fast and get the hell outta here.

― ・・・すまんバドー
…I’m sorry, Bado.

― よせよ旦那そういうのは助かった後にしてくれ
No time for that now, Mihai. Save that for after we get outta here.

― 死亡フラグは願い下げっすよ
Don’t throw in the towel just yet.

― そんじゃ
Alright, then!

― 行きますか
Let’s go!

― ・・・何あいつ・・・
What’s gotten into him…?

― ・・・うっ

― また・・・
This again…?
What’s happening to me…?

txt: 己の“宿命”との戦いが始まる。
Their struggle with fate begins.

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