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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage Special : Dogs EX./4 dogs

+ posted by Amzy as translation on Sep 1, 2009 21:47 | Go to Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

Reserved for Inconnu

The RAW is available here.

― ッたくよ

― 先に帰ってんじゃねーよ てめーはよ
Don’t just run off and leave me behind like that, you bastard.

― だからこうして昼メシおごってんでしょうが
That’s why I’m treating you to lunch, aren’t I?

― 足りるか こんなんで!
You think something like this makes up for it?!

― こんなん?
Like what, exactly?

― あ やや 労働のコスト的なイミで・・・ね!!
Uh…no, no! I wasn’t trying to insult your food or anything like that!!

― オイシーです 超ボニッシモ!!
It’s super delicious! Buonissimo!!

*Buonissimo = "Best" in Italian.

― で あの

― ハネのちっこいの結局どうした?
What happened to the girl who was with you?

― 身寄りもないみたいだからな
She doesn’t seem to have relatives or anyone like that.
So I’m leaving her under Bishop’s care for a while.

― え?ビッショップのとこかよ
What? With Bishop?

― いいのかよ あんな破戒牧師のとこで・・・
You sure it’s okay to leave her with that shady priest?

― ・・・リザばあさんとこの方がいい気がしてきたな・・・
…I think it might’ve been better to leave her with Granny Liza now...

― ・・・ま そりゃあ 好きにしろや
Well, do whatever you want, man.
Thanks for the meal.

― 帰んのか?
Going home?

― ヤニ切れた
I’m out of smokes.

― あら ここにも置いてるわよ
Oh. We carry some here, you know.
Smoking isn’t allowed inside the store, though.

― ああ
No, thanks.

― 今日は買う店決めてあんの
I already know where I wanna buy ‘em.

― お?

― なんだ バドーじゃねえか 今 帰りかよ
Well, if it isn’t Bado. Are you going home now?

― いい加減 道 覚えたら?
Enough with the chit-chat. Did you get everything?

― あ やや す す すいません 魚市場でちょっと迷って!
Oh! S-S-Sorry about that! I got a little lost at the fish market!

― グッドラック旦那
Good luck dealing with her, Mihai.

― じゃー お先―
Alright, I’m off.

― ん

― ホラ 荷物こっち
Here, give me the bags.

― 今度は間違えてないでしょうねー
You got everything right this time, I hope?

― あ おう
Yes, ma’am.

― バドーくんの相棒だってさ
That’s Bado’s partner.

― へえ

― どぉも
Hey, there.

― あんたがミハエロフ?
You must be Mihaeroff.

― ああ そうだけど
Yeah, that’s right.

― バドーが世話になったって聞いたよ
I heard you helped out Bado.

― スゴ腕なんだって?
Something about being a bodyguard?

― 世話ね
He said that, huh?

― パン皿 一枚 放り投げたのを世話っていうならそうだろうな
If you call knocking out some guys with a plate of bread protecting someone, then yeah, I guess I did.

― ・・・ふーん
A plate of bread?

― まぁいいや 勘定 ここ 置いとくぜ
Well, it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, I’ll leave the bill here.

― はぁい

― 次は君も食べていってね
You should drop by and eat too next time!

― ・・・腹 減ったらね
…If I get hungry.

― ・・・無愛想な奴だな
…What a cold guy.

― 照れちゃって かーわいー
He’s just being shy. How cute!

― いや ちがうだろ
No, I don’t think that’s it…

― ・・・チッ

― ちょっと似てるとか思った?
He’s a little like you, don’t you think?

― 別に俺は・・・
Not really…

― いや あんなにまっちろくはないだろ
I mean, I was never that pale, right?
And I'm sure I had thicker eyebrows...

― そう?
Is that so?

― なんかあの2人見てたらちょっと懐かしくなっちゃった
Watching those two kind of brings back memories to me, though.

― 2人?
Those two?
And just who does Bado remind you of?

― さあ

― 誰でしょーね
Just who, I wonder.

― ・・・友達同士なら
If they were friends…

― うまくいってたのかなぁ・・・
…would things have gone better?

― あら 直刀ちゃん
Oh! It’s you, Naoto.

― 新聞です
I’ve brought the newspaper.

― いつも ありがと
Thanks for all your hard work.

― コーヒー飲んでく?
Would you like some coffee?

― すいません
Sorry, but…

― 後もありますので
I still have some more to deliver after this.

― もう何を怖がってるんだか
What’s there for me to be afraid of anymore?

― ねーねー きょう なにたべようか
Hey, hey. What should we eat today?

― えっとねー すぱげっちゅとー ぴざとー ぐらたんとー まりねとー
Ummm… Spaghetti and pizza and gratin and marinade and…
Some more spaghetti!

― ルキ ぶたさんになっちゃうよ
Luki, you’ll get fat like a piggy if you eat all that!

― ひどい!ノキもっとたべるくせに!
That’s mean! You eat even more than I do, Noki!

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