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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage 49

+ posted by Amzy as translation on Apr 21, 2010 19:12 | Go to Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

-> RTS Page for Dogs: Bullets & Carnage 49

Dogs 49

ー ウェ
What the hell is this?!

ー ハハ マジ引っかかった
Haha! You totally fell for it.
That thing suits brats like you.

side txt: 在りし日の兄との思い出ーー。
Old memories with big bro.

ー またうなされてだぞ お前
You were having another nightmare.

ー くっそ いてて...
Dammit. Yeowch...

ー 大人しくしてた方がいい
Don't try to move too much.

ー あーあ 口元がさびしくなってきちまったぜ
My mouth's getting real lonely here.

ー 病院だぞ 禁煙に決まってんだろ
We're in a hospital. No smoking is a given.

ー ここで暴れてもらっちゃ困るって うわ
We can't have you making a ruckus here--Agh!

ー 分かってんよ もーバカ このやろー 何度目だよ このやりとり
Yeah, yeah! I got it already, old man! How many times have we had this conversation?!

ー 大体 誰のせいだよ この有り様は
Besides, whose fault is it that I ended up like this in the first place?!

ー 思いっきり 術中にハマって ブッ放してくれちゃってよ
You totally fell into that guy's trap and then shot me!

ー すまん...

ー それも何度目だよ
I'm tired of hearing that too.

ー あの男 何者だったんだ
Who in the world was that guy?

ー 知らねえよ
Beats me.
The guy said he was my brother's enemy, so I guess that's what he is.

ー 分かるわけねーよ 俺だってあれが初対面なんだ
I really have no clue. That was the first time I ever met the guy.

ー 兄貴は地下探層にある昔の軍施設について 調べてた
My brother was looking into some old underground military organization.
He never told me who his client was.

ー 一度「仕入れ」に勝手に付いてったことがあった
He just said he got a job all of a sudden.

ー そん時 足を引っ張って兄貴は死んじまったのさ
He got in too deep and ended up getting killed.

ー  そんで俺はこれ
And that's when I got this.

ー なあダンナ あんた この街がまだ近隣の都市とくっついて 大きな国だった頃のこと知ってるか?
Hey, Mihai. Did you know that this place used to be a huge state when this city was still connected to the main one?

ー いや
No, I didn't know.
そこまで昔には俺は生まれてないし解体以前のことを記した書物も市が全部 引き上げちまったからな
That was before I was born and all the records of the secession have also been pulled off the market.

ー 多分 兄貴が探ってたのはそれだ
That's probably what my brother was looking into.

ー アンタも余計な首突っ込むと二の舞だぜ
You're sticking your neck into something dangerous too.

ー 俺もあの劇場であの野郎とやり合ってドジった上に死に損なっちまった
I screwed up in the fight with the guy at the theater, but I ended up surviving.
I won't lose to him next time.

ー 検温ですよ お二人さん
Time for your check-up, you two.

ー ミハイさんね あんた先月穴だらけで来たばっかっしょ
You're Mihai, aren't you? Didn't you come in last month full of holes?

ー 今度は劇場で丸焼き寸前とはね
So this time you nearly got roasted in a fire, huh?

ー 好きでケガしてんじゃねーよ
Quit going around getting yourself hurt all the time.

ー 買い物しといたわよ バドー君
I got what you asked for, Badou.

ー どーもぉ

ー お菓子もホントはだめなんだけどねぇ
You're not supposed to be eating sweets, you know.

ー 何だ それ チョコレート?
What the? Is that chocolate?

ー お前 そんなもんで代用 利いたのかよ?
Can that even substitute for the nicotine?

ー ねえよりマシでしょ
It's better than nothing.

ー 次からは喫煙室使わしてもらうからな
Next time, I'm going to the smoking area.

ー おっと失礼 今日のレースレースっと
Oh! Excuse me. I want to watch today's race.

ー センセ 病室のTVでしょ...
Doctor! We're in a hospital!

ー お?

ー ザザ
krrh krrh
During this time of confusion, I'd like to ask everyone to briefly lend me their ears.

ー 私は中央総務行政局局長
My name is Neubaten...
...and I am the Director of the Central Administration Office.

ー 何だ?
What the heck is this?

ー ....行政局長だと?
Administration Director...?

ー まずは このたびの大事故を未然に防ぐ充分な用意ができなかったことを探く謝罪するとともに
Along with my apologies for not taking the necessary precautions to prevent the terrible incident that occurred...

ー 被害を被った市民の皆様へ哀悼の意を表する
...I express my condolences to all those who were afflicted by it.

ー ...情報屋
...Hey, Mr. Informant. Fill me in on who this guy is.

ー ああ ダンナ
Sure thing.

ー 現職の街の親分が市民の前に ツラ出したことはない
The current head honcho of this city's never shown his face to the public before.

ー 恥ずかしながら 俺も初見ですわ
I'm embarrassed to admit this is my first time seeing something of this magnitude.

ー しかしながら このたびの一件は我々の危機管理の予測を上回る大災害となった
The damage from this incident has exceeded our expectations and has become a serious catastrophe.

ー 中でもそれぞれの地上に通ずる地下トンネルと鉄道が破壊された
That which includes the destruction of all the tunnels and railroads that connect the underground to the surface.

ー 現在 調査中の段階でも地下街6つの主要都市部に爆発による 大きな被害が発生した
Although we are presently taking steps to investigate the matter, explosions within 6 sections of the underground plaza have caused critical damage.

ー だが市民諸君どうか落ち着いて行動して欲しい
Nonetheless, I would like the citizens of this city to remain calm.
We are already beginning reconstruction of the underground plaza.

ー 地下との交通も程なく再開かされる 見通した
Transportation to the underground is expected to resume soon.

ー 一刻も早い街の復興と事実の究明に尽力することこそ 今の私には課せられた 責任であると考えている
I believe it is my duty to exert my effort in rebuilding the city and uncovering the truth behind this incident as soon as possible.

ー どうか我々中央政府を信じて欲しい 共に協力し合い 以前と同じ生活を取り戻すのだ
I would like the citizens of this city to put their faith in our administration. Together, we will turn things back to the way they were before.

ー かなりやられてるな
Wow, they really did a number on us.

ー こいつの顔...
That guy's face...

ー まずは
Let's begin with...
...a silent prayer for those who have passed away.

ー 皆 大変な中よく集まってくれたね
I'd like to thank everyone here for coming during such a crisis.

ー 三番街の亜人通りの連中はどうだい?
How are our demi-human friends doing over at the third district?

ー あそこは駅の近くだから 被害が他よりひどくて外の心配してる場合じゃなさそうだ
That place is close to the station, so the damage there is worse than anywhere else. Doesn't seem like they've got time to be worrying about others.

ー バァ様よ
Hey, Granny.

ー 今 小競り合いにかまけている場合じゃないのは俺にもわかった
I know this is no time to be fighting anymore.

ー おい ドメニコ
Hey, Dominico...

ー 街の建て直しについては賛成だがよ
I'm all for the reconstruction of the city, but...

ー ここを踏み散らかして行きやがった 黒いマスクの連中が何者なのか
Shouldn't we put out some reward to get someone to look into...

ー 調べ上げて然るべき報いってヤツをくれてやるのも必要なんじゃねえのかい
...who those black masked bastards were that came here and trashed the place?

ー もちろんだとも
Of course.
But that will have to wait until later.

ー 今は何の手掛かりもなく みんなの力も充分ではない
Right now, we don't have any leads nor enough manpower.

ー 今は まず再建に全力をかけて...
We should focus on the reconstruction first--

ー 手掛かりならあるんじゃないのか?
But we do have a lead.

ー あの白髪ヤロウだよ
We have that white-haired guy.
ミズ・リザ あんた あいつをどこまで知ってるんだ
Ms. Liza, just how much do you know about that guy?

ー 彼が何だって言うんだい
Did he say something to you?

ー あの野郎の体のデキが俺等やヒト共と違うのはわかってんだ
I know the guy's body is different from ours and other people's.

ー あの黒マスク兵の方がよっぽどごお同輩ってカンジだったじゃねぇか
I got the feelin' that he was with those black-masked soldiers.

ー 中にはお知り合いもいらしゃったみたいだしよ
He also seemed to know one of the guys with them.

ー 彼が呼んだと?
Are you implying that he called them here?

ー 俺達より物知りなのは間違いねぇと思うがな
I'm sayin' there's no mistake that he knows a lot more about what's goin' on than us.

ー 白髪から事の仔細を聞き出し
I say we get White Hair to tell us what's goin' on here.
If he's really with 'em,

ー 相応の報いを受けてもらう
then I'm not gonna let him off easy for it.

ー 何もわからないままただ泣き寝入りなんて まっぴらなんだよ
Hell if I'm gonna sit back and cry when I don't know anything.

ー アンタにもわかるはずだ
You should know that.

ー 私にもわからなくなってきてるんだよ ハイネ
I don't know what's going on anymore, Heine.

ー 今のこの街とあんたの考えがさ
I don't understand this city or that mind of yours.

ー あんたには今までよく助けてもらったよ
You've been a great help to me up until now.

ー カルナバルの件もカルセリーノ一族の件もね
You took care of the Karneval and Carselino incidents.

ー あんたはいい腕だし義理も通してくれる
You have the skills and a strong sense of duty.

ー だから あんたが何者かなんてことはどうでもいいと思ってた
That's why I didn't care about where you came from.

ー だが今は話してくれないか
But I'd like to hear about it now.

ー 確かに
You're right.

ー あいつ等は俺の古い身内だ
Those guys used to be my comrades.

ー ここよりずっと下の化物工場造られた
I was made in a monster factory far below here.

ー 俺も

ー 奴等と同じ何もかも食い荒らす獣だ
...a beast that takes down everything in its path just like them.

ー でもあんたは守ろうとしたじゃない
And yet you tried to protect us.

ー 守るためにあそこに立った
You fought in order to do that.

ー 違う?
Am I wrong?

ー 私には昔の記憶がない
I have no memories of my past.

ー 少し前はそれを追いかけるのに 必死だった
Not long before this, I was desperately chasing after them.

ー でも今は...守りたいもののために剣を持つことが大事に思える
But now...I've decided to wield my sword to protect the things important to me.

ー どうでもよくなったんじゃない
My past didn't seem so important anymore.

ー 何かを守りたいと思うのはそういうことだと思う
...I think that's what it feels like when you have something you want to protect.

ー あんたは違うの?
Are you any different?

txt: 直刀の言葉にハイネは...!?次号、表紙で登場です!!
What are Naoto's words to Heine?! Dogs will be on the cover in the next issue!

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