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Translations: Gintama 606 (2) , One Piece 839 by cnet128

Until Death Do Us Part 44

+ posted by Ancalime as translation on Apr 6, 2009 07:06 | Go to Until Death Do Us Part

-> RTS Page for Until Death Do Us Part 44

UDDUP Ch. 44


Thug: …

Thug: !?


[No speech]


Genda: よう…

Genda: こっちこっち…
Over here, over here...

Thug: !!


[No speech]


Thug: うわああ!

Genda: 刑事を襲うなんて悪い了見だぜ
Attacking a detective was a bad decision.

Genda: 外国人が俺を襲う理由を聞かせていただこうか
Shall I ask why foreigners are attacking me?

Thug: た ただの警官じゃないな!
H-He's no ordinary policeman!

Genda: いいや!
正義と平和を愛するただのいち警察官でございますよ 俺は
Why, no!
I am merely a single police officer who loves justice and peace.

Genda: ただちょっと腕っぽしに自信はあるがな
I just have confidence in my own physical strength.


Alpha: 配置はどうなっている?
What's happening with the deployment?

Echo: E分隊は各自指示通りの場所に潜伏済みです
E-squad has finished dispersing to their individual places.

Alpha: まだそのままにさせておけ タイミングが大事だぞ
Leave them there for now. The timing is crucial.

Echo: 了解

sfx: ピッー

Alpha: 後は奴か
Now, that guy.


Alpha: 表向きの顔は元大学教授、犯罪研究家トーマス・ジェファーソン
His public persona is a former university professor researching criminal activity, Thomas Jefferson.
Behind the mask, he's a criminal planner known as "Wiseman."

Alpha: わかっている事はこれだけか。。。
All I know is this...

Alpha: 今回の件
If he too gets involved in this incident, it'll be tough.


Tours: …ミスター ワイズマン…
"Mister Wiseman," I've awaited you.

Tours: 少々不自由な身体でして このまま話す無礼をお許し願いたい
My body is just a little impaired, so please forgive the rudeness of talking like this.

Wiseman: なに構わんよ
Oh, please, I don't mind.

Komura: このおっさんがエジー・トウルスに犯罪学を叩き込んだ犯罪界のフィクサー
This old geezer is the "fixer" of the criminal world who drove Edge Tours into a criminal education --
Wiseman, huh.


Wiseman: なるほど…おっかないのを連れているぜ
I see...you brought frightening ones along.

Wiseman: 君ほどの優秀な生徒がそんな目に遭わせるとは余程の相手なのだね、その賞金首
Quite an opponent to have caused such suffering to a student as excellent as you, that bounty.

Tours: …はい…

Wiseman: では なぜ私にその殺害を依願しないのかね?
Well, then. Why didn't you request that I perform the killing? Since you went so far as to brave dangers to summon me.


Tours: …
Komura: !?

Wiseman: ガルボアは『強奪者』の責任を君ひとりに被せ
Galboa has charged only you with the duty of plundering.
You understand why they want to still the tongue of you who cannot move?

Wiseman: 私がガルボアに雇われていたらどうする気だった
If I'd been hired by Galboa, you'd have been at a loss.


Wiseman: そんな中 君の異母兄弟の『牙』まで生贄に差し出し
To that end, even your half-brother Fang was offered up as a sacrifice.
To make the whole world aim for one man by offering an enormous bounty -- this doesn't seem to be a sane affair.

Tours: …

Wiseman: ただ殺すのでは物足りないか…
Just to kill him is unsatisfactory...
He's an opponent you hate to that extent?

Tours: …

Tours: プロフェッサーには 先に別の仕事をお願いしたいのです
I would like to request a different task from you, Professor.

Wiseman: 別の仕事とは?
A different task?


Tours: この古村の計画のサポートと
Support for Komura here.
Intelligence analysis for what Fang left behind.

Wiseman: 報酬は?
My reward?
I'll pass on something as mundane as 100 million dollars.

Tours: あなたがお金自体に興味ない事は存じてますよ
ガルボアの属国デェハナ準国内に希少金属の鉱山があります その全権を進呈しましょう
I am aware that you have no interest in the money itself.
In the Deihana region of Galboa there is a rare metal mine. I shall present you with full rights to it.


Wiseman: …ほう…

Tours: 資産価値はご存じでしょう?
You are aware of the property value?
To you, such an origin should make any number of things possible.

Tours: なに 奴はすぐに賞金に食い付いてくるような雑魚に簡単に殺られはしませんよ
あなたには その後ゆっくりと仕留めていただければいい
Anyway, that guy won't be knocked off simply by the small fry that come nibbling at a bounty right away.
You can bring him down after that, at your own pace.

Wiseman: …

Wiseman: 成田でかなり使えそうな奴をひとり見たが
I saw one guy who looked pretty useful at Narita, but there's nothing saying his objective is the bounty.


sfx: ピピッ
*beep beep*

Mamoru: おい…


Goon: !?


[No speech]


[No speech]


Mook: 金額は合ってるな

The money's enough, right?

Mook: もっと最新のはないのか?
Don't you have anything newer?


Shopkeep: この賞金騒ぎで闇市場に拳銃が不足してるんだ
自前の銃を持ち込めなかったんだから 贅沢言わないでくれ
This bounty uproar's caused a shortage of handguns on the black market.
You didn't bring in your own guns, so don't ask for any luxuries.

Mook: 後の便で届くんだ7日後にな だがそれまで指をくわえて見ているつもりはない
My guns will arrive by mail in 7 days, but I don't intend to drool on the sidelines until then.

Shopkeep: こいつはサービスだ
The holster's a freebie.
Made for a Japanese air gun but should work plenty well.

Mook: …ほぅ…

Mook: いや かなりよくできている
No, this is pretty well made.


Mook: 九ミリパラを取っておいてくれ
Get me some 9-mil clips.

Shopkeep: 何発?
How many shots?

Mook: 二百発もあればいい
200's good if you've got 'em.


Shopkeep: !?


Shopkeep: わあああああああ

Mamoru: 商売繁盛で何よりだな
How wonderful that your business is booming.

Shopkeep: あ…あんたまさか…

Mamoru: そうだ
That's right. I'm the bounty.


Shopkeep: た…助けて…
H...help me...

Mamoru: 今だけは見逃してやる
This time I'll let you run off, if you do as I say.

Mamoru: このページアドレスに一周間後 俺が
This URL will reveal where I will appear in one week's time. Tell that to all the customers who come in from now on.

Shopkeep: えっ!?

Mamoru: そうだ
That's right.
I'll give them all a bloodbath.

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