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Until Death Do Us Part 56

Killers - 14

+ posted by Ancalime as translation on May 4, 2009 06:47 | Go to Until Death Do Us Part

-> RTS Page for Until Death Do Us Part 56

UDDUP Ch. 56


Sidebar: 的場組長のマンションに単身潜入を試みるJ(変装中)。 どんな危険が待つ…!?
Juliet attempts to infiltrate Chief Matoba's apartment building alone. What kind of danger awaits...!?

Igawa: 大丈夫か?おい
You okay? Oi.

Juliet: 大丈夫よ
I'm fine. There's a particular place that sends a woman every week at this time.

Igawa: …調査済みかよ…
...You've already investigated, huh...?


Juliet: どこの国でもお偉い悪人はいい所に住んでいるのね…
In every country, the big-shot crooks always live in nice places.


Juliet: 最上階の独立したペントハウスなら確かに防御には最週だけどもね
If he's in the self-sufficient penthouse on the top floor, that's definitely optimal for defense.

Overlay: 今回は大人気エロティック・スパイアクション!!…で送りします。
This time we're delivering..."adult erotic spy action!"

Juliet: 訓練を受けた相手にどこまでそれが通用するかしら…?
How long can I pass this off against opponents with training, I wonder...?



Summary from last time: Haruka, who saw her classmate Matoba Kiwa gunned down in a vision, followed after Kiwa. En route, she met her classmate Kashiwado Jun and heard that Kiwa's father is a yakuza boss. Igawa and Juliet, who had already grasped that information, plotted to infiltrate Chief Matoba's apartment building in order to prevent the danger to Haruka.

Thug: 手を上げろ
Put your hands up.


Juliet: …やっぱりね…
...so that's it, after all...

Juliet: …なんの為の守衛だが…
...What's the use of security guards...?


Haruka: 的場さん!

Kiwa: ?

Kiwa: ?

Shou: なんだ友達かよ?
What, she a friend?

Kiwa: ん?まあ少し
Hm? Well, a little.

Kiwa: 何さ?
What is it?

Sidebar 1:土方護
Hijikata Mamoru: [Same as previous]
Sidebar 2:遠山遥
Tohyama Haruka: [Same as previous]

Haruka: …え~と
...Ummm...it's because...

Spiky: ?

Kiwa: ?

Haruka: ちょっと話がしたいの
I want to have a chat.

Kiwa: ???
I don't really--

Spiky: いいじゃねーの
It's fine, right? She's cute, after all.

Haruka: いっいえあの…
N, no, that's...

Kiwa: やめなよ
Quit it. Unlike me, she's a serious student.

Igawa: [Same as previous]

Spiky: …でもなんか余計なの付いてるけど…?
...there's a real pain in the ass with her, though...

Kiwa: …柏戸まで?なんで?
...Kashiwado, even? How come?

Shou: ウザイ
How annoying. You're a middle schooler, huh.

Shou: さっさと消えないと殴っちゃうぜ
If you don't disappear I'm gonna beat you.

Jun: …

Shou: この…

Shou: てめっ!!


Mako-chan: てえい!!

Shou: ぐわぁ

Kiwa: え?
Eh? Mako-chan!?

Mako-chan: ちと紀和に用事があるんだ
Got a little business with Kiwa. You small fry get outta my sight!


Shou: てめえ!!

Spiky: ちっとばかり強ぇからって!怪我人だ!!
Just 'cause you're a little tough, huh! You're a dead man!!
[trans note: 怪我人だ("there's an injured person") could be referring to either Shou or Mako-chan, I just went for the more aggressive interpretation.]

Tubby: 野郎!!

Mako-chan: うるせえ!

Tubby: うげぇ

Mako-chan: おりゃあ もうてめーからの様な生き方は止めたんだ!!
Oryaaah-- I've already stopped living the way guys like you do!

Mako-chan: あのサムライみてーにカッコ良く生きるんだよ!!
I'm gonna live a badass life, like that samurai!

Sidebar: 的場紀和
Matoba Kiwa: [Same as previous]

Haruka: えっ!?

Shou: この野郎っ
You bastard--

Mako-chan: くっ!

Kiwa: ち ちょっとぉ!!
W-wait a sec!!

Spiky: おおおおお

Jun: 気に入ったぜマコちゃん
Way to go Mako-chan! I got your back!

Kiwa: え!?


Kiwa and Haruka: …

Mystery Man: …


Juliet: 何?なんなの?
What? What is it?

Leader: …こんな早くから女呼ぶなんざ
盛んだな 的場組長
...calling a girl this early in the evening...you're a stud, Chief Matoba.

Leader: 組長の横に座りな
Sit across from the chief.

Matoba: …

Juliet: きゃっ


Juliet: …こいつ以外は他国人…
...Aside from this guy they're all foreigners...
Probably half-trained hired help...

Leader: さて これ以上巻き添えが増えない内に
Well, then. Before anyone else gets mixed up in this, could you grant me a favorable reply?

Matoba: …近代の親分に
...You cannot stand up to...modern-day kingpins...!


Leader: いい加減にしないとあなたの家族が
If you don't give it a rest, your family will depart this world, one person at a time.

Leader: 前妻 後添い 息子三人に 娘一人 全員ね
Your ex-wife. Your second wife. Your three sons. Your one daughter. All of them.

Igawa: なんてこったい!?
What the hell!?

Igawa: それじゃ もう娘もマークされてるじゃねーか
Then the girl's already being targeted!?

Matoba: てめえ!

Matoba: 組同士の抗争に長モノ
First bringing deadwood into the dispute between the syndicate bosses, now targeting family members--

Matoba: どれだけ仁義外してると思ってやがる!!
How far away from a moral code do you think you've gotten!?


Matoba: うぐっ!!

Leader: うるさいんだよ
You're tiresome. You think that's news, when we've come this far already?


sfx: プププププ
*pupupupupu* [cell phone ringing]

Matoba: うぐう

Cell Phone: ーー…

Leader: …
言わんこっちゃない まず次男が死んだ
I warned you. Your second son's now dead.

Matoba: ぜなんだと!?
What did you say!?

Leader: 早く決めないからだ
It's because you didn't decide quickly. We're not very forbearing.


Juliet: …ゆっくりと事態を見極める時間はなさそうね…
...seems there's no time to leisurely examine the situation...

Leader: なんだ
What is it?

Juliet: あの…
Um...the toilet...

Leader: 構わねえそこでしろ
No problem, do it right there.

Juliet: …あっそ…
..Oh, I see...


Juliet: …

Thugs: …


[No Speech]


[No Speech]


Matoba: …

Leader: て…てめ…え…


Juliet: そんなに見たけりゃ
You wanna see it that badly, I'll show it to you.

Juliet: こんなに忌まわしいもので良ければね
If you're okay being miserable lumps like this, that is.

Juliet: あんたたちの目的は!?
What's your objective!?

Juliet: 規模は!?
What's the scope!? Who's the man behind the curtain!?

Matoba: 陣流会に決まってる!
It's obviously the Jinryuukai! They've been at loggerheads with us modern-day families from the start!

Juliet: やかましい!
Shut your trap!


Juliet: 事はそれほど緩くないよ
Things aren't that simple. For the crime syndicates' disputes, this intricacy is far too radical.

Matoba: …

Juliet: 早く言いな
Spit it out quick. What's the makeup of your group!?

Leader: …熱っ…

Leader: ひいいいいいい

Juliet: 作戦を止めないと死ぬよ
If you don't stop the operation, you will die.


Leader: し…知らない…
I...I don't know...

Leader: 雇い主はわからない
I don't know who the employer is, for real!

Leader: 半金を貰って手続きを終えている
We got paid half in advance and the formalities are all taken care of.

Leader: 遊撃班は二班…
The raid has two groups...from here, we can't contact the other group.

Leader: 始まったら もう止められないんだ
Once they've started, they can't be stopped.

Leader: ぐあ


Screen: 非通知設定
Number-Withheld Phone Call Configuration

Juliet: …だろうね…
...I guess so...

Juliet: 計画立案者はかなり周到な奴だな
The one who planned this was pretty meticulous...

Matoba: 何を企んでいるのかは わからないけどー
I don't know what they're scheming, but--

Matoba: …

Juliet: あんたの家族を無事じゃ済まさない計画だわ
The plan is for your family to not get out unharmed.

Matoba: !?

S: この事件の背後にいるのは、まさかあの男…!?
Could the person behind this incident possibly be that man...!?

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#1. by Elkin ()
Posted on May 4, 2009
Love UDDUP, and love your translations :)
#2. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on May 4, 2009
I think you're by far ready to get out of training and be a real translator^^
Most of your translations are really good, some just need a switch in the word order like:

Juliet: 訓練を受けた相手にどこまでそれが通用するかしら…?
How long can I pass this off against opponents with training, I wonder...?

↑the wonder would look better if it was at the beginning as opposed to the end. (but these can be fixed with a good proofreader. Just after you're done translating read through and if you think it'd look better by switching around the word order, then by all means do so. Just because you're translating Japanese doesn't mean you have to keep it in the same spots the japanese takes up.

the areas that you'd need a translator checker for are just tiny nuances like:

Igawa: 大丈夫か?おい
You okay? Oi

↑while it's not wrong, perhaps something like "You do realize what you're getting into?" - Something to that nature (kinda doubting her type thing) would be better.


Igawa: …調査済みかよ…
...You've already investigated, huh...?

"Heh, so you've done your homework..." (again, mocking her (prob cause she's a girl))

and finally :p:

Juliet: どこの国でもお偉い悪人はいい所に住んでいるのね…
In every country, the big-shot crooks always live in nice places.

↑ the "no ne..." part is left out... so you can try and get it back by saying this~
I guess it's the same everywhere, the big-shot crooks always living in nice places...

Anyway, with that said, I'll put you in the Translator group ;)
#3. by beloved828 ()
Posted on May 5, 2009
Thank you so much for translating this! You're doing a great job. (^_^)
#4. by Midcat ()
Posted on May 5, 2009
Just a note to thank you for everything you do!! Your translations are very appreciated by the fans of the series!!

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