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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Until Death Do Us Part 58

Killers - 16

+ posted by Ancalime as translation on May 13, 2009 21:58 | Go to Until Death Do Us Part

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UDDUP Ch. 58


Overlay: ナイフに込められた戦士の意地と誇り。
In his knife is the spirit and pride of a warrior.


Mamoru's absence, Kilo's radio silence, the swarming killers...just how far will the situation deteriorate!?

Juliet: …ダメ!キロと連絡がつかない
...no good! I can't get in touch with Kilo.

Igawa: じゃどうすんだよ!?
Then what're you gonna do!?

Juliet: 最後の定時連絡場所から探すっきゃないわね
Gotta search for him from the last place he checked in.

Igawa: …くっそぉ~っ


Kiwa: もしもし

Operator: こちら一一〇番 どうしましー
This is 110*, what is your--
[* Japanese "911."]

Kiwa: もしもし

Operator: …ブッ

Kiwa: ?
Cut off?

Mako-chan: …こっちも通じないぜ…
...Mine won't connect either...

Haruka: !?

クラスメートの的場紀和の死を予知してしまった遥は、なんとか未来を変えようと紀和に接触していた。 しかし彼女は事件に巻き込まれるのではなく、暴力団組長である父親絡みで殺し屋に狙われている事が発覚。遥は護に受けたレクチャーを思い出し建設中のビルに入っていく。一方、キロも遥を守るため動き出したのだった!!
Summary from last time: Haruka, who saw a vision of her classmate Matoba Kiwa killed, reached out to Kiwa to try to somehow change the future. However, it is revealed that she does not get tangled up in an incident, but rather is being targeted because of her father, a yakuza boss. Haruka, thinking back to a lecture she got from Mamoru, enters an apartment building construction site. Meanwhile, Kilo went into action to protect Haruka!

Mental!Mamoru: いいな 力が非力で徒手空拳の者は使えるものはなんでも武器として使用しろ
Listen up. Someone powerless, who starts from nothing, must put anything and everything to use as a weapon.

Mental!Mamoru: 小石ひとつ鉛筆一本でも武器に変わる
Even one small stone or a single pencil can become a weapon.

Haruka: …こんな場所にみんなを巻き込んだんだから
...Since I'm the reason everyone ended up here and mixed up in this, no matter what, I have to get them all through it...


Kilo: 周辺の通話妨害かよ…
Jamming the cell phones in the area, hm...? This's getting pretty complex...


Kilo: おまけに大勢掻き集めやがって…
To make things worse, they scraped together a crowd this big...this is over the top!

Kilo: 仕方ねぇ
Nothin' for it -- guess I'll give it a try on my own.

Kiwa: どうすんのよ!?
What're you doing!?

Mako-chan: なにも持ってないよりましだろ
Better than bein' empty-handed, right?


Kiwa: そんな棒っきれで銃にかなうわけないでしょ!
You can't face a gun with a stick like that!

Mako-chan: 黙って殺されたいのかよ!?
You just want to roll over and die!?

Haruka: 待って

Haruka: どうせ抵抗するなら
If we're going to oppose them, let's do it effectively.

Haruka: ね?

Kids: …


Gunner 1: ちいっ!
Chya--! Those brats! Doing pointless crap--


Gunner 1: えっ!?

Gunner 1: !

Gunner 2: うわっ!!

Gunner 2: うっ!?


Gunner 2: う…うう

Gunner 1: …ぐうぅぉ…

Mako-chan: …やったみたいだな…
...looks like it worked...

Jun: うん
...why do you carry around something like that?

Mako-chan: 乱戦の時にばらまくと有利に運べるんだよ
Scatter 'em in a melee and it tips the odds in your favor.

Hijikata Mamoru: [Same as previous]

Jun: しっかし橘さんの指示通りになったな
But man, everything's gone just like Tachibana-san said.

Mako-chan: 早く上に
Quick, upstairs.

Jun: ああ

Haruka: 少しずつ上の階に昇って…
Little by little, we're going up...I wonder how long we can keep deceiving them...?

Sidebar: 遠山遥
Tohyama Haruka: [Same as previous]
Sidebar: 井川
Igawa: [Same as previous]
Sidebar: キロ
Kilo: [Same as previous]

Kilo: …ん?
...huh? ...That one's one of the group who attacked Blade the other day...


Kilo: おい

Chump 1: !?

Chump 2: え?
Eh? ...Oh, it's you...

Kilo: ここに入ったガキは全員始末していいのか?
Okay to kill all the brats who came in here?

Chump 2: …別に構わないだろ…
小娘の連れ 三人殺したって金にもならんだろうがよ
...No skin off my nose...no extra money for killing the other three with the girl.

Kilo: ーって事はやっぱり狙いは遥じゃないんだな…
--which means Haruka's not the target, just as I thought...

Kilo: ありがとよ


Chump 1: ああ?

Sidebar: ジュリエット
Juliet: [Same as previous]

Kilo: …それじゃあ
...well, now, at least my life's not in danger...


Kilo: …あの野郎には借りがあるんだ…
とっとと返しとかないと 寝覚めが悪いんだよ
...I owe that bastard a debt...it'll prick my conscience if I don't get it paid off quick.

Kilo: ーったくなんの為にあの家に残ったんだか…
--tch, why'd I stay behind in that house...? Shit.

Sidebar: 的場紀和
Matoba Kiwa: [Same as previous]
Siderbar: 柏戸純
Kashiwado Jun: [Same as previous]

Gunner 3: あ?
Ah? Uwaaaaah!

Gunner 1: …ガキどもが!!
どうしてこっちの歩みを読んで トラップを配置できるんだ!?プロでもいるのか!?
Those kids!! How are they able to read our movements and lay traps? Is there a pro or something with them!?

Haruka: こっちへ
This way.


Haruka: 右に板を出しておいて
Leave a plank on the right. Yeah, there.

Haruka: そこに そのチェーンを張って
Spread that chain across there.

Miwa Makoto: [Same as previous]

Haruka: …え~と…

Kiwa: 来たわ
They're coming!

Haruka: 逃げて


Haruka: …時間稼ぎももう限界…
...Can't buy any more time...the enemy's irritated now. From here on they're going to come after us in one stretch...what should I do...?

[Gunner]: ぎゃあああ

Jun: !?


[Gunner]: 後ろだ!うわあぉっ!!
Behind you! Uwaogh--!!

[Gunner]: 右に回ったぞ!
Around to the right!

[Gunner]: ぎゃあああっ!!

Kids: …

Siderbar: 追る死の恐怖!!
Fear of the death pursuing them!!

Mako-chan: …!!

Jun: …撃った…
They fired...they really mean to kill us...

Mako-chan: 冗談じゃねぇ…こんなトコで死んでたまるか
Gimme a break...I can't bear to die in a place like this!

Kiwa: …嫌あぁっ…怖いよぉ…
Noooo...I'm scared...!

Haruka: なんとかしなきゃ…
I have to do something...anything...

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#1. by miss_prada_g ()
Posted on May 13, 2009
T__T *weeps with joy* thank you! <33
#2. by Rain1 ()
Posted on May 13, 2009
Sorry for the crash / That's sux to hear.
Hope you didn't loose any important data

And thanks again to push this chapter out even in difficult situation. I (we all) deeply appreciate your hard work. Thank you.

#3. by cleodux ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
I hope by reading our comments can make your day

Great translation as usual. Keep up the good work!

And Thank You!
#4. by aeynera ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
Thank you! You made my day~!

Sorry your computer went. I hate it when that happens.
#5. by Keiko13 ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
Thak you so much! I love this manga and you are awesome for translating it so fast <333
#6. by sabado ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
Thanks a lot! I love this manga!
#7. by Apricots ()
Posted on May 15, 2009
Thank you for getting the translation out even after losing your work. Keeping a fast pace like you have is an impressive feat.
#8. by Ancalime ()
Posted on May 17, 2009
Thanks for all the comments! It really does make my day to know so many people are enjoying the manga. :)

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