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Translations: Gintama 672 (2) , One Piece 894 by cnet128

Until Death Do Us Part 61


+ posted by Ancalime as translation on May 27, 2009 06:53 | Go to Until Death Do Us Part

-> RTS Page for Until Death Do Us Part 61

UDDUP Ch. 61

Sidebar: 平穏な日常を、凶音が打ち破るー!
An everyday calm, struck by the sound of a death knell!

[Bystander]: !?

[Yakuza]: どけ!
Move! Move it!


[Crowd]: うわあぁ

[Crowd]: きゃああ

[Crowd]: うわあ

[Crowd]: きゃあ

[Crowd]: ぐわぁあ


[Crowd]: うわあ

[Crowd]: きゃあああ

[Gunner]: …


Overlay: 日本の暴力団勢力地図は間もなく、この男によって塗り替えられるー。
Soon, this man will redraw the power map of Japan's crime syndicates...

第61話 トラップ

Haruka was able to save Matoba Kiwa and her classmates safely from the killers with the help of Mamoru and the others. However, Haruka vanished from the school and home she lived in until then, since her classmates discovered her true situation...

Komura: …教官…

Tours: いや そのままでいい
No, don't get up. Mister Wiseman's immersed himself in the computer room.

Komura: 解析がよほど楽しいのか
He does enjoy analysis a great deal, then?

Tours: ああなると自分なりの結論を出すまで まず出て来ないだろう
When he gets like that, he'll barely come out until he can present his own conclusions.


Komura: 彼の興味は当のサムライよりも
It seems as though his interest is less in the samurai himself than in the combat group that exists behind him.

Tours: …
Nothing I can do about that.

Tours: 相手がたった独りなら すでに彼はどうとでも料理できると結論づけている
If my opponent were alone, Wiseman would have already have handled this one way or another. The stronger enemy has more significance.

Tours: ところで自分の計画の首尾はどうだ?
By the way, how is your scheme progressing?

Komura: 報告を信じるなら 予定通りでしょうかね
If you believe the reports, right on schedule.


Komura: ワイズマンにまずまずと太鼓判を押してもらった計画ですから
This plan got the stamp of approval from Wiseman. It should succeed, so long as extraneous nuisances don't get involved.

Tours: …邪魔者か…
...nuisances, hmm...

Komura: そう 邪魔者です
Right. Nuisances. Although there are no obstacles to the plan itself, we missed out on bringing down Matoba's family.

Tours: …奴か…
...that guy...

Tours: しかし 俺の賞金で集めあぶれた傭兵たちを雇い
But...hiring the men my bounty failed to gather, and point them toward the objective? That means that nuisance will use Wiseman and I to get rid of them.
[trans: I am not really following this. If a better translator than I can suggest a correction so this makes more sense, please comment.]

Komura: 利用するのはお互いさまではないですか?
Wouldn't you both be using each other?

Sidebar 1: 土方護
Hijikata Mamoru: [Same as previous]
Sidebar 2: 遠山遥
Tohyama Haruka: [Same as previous]

Tours: …
...Exactly...there's no problem.

Komura: …

Wiseman: 計画は順調かね?
Is the plan going well?

[Komura/Tours]: …ミスター…

Sidebar 1:井川
Sidebar 2:エジー・トゥルス
Edge Tours: the ringleader of the terror group PLUNDER, which was destroyed by Mamoru and the Elements Network.
Sidebar 3:古村
Komura: [Same as previous]

Komura: はい 一部では邪魔が入ったようですが
Yes. It looks like an annoyance has shown up in one part, but if you look at the big picture you could say it's going mostly according to plan.

Komura: 組織同士の緊張は今や最高潮のところまで来ていますね
The tension between the organizations is now reaching a climax.

Tours: そんな話をしに来たのではないでしょう
That's not what you came in here to talk about, is it?

Wiseman: そうだ
『ビースト』のデータを解析していて いくつも興味深い事がわかった
Correct. In analyzing Beast's data, I've found some very interesting things.

Komura: !?

Wiseman: [Same as previous]

Haruka: …ここなんですけど…
...what about this one...?

Igawa: それであってるよ 問題ない
That's correct. Nothing wrong.

Haruka: はい


Igawa: …剣術バカ…
...kenjutsu nut...

Haruka: …

Sidebar 1:キロ
Kilo: [Same as previous]
Sidebar 2: 源田
Genda: [Same as previous]

Igawa: …また…どこか探してやんなきゃな…
...gotta look for a new place...again...

Kilo: …なあ…

Sierra: …何よ…
What is it?


Kilo: 元夫婦で同じ原因で入院してるってのも
A divorced husband and wife end up hospitalized for the same reason. What's with that?

Sierra: …そうね…

Kilo: …可愛かったなぁ…
...that girl...she was cute.

Sierra: …そうでしょ?
Think so?

Sidebar: シエラ
Sierra: [Same as previous]

Kilo: 生きていればあのくらいか
If our daughter were still alive, would she be cute like that?

Sierra: …

Wiseman: 驚くべき事にー
The surprising thing is: that samurai sees his enemies using ultrasonic echolocation.


Komura: え?

Tours: …超音波?

Wiseman: そう…まるで蝙蝠のようにね
Correct...almost like a bat. That's why he couldn't see Beast, who had sound cancelers equipped. He had a bizarrely hard time.

Tours: …

Komura: しかしー
But -- then how are you saying he got rid of Beast?


Wiseman: 武道の名人は決して眼だけで相手を察知しているわけではない
Masters of the martial arts never use only their eyes to sense their opponent. They hone all five sense so they can gather up all the information from a scene to hand down judgment.

Tours: …

Komura: …奴がかなりの使い手である事など最初から分かっています
We knew from the beginning that he's a considerably skilled swordsman. Is it not enough to say he's a master?

Wiseman: 彼のバックにいるオペレータがプログラマーとしては飛び抜けて優秀だという事だ
The operator behind him is a preeminently superior programmer.

[Diagram illustrates wave interference. For more detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave_interference -- remember, stay in school, kids! Physics is awesome!]

Komura: オペレーター…
An operator...

Wiseman: 『ビースト』のサウンド・キャンセラーに対し
Against Beast's sound cancelers, he coped by making the frequency of the ultrasonic waves change randomly.

Wiseman: 最後的に勝利に結びつけた
His victory at the end is tied to that.

Tours: たかが数時間でですか?
In just a few hours?

Wiseman: そう
Correct. If you think about it, normally that would surely be impossible.

Wiseman: ただ周波数を変更するソフトウェアが先にあれば それをランダムに変更させるプログラムを組むのは可能だろう
Only if he already had software to change the wavelength frequency would it be possible to assemble a program to randomize the frequency.


Wiseman: そして例の予知能力を持った少女の存在だ
間違いなく『ビースト』を退けたのは 彼女の能力が関わっている
And there's the existence of that precognitive girl. Make no mistake, Beast's defeat was connected to her ability.

Wiseman: 彼女は守ってもらいながらも同時に己のボディーガードをも守っているわけだな
In short, while she's being protected, she's protecting her bodyguard at the same time.

Wiseman: 偶然とはいえー
To call it coincidence--

Tours: 互いを補完し合う固いチームができてしまったという結果だ
The result is that they've come together as a tough team that complements each other. Nnnggh...

Komura: …しかしなぜ…
...But why...if an organization of some kind is taking action, why haven't we gotten any information about it?


Komura: …エレメンツ・ネットワーク…
...the Elements Network...

Wiseman: なんですって?
What did you say?

Wiseman: ネット上にそういう名のアンダーグラウンドな自衛組織があるという噂は数年前から流れていた
私でさえ その正体は摑まえていない為ー
There's been a rumor on the Net for a few years now of an underground independent organization by that name. Even I haven't been able to grasp their true identity--

Wiseman: 人々の願望を込めた ただの噂と思っていた
I thought it was just a rumor, made up out of the desires of the people. Not only do I have no clues about them, but if I were to speculate on their scope from their actions--


Wiseman: 間違いなく
There's no mistaking that they are a large-scale organization.

Wiseman: クククッ

Wiseman: 面白いな
This is interesting! A secret organization which can deceive even me.


Komura: …ミスター…

Wiseman: 是非とも全貌を知りたい衝動に駆られるよ
I am quite driven by the impulse to find out the full picture.

Tours: …ワイズマン…そろそろあなたに動いてもらった方がいいかも知れません…
...Wiseman...I may ask you to take action soon.

Wiseman: いやいや
君が恨みを晴らしたいのはわかるが まだ焦る事はない
No, no. I have a different plan underway right now. I understand that you want to take your revenge, but it's not yet time to be impatient.

Tours: しかしバックにそれほど巨大な組織があるのなら
But if there's such a trmendous organization behind him, then I want to run him down before it has a chance to fully organize.


Tours: 奴を…どうしても…
Run him down...No matter what...

Wiseman: …
...then how about using "him?"

Komura: !?


Komura: 源田!?

Wiseman: そう
Correct. Police headquarters detective Teppei Genda. There's a report that he faced that samurai on equal footing with a bokken.

Wiseman: 調べたら剣道全日本大会の優勝候補らしい
When I researched him, it turned out that he was the number one candidate for the All-Japan kendo title -- but it seems he's been busy with official work and hasn't shown up at all.

Tours: …


Wiseman: 刑事としてもかなり腕利きのようだ
It seems he's quite capable as a detective, as well. It will be interesting to go head-to-head with the police, right?

Wiseman: 必要な人材は私が調達するそれでどうだね?
How about if I provide the necessary talent?

Tours: …マッチメイクとしては見事かも知れませんが…
...could be splendid, as matchmaking goes...I leave it in your hands.

Komura: …
...Two birds with one stone...?

Sidebar: ワイズマンの謀略が、護と源田に牙を剥くー!
Wiseman's stratagem sets Mamoru and Genda at each other's throats--!

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#1. by beloved828 ()
Posted on May 28, 2009
Thank you so much for this translation! You are without a doubt, my hero. ^_^
#2. by Musing Muse ()
Posted on May 28, 2009
Thank you! Not only do your translations sound accurate, you also keep them coming regularly. You're simply amazing. :)

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