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Translations: Gintama 615 (2) , One Piece 846 by cnet128

Until Death Do Us Part 62

TRAP - 2

+ posted by Ancalime as translation on Jun 2, 2009 05:40 | Go to Until Death Do Us Part

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UDDUP Ch. 62



Thug: うがぁっ!!
Ugahh!! W-what the hell...are you...

TRAP - 2

Overlay: 罪人よ、闇に怯えろ。そして、悔い攻めよ!!
Criminal, cower in the darkness. Then repent!


Mamoru: …終わった
...it's over. I'll come back soon.

Summary from last time: Edge Tours and Komura, who are targeting Mamoru, advance a new plan. At the same time, Wiseman's analysis of Mamoru, Haruka, and even the Elements Network continues. And the next plan he pushes is using the detective Genda to strike at Mamoru's team.

Haruka: お帰りなさい
Welcome back

Mamoru: …

Juliet: 戻るわよ
Back to base.

Sidebar: 土方護
Hijikata Mamoru: [Same as previous]

[Professor?]: 以前ある実験で人間は反応して行動を示すより先に
In an earlier experiment measuring human reactions, it was found that the command to move came from the brain before the movement being reacted to.

Igawa: え!?

Sidebar: 遠山遥
Tohyama Haruka: [Same as previous]

[Professor]: 目の前に突然ボールを投げつけられた人間は
When a ball was suddenly thrown at them, right before their eyes, people weren't perceiving it and then reacting.

[Professor]: ほんのわずかではあるが先に『避ける』とか『受け止める』という行動の指令が脳から出た直後にボールが投げられるわけだ
The command to "dodge" or "catch" was sent from the brain just a tiny bit before the ball was thrown.

[Professor]: 瞬間的なものでいちいち知覚できんほどのわずかな時間差だがね
However, the difference between the two is so momentary as not to be measurable separately.
[trans note: See the experiments of Benjamin Libet, thank to Jikuu for the source! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Libet ]

Igawa: すると未来人間というのは個々に『予知』のような先読みの能力を持っているって事ですか?
So you're saying that in the future, individual people could have the ability to see ahead into the future, like a premonition?

Sidebar: 井川
Igawa: [Same as previous]
Sidebar: ジュリエット
Juliet: [Same as previous]

[Professor]: そういう風にも考えられるがね
You can think of it that way.

[Professor]: 人間は無意識において そのような反応を示す事があるわけだが
彼女の場合はそれを意識できるほど早く察知し 己の思考にフィードバックできているのだな
It indicates people have that kind of reaction in their unconscious.
In the girl's case, she can sense things quickly enough to bring them to the conscious level and get feedback from her own thoughts.

Igawa: …

[Professor]: 人間の脳内では量子的な状態が起こっている というのはロジャー・ペンローズの説だが
それが正しいと見なせば あり得ない現象で
Roger Penrose's theory is that a quantum state occurs within the human brain. If we regard that as correct, then it's not an impossible phenomenon.
[trans note: for more on Sir Roger and his actually quite interesting theories: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Penrose , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadows_of_the_Mind:_A_Search_for_the_Missing_Science_of_Consciousness ]

[Professor]: もっとも気配を察知するとか複合的な感覚情報の総合処理による先読みとも考えられるがー
It can also be thought of as foreknowledge coming from something like signs inferred by the comprehensive processing of integral sensory information.

Sidebar: ワイズマン
Wiseman: [Same as previous]
Sidebar: エジー・トゥルス
Edge Tours: [Same as previous]

Igawa: …一瞬に肯定できないという事ですか?
...then it's something that can't be affirmed in a single instant?

[Professor]: …そうだね…
...that's true...

sfx: ビー

Igawa: ん

Igawa: 今日の授業はここまでで結構です
That's plenty for today's lesson, everyone's returning now.

[Professor]: 私が次に空けられるのは再来週
The next time I'll be available is the week after next -- on Tuesday.

Igawa: わかりました
Understood. We'll meet up when we can.

Sidebar: 古村
Komura: [Same as previous]

[Professor]: 無理しないでいい 君は優秀な生徒だ
Don't overdo it. You're an excellent student, can't have you collapsing from working too hard.

Igawa: いいえ これも役回りってやつですんで
No, this is part of my job too.
Until next time.


Igawa: お帰り
Welcome back.

Haruka: はい ただいま!
すぐ ご飯作りますね
Yep! We're home! I'll go make dinner right away.

Igawa: 帰れる場所があるのが嬉しくてしょうがない…とか?
I guess she's just...happy to have a place to come home to?


Mamoru: …いや…なんか…
...no...it's more like...
She's forcing herself to be in high spirits.

Igawa: えっ?なんで!?
Eh? How come!?

Mamoru: 学校を辞めた件が響いてるんだろう
Probably quitting school is still taking its toll.

Igawa: …ふ~ん…なるほど…
...hmmmn...so that's it...


Igawa: …意外とよく見てやんのな…
...he's more observant of her than I expected...

Igawa: 刀の研ぎが三本上がったってよ
Three bottles of sword polish have come in.

Mamoru: 予備が後一本だ
I've only got one in reserve, that's perfect.


Igawa: おっ!
Oh! We can pick up a Unimog that's overdue for remodeling.
[trans note: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unimog ]

Mamoru: 目立ち過ぎないか?
Doesn't it stand out too much?

Igawa: 問題ない問題ない
No problem, no problem. It can look like a normal truck in a flash.

Igawa: 早速まとめて取りに行こう
C'mon, let's go put in an order right now. The equipment's the same as the current truck, but the interior's spacious enough that you can sleep in it.


Igawa: この仕事のいい点は普通じゃ手に入らない 潤沢な補充がある事だよな
Can't usually get ahold of something so well suited to this job. These guys are rolling in supplies.
While we're at it, wanna pick up two or three bikes as well?

Igawa: 日用品で足りない物ないか?
Missing any of the daily necessities? Should we ask for a game console for Haruka, too?


Wiseman: 事件を起こせば奴らは必ず来る
If we cause an incident, they'll definitely come. If we deceive them by tying that in to the plan Komura's running, all the better.

Wiseman: これらを用意してもらいたい
I'd like you to get these things ready.

Komura: ?


Komura: …こんなものを!?
...All of this stuff!?

Wiseman: フフッ…先に話を聞いた君が驚くのならサムライはもっと驚くだろうね
Hehe...if you, who asked about it ahead of time, are surprised, then the samurai should be even more surprised.

Komura: …確かに
...definitely. I'll get on the arrangements right away.

Tours: …
What in the world are you up to?


Wiseman: 君の期待を外さずに退屈させないよう
This and that, to fulfill your expectations and keep you from getting bored.

Wiseman: 本番のサプライズを楽しみたまえ
Look forward to the real surprise.
I need...several people adept at fighting around here, as well...

Tours: …


Komura: ヤス!
Yasu! Yasuda!

Yasuda: はい
Yeah, what is it, boss?

Komura: 至急これを調達しろ
Get these together immediately.

Yasuda: こんなもの
This stuff might not even be in the country--

Komura: なんでもいい 早いトコ頼むぜ
Do whatever's necessary, but I need it quick.


Yasuda: けど若頭こいつは確か
But boss, this one's definitely n--

Komura: …俺は大至急と言ったんだぜ…
どんな手を使ってもいい 最速で集めろ
...I *said* ASAP...gather it all quick, no matter what it takes.


Yasuda: …
...yes, sir...

Yasuda: …おやっさんが入院してから…どうにも勝手が過ぎるぜ若頭
...ever since the old man got hospitalized, this guy's been going too far for his own convenience...

Komura: …組の中にも不穏分子が出てきてるようだな…
まあ 生け贄にはちょうどいいかもな
Looks like disturbing elements are even showing up within the group now...
Well, he might make a perfect scapegoat.


Haruka: と思ったらその瞬間護さんは…
...as soon as I thought that, Mamoru-san took out two of the three thugs--

Juliet: …

Sidebar: 今はただ、紛らすために…。
Right now, simply for the sake of a diversion...

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#1. by aeynera ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
Thank you!

Gotta love quantum physics, right?
#2. by Rain1 ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!

Love u !
#3. by Ancalime ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
I honestly DO love quantum physics...I have a BA in physics. Wasn't really expecting to put it to use while translating a manga for fun. :D
#4. by Ancalime ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
Jikuu, thank you so much for clearing that up! I had a sneaky feeling it wasn't just made up out of whole cloth.
#5. by moonba ()
Posted on Jun 9, 2009
Good job translating this awesome chapter !

Yet I kind of disagree with your citing Libet's work : he never had anything to do with quantum phenomenons and his work mostly proved that we get about 100-150ms in order to veto an action that was unconsciously prepared.

What mostly disturbs me is that they speak about quantum physics and possible futures in the manga, which isn't Libet's field.
Furthermore, Libet's study is about what we commonly call "reflexes", not premonition...
I get the same "sneaky feeling" as you about this but I think we should dig a bit farther.

If only Double-S would mention his sources himself...
#6. by Ancalime ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2009
I think Libet's work is the right track, though...just because HE didn't intend it to relate to quantum mechanics or precognition doesn't meant the writer couldn't make that stretch. ;)

I would totally send the guy an email to talk about this stuff if I knew his email address, dangit. XD

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