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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Until Death Do Us Part 63

TRAP - 3

+ posted by Ancalime as translation on Jun 6, 2009 07:22 | Go to Until Death Do Us Part

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UDDUP Ch. 63

Overlay: 傷ついた護に、打ち手は…!?
Who's shooting at the injured Mamoru...?!

はあ はあ
*pant* *pant* *pant*


Overlay: 護、死す!?
Will Mamoru perish?! A gruesome future turning at length into reality--!


Haruka: 嫌あぁっ!!

Haruka: はあ
*pant* Pant*

Haruka: あ…


Igawa: …

Mamoru: …どうした…?
What is it?

Igawa: …親車使いたかったのに…
...wanted to use the new ride...


Mamoru: 無理言うな
Don't talk nonsense. It's your own fault you weren't able to finish the equipment mods in time.
Even if you had, it's not suited for a stakeout.

Igawa: …わかってるよ…
...I know...Shiiit...

Igawa: 予定通り
Here they come, right on schedule.

Igawa: ネットワークからの情報を総合すると的場組長が再び狙われる可能性は大
Putting together the info from the Elements Network, the chance of Chief Matoba being targeted again is high. These recent turf wars are surprisingly deep-rooted.

Summary from last time: Igawa develops a better understanding of Haruka's ability by learning about precognition. Meanwhile, Edge Turus and Komura, who want Mamoru's head, set about preparations for the scheme of Wiseman, who was brought in as a "brain." Right now, a fiendish plan is coming alive...

Igawa: 警視庁の『マル暴』も一応警戒しているがー
The police's anti-syndicate forces are on guard just in case, but--

Igawa: 正直 病院や一般への被害を優先して
Honestly, their focus is on damage to the hospital and the general populace. They aren't putting much emphasis on the chief.

Igawa: むしろ家族の護衛を強化している
Instead they're strengthening the protection on his family.

Mamoru: …当然だろうな…
本人は近代系武闘派の筆頭と言っていい's only could say he himself is at the top of the list of the "armed struggle" faction.

Mamoru: 必要な護衛は腐るほどいるからな
There's enough of a guard on him for him to grow mold.

Igawa: ーだからってこんな時間に退院かよ
--which is why they're discharging him at a time like this. It's like they're saying, "Please, attack us."


Mamoru: …襲って欲しいんだろ
They probably want to be attacked.

Igawa: えっ?

Mamoru: 完璧を期して待っているからこそ比較的襲いやすい夕暮れを選んだ
やられっぱなしでいれば 面子に関わるのが暴力団の考え方だ
It's exactly because their protection is so perfect that they picked a time that's as wide open to attack as this. If they've been beaten down, the crime syndicate way of thinking is to save face.

Igawa: まあ それなら準備万端だ
Well, if that's the case, they've made all the preparations. There won't be an attack if it's clear that it's a trap.

Mamoru: …いや
No...don't let your guard down...

Igawa: …だって今…
...but right now...I see...

Igawa: 遥の態度が気になるんだな?
Is Haruka's behavior bothering you?


Haruka: 待って下さい!
Please wait! I'm going, too!

Juliet: もう!あなたは熱があるんだから動いちゃだめでしょうよ!!
Hey! You can't be up and about, you have a fever!

Haruka: 今日は絶対に行きます!!
I'm definitely going today!

Juliet: …もう…

Igawa: 心配はわかるけどー
I understand your concern, but--


Mamoru: 病人は静かに寝ていろ
Sick people should lie quietly in bed.


Mamoru: 違う

Mamoru: 敵は常にこちらを殺す気でやってくる
The enemy always comes with the intent to kill me. There's no need to change how I deal with them in this situation.

Igawa: …

Mamoru: 危険はいつだって同じだ
全力を尽くして 力及ばなければ己の技が未熟な証拠さ
The danger is always the same.
If devoting the whole of your ability is insufficient, it's only proof that your own techniques are raw.


Igawa: …ふうん…『常時戦場』か…
...hmm...the "constant battlefield" mentality, huh...?
He wasn't relying on Haruka's premonitions from day to day, I guess...

Igawa: これも予定通りきっかり五分の遅れで移動開始だ
Right on time again. We're rolling out exactly 5 minutes after them.

Sidebar: 土方護
Hijikata Mamoru: [Same as previous]

[Mamoru?]: …他に尾行車は?
...any other cars following?

[Igawa?]: …いないようだ…
...doesn't look like it...

Igawa: 的場は変更なくこのまま富士五湖の別荘に向かうルートだぜ
Matoba's taking the route to his villa at the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji, no changes to the plan.

Sidebar: 遠山遥
Tohyama Haruka: [Same as previous]
Sidebar: 井川
Igawa: [Same as previous]

[No Speech]


[No Speech]


Igawa: …何事もなかったな…
...nothing happened...

Mamoru: …ああ…


Mamoru: 待て!
Hang on!
Leave the car's color change turned off and keep going straight.

Igawa: …あっ…


Mamoru: …やられたな…
...they got us...

Igawa: えっ!? 何!?
Eh!? What!? What the hell's goin' on!?

Mamoru: …尾行されている…
We're being tailed.


Mamoru: 最初から狙いは俺たちだったようだぜ
We were the target, right from the start.

Mamoru: こもままじゃ一網打尽だ
With a setup like this I can round them all up at once. No matter what happens, keep going!

Mamoru: 決して停まるんじゃないぞ
Absolutely do not stop!

Igawa: !?

Overlay: 孤立無援の護に追りくるー死の罠!!
Alone and unaided, Mamoru is pursued by -- a death trap!

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