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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Renai Shimasen ka? 11

shall we do a part time job?

+ posted by ant as translation on May 20, 2013 05:29 | Go to Renai Shimasen ka?

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renai shimasen ka chapter 11

page 0

Filled with Fuwari and Ruri’s swimsuit shots♥

The latest volume of this manga, volume 2 is now on sale!!

New encounters! New troubles!? A new arc begins!!

chapter 11 shall we do a part time job?

page 1

side text left; in meido reMI.

fuwa; it's been a month since then

fuwa; after that, my relationship with fuwari-san has not remarkably changed
fuwa; looking back at this summer, when I met fuwari-san--

fuwa; that excitement
fuwa; laughter // and tears
fuwa; in that irreplaceable summer, a lot of things happened

fuwa; that summer--
fuwa; has now ended

ruri; What's with that refined look when you're just drinking coffee?

page 2

ruri; That really does not fit to your image!! // good for nothing-senpai!!
fuwa; haa!? Why am I a good for nothing!?
ruri; why don't you ask yourself?

ruri; Even though I finally backed out...
sfx; *mumble mumble*

fuwa; which remind me, since when you starting became maid here?
ruri; eh? its been 2 weeks...

page 3

fuwa; you're not troubling fuwari-san and them, are you?

fuwa; I'm not!!
remi; thats right, ruri-chan's really been helping!!

remi; well, if I had to say, most of our girls here are the older sister type right?
remi; and I really wanted the little sister type just like ruri-chan!!
sfx; *steps in*

remi; for my-
remi; harem!!

page 4

fuwa; but I was really surprised!! for you to suddenly start working as a maid here // despite saying you hated it before

ruri; w... well... that's because… everyone treats me well so...
ruri; I too… won't have any… bad intentions…

ruri; uwa!!
remi; kya-- so that's what you think about us!? remi's really moved~~~!!!
sfx; *kiss*

ruri; stay away from me!!
remi; but-- you're too cute!!
sfx; kyaa

fuwari; remi-san, you're making too much of a commotion in the store!!
sfx; kyaa kyaa

page 5

insert text; ah...

fuwari; welcome home... master

page 6

ruri+remi; ......

ruri+remi; alright, alright, thanks for the meal!!

page 7

ruri; What are you staring at each other for?
fuwari; We…We're not really staring...
ruri; moreover--

ruri; what about your part time job... senpai?

fuwa; ack!! it's already this late!?

fuwa; how much was that coffee!?
ruri; 500 yen!! // you're really careless!!

fuwa; well then, I'll just leave it at that for today...
ruri; that doesn't matter already!! you're going to be late, you know!?
fuwa; o...ok!!

insert text; it'll be 500 yen
insert text; ok ok

re,o; ...part time job?

remi; did master... start a part time job?
fuwari; yes, since last week at comic M on the main street...

page 8

remi; huh-- it's still too early for that
fuwari; you're right...

insert text; 'cause a stamp's 1,000 yen!!

insert text; eh? was it like that!?

remi; well, by the way fuwari-chan
fuwari; yes?

remi; why didn't you ask him out back in that time?
fuwari; eh!?
remi; 'cause you understand master's feelings well, don't you?
fuwari; th...that's...

fuwari; I'm… not in a position… // where I can say something like that anymore…

remi; .......

page 9

remi; is it alright to take it easy like that~~?

remi; if you keep spacing out, he might be taken by ruri-chan

insert text; this is bad!!
insert text; just hurry up!!

remi; besides-
remi; there are plenty of them at part time jobs

remi; plant of new people he'll meet, that is!!
fuwari; !!
sfx; *heart thump*

page 10

machida; you... what the meaning of this!?

machida; Didn't your shift start at 1 PM!?
machida; What time do you think it is now!?

fuwa; ....it's… 10 minutes past 1…
machida; oh~? 10 minutes past you said!?

machida; So in other words, you're late, is that correct!?
fuwa; ye... yes...

page 11

machida; you're slacking off!! // you salary thief!!
sfx; *bang*

machida; this why I hate men!! // They're sloppy!! half-hearted!!
machida; thats why men are really useless!!
sfx; *nagging nagging*

machida; anyhow, as your punishment for today, I'm giving you 1 hour of overtime work!! // Understood!?

fuwa; ye... yes...

page 12

fuwa; t…that was painful...
insert text; haa~~

fuwa; I'm weak against machida-san...
fuwa; she as no mercy… she's really scary...

fuwa; and it seems she hates me...

fuwa; since my first week of work, she's yelled me everyday
fuwa; you could say it's rather disheartening--

page 13

fuwa; alright, I'll work harder!!
fuwa; I can't change if I'm depressed over something like this!!

fuwa; I've decided to change!!
fuwa; I'v only started working for a week!! There's no way I can quit!! // 'cause--

insert text; ha ha ha ha ha...

fuwa; my financial state is terrible since I've been going to meido remi too much lately…

page 14

fuwa; ….huh?

book; rolling buster 4 - takayama masa | rolling buster 3 - takayama masa | rolling buster 2 - takayama masa | roll....akayama masa

book; araburu kobayashi-san 1 - jet me

book cover; araburu kobayashi-san | its not shouhayashi!! its kobayashi (kobayashi)!!

machida; hey... this new book...
machida; doesn't it come with Sensei's autograph card?
clerk 1; eh? wasn't there a autograph card?

clerk 2; so... sorry
clerk 2; I've brought the autograph cards!!
sfx; *fast walk*

clerk 2; When I took of the wrapping of the book and I inadvertently…

clerk 2; fuwa-san is the one who noticed and told me about it
machida; fuwa-san did?

page 15

machida; ?
fuwa; fuu... its done...

fuwa; ah...

machida; what do we have here? Aren't you having the time of your life? Just what do you think you are doing?
fuwa; n...no...this is...
machida; you have a lot of nerve to skipping!!
sfx; *clang!*

page 16

machida; fuwa-san... are you making light of part time jobs?
fuwa; no!! I'm not!!

fuwa; um... this is~~
machida; leave your excuses!!

machida; if you approach working with just half-hearted feelings...
machida; please quit at once!!

page 17

clerk 2; we really gotten a lot of help recently
clerk 1; that's right, fuwa-san's really good at noticing the small things
machida; is...that so?

clerk 1; like when there's something I forgot to do that doesn't really stand out, by the time I think "thats right!! I forgot!!" and rush towards it
clerk 1; chances are he's already there doing it

clerk 2; thats right, just when I think something's missing, Fuwa-san comes with it
clerk 1; like before when he brought the box with the specials--
machida; .......

page 18

machida; isn't he… thought of quite well? Why!?
machida; that kind of… sloppy, slow, and unreliable guy...
fuwa; eh...? the stock is a bit off...
fuwa; can you teach me how to do the customer orders one more time?
sfx; *step* *step*

machida; surely… everyone's misunderstanding something!!
sfx; *step* *step*

page 19

fuwa; I don't plan on quitting!!
machida; ...ha?

fuwa; I've had a weak determination since old ago...
fuwa; I never properly tried anything, not even once, to the end // I was a useless guy that just ran away

fuwa; I hated that me… // I wanted to change

fuwa; I don't want to run away anymore!!
fuwa; If I'm not accepted, I'll work hard until you acknowledge me// that's why--

page 20

fuwa; Just for a bit longer!! please let me do my best!!
sfx; *bam*

sfx; *ugh*
machida; …..you...

machida; I don't believe you!!

page 21

machida; because... I just got angry because you came late and yet
machida; let alone reflection, you even skipping!!

fuwa; I'm not skipping
machida; ...? then what?

fuwa; it's about time for the heavy duty truck to arrive so...

fuwa; I was clearing out the entrance for create space to bring stuff in // I was also cleaning the returned stock...
fuwa; that way, It would make it easier for us too...

machida; eh... // i… is that so...?

page 22

machida; …you should have said so earlier!!
fuwa; eh!? its my fault!?
sfx; *shock*

machida; th... this is why I hate men!!
sfx; *turn*
fuwa; ...?
machida; because they never say the important things!!

sfx; *tap*

machida; …..but either way...

machida; good job!!

page 23

machida; until the carrying work begins... // you may take a little rest

sfx; *quick*

fuwa; .....
fuwa; ...what was that?

page 24

fuwa; ha--- I'm tired---

fuwa; somehow, I'm extremely tired today... // should I say, I was troubled by machida-san's treatment or something...

machida; what did you say about me?
fuwa; uwa!? // Machida-san!?
sfx; *surprise*

page 25

fuwa; eh...? what happened? ...what... do you want with me?
machida; thats what I wanted to say
fuwa; ha!?

machida; hurry up and spit it out if you have business with me

machida; I've been behind you since we left the store

machida; do you have an interest in me?
fuwa; I do not, something like that!!

fuwari; ah!! master--

page 26

fuwari; You're worked hard on your job!!
fuwari; are you going home after this?

fuwa; ah!! fuwari-san!!

machida; ...eh!?

machida; who is she? is she... your girlfriend?
fuwal uwaa!! you were there!?
sfx; *surprise*

machida; what... Is it bad I'm here?
fuwa; n...no...

page 27

remi; he will meet
remi; a lot of new people!!

fuwari; ... I wonder... who... this girl is...

fuwari; beautiful... like a model...
fuwa; ...san?
fuwari; no way... this person is... just like what remi-san said...
fuwa; ...ri-san?

page 28

fuwa; fuwari-san!?
fuwari; ye... yes!!

fuwa; what happened?
fuwari; n... no... it's nothing...

fuwa; I'll introduce you

fuwa; this person is // machida ren-san, a senpai from my part time job

fuwa; and this is // fuwari-san, a maid from the cafe I often visit

page 29

machida; hmmm // she wasn't your girlfriend?
fuwa; g... girlfriend!?
fuwari; w... we... are... not…in that kind of...!!

sfx; *steps in*
sfx; *yikes*

machida; hmmmmm
fuwari; w...what's wrong...
sfx; *stare*

page 30

machida; you are... cute // I like you, fuwari-san... was it?

page 31

won't you fall in love with me?
sfx; *quick*

page 32

insert text; ...!?

insert text; eh...

insert text; fufufu
machida; what do you think?
insert text; eeeeeeeh~~!?

renai shimasen ka? --to be continue in june issue

side text right; an unexpected development.

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