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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Renai Shimasen ka? 12

shall we join forces?

+ posted by ant as translation on Jun 7, 2013 13:55 | Go to Renai Shimasen ka?

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page 0

I want to dance the "waltz of love" with you... I'm serious!!

Rito and Fuwari come to one conclusion!?
The latest volume of this comic, volume 2 is now on sale!!

chapter 12 shall we join forces?

page 1

machida; hey, tell me where
machida; Fuwari-san's maid cafe is!!
sfx; bam

fuwa; .... // no way!!
inser text; A Sudden Dispute, Rito vs Machida!?

page 2

machida; why don't you want to!?
fuwa; because something like that happened yesterday!!

machida; there is nothing unusual about that, I just confessed
fuwa; didn't I tell you that was the strange part?!

machida; You really got in my way then
insert text; come over here for a moment...
insert text; w... what for!!

fuwa; that's the right thing to do!! // fuwari-san was really troubled back then, wasn't she?!

fuwa; besides, joking about something like that is too much!!
machida; joke?
machida; what are you talking about? I'm completely serious!!
sfx; *annoyed*

page 3

machida; a face that is the epitome of cuteness and beauty!!
machida; fluttery long supple hair !!

machida; a busty chest // bursting with femininity!!

machida; and such gentility, even talking to a useless guy like you with a smile!! // surely, she is an angel!! no doubt about it!!
insert text; useless guy...

machida; that's why I want to meet her!! I want her!!

page 4
machida; come on, tell me!!
machida; that girl's work place!!

machida; ..... he ran away...!?

page 5

fuwa; ha--
fuwa; I escaped somehow...

fuwari; Master, You're worked hard on your job
fuwa; ah... fuwari-san!!

fuwari; um... that young lady from yesterday... // what happened to her after that?

fuwa; Nothing much... that person is seriously...
fuwari; is something wrong?

fuwa; no....... leaving that aside, sorry about yesterday

fuwari; don't worry, I was just bit surprised yesterday

page 6

fuwari; if you think about it calmly // she's just a young lady who sprouted a funny joke...

insert text; hahaha
fuwari; eh!?
fuwa; .......

fuwari; it... it wasn't a... joke?

machida; oh!! there you are!!

page 7

machida; so this was the shop?
machida; don't underestimate what I can do

fuwa; ma... machida-san!?

insert text; uwaa... this is the worst...

fuwari; ......

page 8

machida; Let me sit down for a bit
fuwa; a... wa...

machida; good afternoon, nice to meet you again

insert text; eh...

fuwari; I... I
fuwari; ...will bring some water!!

page 9

machida; cute reaction
fuwa; hey, why'd you come here, machida-san!!

machida; that's my own freewill, isn't it?
machida; Is it necessary to ask your permission to come to a maid cafe?

fuwa; it's not like that but // it's troubling fuwari-san, you know!!

machida; It's a nice calm store, isn't it?
machida; I had always thought maid cafes were more boisterous places.
fuwa; please don't change the topic!!

page 10

machida; you're so annoying... what do you want to say!?
fuwa; please go home!!

machida; no way!! didn't I say it's my freewill to do what I like?
fuwa; I told you that freewill of yours is troubling, didn't I?!

fuwa; ...so, why did you really come here for?
machida; isn't that obvious?
fuwa; obvious?

page 11

machida; to hear the answer to yesterday's confession

machida; wa... what are you doing!! that's dirty!!

fuwa; I told you to stop with that already...!!

machida; that's my freewill, don't make me repeat myself
machida; don't tell me what to do

fuwa; no...I'm...begging you...

page 12

machida; moreover, why are you so bothered by it?

machida; you're... not even fuwari-san's boyfriend, right?

fuwa; t... that... that's right, but...

machida; well, I don't care either way... // That's not what I came here for anyway

page 13

machida; fuwari-san?

machida; can I get... yesterday's answer?

fuwari; ... we... well... that...

page 14

fuwari; it's... troubling...

fuwa; look!! Fuwari-san's troubled, isn't she?!
machida; you, be quiet!!

machida; fuwari-san... do you hate me?
fuwa; .......
fuwari; no way... hate is...

fuwari; that's because... you...
machida; then... are you dating someone?

page 15

fuwari; I'm not... dating anyone....but...

fuwa; ?

insert text; hmmm

fuwa; w... what...?
fuwari; ........
machida; nothing-

machida; in other words, I am right to say fuwari-san is free now?

page 16

machida; then... I can
machida; seriously like fuwari-san, right?

fuwari; eh...!? um...

page 17

ruri; hey...
ruri; could you be quiet?

ruri; because there are other customers too...
ruri; it's a bother!!

ruri; also, // fuwari-san, remi-san is calling you
fuwari; o...ok!!

ruri; really!!

page 18

ruri; ...so

ruri; who are you?
fuwa; ah, this person is-

fuwa; a senpai from my part time job // machida ren-san

fuwa; and this Ruri // a kouhai from middle school

page 19

ruri; ...leaving that aside for now, what is your order?
fuwa; ah, I order a blend
machida; then I'll order that too

ruri; please wait a moment then

fuwa; please leave after you drink your coffee!!

machida; why
fuwa; things get complicated with you in the picture!!

fuwa; besides, you've basically already gotten a reply!!

page 20

machida; I haven't gotten the reply I want yet

machida; aren't you... misunderstanding something?

machida; I'm serious, you know!?
machida; even so, do you still think I'm being overly persistent?

machida; do you still not understand!?

page 21

machida; I'm declaring war against you!!

machida; your feelings are as visible as day
machida; you... like her, right?

fuwa; ........

machida; more than you who cannot speak your true feelings like this, // I'm the one who is more likely to still have a chance of winning

page 22

ruri; here is your order, the blend

fuwa; sorry... I'm... going home
ruri; eh!?

ruri; ...senpai

machida; To think he didn't talk back at all! // his chances of winning are decreasing by the minute
ruri; !!

page 23

ruri; you... what is your intention?

ruri; why are you floating around those two!!

machida; oh my... did you hear?

ruri; should I not have?
machida; not really...

page 24

ruri; even though... senpai trying his best...
ruri; even though they have finally // started understanding each other...

ruri; please... leave those two alone!!

page 25

machida; you're really preoccupied with those two, aren't you?

insert text; hmm, smells good-
machida; is it that... as fuwa-san's kouhai--
machida; you feel the need to support your senapi? // or is it--

machida; the hope for the happiness of your beloved senpai?
machida; from a girl in love?

machida; eh... hit the mark?

ruri; i-it's not like you have anything to do with it, right!?

page 26

machida; that's right // but...

machida; I don't understand
machida; even though you like him, why do you just watch over him, is that alright with you?

machida; even though you like him... // can you be satisfied with that?

ruri; ......

machida; hey...

page 27

machida; Why don't we join forces?

ruri; !?

a joint force...!?

renai shimasen ka? --to be continued in the July issue

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