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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Mahou Gyoushounin Roma 16

The Pejura Dagger

+ posted by ant as translation on Jun 17, 2013 14:57 | Go to Mahou Gyoushounin Roma

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Mahou Gyoushounin Roma chapter 16

page 1

1; Boring!!!
box; Koizumi Maho (11)

2; there is sure nothing in all country side, but to this degree!!
3; cicadas also really noisy!!

4; listen, a child should play with cicadas!

5; don't treat me like a child!!
6; ow!!

side text; summer also affecting children desire!!

page 2

side text; Memories of one summer. Story of first love that you want to grant~~ Chapter 16 The Pejura Dagger

page 3

1; thanks for the food ♪

2; aunti! this soumen is really delicious ♪
3; really? I'm glad.
4; hey, what is that different in attitude

5; ....

6; koutarou! why you not take Maho-cahn somewhere!?
7; isn't yukari aunt in tokyo also said to take care her!?
8; moreover, maho-chan is...

page 4

1; really looking forward to play with you!?

2; w...

3; wrong!! it's not that kind of looking forward... what I looking forward is go to countryside...
4; what make you really panic.

5; I'm not panic...

6; because of aunt yukari request...

7; can't be help...

page 5

1; there is summer festival today,
2; I'll take you there!?

3; I... not particularly like a something's like summer festival...
4; ah

5; this kid is pain in my ass...
6; what are you doing is sexual harassment!
7; yes

8; oh?

page 6

1; mizukawa-san?

2; oh? mizukawa...

3; what's up? what business do you have?

4; the thing is, I want to say...
5; if koutaro-kun like...

6; I think we can come,

7; to summer festival together......

page 7

1; eh!?

2; su... summer festival...
3; !

4; oh? who is that kid?

5; ah... relative who live far in tokyo
6; come to stay for summer break...
7; like that....

8; I promise to accompany her to the summer festival...

9; ah... I see...

10; .......

11; I said I not like...

page 8

1; something like that...
2; ow!!

3; what's good with that woman!?
4; there is a lot of like that woman around in tokyo!!

5; but I always thought that he is not that great man!
6; as I thought that his woman perception is also not good!!

7; hmph!!
8; if I too,
9; a high schooler,

10; he will not see...

page 9

1; that kind of woman....

2; we'll grant you that♪

3; your...

4; large...

page 10

1; kelsha♪

2; the pejura...

3; dagger...?

4; right♪ // this is a magic tool that change the age of person who give their blood♪
5; in other word...

page 11

1; a magic that able to turn you into adult...

2; turn into... adult...?

3; give your blood to the dagger...
4; kya

5; make a contract♪

6; only for a night♪

page 12

1; well♪ a night from now♫

2; good luck♪

page 13

1; really... // where is she going...

2; It'll be dark soon...

3; are you looking for someone?

page 14

1; eh...?

2; ah... I'm looking for elementary school girl...
3; I have never seen her face...

4; ah, right, she wear a one piece clothes just like yours...
5; a while ago she was walking together with her mother

6; eh? mother....!? // that~? is aunt yukari coming here...!?

page 15

1; koutaro, he is not realize at all~~~~!! this is great~~~ this magic is great~~~!!

2; look a this~~~~!!

3; tonight... are you coming to festival?

4; eh? ah... yes. at the shrine over there...

5; I,
6; want to go to the festival~~~♥
7; eh?

page 16

1; right~~ take me there~~♥
2; eh? no... wait.....
3; who... who are you?
4; koutarou-kun!

5; are you waited?

6; ah! Mizukawa. no, I just came.

7; that girl again!!

8; ah... wait...
9; an acquaintance?
10; no, I don't know her. let's go to the festival.

11; ugh...

12; that girl...

page 17

1; I'll not forgive her...

page 18

1; wait...

2; isn't their distance is too close?
3; right...?

4; pyonkichi♥
5; gero

6; well, I want to expose your clumsy appearance!!
7; kero♪

8; pyon
9; go! pyonkichi!

page 19

1; !?
2; kero

3; uwaa~~ great success!!!!

4; what's wrong?
5; just now, there is a frog in my shoulder...

6; .........

page 20

1; why clinging to him like that... that girl...
2; calm down, it's just a frog♪
3; but I'm scared~...

4; is... quite though...

5; ah! // this yoyo is cute♥

6; how if I buy this for that kid ?

7; I'm not a child like that!

8; that's right! she sure will happy~~~!!

9; even he too!!

page 21

1; ah! are you alright?

2; no way... my yukata...

3; haha~~~ I did it!! with this your yukata is also rui...

page 22

1; ned...

2; wha... what? even so, don't cry...
3; because... I thought dressing in yukata to make koutaro see me...

4; ...and now become like this...
5; u...

6; it's alright! it's alright! // it's not visible at all! ...besides...

7; you looks good in yukata.

page 23

1; thanks...
2; .......

3; ..... koutarou...

4; must be....

5; like her...

page 24

1; so what!! not a good thing happen eventhough I becomes adult!!
2; enough!! I'll never again come to countryside like this!!

3; and now how to go back to the original!?
4; great, I can't go home like this

5; um...

6; yes

7; where are you!!
8; koutarou!!

page 25

1; it's not your concern!!
2; elementary school kid shouldn't loitering alone at night!!

3; it's ok! you just have fun with that woman at festival! don't worry about me!
4; Mizukawa already go home.

5; eh?
6; I made her go home because I still have a promise.

7; he~~ you have other promise!? you're really popular!
8; what did you say!

9; it's a promise with you!!?

page 26

1; pii
2; ah! it's off!

3; um? // you!?
4' !!

5; you're... from before...

6; not found yet? the little girl...
7; ....ah

8; well then, just give it up~~~... // I think, You'll not find her today-...
9; eh? why?

10; well~... anyhow, she will nothing but say a complaints if I accompany her in festival...
11; th...that, that kid... nothing but to say a complaints you said...?

12; come on, though she is kid... she said that country side is not good and cicadas is noisy...

page 27

1; but, even she said that...
2; she... every year in summer she always come to play.

3; beside... I didn't know why, but...

4; when she come every year in summer...

5; I also enjoying it.

page 28

1; aah, that stupid kid, fireworks is starting...
2; ......

3; he said that,
4; and yet when I change back, he will threat me as a child again...

5; when magic is gone...
6; the adult me is gone...

7; summer this year too... will end...

8; soon...

page 29


page 30

1; why...?
2; I don't know...

3; don't know!!

4; I'm going home!!
5; no, wa...

6; who was... that woman...

page 31

1; don't want it...anymore?

2; yes, I don't need magic anymore.

3; to tell the truth,

4; I know.... that I don't need to become adult.

5; good bye♪
6; wizard nee-san♫

7; huh // this is boring♪ // she is really happy...

page 32

1; after know the other feeling♪

2; what do you think you're doing, for an elementary school girl to stay out all night alone!!?

3; don't worry. since I already return home...
4; think how much people worried about you!!

5; haa, that why I don't like taking care a child!
6; you, it's good if you not come next year!
7; ......

8; you said such thing... but the truth you want me to come!

9; haa?

10; hey!! why are you laughing!!
11; this is sexual harassment!!

side text; to run toward future. someday, catch it up even without magic...♪

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