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Tokyo Ghoul 87


+ posted by Aoiyasha as translation on Jul 28, 2014 06:03 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 87

Title: Gossip

Nico: It's been a Long time, Kaneki-kun.

Nico: It seems you've been very active lately.
Itori: Wait... Kanekichi...

Kaneki: Nico...!

B: What a scary face...

Page 136
Nico: Gives me the chills

Nico: Like that person.

Itori: Hey
Don't make a mess in the shop.

Box1: Just when I thought he had disappeared suddenly
Box2: I meet him in a place like this...

Page 137
Nico: Kaneki-kun, please sit down.
I'm not your enemy.

Nico: Because I'm not a member of Aogiri Tree.
Kaneki: ...!
Kaneki: Then why were you in Aogiri's hideout?
Nico: Fu, that's very simple.

Nico: For Yamori's sake.

Page 138
Box1: Yamori and I met in a club and hit it off so we started to take action together.
Box2: At that point, Yamori was already a member of Aogiri.

Box1: After that, I briefly met Tatara-chi and was allowed to use the entrance and exit of Aogiri's hideout.
Box2: Perhaps it was because I was very cooperative with them.

Nico: I certainly helped with all sorts of things.
But that was only when I was with Yamori.
I had no interest in Aogiri's objective.

Nico: What I want to see are
Beautiful things.

RightTxt: An exposed spinal cord.
Almost As if I could lick it.
LeftTxt: A beauty that makes me even tremble just by remembering it.

Page 139
Nico: Yamori showed it to me.
But he died.

Nico: In his final moments, which woman's name he called
I regeret that I couldn't hear it.

Nico: However, I wasn't involved with them at all ever since the 11th ward's hideout was crushed by the CCG.
That's why I'm free now.
Itori: It's hot.
Man stink.
Nico: After that, I got bored and so, I came to see an old friend.

Page 140
Kaneki: This man... What is he planning?
Should I interrogate him?
Cut all his limbs and stop him from moving...

Itori: Kanekichi, Your blood thirst!
Nico: He's going to think that I'm friends with those weird guys because of you.

Itori: I'm not trying to cover for this Okama
But there really is nothing in his head except things about men.
T/N Okama means Gay/homosexual.

Nico: If you can't trust me that much then
I'll tell you everything I know about Aogiri.

Nico: Ufu
Nico: Aogiri's tree
Is an orginization composed of militant Ghouls led by the one-eye king.

Page 141
Nico: I can't grasp the whole picture, However
Many of them are from the Tokyo underground and the 24th ward.
It's also possible that the one-eye king is from the 24th ward.

Box1: In addition to the guys that were in the 11th ward Hideout, there was another team.
Box2: The team in the 11th ward as a decoy, the other team attacked the "ghoul prison"... You know that, right?

Box: It was Yamori's and the other's duty to lure the CCG to that hideout.

Nico: Because the hideout was found sooner than expected,
The whole plan was executed a little ahead of schedule.
It simply means that the "Doves" where better than they were expected to be.

Page 142
Kaneki: Why was Aogiri chasing Kanou and Rize-san?
Nico: I don't know the doctor called Kanou or the ghoul called Rize, but...

Nico: If either of them were to be captured alive,
It would be a major key to Aogiri Tree's goal
Is what Yamori said.

What is their goal?

Nico: If I were to borrow Tatara-chi's words,

Nico: "To smoke out a liar"?

Page 143
Nico: Though, I don't know what that means.
I also have no clue about the person he's referring to.

Nico: I wonder if you still don't believe me.
Nico: Then here's the best part

Nico: Lend me your ear.

Nico: The one-eye king is...
Kaneki: ......!

Page 144
Itori: Kanekichi. I know it's me saying this, but...

Itori: There's nothing more scary than free information.
You probably should take it with a grain of salt.

Page 145
Kaneki: Not at all. Having a mental image of the enemy is a big help.

Kaneki: If he's the one leading Aogiri Tree then...
I only need to crush him.

Kaneki: If I talk with Kanou, I will know the reason Aogiri is chasing him and their goal...

KanekiTxt: For that reason, I need to pursue the link to Kanou, Madam A.
The problem is those two guards.

Page 146
TopTxt: Artificial "Ghouls", The same as me
MidTxt: Made from Rize-san
BtmTxt: the two "one-eyed" ghouls.
T/N: Sekigan has been understood to mean "One-eyed" ghouls from previous content. Perhaps it should be kept as "Sekigan"

RightTxt: Their cooperation is troublesome...
Next, by using that person...
Itori: Kanekichi

Page 147
Kaneki: Ah

Itori: Just, while we're at it...
You should also take this with a grain of salt.

Itori: I heard a rumour that the "ghoul" beneath the rabbit mask
has been going around killing "doves" Recently.
Kaneki: !

Itori: Don't think too deeply about it.
Just keep it in mind.

Page 148
Box1: The rabbit mask...
Box2: 7th ward

Arene: Niharu...! Are you OK!?
Niharu: Arene-san...
Box1: Arene Associate Special-class Investigator
Box2: Niharu First-class Investigator

Page 149
Arene: It's him, huh...
The "ghoul" that's been going on a rampage around here.

Arene: He's certainly skilled. However...
If we make it a drawn out battle, we have a chance..!
Arene: !
Arene: He's coming...!

Page 150-151
Arene: Get ready!
Niharu: Yes!

Page 152
Arene: Ra

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