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Tokyo Ghoul 102

Black and white

+ posted by Aoiyasha as translation on Aug 3, 2014 16:34 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 102

Title: Black and white

Page 04
BB: One point!

BB: In the end, the final match is between the twins again.
BB: The juniors can't be an opponent for them.
T/N: (候補生: Cadets but read as junior)

BB: .....

BB: I lost.
BB: Payback for last time.

Page 05
RBox: Yasuhisa Nashiro (15), CCG Academy junior.
LBox: Yasuhisa Kurona (15), CCG Academy junior.

BB: Their future looks promising.

Box: Other than their normal work, the CCG
Accepts the orphaned victims who lost their parents because of Ghouls
They are given education and living support.

Box: Many of the CCG orphans participate in the extracurricular activities after school like training in martial arts to train their body and mind.
When they turn 18, more than half of them enroll in the academy. After two years of training, They become Ghoul investigators.

Page 06
Box: Since many of the orphans harbor hatred for the ghouls
It was natural for them to end up being Ghoul investigators.

Box: The two of us had the same future waiting for us as well.

BB: That guy, again in that place...

Page 07
Box: Suzuya Rei (16), Academy junior

BB: Nashiro, Kurona
What are you doing?
BB: Going back from the extracurriculars.

BB: You should show up sometime.
BB: No way.

Box: Rei was a strange guy. Without showing up to classes or extracurriculars, he either wanders around or is absent minded all day long.
BB: What are you doing?
BB: Crushing ants.
BB: Stop it.

Box: I'm not sure whether he's a girl or a boy
Even within the CCG orphans who have all kinds of situations he was noticeably special.

page 8
Txt: ...He just was a guy that smiles without a concern.
Shizuku: Yasuhisa-san, Are you going to attend the lecture?
BB: Yes

Shizuku: Then I'll get some seats for you.
BB: Thanks, Shizuku.


BB: infield instructor, What's wrong?
BB: Ah, Kurona and Nashiro

BB: Just...
some stray cats again...

BB: ...That's awful...

BB: Who would do something like this...
BB: Hmmm...

Page 9
BB: I think it's probably someone from the facility.
Because it looks like this was done in the middle of the night.

BB: From the facility?...
BB: Then is it someone from within us cadets?
BB: Or someone from the staff?

BB: Did you see Suzuya in the middle of the night?
BB: Rei?
We didn't see him.

BB: Do you (says does the infield instructor)
suspect Rei did this?

BB: No...hmmm... It's just that it looks like Suzuya's background is a bit special.

BB: What do you mean by special?
BB: Ah.. No..
BB: If you're saying this, does this mean we're not special too?

BB: This is a bit troublesome...

Page 10
BB:...There's rumors that
Suzuya was kidnapped by a ghoul when he(?) was young.
BB: Huh?

BB: He's a human raised by a ghoul.
So you end up suspecting him a little.

BB: I wonder why did the infield instructor say that
I hate chatter.
BB: Me too.

BB: Rei was raised by a ghoul?
BB: So what?

BB: I don't think
he's that bad of a guy.
BB: Yeah.

BB: ---The Ghouls

Page 11
BB: Are the ones that derailed/turned your fates and mine
And stole many people's futures and continue to do so.
BB: The ones distorting this world are the ghouls.
From the ghouls I and a superior of mine have captured, there was a one like that.

BB: First-class Amon, Thank you for your story.
I learned a lot from hearing the story about the capture of "Red Jam".

BB: Yasuhisa, was it...
BB: I heard rumors about you from the instructors
That you're very talented sisters.

BB: Umm.. Can women become great investigators?
BB: Like First-class Amon...

BB: There are many excellent female investigators
Miss Yasuura from Headquarters and
BB: My partner First-Class Mado's wife,
At 28, she became an associate special-class. She even served in an instructor position.

BB: Amazing... A female associate special-class...
BB: Did that person become a special-class investigator?...

BB: No...

Page 12
BB: She was a very talented person but she was killed in the line of duty.
**BB: Eh...

BB: It appears that the opponent was the "One-eyed" ghoul.

BB: ...One eyed?
Box: A little while after First-Class Amon's lecture.

Box: A cadet close to our age called Kawakami Shizuku died from illness.
Box: She originally had a weak body,
but she was always kind to others and always smiling.

Box: She couldn't become a ghoul investigator but
Becoming a clerk in the CCG and assisting the investigators in their work was her dream.
Box: ...I heard one day.

BB: Nashiro
BB: Yeah
BB: Let's walk outside.
BB: ...Yeah.

Page 13
BB: ...I wonder if that girl will be able to meet her papa and mama.
She'll meet them, definitely.

BB: .....?

BB: .....?

BB: ......Rei? What are you doing?

BB: Nashiro, Kurona! Good evening.
BB: .....

BB: Rei...
... Aren't you sad?
BB: About what?
BB: ....About that girl

BB: Ah. She died?
BB: ......

Page 14
BB: Stop saying it that way...It feels wrong.
BB: Why?
She "Just" Died.

BB: How is that different from eating meals or playing?

BB: Rei...If that's a joke, it's not funny.

BB: umm... annoying...
What is a joke?

BB: Plenty of People die somewhere, all the time.
BB: She's just one of them.

BB: Why?
Isn't She a friend from the same facility...

Page 15
BB: You...
BB: That...

Box: The killings of the living things in the facility were all done by Rei.
BB: ...What?
Box: 10 dogs and 40 cats
If we count the small creatures it becomes much more than that.

Box: Rei was a zero.
He was empty.

Page 16
BB: Ah

BB: The organs, will spill out.
BB: Ah
Ha Ha

BB: You're not suitable even as a mock ally of justice.

BB: Don't think badly of us...

Page 17
BB: Same here
Don't think badly of me.

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