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Translations: One Piece 855 by cnet128 , Gintama 624 by Bomber D Rufi

Tokyo Ghoul 104


+ posted by Aoiyasha as translation on Aug 6, 2014 01:25 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 104

Title Gas (瓦斯)
BB: Ku...
They are too many...

BB: It's unclear why they're teaming up, but (なぜ手を組んでいるかは不明だが)
Our opponents are the 13th ward's Naki and the 20th ward's Gourmet. (相手は13区のナキと20区の美食家だ)
BB: It would've gone differently had Special-class Shinohara was here... (篠原特等がいれば違っただが...)
BB: ...Let's fall back for now! (...一端下がるぞ!)

BB: We're Chasing after them!! (追い詰めんぞ!!)
BB: Gago (ガゴッ)

BB: "Shinohara"...? ("シノハラ"...?)

Page 2
Box: ...For the past half year, you endured the hunger with cannibalism. (---この半年間君は"同種喰らい"でその飢えを凌いできた)

Txt: .....No (....いや)
Your purpose was not to satisfy your hunger. (目的は空腹を満たすことではない)

Txt: It was to strengthen your ghoul powers... (より”グール”の力を強めるため。。。)
To acquire the power needed to oppose Aogiri... Wasn't it? (アオギリに対抗する力を身につけるため... そうだったね?)

Box: I, too, have heard of "that rumor" but (僕も”例の噂”は聞いていたが)
I did not think that Kaneki-kun would go that far to reach new heights as a ghoul in this short time. (この短期間であそこまでカネキくんが”グール”としての高みへと足を掛けるとは思わなかった)

Box: However, cannibalism drives Ghouls into insanity (しかし”共喰い”は”グール”を狂わせる)
It's the power of madness (狂気の力だ)

Box: In that state of losing one's self, I wonder if you'll be able to face the Aogiri Mustache... (我を失った状態でアオギリのMoustache相手に立ち回れるかどうか。。。)

Page 3
Box: Also, If even a single Special-class investigator was in this group of ghoul investigators (それに もしこのグール捜査官グループに)
The course of the war changes significantly (特等捜査官が一人でもいたのなら戦局は大きく変わる)

Box: ...I Have heard the name "Shinohara" before (...”シノハラ”名前は耳にするよ)
Box: The stories I've heard are not very good, to us ghouls ...A "formidable opponent" (僕ら”グール”にとってあまりいい話はきかない ...「手ごわい」と)

Box: If Kaneki-kun was slaughtered by either Aogiri or the CCG... (もしカネキくんが「アオギリ」 か(CCG)に屠られてしまったら...)

BB: The sword into the scabbard... (剣は鞘ヘ..)

BB: Even their henchmen are troublesome...!! (部下たちも厄介ですよ...!!)
BB: We have no choice but to crush them one at a time! (ひとりひとり潰すしかない!)

BB: Umu (ふむ)
...I'll try that out (。。。試してみるか)

Page 4
BB: Oraa you pigs! how about I chop you into pieces!! (オラァ豚どもコマ切れにしてやらぁ!!)

Box: We have the advantage in this location... (この場の状況は我々が有利...)

Txt: As soon as we're done, I shall make it a deathbed for you... (終わり次第君たちには臨終していただこう。。。)

BB: !?
What!? (なんだ!?)
deodorant spray? (汗とめスプレー?)

BB: Uwawa (うわわっ)

Txt: ...Gas!? (。。。ガス!?)

BB: Wh...What!? The Kagune is... (な。。。んだ!? カグねが)

Page 5
BB: [*CRc Gas]
*: Control Rc

BB: Acting from respiration and the mucous membranes (呼吸と粘膜から作用し)
BB: It blocks the Rc cells function and the activation of Kagune. (Rc細胞 の働きおよび「かぐネ」の発動を阻止する)
An Rc Gas Suppressing agent (気体のRc抑制剤)

BB: It's just a prototype but with a direct hit, It's sufficiently Effective. (試作品だが直撃すれば効果は十分だな)
BB: I should report this 地行博士 に
to Doctor Chigyou (報告しておくとしよう)

BB: My body feels heavy... (身体がダリイ...)
BB: Gago (ガゴ...)

Txt: Rc cells suppression...!? Rc 細胞の抑制...!?
That's a bit dangerous...!! (すこしマズイね...!!)

BB: Let's start with the two annoying insects... (手始めに邪魔な虫ケラ二体...)

BB: ...Die (...死ね)

Page 6
BB: Nogaaah!!! (のがあッッ!!!)

BB: Owww!!! (イデエエ!!!)

BB: Monsieur!? (ムッシュ!?)

BB: It hurts... It seriously hurts I could cry... (イテエ...マジで痛くて泣けてくる...)

BB: Twins have twice as much chances...(双子ってよおチャンスも2倍だけど)
But that also means that they are in twice as much of a pinch, right... (ピンチも2倍だろ...)

BB: Of the doubling game of the possibility of dying... (死んじまう可能性が倍々ゲームってことだろ)
T/N: 倍々ゲーム(baibai game): It roughly translate to doubling game. An expression when something keeps increasing steadily.

BB: Just when I thought I could see Yamori aniki, when I got out of prison he was already gone. (ヤモリの兄貴に会えると思ってたのにいざシャバ に戻りゃ兄貴は いねぇ)
T/N: Aniki: Big bro
BB: Of course, I cried every night then. (そりゃ毎晩泣いたよ)
Even now, Whenever I remember I break into tears. (今でも思い出すと涙だ)

Page 7
BB: So, at the very least, I'm not going to let the ones I have left die...(だから せめて残った奴らは死なせたくねぇ)
If I'm gonna end up crying anyway, I'll cry because of pain (孤独泣くよりゃ)
BB: Because that's Many times better than crying from loneliness!! (痛くて泣く方が何倍もマシなんだよ!!)

BB: JRT gas or whatever that is (JRTガスだかなんだか知らねえけどな)
BB: Bitch!! (女ア!!)

BB: I'll show you Jason of the 13th ward's way of doing things (13区のジェイソンのやりかためしてやる)

BB: you tenacious brute...

Page 8
BB: ...that hurts! (...イテエよ)

BB: You bitch!!!(この女ア!!!)

BB: tch... (チッ...)

BB: I'm gonna get the juicy spot! (ジューシーなとこいただくぜ)

Page 9
BB: Tasty (うんめ..!!)

BB: ...you trash...! (...ゴミが...!)
BB: Come...Come...Kagune...!! (こい...こい...かぐね...!!)

Page 10
BB: Hobiyaaaa!!!?

BB: Gauaaaaaa!!!
I'm gonna die from this!!! (これ 死んじゃうやつだアア!!!)

BB: Stay back...!!! (すがってろ...!!!)

Page 10
BB: looks like our odds are bad.(どうも分が悪い)
Let's fall back for now, monsieur.(一端ひくよムッシュ)
BB: Gagi
BB: piggyback... (おぶって...)
BB: Gigai? (ギガイ?)

BB: You are foolish (君ま愚かだが)
But very honest (とても真っ直ぐだ)

BB: As a gentleman, I give you my respect (紳士として”敬意”を表するよ)
Monsieur Naki (ムッシュ ナキ)

BB: K...E...?
English again? (また英語?)
BB: Gagi
BB: Gaigugi

BB: Kaneki-kun

Txt: Please hold on for a little longer- (しばし待っていてくれたまえよ)

Page 12
BB: That's.. a Kakuja...

BB: Isoyama-san, just what exactly is a Kakuja?...
BB: Isn't that just a full-blown monster?...

BB: They're the most troublesome guys among the ghouls...

BB: Due to cannibalism, a transformation occurs to the Rc cells.
BB: This kind of thing seems to happen on rare occasions (稀にこういうことが起きるらしい)

BB: Although he's a half-Kakuja, This is my first time seeing it with my own eyes
You probably would have your whole body in pieces if you take single hit. (生身で一発くらえば全身バラバラだろうな)
BB: It's frustrating that we can't even get close for backup... (近づいて援護もできないのが歯痒いょ)

BB: but...

Page 13
BB: Can Special-class Shinohara really
BB: fight that Kakuja
and win

BB: The Special-class are, so to speak, the monsters of the human side.

BB: I heard a lot about Special-class Shinohara's great efforts.

BB: "The indomitable Shinohara"

Page 14
BB: An apprentice of the veteran Bikaku user, investigator Iba Fujishige.
And a man of numerous achievements along with Mado Kureo in the Trio's era.
An invaluable investigator that has experienced the "Owl" war 10 years ago.

BB: Among his achievements, there are two that stand out
The capture of the investigator killer sweeping Oniyamada and...
BB: The Kakuja "Corpse scavenger Arata"

Box: Oniyamada was the fiendish ghoul that caused many first-class and Special-class investigators to die in the line of duty in what he referred to as testing his skills. (オニヤマダは腕試しと称し准特等上等捜査官を複数殉職させた凶悪なグールだ)

(当時なんとまだ一等捜査官だった 篠原特等が討ち取ったことで大きな話題になった)
Box: When even Special-class investigators had hard time dealing with him.
Box: The fact that Special-class Shinohara, who was still a rank 1 investigator at the time, killed him became a major topic.

Page 15
BB: And there's "Corpse scavenger Arata"

BB: Besides collecting the dead flesh of humans, (ヒトの死肉を集める傍ら)
He was a ghoul that has done a lot of cannibalism. (大量の共喰いを行っていたとされるグール)

BB: After following the traces left by the Kakuja, his location was found. (カクジャとしての痕跡を辿った結果居場所が判明)
BB: And after a deadly fight, He was finally secured. (死闘の末に確保)

BB: It was only recently that I heard about the practical use plan of the Arata Quinque (アラタのクインケ実用計画が耳に入ったのは最近だが)
But it became a major yield for the CCG. (CCGにとって大きな収穫となった)

BB: Special-class Shinohara's strength comes from that 'Tenacity' (篠原特等 の強みはそのしぶとさだ)

BB: Even without the flashiness of someone like Special-class Arima (有馬特等のような派手さはなくとも)
He is the one that will produce a solid result. (堅実確実に 結果を残そのが彼だ)

Page 16
TxtR: Using his "former foes" (かつての敵を以って)
He destroys his "new enemies" (新たな敵を打ち砕く)
T/N: Former foes is read with "Quinque" referring to the fact that he fights using the quinques made from the ghouls he defeated.

Box: That experience in evading the verge of death many times and vitality... (数多くの死線を潜り抜けてきたその経験と生命力...)
Box: Is the reason Special-class Shinohara is called "The indomitable" (それが篠原特等を「不屈」と言わしめる所以だ)

Page 17
BB: This bastard...

Txt: He's surpassing the 'Arata'

Txt: what a guy...

BB: ...Still!!

BB: We here

Page 18
BB: Still have to do 'family service' (カミさんやらチビたちに)
For the Wife and the little kids. (まだまだ家族サービスせないかんのよ)

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