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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Tokyo Ghoul 111

track road

+ posted by Aoiyasha as translation on Aug 10, 2014 09:16 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 111

chapter 111

title: 線路 (track road)

BB: It's Hot...

Page 2
BB: What is this
It's in the way...

Box: (....引き止められたからといって残る必要はない....) ....Even if she stopped me from leaving, I don't need to stay...
BB: (帰ろう...) I'll go home...

BB: Uuu...

BB: I feel bad...

Page 3
BB: Here
Some medicine
BB: You'll feel a little better

Txt: .....She settled down a bit.

BB: (明日はまず反省会だな...) Tomorrow we'll start with a self-reflection meeting...
Box: (俺もコイツもまだまだ未熟だな) She and I are both still inexperienced.
T/N: self-reflection meeting: Hansei-kai, look it up if you're interested.

Page 5
BB: Please don't go

Txt: ------Koutarou
SFX: *heartbeat*

BB: Ah
BB: Oh

Page 6
BB: Father...

Page 7
Box: Losing her parents by the hands of ghouls
Box: Alone with a single cat.

BB: (捜査官として一歩も退かずに戦っている) And as an investigator, fights without taking a single step back.

Box: (気丈に見えるがコイツも一人の人間...) Appears to be fearless, but she is also just a single human being...
...There is no way she is not lonely.

Box: You lost your father, yet...
You, For your father's sake....
BB: Fu...

Page 8
Txt: My damn...inexperience!!

Box: Akira... If You are going to keep fighting for your father's sake
Then I will help you...

Txt: I will not let you make stupid mistakes anymore. (もうおまえにヘマはさせない)

Txt: I will guide you as an excellent superior...!!

Page 9
BB: Meow

BB: .....Maris stella?

Page 10
BB: Seven thousand and... eight hundre...

BB: .....What are you doing, First-class investigator Amon?

BB: ....Push-ups...!!

Page 11
BB: Ghoul investigator Amon Koutarou

BB: at the age of 20, Enrolled in the [CCG] Academy and graduated at the top of his class. After becoming First-class Mado Kureo's partner ,
Beginning with [Apple head] and [Red Jam], numerous heinous ghouls were either exterminated or captured--
BB: In a little less than three years after he was appointed, he was promoted to Rank 1 investigator.

BB: In the [11th ward Aogiri subjugation battle], he exterminated the Bikaku brothers and other Aogiri affiliated ghouls.
At the age of 27, he was further promoted to First-class investigator.

BB: His true self is
A zealous muscle builder at his subordinates home. A [Perverted investigator].

Page 12
Background Txt: Perverted investigator I'm a Perverted investigator, Perverted investigator
Push-ups on a veranda of the capital...
Perverted First-class Perverted First-class

BB: ...Don't make a face like that
It's just a joke.

BB: looking at this situation.
BB: I can obviously see that you looked after me.

BB: I don't have ingredients so I could only make something simple.
BB: I did all the housework in my mother's behalf
It shouldn't taste bad.

BB: Itadakimasu...
BB: First-class Amon

BB: ...I'm sorry
for causing you trouble.

Page 13
BB: ....That's fine, just don't drink alcohol anymore in the future.
BB: ...That depends on the time and circumstances.

BB: Oi!...
BB: I'm kidding...I'll refrain myself.

BB: (ぼくは昔今の吉村さんみたいに) Long ago, I used to be like the current Yoshimura-san
(4区の仕切りをやっていたんだ) I managed the 4th ward.

Page 14
BB: (進んで申し出たわけじゃないけど) It wasn't like I offered to do it willingly.
It was because there wasn't a strong person besides me.

BB: ...Die

Box: Around the time I became bored with the bothersome role of a peacemaker
Renji-kun showed up.

Txt: a Solitary
Wanderer. (Furigana: Raven)

Page 15
Box: (規律も何もかも無視で喰場荒らしに”共喰い”) Ignoring the rules and everything else he raised havoc at the eating locations with "Cannibalism".
I went to persuade him several times

But he was pretty strong.

BB: Since if we both went all out we would both probably die
We pull back just before the conclusion is reached every time.

Box: (なんども顔を合わせてるとぼくは興味が湧いてきた) Whenever we face each other, my interest was piqued every time.
I thought [Just who on earth is this ghoul]

Page 16
BB: Hey
You like high places?

BB: ....That's not my name.
T/N: He calls him Karasu-kun which translates into crow. I chose to translate it into raven because of the furigana from before.

BB: I'm calling you like this because everyone does.
...Coming from somewhere to scavenge for dead flesh.
BB: It suits you perfectly, right?
Can I sit next to you?

BB: ...If you hate being called like that, tell me your name already.
I'm Uta, You?
BB: C'mon
It's not like you're a girl getting hit on.

BB: Ji....

BB: ...[hemorrhoids] (Furigana: Ji) ?
T/N: 痔= Ji (hemorrhoids)

Page 17
BB: Why do you go rampaging like that, Renji-kun?
Killing one another is fun and all, but let's try to get along!
BB: I want a friend around my age.

BB: .....I want to become strong.

BB: Why?

BB: ...You are...strong
BB: Tell me
How did you become that strong?

BB: I don't know, something like that.
What...? Are you traveling around to train or something like that?
BB: .....Shut up. Don't laugh.
Box: We who used to fight so much, gradually opened up to each other.

Page 18
Box: however---

Box: Raven-kun was not the only one that came to the 4th ward.
BB: We're after the ghoul involved with the clown.

BB: There are many ghouls in the 4th ward.
Brace yourself,
BB: Yes, Arima-san.

RBox: Associate special-class investigator, Arima Kishou, 22 years old
LBox: Rank 2 investigator, Hirako Take
21 years old.
Snow white
BB: mirror o mirror

BB: The most beautiful one in the world,
is it me?

Txt: It was the day the Mirror punch was drawn out.

Txt arrow: original work

BB: The prince and Rapunzel made love violently and as a result, Rapunzel got pregnant...
Little Red Riding Hood
BB: Grandmother
Why is Grandmother's mouth so big?
BB: Well...

BB: That is so I can eat you!!

BB: Eat...?

BB: ...That's just a joke. The real reason is that it makes brushing my teeth easier.
Momotarou (Peach Boy)
Txt: When Arima-san was doing laundry at the river...
Txt: A huge peach clumsily came flowing in the stream.
Txt: Arima-san said [weird things exist too] and continued doing laundry.

BB: Shinohara
BB: It's a peach
BB: Ah, that's amazing

BB: I'll cut it in half with my Quinqe right away.
Peaches should always be broken in two, right?
BB: yeah.

Txt: When Mado-san cut the peach in half with his Quinqe...

Txt: A 191cm tall investigator came out from inside.
BB: I'm Amon Koutarou.

BB: Koutarou-san
Please give me one.
Box: Dog.
BB: of The donuts you have on your belt.
BB: Sure. In return, help me with getting rid of demons.

BB: Amon Koutarou
BB: Give me all the donuts you have in your possession.

BB: Instead of donuts.
Box: Monkey
BB: I want to eat some salty candy.

BB: Amon Koutarou, we should proceed on this route.
BB: There is a flower garden over there
BB: You guys! Don't trouble Amon-san
Txt: Koutarou held his head from his subordinates' treatment.

BB: So that's the demons' island...

BB: Brace yourselves.
Txt: When Koutarou and co. arrived at the island...

Txt: Arima-san had arrived there a little earlier and was done with getting rid of demons.
Txt: Cinderella was bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters.

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