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Tokyo Ghoul 112

Lights out

+ posted by Aoiyasha as translation on Aug 11, 2014 09:27 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 112

Ch. 112
Title: 消灯 (Switching off the Light, Extinction)

BB: Where did The ghoul from before go!?
BB: He should have fled this way...

BB: Good evening.

BB: A woman...?

Page 2
BB: Gu...ha

BB: Erotic...
BB: ...Honestly
What do you take me for?

BB: I had to do that because the weapons would've caused a loud noise if they'd been deployed.
BB: Erotic...

Page 3
BB: The damage to this side is 6 people...
BB: (どんどんグールが投入されてるみたい) Looks like the "doves'" numbers are rapidly increasing here...

BB: I wonder if they came to crush the 4th ward...

Page 3
BB: The problem is not the large amount of investigators.
The Troublesome one is the group leader that is commanding them.
BB: Practically all of the damage we received is because of him.

BB: ...Arima

BB:...He is an Associate Special-class investigator.

BB: Is that so? So he has the second rank from the top.
That's impressive for someone so young.
BB: You know him?

Page 4
BB: Uta
I'll lend you a hand too.

BB: Arima...
...I'll be the one to kill him.

BB: That's unusual.
For you to show motivation.

BB: I'm interested. ...Why?

BB: Back to your usual silence, huh?

Page 5
BB:...If you're a ghoul, then you must've heard a story like this before.

Txt: (...年の離れた姉がいた) I had an older sister.
Txt: (両親と兄は物心つくまえに殺されて) My parents and older brother were killed before I reached the age of self-awareness.
Txt: (俺たちは二人だった.) We were two people.

Box: (姉は俺と違って...) Unlike me, My sister...
(よく喋る人だった) was a talkative person.
BB: Renji
Eat it.

BB: It's just a joke! You're a man, right?
Don't be scared like that.
Box: She was a strong person.

Page 6
Txt: (...俺にはほかに何もなかった) ...For me, there was nothing else.

BB: ...She died?

BB: ...I'm sorry ...I couldn't... Protect her...

BB: (...姉に手をかけたのは) ...The one that killed my sister
(特例でグール捜査官に就任した) Was a specially appointed ghoul investigator.
(わずか ”16歳” の少年だった) He was a boy of merely 16 years of age.

Page 7
Box: ...Arima Kishou
Because of his great accomplishments in the battle against the the Legendary ghoul "owl",
He received a special two-rank promotion.

Box: He's currently an Associate Special-class.
An undefeated ghoul investigator.

Box: The CCG's Shinigami
T/N: Shinigami: God of death.

Page 8
BB: And your sister was the extermination target of that Arima?

BB: So it's familial affection.

I'm going to help you with that "revenge".
BB: He is in the 4th ward right now anyway.

BB: Besides, we're friends, right?

Page 9
BB: The gray haired young man.
...Him, huh.

BB: What should we do?
BB: ...Well, let's see.

BB: With the exception of their boss (Arima), let's try to shave off as many "doves" as we can.
It would be troublesome if they got in our way.
BB: Yes sir!
BB: Roger that!

Page 10
BB: Renji-kun.

BB:...You made this? ...That's skillful.

BB: I've always liked making all kinds of stuff.
BB: Uta-san made all the masks for our comrades in the 4th ward, you know!

BB: (4区のリーダーやめたら) After I quit being the 4th ward's leader
(そのうちこれで商売でも始めようかな) Maybe I should start a business with this?
BB: Huh? Please don't quit...
BB: But it's good right? A mask shop I mean.

BB: Well then. Let's go...
BB: Those damn 4th ward ghouls... Just how many of them are there...
BB: We need to settle this before we lose more people...

Page 11
BB: Good evening.
BB: We apologize for interrupting your work.
But We'd like to ask you to die.

Page 12
BB: Masks... The ghouls are...!

BB: They were waiting for the time when squad leader Arima is not with us...!
BB: Those bastards are underestimating us...

BB: It's "No-Face"...!!
Target the leader!!

BB: Haha, I'm famous?

Page 12
BB: Hirako! Move!
BB: He's not someone you can defeat!

BB: Arima-san had
Instructed me to "fight" so I can't do that.
Box: Yukimura (Koukaku)

Page 13
BB: Yeah
You have some skills.

BB: But your movements are a bit repetitive.

Page 16
BB: 25 bodies, huh.
BB: Squad leader Arima!
BB: So he came.

BB: Ari...Maaaa...!!

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