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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Tokyo Ghoul 114


+ posted by Aoiyasha as translation on Aug 13, 2014 00:43 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 114

Ch 114
Title: (絡身) Entwined

BB: Hello, Little Lady.
BB: Tsukiyama-san?
If you're looking for Onii-chan, then he's not here.
BB: Oh, Is that so...
I wanted to invite him to have some tea together with me.

BB: How about you, little Hinami?
Would you care for some tea time with me?

BB: But Onii-chan told me I shouldn't go outside...
BB: Haha! Kaneki-kun must treasure the lady very much.
But, staying indoors all day is unhealthy, isn't it?
BB: Ye...ah.
BB: Don't worry, you'll be safe since I'll be with you.

BB: ----With that...

Page 2
BB: He brought me here. Is this really Ok?...
BB: That's the place.
BB: It's Nostalgic
BB: Kaneki-kun and I came here together before.

BB: With Onii-chan?
BB: That's right.

BB: The Kaneki-kun of that time...
was very soft.

BB: It's Nostalgic...Truly.

BB: Recently, Onii-chan looks like he's in pain all the time...

BB: Little Lady,
I was thinking the exact same thing.

Page 3
BB: How about it?
Why don't we try to cheer up Kaneki-kun?

BB: The only thing that can save him is your smile!

BB: ...But I was not useful at all.
Is there really a meaning for me staying...
BB: Aah, My little!
What an absurd thing to say!?
BB: If you could know just how much your existence is saving him...!

BB: As Kaneki-kun's best friend, it makes me very jealous!
BB: ...Is that really true...
BB: It is!

Page 4
BB: Let's work together And...
return Kaneki-kun to the "Dolce" young man he used to be!


BB: (...それでは具体的なプランを...) ...Well then, let's try to form a concrete pla...
...Oh, I apologize but I need to use the restroom for a bit.
BB: Yeah. Take care.

BB: ...I wonder what does "dolce" mean...?

[If you wish to shoot the general, first shoot his horse]
T/N: Both of these idioms mean the same thing.

Page 5
Txt: Hunger is the best spice...

BB: I will start by slowly inveigling those around him...

Stringendo: (Gradually approaching)

**Txt: To be

Page 6
BB: Tsukiyama-san is late...

BB: Hinami-chan

BB: Ta... Takatsuki-san!?
BB: Hey!
T/N: Takatsuki says "Ossu! Ossu!" here.

BB: Why are you here...
BB: This is my hot spot.
BB: I come here once in a while when I'm collecting material.

BB: Are you together with Kanaki-san today?
BB: No, I'm with a different Onii-chan...
BB: Waah.
"Chan Hina" is a popular girl.
T/N: Takatsuki literally calls her "Chan Hina"

Page 7
BB: I'm really lucky to be able to meet you again!
BB: I...I'm happy to see you too...

BB: Are you having some troubles?
BB: N...No.

BB: (ヒナミちゃんになにか隠すときに手を組むクセってない?) Do you have a habit of joining your hands when you're hiding something?
Things like that are noticeable.
BB: I...I don't know.
BB: You did the same thing before.

BB: When I asked you about your name at the autograph session, you averted your gaze and then...
You took on a defensive posture and joined your hands together.
BB: I didn't think you were lying. But I got the impression that you were hiding some secret.

BB: I can listen to your troubles, Or rather, Please tell me about them.

Page 8
BB: If you think I would be "useless", then...

BB: No...
...I don't really think you would be "useless"...

BB: Ka...naki, Onii-chan seems to be troubled with something.
So I want to be of help to him.
BB: But I can't do anything for him...

BB: You really like your Onii-chan, don't you?
BB: Hina-chan.

BB: ...I don't want to treat you like a child, so I'll tell you what I honestly think.

BB: I don't think you can do anything.

BB: たった14年ぼっちの女の子の人生 For A 14 year old girl like you
穏やかでほんわかしたヒナちゃんだから to turn out warm and gentle
BB: きっと愛されて保護されてきたんだと思う must mean that you've been loved and protected.

BB: Kanaki Onii-chan is surely,
[Someone who wanted to be loved].

Page 9
BB: He appears to be a strong person but he's frightened of being alone.
人種 I think he's a different kind of person from you.

BB: I'm sorry if that hurt you.
But I don't think it's fair to beat around the bush with kind words.
BB: ...No, I'm fine.

BB: If you stay the same as you are now, you may not be able to save your Onii-chan.

BB: ...I think...that you're right.

BB: However, Hina-chan.

BB: I'm about 10 years older than you.
So I can give you advice about all kinds of stuff.

BB: Take this.

Page 10
BB: It's my contact information.
I'll answer when I'm not busy with work.

BB: Oh well. In the end, You should just live and forget
BB: things like concerns and worries.

BB: Want to eat? It's a Daifuku.
BB: N...No thanks.

BB: Why are you doing all this for me?

BB: Hmm?

BB: Because you never know when some material might pop up.
BB: And this is like a half-interview. (Though, I will of course listen to your troubles).

Page 11
BB: Well, It's time for me to go.
I have some "place I need to visit".

BB: Since you're still a small child at you're age
自分だけの力じゃ解決できなくて I think there are times when you would be stuck helplessly at some problems,
BB: どうしようもなく行き詰まっちゃうときがあると思う And no matter what you try to do you can't resolve it on your own.
おねえさんもそういう時期あったからさ Because I, too, had been through times like that.

BB: だからそうなったときは気軽に連絡しておいで That's why, when that happens, feel free to contact me.
意外とヒマだし I might be free to help.

BB: Sorry to keep you waiting...Little lady.

BB: Hmm? That...?
BB: ...It's fine.

Page 12
BB: It looks like Specia-Class Shinohara will be back next week.

BB: As expected from the "indomitable Shinohara"
He always comes back no matter how many injuries he gets.
BB: You need to be that tough if you're planning on taking on ghouls...

BB: That's great...

BB: ジューゾーは今日も支部には? Is Juuzou in the branch today?
BB: (名目上は単独捜査中...) On paper, he's in the middle of an independent investigation...
(動物園で見かけた という話を聞きました) But I've heard someone say they saw him at the zoo.

BB: What is he? A little kid...?
BB: No.
BB: Actually, what he's doing might not be necessarily wrong.
BB: Huh!?

Page 13
BB: (動物園は家族連れも多い) Many people take their families to the zoo.
(品定め) And so there might be some ghouls who appreciate that in there.
Second-rank Suzuya's animal instinct is quite reliable, after all.

BB: Also...
Even if you're an adult, Zoos are still great.
BB: They're quite comforting.

BB: Akira.

BB: (黒ラビットの捜査資料回してくれ) Forget about the zoo. Pass me the "Black rabbit" investigation material.

BB: I apologize.

BB: (着目すべき点には付箋を貼ってある) I put sticky notes at the points you should pay attention to.
In particular,
[カグネによる建築物の損壊状態]要考察だ the main point is [The damage state of the building caused by the Kagune].
BB: Thanks.

BB: uh-oh! It's almost time for my meeting with Dr. Chigyou.
Let's have a quick lunch at the cafeteria.

BB: Yeah...
That's for me to decide.

Page 14
BB: Don't you think....they're slightly different than usual?

BB: Koutarou-kun is also 27, huh...
BB: What do you mean?

BB: There's no deep meaning to it.

BB: First-class, you got something mild again?
BB: ...I don't like spicy food.

Page 15
BB: Trying new things is important.
You should try spicy food too.

BB: Wa...water...!!
BB: Do...Do you always order something as spicy as this...!?

BB: Eating moderately spicy food is good for your Metabolism.
BB: Keeping your body warm is important.
BB: Moderate...!?

Txt: Come to think of it, I think Mado-san did the same thing before.
BB: Amon-kun, this is your Curry. It's mild!
BB: Thank you!

BB: Buha!?!?
BB: Oh?
But I thought it was a fairly mild curry...
Txt: Amon-kun, That's filthy.

BB: Ku ku...

Page 16
BB: Your face just now..
Was a masterpiece...Haha

BB: Don't...
Don't make fun of your boss.

BB: I apologize. Hahaha

Txt: So you can make a face like that...

BB: ...."Black Rabbit" Has been confirmed to have been seen in a place other than the 7th ward.

BB: He's an uncanny one for targeting powerful investigators.
It's almost as if he's hunting them.

BB: Could he be testing his skills like Oniyamada once used to?

Page 17
BB: It's a little noisy.
BB: ...Yeah.

BB: Did something happen?
BB: Ah!

BB: errr...
An information provider is here...

BB: ...And uh...It looks like she's kind of "famous"...

Page 18
BB: That's...

BB: ...Takatsuki...Sen...?
BB: So this is the [CCG]...
Can I take a picture?
Huh, I can't?

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