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Tokyo Ghoul 115

Broken and Crumbling

+ posted by Aoiyasha as translation on Aug 15, 2014 04:43 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Ghoul 115

Ch 115

Title: (破崩) Broken and Crumbling

BB: Takatsuki Sen...Is she a writer?
BB: Yeah.

BB: Her work [Dear Kafka] which she wrote as a teen
was a best-seller with 500,000 copies sold. She is a great talent in the literary world.

BB: What is the "information" she brought to us?
BB:It seems to be
Something about an underground facility on the outskirts of Tokyo.

BB: However
BB: She says she will only [speak directly with a ghoul investigator].

Txt: Underground facility...Is she talking about Kanou's lab?
BB: First-Class
I'm taking the Key.

BB: I'll be the one to go to Dr. Chigyou's place.

Page 2
BB: Are you Takatsuki-san?

BB: I'm First-Class investigator Amon Koutarou.
BB: Nice to meet you.
I'm Takatsuki. You're huge, aren't you?

BB: I'd like to hear your story in detail. Can you come with me to the reception room in the back?

BB: Please refrain from taking pictures.

BB: What is this?
BB: A scan gate. It works by testing for cells the ghouls have.
BB: Is that so?

Page 3
BB: Is it something like the metal detectors at airports?
Will it "Beep" if a ghoul passes through?
BB: Yes. It would sound the station's alarm.
BB: Is there a ghoul that was able to get inside the CCG?
BB: ...The possibility of that is not zero.

BB: Now, about that facility...
BB: Before that.

Page 4
BB: My goal for coming here is not the reward.
So, in exchange for providing information...
I would like to interview a ghoul investigator about their work!

BB: ...An interview? I can't give a reply to that.
BB: I'm fine with casual stuff, you know.

BB: Do you know of a company called [Sphinx trading company]?
BB: It's the company that the owner of the underground facility of the mansion managed.
They buy foreign products and resell them in here.

BB: I have an acquaintance who is the president of a trading company
and he had had some exchanges with that president of sphinx.
BB: According to his story, It appears that Sphinx has been stocking up some quite [unusual things].

Page 5
BB: A ghoul's...
BB: A ghoul's...?

BB: By the way, Mr. investigator, what did you eat today?

BB: More importantly, continue your....
BB: I'm not saying anything until you answer the question.

Txt: This woman. Is she making fun of me...?
BB: I need to know for my next work.
Because I'm writing something about ghouls.

BB: ...I ate curry.
BB: Is that so...
Mild? or Spicy?

BB: ...I'm not sure what you're writing about...
But if you want to ask questions of this level, we can do this later.
For now, please speak properly.
BB: That's a Promise!

Page 6
BB: What sphinx was handling is
a [solution]

BB: Solution...?
BB: That's right.

BB: (をどろどろに溶かしてボトルに詰め込むんですって) They dissolved ghouls into a mushy liquid and then packed them into bottles.
BB: I don't know what they're using those for,
But it's sickening, isn't it?

Box: ...An [RC solution], huh...?
It's used in the manufacture of Quinques and the production of RC suppressants...

BB: And it looks like those items were sold for an extremely expensive price!
To the Commission of Counter Ghoul, the [CCG]

Page 7
Box: The [CCG]...[RC solution] From an external source

BB: The [CCG] had a close relationship with the president of sphinx, didn't they?

BB: The underground facility was not owned by Sphinx's president...
BB: It was owned by the [CCG].
Incidentally, Sphinx's president, the owner of the mansion...

Page 8
BB: The company president's Name is
[Yasuhisa Nanao]...

BB: So Ghoul investigators
BB: eat mild curry too...
Note taken!

Box: Yasuhisa...
Is he Kurona and Shirona's killed father...?

Page 9
Box: The underground facility was owned by the [CCG]?
Kurona and Shirona's father was cooperating with the [CCG]?

Box: ...If that was the case, then why was Yasuhisa Nanao killed?

BB: If he was under the protection of the [CCG] then Yasuhisa should have been safe...

Txt: ...Was he...erased?

Page 10
Box: If that experimental facility was truly owned by the [CCG]
Then that means that there is a possibility that the [CCG] performed [research to turn humans into ghouls].

Box: And for some reason, Yasuhisa Nanao tried to leak information on the experiment to the outside...
Box: And then the [CCG]...

Txt: ...What am I thinking...

Box: Why would an organization that protects people from ghouls
need to perform [research to turn people into ghouls]...

Box: Kanou is a former [CCG] Anatomist...
It's too unnatural for Kanou alone to be the owner of that huge facility...
Box: The former Kanou of the [CCG] would've known about the experimental environment in that basement of the mansion. (Kanou being a former)

Page 11
BB: This is bad.
The pieces are falling into place...

BB: However,
If this is true, then the [CCG]'s reason for existence would be overturned...
BB: As I thought, I should have got Takatsuki to tell me the source of her information even if by force...!
BB: This matter...Who on earth should I report it to..

Page 12
BB: ...Akira?

BB: Did something happen? You sound gloomy.
BB: Was the information you received helpful?

BB: Ah..No...

BB: She was the one asking most of the questions....
BB: It seems she wants to write something about ghouls.

BB: I didn't get anything important.
BB: ...I see.

BB: I'm heading there now. ...till then.
Box: ...I shouldn't tell anyone about this matter until I get some proof.

Page 13
Box: I need to deal with this on my own...

Box: Zack...Series?
BB: It looks like that ugly cat.

Page 14
BB: Yomo-san
...It's me,...Kaneki.

BB: ...Who told you about this place?
BB: ...Uta-san.
So you do live in a container...
BB: ...It's more convenient this way.
..."For us"

Page 15
BB: ...What's the matter?

BB: I have some questions I want to ask.
BB: The reason you were in that lab...
The manager and [Aogiri Tree]...

BB: And...
About Rize-san.

BB: My body became like this because of Rize-san.

BB: But, When I fought with the investigators...And when I was almost killed by Yamori...
What saved me at those times was Rize-san's...Kagune.
BB: I...
Want to see her.

Page 16
BB: ...If that's your reason, then go home.

BB: ...Even if you see her now...
BB: It will not be for your own good.

BB: ...It will not be "for my own good"...?

BB: Then, what would be "for my own good"...?

BB: Not helping me at critical times....
And telling me nothing about important things...
BB: Was all that for "my own good"!?

BB: Even though you don't understand my feelings...
Even though you understand nothing...!!

Page 17
BB: I...

BB: ...Again, huh...

BB: Rize-san?

BB: Ken!

Page 18
BB: Rize...San...

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