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Ver 1.0

+ posted by Astralily as translation on Jan 6, 2015 07:29 | Go to REVOLT

-> RTS Page for REVOLT 1

REVOLT Chapter 1

Right bub : They've broken through!
Left bub: Akira remains the last man standing...
Bub: Wasn't he out of ammo before?
bub: Akira
bub: There's a trap ahead watch out!
bub: Lose... (CHECK)
bub: Don't panic
bub: I can already see through...

thought : Everything!
Graphic text from right : Do you have the power to save the world?

right bub: Damn Akira how did you see through that ambush?
left bub: How the hell did you do that...
Left bub: That's crazy Akira

Right bub : Well of course...
Left bub: You guys shouldn't underestimate me

Right bub: Alright one last charge.
Lower bub: Follow my lead.
Middle bub: Akira
Left bub: Damn...

thought : Akira
Box: I've been specially good at games since young.
Upper left box: Able to see through the system of these games
left box: and read my opponents with ease.
box: My style is to take down each and all regardless of number
lower middle bub: Their probably aiming to take us all down in one shot
bottom bub: If that's so...
left box: I've always had this ability

Upper box : One that sees through all.
Bub: Akira takes first blood again!
lower Bub: Amazing Akira...
bub: Follow my lead
Box: To me this game is...
Left bubs: Akira! Akira!

Upper panel all bubs: A-KI-RA!
Middle panel bub: Akira...
Bottom right bub: NARUSE AKIRA!!
left bub: Y...
far left bub: Yes!

Upper panel bub: Ah...
Middle right bub: U..um which problem are we at right now?
Middle middle bub: I know you're using your smartphone under your table
Middle Left bub: Take it out.
Bottom right bub: If you can't agree with that much get out of my class!
bottom middle bub: You're being a nuisance to those who want to learn!
bub: Naruse...
Right thought: What a bore

Upper panel from left bub: Huh?
bub: Eh? He's really leaving
bub: Idiot
bub: What a fool.

Middle panel
Right bub: This world within which we reside has a structure
Left: One in which we have no choice but to conform to rules created by the adults

Bottom panel
Right box: This world is seriously worthless...
Left: What's so fun about that?
Left bottom: Who? Someone else with more complaints...

Top right: Won't you tell me
left: Mr Truant
bottom right: ... Po (CHECK)
Left bub: Don't follow me.

Upper panel from right
bub: How far do you plan to follow me?
bub; How far do you intend to go?
bub: I'm just heading home
bub: Hm? What about school?
bub: Ah...

middle panel
box right: This girl is Mihara Houjuu, my childhood

cont: she has a tendency to always hover around
bubble left: Quit following me already!

right upper: You were hypnotised by that during class
weren't you?
lower bub: What's up with that?
Right bub: I'm not leaving until you tell me~

right box: I thought I could lose her on the way home but...
middle bub: If I tell you would you head back to
cont: scho- (CHECK)
left bub: Let is slide~ once in a while...

Middle bub: I feel you. I was bored to death in math earlier myself

Bottom bub: Its...
bub: It's not that

upper right bub: If you're seen with me...
left bub: Bad rumors will start to spread about you.

right bub: Hmm...
bub: Well that doesn't harm you in any way. (CHECK)
bub: Aren't you being too self conscious?
box: H...How

Box: Can you look at me with such honest eyes

Box: Such pure and untainted feelings (EXPRESSION)
bub: Akira-kun?
bottom panels from right
bub: Wait up Akira-kun
bub: It doesn't concern me... I already made my choice..
bub: The place where I can stand at the top...

Upper thought right: A place where others
left thought: Actually appreciate my existence
middle: Shoo... Get back to school

Lower thought: You and I are...
bub: Ah...
bub: Eh...

Upper from right
Bub: Sake... (CHECK)
bub: Akira.. Sake...
bub: Mom...
bub: Akira-kun...

bottom from right
bub: Akira...
bub: Let's go
bub: B-but Akira-kun...
bub: Is it alright just leaving your mother?
bub: Akira-kun!

bub: Akira-kun...

bub: I showed you something unsightly huh...
bub: I..It's fine, don't mind it
bub: Speaking of that, she was like that the last time we met too... (CHECK)
bub: Yeah that's just how she is nowadays.
bub: At least since Dad died...

thought: We didn't know what would happen after Dad's death... (CHECK)
thought: But as for Mom's heart...
thought: I couldn't save it
thought: Not by my power.
thought. Not one thing.
bub: You're wrong Akira-kun

bub: No matter how small your power, with enough effort
bub: You could change the world

lower from right
bub: My father
bub Even right now he's overseas planting trees and digging wells
bub: He continues day by day piling up these small insignificant jobs
bub: Something he always said to me was

bub: If you continue to persevere, one day the world will change for you
bub: That's what I believe

thought: That pure disposition is the only reason Po can continue to think that way.

bub: Stand up Akira-kun

thought: But...
thought: But I'm...

bub: Ah...
bub: Akira-kun
thought: I'm not running away... I..
thought: I chose this!

thought: A world that let's me use my talents.
thought: I'm....

thought: Mail...?
thought: Is it from Po?

SFX bub: Ji.. Jiji..
bub: What the... by itself?

bub Re... Revolt...?

bub: What the heck is this application...
bub: Whoever made it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth
bub: I can't get any information on it
thought: But to install itself on my phone like that...
Screen text: Would you like to save the world?
bub: Huh...?

bub: Save... the world?
bub How pretentious
Box: Who would believe such an invitation nowadays?
Screen text: Do you have the power to save the world?
Boxes: Power... I...
Bub: What the heck is this...?
bub: Some kind of test?
Thought: Why am I taking this so seriously...

Screen: Do you want power?
Text: Power...
Box: If I had more power...
Box Back then for sure

Bub: Crap... That was the install button?
bub: This...
thought: I don't have any power
thought: This is just a...
bub: A...Aaah

Bub: You have become the leader of the revolution
Bub. Your orders Commander!
bub: Sir yes Sir!
bub: Huh...
bub: W..what is this

bub: A game?
box: What a strange game

Bub: The enemy has barricaded themselves in the mountains
bub: Should we advance on their position?

Box: It ended up being an average military tactics game
Box: Be it during of after school
Bub: The direction of battle has changed!
Bub Your orders Commander!

bub: Didn't I have it on silent...
bub: How did the game...
Box: However I continued playing
Bub: We've sustained heavy casualties among the urban vanguard!!
Bub: Our forces are scattered!
Thought: Whoa... this CG...
Thought: The quality is insane
Thought: Almost as if it's the real thing...

Thought: What company is behind this kind of game?
Thought: This realism and atmosphere...
Thought: This really is...
Bub: Extrication teams have arrived from the Northwest and South
Bub: We've formed an alliance with a civillian guerilla force 35 strong (CHECK)
Thought: This is...

Bub: Commander

Bub:Commander your orders
Bub: Please!
Bub: Commander
Thought: This is...

Bub: Please wait
Bub: Behind the yellow line
Bub: This train is passing through
Thought: This is... Real...
Thought: What a game...
Bub: That automatic download must have been
Bub: some form of stealth marketing huh...

Thought: Even for a forced download
Thought: The world is bound to...
Bub: Alright... Forces advance
Bub: I'll have the infantry clear a path from the south
Bub: And use this oppotunity to pull out the riflemen in the north
Box: I lost track of time...
bub: Recon Team forward
bub: Space the landmines 2 metres apart
Box: All day...

Bub: Hey Naruse's been doing nothing but staring at his phone recently...
bub:He hasn't learnt his lesson after being warned... seriously
Bub: Even in class his eyes are glued to that thing
bub: Walking a tight line isn't he

Thought: Akira-kun why...
Thought: How could you get so addicted to that game...
Bub: Spare no mercy in reaching the objective
Bub: Kill
Thought: Will Akira-kun be alright?...
Thought: If something bad were to...

Thought: It's fine if I don't get up (CHECK)
Bub: Finals are today
Bub: Naruse is seriously retarded
bub: This isn't good...

thought: He...
Bub: Sit down Naruse
Bub: This is your career survey form from this month
Bub: Your choices...
bub: All are left as "undecided"
Bub: Exactly what are you deciding about? (EXPRESSION)

bub: Listen up, everyone is putting effort into exams and sports trying to get into a good school
bub: You're the only one slacking off
Bub: Do you realize what a burden you are to everyone?!
Thought: What is "everyone"?
thought: When did you become their representative?!
Thought: It's not like i have a choice... (HELP)
Thought: People like you...
Bub: If you keep up this attitude...

Bub: we'll have to take further steps... You understand?
drop out Form: Withdrawal Notice
Bub: We are a private school
bub: We can't allow someone like you to pull down the other students.

Bub: Naruse...

Box: In the end someone who doesn't obey the rules of this world can't survive.
Box: It irks me
Box: However...
Box: In the end I'm...

Bub: We bring you news of the ongoing civil war in the Lebanon
Bub: Huge developments occured last night
Bub: Congratulations!
Bub: The revolution has come to an end!
Bub: All thanks to the Commander

Bub: Running away...
Bub: To the reality within the game... huh
Box: What does a victory like this matter in the real world...
Bub: Commander. We request your advice on one last issue
Bub: This...
Bub: This is Mr.XX of the former ruling party

Bub: His dictatorship and puppeteering is responsible for the deaths of many (CHECK)
Bub: Just a few minutes ago he was captured by civilians.
Thought: Leaders?.... This is
Thought: This man is?!...
bub: At this rate this man
bub: Is very likely to be executed by the civillians
BUb: How shall we
bub: Deal with this matter?

Bub: Does he beg for his life?
Bub: ...Sorry?
bub: Someone who would put the people through such

bub: How can such a man...
bub: have stood as their leader?
thought: Naruse...
thought: You alone are...
bub: Typically peacekeeping forces would take him into

bub: Commander?

bub: Let the majority decide
bub: ...Sorry?
bub: whether this shall end (EXPRESSION)
bub: in suicide or execution
bub: Those two choices (EXPRESSION)

bub: The people have chosen...
bub: To execute him
bub: b-but...
bub: By international laws those kind of measures...
thought: Well it's only a game
thought: The anger of the populace takes manifest
bub: Boss (HELP:What exactly is 室長 in english :/) is this really okay?...
bub: This..

BUb: Bravo...
bub: He passes
bub: Ahh...
bub: Orders acknowledged commander...
bub: Make him an example
thought: Reality is...

bub: Damn what's with the screen...
bub: What? Whoa
bub: Eww
bub: Eh...

bub: Newsflash : This just in, an update on the Amal Resistance in Lebanon.
bub: Have successfully staged a revolution

bub: The leader of the former ruling party Mr. XX has
bub: Been lynched!
bub: A lynching by the people!!
bub: I repeat, Mr XX of the former ruling party has...
thought: That man was...
bub: Whoa...
bub: What's that?
bub: Can they show something like that?
thought: I know him...

thought: I...
thought: That man...
thought: No way...
thought: It can't be...

thought: THis scene
thought; THat car
Thought: the buildings...
thought: I recognize t...
thought REVOLT...?!
bub: The crowd is in chaos
bub: Mr XX's corpse is...
bub: I
bub: Eh...
bub: That man I...

bub: Ugh...
sfx: Haa x3
thought: What the... Is this for real?
thought: This game...
thought: REVOLT is...
thought: Connected to the revolution?
thought: YOu're kidding

Bub; So until now
Bub: Everything I've done...
bub: I'm impressed...
bub: Naruse Akira


bub: W...who are you people...
bub: Pleased to meet you
Text: Huge developments! What will happen to Akira...!?
bub: Now... Come with me
bub: To Svate (CHECK)

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Areas to check:

bub: Lose... (CHECK)
Odd expression I don't know how to put in english

bottom right: ... Po (CHECK)
He calls here ぽー. I'm unsure of how to romanize that without it becoming awkward.

cont: scho- (CHECK)
Not particularly sure if the meaning comes across here

bub: Well that doesn't harm you in any way. (CHECK)

Box: Such pure and untainted feelings (EXPRESSION)
Sounds weird as hell

Bub: Sake... (CHECK)
Would changing it to alcohol make it more understandable?

bub: Speaking of that, she was like that the last time we met too... (CHECK)

thought: We didn't know what would happen after Dad's death... (CHECK) (There's something about insurance here but I don't know how to phrase it in)

Bub: We've formed an alliance with a civillian guerilla force 35 strong (CHECK)

Bub: His dictatorship and puppeteering is responsible for the deaths of many (CHECK)

bub: whether this shall end (EXPRESSION)
bub: Those two choices (EXPRESSION)
Not sure how to put this in english to make it less awkward

bub: Boss (HELP:What exactly is 室長 in english :/) is this really okay?...

bub: To Svate (CHECK)

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