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Ashita no Yoichi 21

Dance! The big play!

+ posted by AyameForPresident as translation on Mar 15, 2009 22:06 | Go to Ashita no Yoichi

-> RTS Page for Ashita no Yoichi 21


Blonde: You'd better prepare yourselves, drama club!
We'll make you pay for your cheekiness back then!

Title: 21st Strike: Dance! The big play!


Announcer: The festival will be taking place in the gymnasium.
If all visitors would please head that way.

Girl: Let's do our best!
Girl: Yeah!

Sign: Drama Club

Ayame: Ah...
Senpai... please...
I want more... more!


Kujaku: More?
I think you'll be fine with this much padding though...
Ayame: Eeeeh?
But I'm scared the dress'll slip on stage...

Fukurou: All the preperations are finished, right Ayame-kun?

Ayame: Buchou!

Fukurou: Ladies! Today is finally the day!
I thank you for all your hard work!

Not only on the acting, but for all the energy you've spent on painting backgrounds and making scene equipment, big and small.


Fukurou: Let's review our story quickly.
A pair of normal siblings sharing their roof with a mysterious girl.
In reality, she is a magician who was interested in the human world and made her way there.
Committing an awful taboo in entering the human world, she is targeted by other magicians who end up seriously injuring the elder sister.
I can't keep exposing those dear to me to danger...

Fukurou: ...She thinks, and with her magic she makes the protagonist lose all memories of her with a kiss and tearfully makes her exit...

Fukurou: Um... are you two alright?

Fukurou: Anyway, if our play isn't ranked among the top three
Then we can kiss the Drama Club goodbye.

Fukurou: But! It's nothing you need to worry about!
Because I belive in you guys.

Fukurou: So you guys believe in me too!
Suzume: Buchou...!


Fukurou: Let's go everyone!
We'll never let them dissolve our Drama Club!
All: Yeah!

Fukurou: Right, let's head to the gymnasium...

Ayame: Today's the last day I get to act with Samurai...
And... it's the last time I'll do the kiss scene with him...

Ayame: Til now, we haven't actually kissed yet... but...

Yoichi: Is something the matter, Ayame-dono?
Ayame: D-
Dumbass! It's nothing, you dumbass!


On the boards: The drama club sucks!

Yoichi: Wha...
The background pictures...
Fukurou: All our stage equipment's been broken too...

Suzume: That's terrible! Who would do that?
Girl: H-hey!
Are you blaming us?

Suzume: We worked so hard on this, every day...!
This is terrible...

Yoichi: Suzume-dono.
The culprit is not one of these people.
Suzume: Eh?

Yoichi: True, after we had brought all these things here yesterday, there have only been students in here.


Yoichi: Those standing here today have also been doing all they can for this day!
The ones who know the value of hard work
Would never do a thing such as this!

Suzume: Yoichi-chan...
Background: Samurai-kun...

Suzume: Then...
Who in the world could've...?

Blonde: Heh heh.
I sure would like to see their faces about now.
It'll be impossible for them to fix all that in time for the show... guess they'll just have to give it up!

Blonde: Now... let me see you, pathetically surrendering your dreams, Fukurou!
Ah hah...
I'm gonna enjoy this...

Suzume: Buchou-san...


Fukurou: Mm!
All right, no problems!

All: Huh?!

Fukurou: I admit it's frustrating to have all our things ruined by some imbecile
But in the end, what makes a great play great is the acting!
Suzume: B, but...

Fukurou: Who do you think I am?
Ladies, just relax and act like you've practiced and everything'll be fine.

Fukurou: Now, let's go!
Yoichi: Buchou...


Yoichi: Buchou-dono... she is trembling.
Of course. Having a thing like this happen just moments before the real thing, no one would be able to remain calm.

Yoichi: But as leader, she could not lose heart in front of the others.
She is strong...!

Yoichi: This play...
We have to make it a success!
Announcer: And that was it from the Puppet Club.

Blonde: That was great, right Ibuki?
Ibuki: Yeah!
Unknown: Whoa, even Washizu's shown up.
I wonder if it's raining outside or something?

Ibuki: Washizu-kun, you've come to see Ayame act, right? Thanks!
Washizu: Oh! Ikaruga, she's looking over here!

Announcer: And next up we have...


Announcer: The drama club's
"A Magical Love"

Ibuki: Er? They only have chairs...?
I wonder if they might be planning something?

Guy: Hmm... hey, that girl's hands!
Look closely!

Guy: Oh!
I get it, she's cooking something!

Guy: Oh, now she's adding something...
Actually, just by looking at her...


Fukurou: You two~
Food's almost ready~

Afro: Incredible... They're not using a single piece of stage equipment
But I can still totally see that they're in a kitchen!

Ibuki: That's not all.

Fukurou: Oh no~
We're all out of salt~
Ibuki: Each and every little thing about her is different, I don't feel like I'm watching the Drama Club's buchou at all.
She's completely become a kind and caring older sister!

Kujaku: This is...


Kujaku: What our Buchou can do...!
Fukurou: Er? Now it tastes great...!
Background: When'd that happen?
Yoichi: I wonder why...
D'you have any idea?
Ayame: N-none at all...

Narrator: Yes, that girl could use magic... Changing the flavor of something was an easy task to her.

Blonde: What the...
They're actually doing it?
Normally you'd give up when you find all your equipment's been busted, right?

Blonde: And everyone else too.
Didn't they all hate the drama club when we spread those rumours around?
Blonde: Is their play *that* fascinating?


Blonde: They're really pissing me off!!
Yeah, move on to plan B!

Blonde: Just you watch... I'm gonna embarrass you big time
In front of all these people!

Unknown: Incredible! That girl's doing all roles except for the protagonists' by herself!
Samurai boy's working hard on his acting too, huh?
And that blonde girl's doing her best too, so cute!


Girl: This play is... really interesting!
Torigaya: Looking good, drama club!

Box: And so our story enters its climax.
The fated last scene!
Ayame: You understand now, right?
I'm a witch who committed the worst taboo... I'm a wanted criminal.

Ayame: What happened to your sister was all my fault too.
Fukurou: Phew... that wraps up my part in this.
The rest is all yours.

Yoichi: Maybe so.
And I'm sure all those people who've come here recently were all after you.
But I damn give a damn about who you are or what you've done!

Yoichi: Are you worried about my sister? I'll protect her... and you too!
From anyone!


Yoichi: Come...
Take my hand, and stay with me.

Free text: It's time...
Now, the heroine hugs the hero and the story seems to end happily.
Ayame: I can't drag you into this...

Ayame: But then, with a kiss, she steals away his memories...

Ayame: Today's the last chance...
And afterwards, I can just say I accidentally put too much force in it because of nerves and apologise...

Ayame: Today, I won't do any mimicing.
I'm gonna kiss Samurai for real!


Blackhaired boy: H-huh? An outage?
Other: Ain't it just a pause?
Handwritten BG: Can't see anything...

Ibuki: No... I've only read a bit of the script, but this wasn't a scene that required a pause!
Something must've happened...!

Fukurou: Suzume!
What's going on?!
Suzume: Awawa~, Buchou-san~~
All the electricity's been cut!


Ayame: S, Samurai...
Yoichi: What's going on?

Kujaku: We don't know when electricity's coming back, so stay on stage...
Yoichi: Y, yes...

Yoichi: Ayame-dono!!

Ayame: Eh?


Kujaku: That's... the padding I put in Ayame-chan's dress!

Kujaku: What's...


Ayame: Ah...

Fukurou: Kh! The cable's been cut clean off!
Suzume: The ceiling lights won't come on either...
I wonder if someone's flipped the breakers...

Fukurou: It's the stage!
Suzume: Hello, Kujaku-chan?

Fukurou: Eh...
Ayame-kun's dress has what?!


Fukurou: We can't turn the lights on now, Ayame-kun's pratically naked!
So even if we manage to somehow get the lights back
We can't continue the play!

Yoichi: Coward!
Who are you?!
Kujaku: Don't move!

Kujaku: We might still be able to save this performance!
We should wait here for instructions from buchou...
Yoichi: But...!


Ayame: Sigh...
And we all worked so hard for today too...

Ayame: To have some stupid thing like this happen at the very end...
We didn't even get to finish, and it's all over...!


Ayame: At the cultural clubs and research festival
I wanna play the part of the heroine too!

Suzume: Buchou-san changed this drama club!
She turned it into a club for people who actually love theatre!

Fukurou: We all did our best on this play!
Please come watch it!

Fukurou: Let's go everyone!
We'll never let them dissolve our Drama Club!


Kujaku: Karasuma-kun!

Kujaku: Wait, Karasuma-kun!


Boy: Hey... isn't this pause a little long?
What's going on?

Ponytail: H-hey...
I flipped the breaker like you told me, but...
Don't you think this is going too far?

Blonde: What?!
What are you, that broad's friends or something?!

Blonde: Anyway, it's all her own fault! She's the bad guy here!!
Compared to what she did, this is nothing!

Yoichi: Nothing, you say...?


Yoichi: It is you, then?
The cowards.

Blonde: Y
You're part of the Drama Club?
What, you've any proof it was us?!

Yoichi: When lights went off, everyone in the gymnasium exchanged surprised looks...
Everyone... except for you.

Yoichi: The hard work everyone has put in for this day...
The hopes and dreams everyone had for this day...


Yoichi: To take that hard work, those dreams
And shatter it all in the blink of an eye
And then stomp on the broken pieces...
You call that "nothing"?!

Blonde: Wh... what's with you...? She's the one who started it... she stole everything from me...
After that incident, I became depressed...
I didn't feel like doing anything, and in the end I even failed to get into the university I wanted to go to!

Blonde: We were her senpai's, but she!
No matter what we did to her, she refused to give up!
She stubbornly continued doing theatre, and she looked like she was having fun too! I'll never forgive her!!


Blonde: I'll make her life miserable
Like she made ours!!

Yoichi: You are underestimating
The strength of those who believe in their own path and walk it.

Yoichi: Buchou-dono and the others are not so weak as you
Who gave up because of a pebble on the road!!


Black-haired boy: Huh? All those rumors about the theatre club were lies...?
We heard everything you said...
Boy: I even believed that crap...
Girl: That's low...


Blonde: W
What's your problem...?

Teacher: I'm gonna have you come with me to the teacher's office.

Fukurou: Whoa...
It was the senpai's who were behind it all...
Suzume: But who in the world could've turned the lights back on~?

Fukurou: No matter, in the end, ev-

Fukurou: Oh no! Ayame-kun's dress is ruined, if the lights are back on...!

Yoichi: Ayame-dono!!


Ayame: This writing is...!

Ayame: Aaah!
This must be divine retribution!


Ayame: For the skies to suddenly darken so...!
This is my true form...
If I stay in complete darkness, where even moonlight cannot reach me, I cannot maintain my human image!

Ayame: Now that you know...
Will you still accept me?

Yoichi: Ayame-dono...!

Fukurou: Adlib!
I see... with that, even if Karasuma-kun isn't in on it, it wouldn't be strange for him to remain silent!

Ayame: Sigh...
I knew it.
Without Aneki, I'm completely helpless...


Ayame: I'm not qualified
To share a kiss with Samurai...

Ayame: Geh!

Ayame: Waaah!


Ayame: I! I'm so-!
That... wasn't intentionally...!

Ayame: Wait, he fainted?!
BG: Lost consciousness from (nose)blood loss


Ayame: Sorry, Samurai-boy...
This is


Ayame: With this, all your memories of me are gone.
BG: I'm sorry... from now on...

BG: I'm gonna do my best to cheer Aneki and Samurai on.
Ayame: Forget all about me
And please, live happily.

Narrator: And so, the heroine stole our hero's precious memories and left.
Thus does the tragic story of their impossible love end.
And I pray that your loved ones are no magicians...

Glasses boy: H
Hey. Announcer.
Girl: Oh! Right.
And that was everything from the Drama Club.


Spectator: Awesome! Some idiots tried to ruin everything, but you sure as hell delivered anyway!
You're awesome, Drama Club!!

Unknown: Wow
He's still fainted.
You're too serious about your acting!

Washizu: Ikaruga-san!
I found the janitor and got him to switch the lights back on! Is it alright now?
Ibuki: Yes, perfect!
Thank you, Washizu-kun, Torigaya-kun!


Handwritten: Heeey, come back to earth Karasuma-kun!

Announcer: And that was everything from the Wind Instruments Music Club, our last performance.
The cultural clubs and research festival has now ended!

Everyone: Good job guys!!

Fukurou: I was worried for a second there, but Ayame-kun's quick improvising saved us!
Suzume: Yes, it was incredible, Ayame-chan!

Ayame: That was...
Aneki's idea...
I didn't really do anything...

Fukurou: Ayame-kun...

Yoichi: That is not true, Ayame-dono.


Afro: That was a sick performance!
Longhair: You managed to continue acting during that pressured atmosphere...
I'm moved!!

Yoichi: Indeed, Ibuki-dono's quick thinking was brilliant.
But withou Ayame-dono's amazing acting and, above all, incredible courage, nothing would have come of it.

Yoichi: It was a fantastic performance!
You are indeed incredible, Ayame-dono!

Fukurou: That's right, Ayame-kun!
Suzume: Thank you, Ayame-chan~
Ayame: Aaa~h...


Ayame: And here I thought I could give up on him...!

Teacher: We're gonna overlook this incident.
But just this once. If something like this happens again, you'll be sorry.

Ponytail: H
Hey, let's go.
Blonde: I never had anything I could get that excited and fired up about.
For me, there were never anything but exams.


Blonde: I wanted something I could get absorbed in and have fun with too.
I wanted something, to have lived my high school life to its fullest...!

BG: Several days later...
Group: A - I - U - E - O
Do~ Re~ Mi~ Fa~ So~
Fukurou: Your voices are low.
Don't be afraid to speak up!

Yoichi: Good day! Looks like it our play was a great success!
Fukurou: Karasuma-kun! Ayame-dono!

Fukurou: Thanks to you, we managed to get ranked within the top three!
And we've even gotten some new members!
Yoichi: That's great! I am glad that the misunderstanding with those senpai was cleared up too.

Fukurou: No...
We weren't totally undeserving of it.


Fukurou: I did a lot of things that I thought were for the good of our club, but in the end, I just made our situation worse.
From here on out, I plan on making this club a genuinely fun place to be for those who are interested in theatre!

Fukurou: I wouldn't have thought of this if I hadn't seen everyone's smiling faces when we were handing out fliers.
Yoichi: Buchou-dono...

Fukurou: To be honest, I've learned a lot from you...
That's why, um...

Fukurou: Won't you stay in our club
And continue doing theatre...?


Yoichi: I thank you, but I must refuse.
It was thanks to Ayame-dono and Ibuki-dono that the play was saved.
While I lost to my anger and almost ruined everything.

Yoichi: I'm sorry
But I am, after all, a swordsman of the Ikaruga dojo.
My path lies not with theatre, but with the sword.

Yoichi: I thank you for this experience you granted me.
Though our paths differ, let us both devote ourselves to what we love and press ever onwards!

Kujaku: Buchou...

Fukurou: Not with theatre...
But the sword... huh?

BG: Buchou-dono and the others are not so weak as you
Who gave up because of a pebble on the road!!
Fukurou: It's true, more than any lines you recited during your performance
Those words touched my heart.


Fukurou: The strength and conviction
To walk your path without faltering...

Fukurou: Thank you, Karasuma-kun.
Now, let's hear those voices!
Others: Right!
Fukurou: You are indeed the man I recognized!

Yoichi: Are you sure about this, Ayame-dono?
Just because I am not staying in the Drama Club, that does not mean you too should leave...
Ayame: Eh?

Ayame: W-well...
That's cause... there's no point in staying if you're not there...

Yoichi: I could not hear what you said.
Ayame: Daaah!!

Ayame: Would you cut it out and get with the program already?!
Just why do you think I wanted to join that play so bad?!

Yoichi: That...
I am already well aware.
Ayame: Heh?!


Yoichi: Of course. It is quite obvious, Ayame-dono.
Ayame: Eh...
Er, um...!

Yoichi: I know. It's love, right?

Yoichi: Love for theatre.

Yoichi: Acting is amazing! On the stage, people can become bold and daring and...
Oh? Ayame-dono, is something the matter?

Ayame: You dumbass Samurai-moron!
Yoichi: Eeeeeh?!

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Mar 16, 2009
Blonde: You'd better prepare yourselves, drama club!
We'll make you pay for your cheekiness back then!

Just a quick comment about this (along with saying thanks for joining the site ;) )
But "Cheekiness?" do you honestly use this? Perhaps you should use "for the way you bad mouthed us" (You don't have to add "back then" as the "past tense" automatically lets the reader know that it happened in the past^^~
#2. by dragon132004 ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2009
Awesome Awesome Awesome work ..you are awesome and Thanks a looooooooooooot for all this hard work... please keep it going....
#3. by AyameForPresident ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2009
Thanks, for both your comment and welcome ^_^

Haha, I don't actually use cheekiness since I'm more used to American English than British ;) But yeah, I couldn't think of a good substitution word, so I ended up using that. Cheers for your thoughts :)

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