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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Ashita no Yoichi 22

22nd Strike: The Man With the Purple Shirt

+ posted by AyameForPresident as translation on Mar 23, 2009 20:54 | Go to Ashita no Yoichi

-> RTS Page for Ashita no Yoichi 22

[The use of this translation (in scanlation releases) is reserved for Rycolaa.]


Title: 22nd Strike: The man with the purple shirt.


Masashi: Waah!

Yoichi: Are you well, Masashi-dono?
Masashi: Ow, ouch...
Man, you're crazy strong


Masashi: I'm glad you're back.
You don't have to practice theatre anymore?
Yoichi: Indeed.
I will once again be able to turn my undivided attention towards fencing.
Masashi: Really?! Yaaay!

Yoichi: It's true, when I practiced for the play I were not able to even show my face here.
Kid: Yeah, yeah!
Kid: Only Wa-san's been here and he's boooring!
Washizu: Wha!

Kid: And Ibuki-sensei too, she looked really lonely while Yoichi-niichan was gone!
Kid: Yeah!
Ibuki: Heh?!

Ibuki: What...

Ibuki: What are you kids saying!
I never looked lonely!!
Kid: Wah!
Don't get mad!

Ibuki: Really!
Kids say the strangest things...


Ibuki: No helping it, I guess...

Yoichi: Ibuki-dono...

Kid: See? She looks totally happy now that he's back!

Ibuki: Hey you! Why don't you practice instead of spouting nonsense!
Kid: Ahahaha, she got mad again!

Yoichi: This feels nostalgic somehow...

Yoichi: For me to feel like this...
It would seem that I too have become a proper member of this dojo.

Ayame: Was Aneki really that lonely when we were gone?
Washizu: Even if I think I'm gonna burst every time I see her, you seriously expect me to remember that?


Ibuki: Alright, that's it for form practicing today!
Next, I thought we should pair up and do some sparring!

Kid: I wanna pair up with sensei!
Kid: No way, I'm sparring with sensei!
Washizu: Wha!!

Washizu: You snot-nosed little shits!

Washizu: If anyone's gonna pair up with Ikaruga-san, it's gonna be me!!
Kid: Whoa, scaryyy!
Something's coming outta Wa-san!

BG: Scaary! Scaaaaryyyy!
Ibuki: Washizu-kun


Ibuki: You don't have to put that look on.
I know what you're thinking, Washizu-kun.

Washizu: Ikaruga-san...
Are you for real?

Washizu: You finally understand how I feel about you!
Ibuki: Okay, sooo...

Ibuki: We'll be sparring in these groups!
Me and Yoichi-san will fight two at a time.


Washizu: I

Ibuki: No need to thank me, Washizu-kun!
You wanted to pair up with Ayame, right?
I'll be rooting for you!

Ibuki: Okay, let's start!

Washizu: Ikaruga-san...!
Box: Washizu Vision
Vision: Right now's the time for practice!
I won't pair up with Washizu-kun if he thinks of other things all the time!

Washizu: You're right, Ikaruga-san!
I'll have to do my best to become a man worthy of you!!
Here we goooo!!
Ayame: Daaah!
What're you getting so worked up for, you're annoying!

Yoichi: Wow.
Those two always impress me with their fierce exchange of blows.
Ikaruga: It's 'cause they're so close!
I'm sure!


Angela: We're here, Tsubasa-sama!

Angela: Visiting a dojo like this
Sends your blood rushing and you can feel your spirit burning with excitement.

Angela: Can you feel it, Tsubasa-sama?

Angela: Come, we have ramen to deliver!


Yoichi: Oh! It has been a long time, you two!
Ibuki: Thanks for coming, Angela-san, Tsubasa-chan.

Angela: Karasuma!

Angela: Long time no see! I heard you were doing theatre...?
Yoichi: Yes, well... it was difficult, I ended up being more trouble than help...

Yoichi: Tsubasa-do-
Ayame: Ow, ouch!
T... take it a little easier...!
Washizu: Huuh?! Bear it, you wuss!

Tsubasa: This voice...


Ayame: Look, if you use that... much force...!
I'm gonna... go.. numb...
Washizu: Finished so soon?
We're just getting started!
Come on, keep going!!

Tsubasa: Pya-
Yoichi: My, it must be Washizu-dono and Ayame-dono.

Yoichi: They haven't seen each other for some time
So I think they're both rather excited today...
Ibuki: Really!
Those two are so close!

Tsubasa: No...!
No way!!

Tsubasa: Pyaaaan!
Angela: Tsubasa-sama?!
Please wait!!


Angela: Tsubasa-samaaaa!

Washizu: Did you see, Ikaruga-sa-
She's gone!
Ayame: My fingers've gone numb...
That dick, he seriously annoys the hell out of me...

Angela: Tsubasa-sama!
What's the matter?

Tsubasa: Aagh, I knew I shouldn't have gone to the dojo!
I knew He and Ayame-chan were close!

Tsubasa: I suppose that's to be expected... Ayame-chan is fashionable, slim and cute, exactly like a normal girl...
Arrow: Here's the slim area.
Tsubasa: She's perfect for Him.

Tsubasa: And compared to that, I'm...
Voice: Watch out!!


Kid: The ball!

Voice: Those iron beams!

Voice: That runaway truck with no driver!

Voice: Those wild rabid dogs!

Voice: You there!
Watch out!!


Angela: Tsubasa-sama!
Tsubasa: Hah?! Oh no!
I was so busy thinking I blanked out...


Tsubasa: ...Eh.

Angela: Brilliant, Tsubasa-sama!
You are indeed the future head of the Tsubame Benten Ryuu!
Watch! The awed looks of all around!

Onlookers: Whoa, it's Supergirl!
Incredible, and with that small frame of hers...
Nevermind incredible, that's downright scary!
Youngsters these days...
That girl...

Kid: She ain't normal!


Tsubasa: Waaaaaaaan!

Angela: What's the matter?

Tsubasa: Leave me alone!

Tsubasa: Uuu... I did it again...
Why do I keep embarassing myself in front of other people?


Tsubasa: When we first met, he showed me the way when I'd lost myself.
Washizu image: The staff room's that way, chibi-chan.
Leave the rest to me.
Tsubasa: And then, he wanted to protect me...
Such a kind and normal high-schooler...

Tsubasa: And on the other hand, there's me, who was born on a mountain and raised to be the next head of the Tsubame Benten style of martial arts.
And then there's *that*...
There's no way someone like me...
Can be with a normal person like Him...

Angela: I wonder what's troubling Tsubasa-sama...
She has seemed to feel rather down for a while now...

Angela: She looked especially rejected when we visited the dojo...
And I finally got her to follow me out too.
I thought a change of scenery would be nice...

Angela: Wait... she looked rejected when we visited the dojo?
Could it be that Tsubasa-sama...?


Angela: I understand now, Tsubasa-sama, what's bothering you.
And I apologise most profoundly for not realising before.

Tsubasa: Angie...

Angela: Tsubasa-sama.
Let's go home, to the Tsubame house.

Tsubasa: A... Angie...
Angela: You were so reluctant to visit the dojo... In other words, visiting the dojo made you remember the strict but fun days when you practiced the Tsubame Benten style!
And then, you couldn't hold it back and did that brilliant display of skill...


Angela: Finally... you've finally fallen in love with the Tsubame Benten style!
I have been waiting for this day to come...
The day when the blood of the martial artist in Tsubasa-sama would awaken!

Angela: Tsubasa-samaaaa!

Angela: Please, listen!
As per the law of the Tsubame Benten style
As the eldest daughter, you must inherit the position of head. There can be no other!

Angela: This has been decided upon your birth! It is your destiny!
Living an ordinary, normal life like this is out of the question!

Angela: It opened! Tsuba-

Angela: An excellent kawarimi... wait, where'd you go?!


Angela: Some day, I will definitely bring you back to Tsubame house, Tsubasa-samaaaa!

Tsubasa: That stupid Angie...
She said she understood, but she doesn't get it at all!

Tsubasa: At this rate, I'll be dragged back to Tsubame house...
Back to the days when every day was just training...
BG handwritten: No TV! Training! No manga! Training!
Tsubasa: No way! I'd rather die!

Yoichi: Tsubasa-dono.


Tsubasa: Karasuma-kun.

Yoichi: Are you well? You look troubled.
If you don't mind, would you speak to me about it?
Tsubasa: Karasuma-kun...

Tsubasa: With just a glance he could tell something's wrong... what a good person!

Yoichi: Not at all.
We are both martial artists, after all.
When we are troubled, we should turn to each other!

Yoichi handwritten: Martial arts, martial arts~
Tsubasa handwritten: Weary~

Yoichi: Er?

Tsubasa: Thanks for worrying
But I don't think it's anything Karasuma-kun will understand.


Tsubasa: Karasuma-kun...
Why... am I a martial artist?
Why am I the next in line for headship?

Tsubasa: I don't want to be head.
All I want is to live life like a normal girl.
To fall in love like a normal girl... that's all I want.

Tsubasa: Karasuma-kun, I...
Everything about me...
I hate it all! I wish I hadn't been born a martial artist!


Yoichi: Tsu-!

Girl: Hey, have you seen that movie Aizora?
Girl 2: Yeah! I bawled my eyes out!

Girl: Wanna go eat something? I'm in the mood for something sweet!
Girl 2: Let's go to that café in front of the station, it's got a great atmosphere!
Girl 2: I want to eat one of those cakes!

Man: Man...
That Washizu punk really pisses me off.


Man: We oughta teach him good
What it means to make an enemy out of the Dokuro Union!

Tsubasa: Washizu...
That's His name!

Kid: Thanks for today~!
Ibuki: Be careful on your way home!

Ibuki: Ah!

Ibuki: Almost forgot, Ayame!
Would you please go grocery shopping for tonight's dinner?
BG Handwritten: Here's the list
Ayame: Eh?


Ibuki: Washizu-kun's house is in the same direction, right?
Look after my sister for me, okay?
Chihaya: Kei-chaaaan, help me out today too?
Torigaya: Sure~!

Ibuki: Well, see you later then!

Ibuki: Great, now those two will get some time alone!
Chihaya: Looks like Ibuki-nee's gotten some funny ideas...

Ayame: Y'think
Maybe Aneki's gotten the wrong idea about us?

Washizu: Huuh?! You picking a fight?! As if Ikaruga-san would ever get the wrong idea about anything!
She's just got some really deep scheme you stupid broad!
Ayame: Talk about 'blindly in love'... emphasis on blind.


Washizu: Enough about me, what about you? Did you get any closer to Samurai during that theatre business?
Ayame: Eh?

Ayame: Er...

Washizu: Hmm? What's with that reaction, something happened, didn't it!
Ayame: N-not at all!
Thug: Hey, hey!!

Thug: You guys're getting along well as usual, aint'cha?
Keep it private though, cause the rest o' the world don't wanna see that crap!


Ayame & Washizu: Who?
Thug: Yo!!

Thug: I won't let you say you've forgotten!
Because of losing to you, twice, our reputation's hit rock bottom!
We're the ones people are pointing fingers at whisper behind our backs, the Dokuro Union!
Washizu: That any way to introduce yourself? Have some pride!

Thug: Last time we were a little lax...
But now's the real thing.

Thug: Every single one's brought a little something to bash your skull in with.
It's a real street fight, punk.
You ready for this?


Tsubasa: Oh...
Oh no...
He's been surrounded by those scary-looking men...

Tsubasa: What to do... if I use the anki Angie always make me carry, then-

Tsubasa: No wait, saving someone like that is definitely not what a normal highschool girl would do!
Isn't there a more normal way of saving someone...?

Tsubasa: But...

Tsubasa: What if... He loses to those scary men...
And thereby fails to protect Ayame-chan...
Wouldn't that ruin their relationship?


Tsubasa: Th-that's right...
And afterwards, I can just nurse Him back to health...

Tsubasa: There's nothing bad in that...
This is the only chance I'll get...

Tsubasa: So... I should just...
Keep quiet and...


BG: Ukiha Kamikaze Swordplay, 5th Strike

Thug: Holy! It split right off!
Thug: What the...

Ayame: Ah...


Ayame: Samurai!

Yoichi: You people again.
Grouping up against an unarmed opponent
Do you not think it cowardly?

Thug: That's our line, dick!
And what's with your getup anyway?
You cosplaying fag!

Thug: You don't give up, do ya?
Spouting that sermon crap...
What are you, a preacher?

Thug: Or maybe you think yourself some sort of hero of justice? Striking down evil men?
How chivalrous!
You fucking pretend-samurai!!


Thug: You wanna be a martial artist?
You're living in the wrong millenia, punk!
Prancing around like a boy scout...
You're just a fucking pest!

Thug: You don't belong in the city, samurai-boy.
Why don'cha just scurry on back to whichever mountain you came from, and stay there til ya die!
'Cause we don't wanna see you around here!!

Thug: Yeah, get the fuck out of here!
Get out!

Thug: Fuck off!
Get out!

Yoichi: You say some strange things.


Yoichi: I merely wish to protect that which I treasure.
What does it matter if I am a martial artist or not?!


Ayame: Treasures...


Thug: ...Hah!

Thug: Aren't you a fucking hero?!


Tsubasa: I... can't believe myself...
I blamed everything on martial arts...
And wallowed in my own misery...

Tsubasa: As long as I don't
Lose sight of what's really important...!

Tsubasa: Thank you, Karasuma-kun.

Tsubasa: Was on the verge of hating
The me who isn't a martial artist.


[Nothing here]


Tsubasa: Wha...

Tsubasa: Wha!

Tsubasa: What's going oooon?!
Why'd my clothes tear apart?!

Tsubasa: Was that... in my pocket?

Angela: In order for Tsubasa-sama do be able to summon her true strength at any given time, I weakened the seams in your clothes.
I hope you'll find it useful. Takatsukasa Angela.

Tsubasa: Thanks a lot!!


Tsubasa: Oh no, what do I do? Standing out on the streets in only my underwear is...

Tsubasa: At this rate, *that's* going to...
I can't...
Fight it...

Thug: Gyaaah!

Thug: Wha- what's with this girlie?!
And why's she only wear-

Thug: Shit!
This girlie's strong!


Yoichi: Tsu...

Angie: Angie's info corner.
Box: It's been a while, so allow me to explain.

Thug: Gyah!
Box: From certain training I have put Tsubasa-sama through
I have conditioned her mind to, if Tsubasa-sama is embarrassed enough

Thugs: Guh!


BG: Drop all reason and become an avatar of martial might.
Tsubasa: Embarrassiiiiing!!

Yoichi: Tsu...

Tsubasa: Ah...
Er... Where...?


Tsubasa: ...Eh!

Tsubasa: I... did it again!!

Tsubasa: And... in front of Him and all!
BG: Worry Worry

Tsubasa: Uhh...

Tsubasa: Waaaan!
Yoichi: Tsubasa-dono?!


Tsubasa: Waaaan!

Angela: Tsubasa-sama?! What's the matter?!

Tsubasa: Leave me alone!

Tsubasa: Uuu... Not once, but twice I've been completely embarrassed in front of Him...
I hate martial arts...!

Tsubasa: There's no way that I, with this... impossible... body
Could ever enjoy love like a normal girl...


Tsubasa: I might as well
Give up on Him...

BG: Another day...

Chihaya: Oh,
Thanks for delivering.

Chihaya: You coulda just delivered all that straight to the dojo though...
Tsubasa: Ehehe...

Tsubasa: No I can't... because I can't face Him...

Tsubasa: I should hurry home so I won't run int-
Torigaya: Oooh, it's the ramen kid!
Wa-san, over here!


Tsubasa: It's Him!

Tsubasa: Well, I'll be taking my leave...
Washizu: Hey you, wait!

Tsubasa: Pyaaah!
He's probably gonna yell at me or say something mean...

Washizu: Here.
Take this.

Tsubasa: This is... a shirt?
Washizu: Well, you're always sort of... lightly dressed when I see ya. Thought ya might be cold.


Washizu: She's probably so poor she can't even buy clothes...
She's just a kid but she's doing a part-time job...
Keep fighting! (Fighting poverty)

Torigaya: Wa-san, this's the first time you've given a girl a present, isn't it?
Washizu: Sh, shut up you!

Tsubasa: His...
First present...
To a girl...

Washizu-vision: Keep fighting shorty!
Fight that destiny of yours!
Tsubasa: Yes... I'll fight!
All the while holding the purple shirt you gave me close to my heart...


Kid: Heehee!
I found you, Tsuu-tan!

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Thanks a loooooooooooooooot for this effort..you are awsome....
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