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Ashita no Yoichi 24

You Are The One To Overcome The School!

+ posted by AyameForPresident as translation on Jul 13, 2009 06:35 | Go to Ashita no Yoichi

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[The use of this translation (in scanlation releases) is reserved for Kono-Basho.]


24th Strike: You Are The One To Overcome The School!

25th Strike: Spinning The Youngest Sibling.

26th Strike: The Warrior, The Pharmacist and The Womanizer.

27th Strike: Tiny Tiny Yoichi.


Lucy: From Envy-sama. It's a letter of challenge.
You may tell those who absolutely must know but none else. I will stop at nothing to see this through.

Yoichi: Angie-dono was beaten.
Most likely, Tsubasa-dono too is in danger!

Yoichi: Please, be safe, Tsubasa-dono!

Tsubasa: Ka...


24th Strike: You Are The One To Overcome The School!


Ibuki: Tsubasa-chan, Angela-san!
How're you feeling?

Ibuki: Hey! Ayame, what do you think you're doing?!
Ayame: Oh, shut up. I'm redoing these bandages.
Since samurai here can't do it to save his life.
Yoichi: I, I'm sorry...

Ibuki: Okay!
That should do it!
Tsubasa: Thanks...

Ibuki: Perhaps it'd be best if we stayed at home for a while.
I'd feel bad if we left you two alone.
Here, feel free to use these clothes.
Angela: Sorry...


Angela: Lucy nee-san and Envy-sama are the best of Tsubame Benten School.
I can't even begin to compare...

Angela: "You, who've lost your reason for fighting, couldn't defeat anyone..."
No... I've simply become weaker...

Yoichi: So, according to this letter
I am to do battle against Envy-dono. If I do not win, then Angie-dono and Tsubasa-dono will be forced to return to the mountain.
Chihaya: Lemme see!
It'll be good for my manga!

Tsubasa: Karasuma-kun.

Tsubasa: I... swore to Him
That I would fight my destiny
In order to become a normal girl fit for Him!

Tsubasa: Please Karasuma-kun!
I want to stay here!


Yoichi: Tsubasa-dono...
Angela: Tsubasa-sama...

Everyone: Who is "Him"?

Yoichi: Rest easy, Tsubasa-dono.
A warrior will not run once a challenge has been issued.

Angela: Karasuma..
Tsubasa: Karasuma-kun...!

Ibuki: I will go too, as the master of the Ukiha Kamikaze dojo.
Ayame: D-dunno how much use I'll be, but I'll go too! Not for your sake though!

Yoichi: Ibuki-dono, Ayame-dono. I'm grateful.
Ayame: I just said it wasn't for you! D-dumbass!

Yoichi: The battle will be today, at Umanuma Park!

Chihaya: By the way, where's Kagome?
Ibuki: Oh
I sent her out on an errand, but that was some time ago...


Ibuki: I wonder where she could've gone...

Envy: 40 minutes left.
I look forward to crushing those devious Ukiha Kamikaze for what they did to Tsuu-tan!

Envy: I'm sure they used some devilish sorcery to confound Tsuu-tan!
That's why she...
But either way, since I punished her I'm sure she's returned to her senses.

Envy: She'll no longer involve herself with the Ukiha Kamikaze.

Lucy: Is that truly fine, Envy-sama?
To cause your beloved sister pain...

Envy: No helping it! This is for the sake of Tsubame Benten too!
If I don't do this much, Tsuu-tan won't break free of her brainwashing!


Envy: I'm already an adult!
Being able to discern that much i-

Envy: Eeeeeeek! A spider!

Lucy: An adult... I see...

Envy: Haah... haah...
I didn't expect to see spiders in the city...
No matter what, I can't stand them...

Envy: Ouch!

Envy: Did I sprain my ankle?
How unsightly... getting all worked up over a small bug...
Normally I'm not at all like this...

Envy: ...No.


Envy: This feeling
Isn't because of the bug.

Envy: Tsuu-tan...

Kagome: Ummm...
Are you okay?


Kagome: Okay!
It's alright now!
It doesn't hurt anymore either, right?
Envy: D-don't get the wrong idea!
I wasn't crying because my foot hurt or anything!

Envy: You're quite skilled at tending injuries...
Kagome: Well...
I'm sort of used to it, I guess.
Ayame: Gyaaah!
Chihaya: I stabbed myself with my pen!

(Small box)
Envy: But why are you walking around with a first aid kit?
Kagome: Um... no reason...

Envy: Are you on your way home from an errand?
Kagome: Yeah!

Thugs: Hey, fix me up!
Go buy food!
Envy: I see.
You seem to have it tough even though we look about the same age...

Kagome: Oh no, you've got it all wrong...
See, at home, me and my sisters take turns making dinner...


Kagome: And it makes me really happy when they compliment my cooking!
It makes me want to try cooking again!

Kagome: I love my sisters!

Envy: I see... you seem to... get along well.

Kagome: What's wrong?
Are you feeling ill? Does your foot hurt?

Envy: I... have a sister too...
But she left home, and never came back...


Tsubasa: "This shirt... and everyone of Ukiha Kamikaze School...
They're all really important to me!
I won't forgive you if you hurt either!"
"I just wish you people would leave me alone!"

Envy: I believed that those words were some sort of trick or a lie...

Envy: Perhaps I just didn't want to face the truth...
Ane has hated me all this time...
And that's why she won't come home...

Envy: And yesterday... I really wanted Ane to come home, so I ended up doing something horrible...
She probably won't forgive me...

Kagome: That's not true.


Kagome: My sisters fight a lot too, and they always end up saying stuff like "I hate you"
But they usually make up again right away!
There's no one in the world who actually hates their younger siblings.
That's what I think!

Kagome: So cheer up!

Envy: Thank you.
You're kind.

Lucy: Envy-sama.
It's almost time.
Envy: Oooh!
Allow me to introduce you! This is Lucy, and I'm Envy!
We're about to bring some evildoers to justice, so-

Kagome: Ah!


Ibuki: Kagome?!
What are you doing here?!

Kagome: I'm Ikaruga Kagome!
These are my sisters!


Kagome: Envy-chan?

Envy: To think that you would still involve yourself with those...
Are you still not free of your brainwashing?

Envy: Tsuu-tan...!
For someone who's my sister, you're pathetic!


Envy: I shan't be too hard though... I almost fell for it myself!
Deception through kind words...
I see! So this is how Ukiha Kamikaze fight their battles!

Ayame: Brainwashing?! The hell are you on, you little snot?!
And you leave Kagome out of this! Let her go!

Lucy: Envy-sama...

Tsubasa: Envy.
I've always admired the sort of life
That normal girls live in the city.


Tsubasa: Since I came here, I've been able to get a part-time job,
Make friends,
Fall in love.
Just like a normal girl! I've finally found the place where I feel at home!

Tsubasa: This is no trickery or brainwashing or anything else!
This is me, the true me!

Tsubasa: Just stop what you're doing!
I hate you all!!


Kagome: Wah!
Ibuki: Kagome!

Envy: Liar.

Envy: ...Fine.

Envy: If you really hate me that much...


Envy: Then I!
I hate you too, Tsuu-tan!!

Angela: Tsubasa-sama!


Envy: Lucy!

Envy: Lucy, why do you interfere!
Let me go!

Lucy: Envy-sama... enough. You did your best.
I'm proud of you.
But don't hurt yourself any more than this.


Lucy: You shouldn't lie to yourself
And do things you do not truly want to.

Envy: ......sob!

Kagome: Envy-chan!

Lucy: I'm sorry for making you experience something so scary.


Kagome: Onee-chan...
Ibuki: Kagome!

Ibuki: Don't get too close, it's dangerous! What'll you do if you get hurt?
Kagome: B-but...

Yoichi: Dangerous?
No... it's the very opposite!

Yoichi: Doing whatever she could to protect everyone...
Even injuring herself in the process.

Yoichi: Come to think of it, it was the same thing with Angie-dono.
She said "I will stop at nothing to see this through" but still she made sure no one was hurt more than absolutely necessary.


Yoichi: I don't understand...
Just what is Lucifer-dono thinking...?!

Tsubasa: Yay!

Angela: Tsubasa-sama!
Tsubasa: Envy can't fight like that, right?
So Karasuma-kun wins by default!

Tsukasa: Thank goodness!
I won't have to go back home!


Angela: Nee-san! What do you think you're doing to-!


Lucy: For how long will you keep on running away?!
Tsubame Tsubasa!!

Lucy: Causing so much trouble for this many people
Making your parents worry
And then hurting your younger sister and think nothing of it!


Lucy: Understand the weight of your position!
And, the weight of your responsibility!

Lucy: No matter where you run, where you hide, we will follow and catch you.
For as long as you remain the heir to Tsubame Benten School!


Lucy: I never thought that you'd be such a dullard.
Tsubasa: No!
I don't wanna go back!

Tsubasa: I'm not running away!
I'm doing my best to fight my destiny!

Tsubasa: Right Angie?!

Angela: I am... Tsubasa-sama's attendant...
At the same time, I am a warrior of Tsubame Benten Ryuu...

Angela: My apologies, Tsubasa-sama...
Do not know for whose sake I should fight...

Tsubasa: No way...
At this rate, I'll be dragged on home...
I'll return to the weak me from before who never dared going against the current!


Tsubasa: I definitely don't want that!!
Yoichi: Hold it!

Yoichi: The letter of challenge issued to me is still valid, is it not?
If I win in a duel, then Tsubasa-dono may remain in the city?


Yoichi: Karasuma Yoichi of Ukiha Kamikaze Ryuu!
I request a duel!

Tsubasa: Karasuma-kun!

Ayame: Hey, samurai!
I don't really get it, but isn't it the Lucy girl who's in the wrong?

Yoichi: Perhaps.
Ayame: Right?!
So why are you picking a fight?!


Yoichi: To bring
A smile to everyone's faces again!

Lucy: "For as long as you remain the heir to Tsubame Benten School!"
Yoichi: I see... Lucifer-dono!

Yoichi: I finally understand what you are aiming for!


Lucy: Very well, Karasuma-san.

Lucy: In the place of Envy-sama
I, Takatsukasa Lucifer, shall be your opponent!


Yoichi: Ukiha Kamikaze Ryuu, 8th Form!

Yoichi: Tsumuji! (Windslash)


Ibuki: Aaah!

Lucy: It seems
That I still require more training.


Lucy: You win
Karasuma Yoichi!

Ibuki: Yoichi-saaaaaaan!
Yoichi: Um! It's not!
This is a form that doesn't actually touch the opponent, and-! But you should know that, Ibuki-dono!

Ibuki: Pervert!!
Yoichi: Hebhuh!
Lucy: Wind pressure...?
I guess it was wind pressure...


Tsubasa: Thanks, Karasuma-kun!

Tsubasa: Now I'll be able to stay here forever!
You guys really are the best friends I could wish for!

Yoichi: Tsubasa-dono.
Won't you return to the Tsubame Benten School?


Tsubasa: Um... why?
Then... why did you just...?
Yoichi: Yes.

Yoichi: Why, you ask?
Well, first of all, do you not find it strange that Lucifer-dono would go to all this trouble
When she could have just forced the both of you to return to the mountain?

Angela: Now that he mentions it...
Was nee-san's goal something else?

Yoichi: Do you still not see?


Yoichi: Living your life going against the current
Is, in the end, still a life *in* the current!

Yoichi: For example, in a river.
If you fight too hard against the current, then the water will flow over the banks
And sweep away all the people around you.


Kagome: Envy-chan was just feeling lonely because her sister wouldn't come home!
And sad, because "you hate her"...

Kagome: It's nothing complicated, like schools and stuff...

Yoichi: Do not try so hard to defy your destiny as heir, rather, attempt to change it.
That is what it means to fight one's destiny.
And the only one who can do that is you, Tsubasa-dono.

Yoichi: Lucifer-dono
And the person you made a promise to as well
Were both probably trying to tell you that.


Yoichi: Tsubasa-dono, you will always have a place to return to here.
So worry not, and go forth and change your destiny!

Yoichi: So you can become one who doesn't flinch from people's shadows.
One who can be proud of oneself, from the bottom of one's heart!

Tsukasa: Envy...
It's not like I hate my family, or the school...
It's just that, I've finally found what I want to do.


Tsubasa: So... I don't want people to see me as the next heir.
I want them to look at me, and like me for who I am!

Envy: Tsuu-tan...

Tsubasa: Karasuma-kun...

Tsubasa: Thank you.
I'll be gone for a while.


Envy: Tsuu-tan.
I feel like I understand it a bit.
You wanting to stay here.

Envy: They're
Very warm, kind people.
Ayame: It's not like I'm touched or anything, okay?!

Tsubasa: Eheheh!
I know! I'm proud to call them friends!

Lucy: That's great.
They're friends again.
Angela: When did you change...?

Angela: Nee-san.
You lost on purpose against Karasuma, didn't you?
I find it hard to believe that someone of nee-san's skill would...


Lucy: Of course not.
Wonderful skill!
Nothing less from the warrior you've fallen for!

Angela: Wha-!
What are you spouting now?!

Lucy: It's not such a bad thing to fall in love you know.

Lucy: Angela.
Your fist
It's fine to just swing it for those important to you.

Lucy: He is important enough to you that
You wish to stay by his side, no?

Lucy: Thank you, Karasuma-san.


A few days later...
Ibuki: Yoichi-san!
It's a letter from Tsubame School!

Yoichi: Is i-
What are you wearing, Ibuki-dono?!
Ibuki: Wah!
Well, I was showering when this carrier pigeon arrived...
Ayame: Pigeon?!

Box: Greetings.
First, allow me to apologise for the trouble caused the other day.

Box: After that
Tsubasa-sama returned with us to the mountain and...
Tsubasa: Father, Mother.
I'm sorry for causing you worry all this time.

Tsubasa: I've
Come back because I want you to know the real me.


Abandoning her position as heir... this is a great insult to the traditions of the school. Of course, the master would have nothing of it.
However, someone did suggest that Envy-sama who possesses greater ability and the desire to advance martial arts should be appointed heir instead. I believe there will be more talk about this.

Box: In a few days, those two will be in your care once again.
I hope they will not be too much trouble.
Ibuki: Alright!

Yoichi: Lucifer-dono... from the very beginning you were aiming to relieve Tsubasa-dono of this burden.
And to put her on good terms with her family again... splendid work!

Yoichi: One day, and this time for real...
I'd like to challenge you to a duel again!


Ibuki: Hey, what's with that suspicious smile!
Ayame: You were thinking about that girl's boobs, weren't you!
Well sorry for being small!!
Yoichi: ...Ah. Er, that's not it! I was just... basking in th-

Box: At that time, "He"...
Chihaya: What's this Wa-san? You're not very good at this...
Handwritten: More like, you suck...
Washizu: Huh?!
Box: Was working as an assistant.

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