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Translations: Gintama 702 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rico Oneshot : Rico


+ posted by AyameForPresident as translation on Sep 18, 2009 12:47 | Go to Rico


Flashes of broken memories...
Hers is the power to control peoples' fate.


SFX: Stomp Stomp Stomp Stomp

Girl: Mom...
My ears hurt...

Mom: Come here

Mom: See? If you do this...
Then all the scary sounds disappear, right?

Soldier: Did you find "Skanda"?!

Text: Memories of her mother, stained by her sorrow...


SFX: Flap Flap Flap

Girl: Rico.


Officer: I'll ask one last time.
I advise you to answer.

Officer: Where is "Skanda" hidden?

Officer: Tell me, or your silence will be considered an act of treason.

SFX: Swp (Raising hand)
Kachak (Readying guns)

Glasses: Wa-wait!
I-I don't know the precise location, but!


Glasses: There's a town to the northwest, Ladna!
Look for a small girl, she has some problems with her ear-

SFX: Blam!

(More gunshots)

Officer: We're going to Ladna.

Officer: Apprehend any and all girls that might fit his description.
Soldiers: Sir!


Soldiers: Long live the Empire of Oris!
Glory to the Empire!

Soldiers: Look upon this filth, traitors of our great nation!
Spying for the enemy, Gondnea, they have sold their own people!

Soldiers: If you have information regarding these rebel scum, report immediately to an army officer! You will be greatly rewarded!
Lady: It's the military!
Quick, hide her!
Man(?): I can't, I can't find her anywhere!

Lady: What?!
SFX: Slam!


SFX: (Wind blows)

SFK: Flap Flap Flap


SFX: (Eh... helicopter sounds)

Rico: Gyah!


SFX: Glare~

Rico: Owwie...

Rico: Puah!

Rico: Huh?
What's this...?


Rico: Sigh...

Rico: Aaaaah!

Rico: A tiny girl hugging a tiny bear~~
Handwritten: How cute!
Rico: Er? She's gone?

Rico: Heeey, waaaait~


Rico: Wait up~~!

SFX: Bump

Mio: !
Lemme go!
Rico: Oh! She spoke! So you *can* talk!
Why're you running away~?
I just wanna ask something~
Mio: Wh, what?

Rico: Umm, well~
SFX: Whooosh


Rico: Where am I?

Rico: Huh?

Rico: Ouch, ouch, ouch~


Rico: Wah!
What a nice bonfire!
Mio: Huh?!

Mio: Are you stupid?! That's the helicopter you were riding! It got shot down!
Rico: ...I was....?
Mio: Yeah!

Mio: ...And your clothes!
You're from Gondnea, aren't you?
Rico: Gondnea...

Mio: I don't know your circumstances, but
You know you're in Oris now?!
You've crossed the border! Do you understand that you're behind enemy lines?!
Rico: ...Oh, I see~

Mio: "Oh, I see"?! Is that all you have to say?!
Rico: Thanks alot!
Now I know where I am!
Actually, there's one more thing I wanna ask...
Mio: What?


Rico: Who am I?
Mio: Huh?!

Mio: ......ha.
...Ha ha ha ha ha!
Handwritten: The bear moves?!

Handwritten: Here we go

SFX: Dig dig


SFX: Fwp
Mio: A note?

Note: Her name's Rico. My name's Memo. Rico's memory only lasts for about 3 minutes.
Mio: You're Memo.
And you're Rico.
Rico: Oh.
I'm Rico.

Rico: Then... huh?


Rico: Heeeey! Waaaait!
Mio: Stop following me!

Mio: Gondnea is that way!
If you don't wanna get killed, then hurry up and-!

SFX: Whoooosh
Rico: What's that sound?

Mio: Idiot!
Don't just stand there!


Rico: Wh..

Rico: What was that?! Awesome!
Boom! And I was swept away!
Handwritten: Almost felt like I could fly!

Rico: What's wrong?
Mio: ...My ears...


Mio: ...It hurts!

SFX: Lift
Rico: What should I do?

Rico: How can I make the pain go away?

SFX: Whoooosh
Mio: R...


Mio: Run!!

Rico: Roger~~

Rico: Oh, that's right.


Rico: I haven't asked your name yet!
Mio: Now's not the time for th-

Rico: Er...?
...Where am I?
Uh... who... am I?

SFX: Wiggle Wiggle
Note: Her name's Rico. My name's Memo. Rico's memory only lasts for about 3 minutes.
Mio: Her memory only lasts for 3 minutes!
That was for real?!

SFX: Fwooh (Deep breath)


Mio: You're Rico, I'm Mio!
Run! Run as fast as you can until we've gotten away from this field!

Rico: Roger~~

Mio: Sorry, but I can't bring you home with me...


Rico: Why not?
Mio: If I did, and the military found you
Auntie would be in big trouble.

Mio: This way.

Rico: So you're living with your aunt?
Mio: Umm, sort of...
I guess...

Text: Again?
Mio: I wonder how many times we've gone through this now...
Handwritten: Sigh...
Rico: Ummm?

Mio: You're Rico, I'm Mio...
Just what kind of illness are you suffering from anyway?
Handwritten: Sigh
Rico: Illness?


Rico: I'm ill?
Mio: That's what I'm asking!

Rico: Wooow, so pretty~

Mio: Sigh... bringing her here was all well and good, but...
What should I do with her now?

Mio: Anyway, I need to calm down and think it through carefully...


Mio: I think we're safe now.

Mio: Come in.

Rico: Wooow!


Text: Residence burned down. Death of the prominent scientist couple. Daughter missing, whereabouts still unknown.
The invasion of Gondnea, as ordered by Oris' government.
Mio: Careful.

Mio: This is my secret hiding place.
The ceiling's a bit low-

Mio: Warned you too late, huh...?

Mio: Please, just stay put, okay?
Rico: Okay!


Rico: Mio-chan!
This picture!
Mio: Yep, that's me.
And that's...

Mio: Mom and dad. They were killed a week ago.
Rico: Killed?

Mio: Yeah, they're dead. It means that no matter where you look, you won't find them.
Rico: You won't?
Mio: That's why
I'm living with auntie now. She was a friend of theirs.

Rico: Is it lonesome to not see them...?


Mio: If I'm sad or lonely
Then mom and dad'll worry.

Mio: I resolved
Not to cry about it.

Rico: Umm...

Mio: You're Rico, I'm Mio.
At first I thought your condition was really a pain, but...
You forget everything after 3 minutes. Even if you'd experience something terrible, you won't remember.

Mio: ...I sort of envy that...


Mio: Nevermind that.
We have to think of how to get you back to Gondnea.

Rico: Gondnea?
Mio: We're in Oris now.
You're from Gondnea, right next to Oris.
Oris and Gondnea are in war with each other, so relations are pretty bad.

Rico: I see~
Mio: Towns are crawling with soldiers.
If we're caught, we're dead. We have to find a way to cross the border without anyone seeing us...

Mio: What's this...?
I don't remember writing anything on this map...


Mio: And what's this drawing?
A church?
Who could've...?

Mio: That place...
Isn't too far from here... we could walk there.

SFX: Tap Tap Tap Tap (Footsteps)


Officer: Skanda...
Find her! Find the girl!

Mio: That church is pretty close to Oris' border.

Mio: It's in the opposite direction of the war front
So it's a huge detour since we're going to Gondnea, but...
I've heard that security's laxer there.

Rico: Huuuh~
Oh! Lotsa airplanes!


SFX: Griiiind (Is it? Not sure about this one)

Mio: ...Agh...!

Rico: ...Mio-chan?

Mio: S-sorry... let's go.


Rico: Mio-chan, you really don't look too well!
Mio: I'm fine...

Mio: My ears are just hurting a little.
Rico: ...Say.

Rico: Why do you wear those things?

Mio: Don't touch them!

Mio: Oh...


Mio: ...You're Rico, I'm Mio.
I've had this... condition ever since I was born. I guess you could say that my ears are overly sensitive.
Rico: Overly sensitive...?

Mio: The sound of grass, rustling in the wind... the voices of people talking...
The sound of a running car...
I can hear all of it
And it washes over me, like a flood of sound a noise.
Black bubbles: The sounds of combating fighter planes...
Not even the headphones I wear help...
I can hear the gunfire, and the dying screams...

Black bubbles: I can hear the crackling sounds of burning houses...
And it follows me wherever I go.
Mio: And... I feel like I'm gonna be sick...
Officer: Did you find "Skanda"?!


Mio: Uh...
My ears hurt!

Mother: Come here, Mio.

Mother: See? If you do this...
Then all the scary sounds disappear, right?

SFX: Rustling grass
Someone: Mio-chan!!


Auntie: We're running!
Your mom and dad're already...!

Officer: Did you find "Skanda"?!

Mio: "Skanda"...?
Soldier: We've searched everywhere, but there's no sign of it...

Mio: Mom!

Officer: There's no doubt it's in the possession of this couple!
Find it!


Mio: Mom... Dad...!
Rico: Ah!

Rico: You're up!

Mio: ...Where?

Rico: Memo told me to go here.
Mio: The church...

Officer: Did you find "Skanda"?!


Mio: "Skanda"!
Rico: What's up?

Mio: There's 1, 2... 14 bench rows!

Mio: This number means...!

Mio: "L" is for left...
And the 3/14 part means the 14th row...

Mio: 3rd seat!

Rico: What's that?


Mio: ...!
What the...!

SFX: Clack

SFX: Gooong Gooong

Rico: The church bell...

Mio: Gh!

Mio: My headphones?!


Mio: And... where is everyone?
I'm sure that just a second ago...

SFX: Bam!


Rico: Er? Are we locked in?

SFX: Tap Tap


Mio: ...Footsteps!
5... no, 10 of them... no wait, even more!

Mio: I couldn't hear them because of the bell...!


Mio: That sound...
SFX: Swallow
Mio: It's... something even more dangerous than those soldiers...!

Rico: I wonder what that sound is...


Mio: We have to run... quickly...
I have to... get her away from here...!

Mio: Ri...

Rico: Oh?
And who might you be?


Mio: Bwah!


Mio: Memo!
You found my headphones!

Mio: It's...

Mio: ...No!
My eardrums burst!


Mio: Rico?!
I can hardly hear my own voice...
Figures! Now, when I need my hearing more than ever...!

Mio: Rico!!

Mio: Ricoooo!
Are you there?!

Mio: RICO!!!


Mio: Rico!
I'll get you out of there!

Mio: Uh...!

SFX: Crack

Mio: Blood!


Mio: Rico!

Mio: Her bleeding
Won't stop!

Mio: Rico!!

Mio: You're Rico, I'm Mio!
Look at me! Listen to me!
Don't close your eyes!
Don't you dare!

SFX: Fwp


Rico: ...Mio...?

Mio: ...Rico...?
My ears...

Mio: I... can hear?

SFX: Kachak
Soldier: Don't move.


SFX: Tap
Officer: You're the daughter of that scientist couple, aren't you?

Officer: Get up.

SFX: Kachak
Officer: I've a question, and you WILL answer.


Officer: Where's "Skanda"?

SFX: Gleam

SFX: Rip

SFX: Beep

SFX: Flash
Someone: We're recieving a transmission from Memo.


SFX: Flash

Someone: The signal is coming from the northwest area of Oris.
Direction, XX.

Someone: Rico... wounded.
Others of interest are a small girl, early tens.

Beardy: !
That girl...

Mio: Skanda?!
Why would I know about something with a ridiculous name like that?!
Box: Beloved Mio.


Box: If you're reading this
Then that probably means we are no longer alive.

Box: Mio, we have something important to give you.
And we want you to hand that over to a man named Adolf.
By doing so, we hope that Oris will be able to return to a peaceful country again.

Box: Love, mom and dad.
Officer: It's something your parents stole from us, and we want it back.

Officer: If you refuse
Then we will kill the woman you lived with.
Mio: !

Officer: Answer me!!
Where's "Skanda"?!
Mio: Uh!
Mom... Dad... Auntie...!


Mio: ...Rico!!

Soldier: Hey, she's still alive!
Mio: Rico!

Mio: Y-
You're Rico, I'm Mio!!


Rico: ...I'm...

Rico: You're...

Rico: I'm going to rescue Mio.


Officer: Kill her!


Officer: Stop right there!

Officer: Don't move, or I'll blow this girl's head off.


Officer: Gondnean warships?!

Memo: Drop your weapons.
We have you completely surrounded.


Someone: How do you like the scenery of Gondnea?

Someone: I'm sorry for your loss... your parents were brave people and outstanding scientists.
They sought to free the people of Oris from the oppression of the military, and so, sent us information regarding Oris.

SFX: Fwp


Adolf: I'm a friend of your parents.
Ruler of the Republican nation of Gondnea.
My name is Adolf Juzenbeck.

Adolf: I've been searching for you, young lady.
Mio: Adolf... this is him...

Adolf: I believe you have something you parents wanted you to give me?

Mio: ...Can you promise me something?
Do everything you can to free the people of Oris...

Adolf: Of course.
Box: Mio, we have something important to give you.
And we want you to hand that over to a man named Adolf.
"Skanda" is actually something we gave you a long time ago...


SFX: Fwp

Adolf: "Skanda"
Is actually the secrets of the Oris war machine.
It contains information about Oris' weapons, military bases, important strategical points and more.

Adolf: I knew that your mother gave this to you for safekeeping.
But when I heard that you'd gone missing, I asked Rico for advice.
And she said that she'd go find you.

Mio: But... Rico's memory...
Rico, handwritten: Cute kid~
Adolf: True, but...
That might just be the source of Rico's strange powers.


Adolf: Rico never panics, and because of her memory
She's able to always make the best possible desicions in any given situation.

Adolf: And when she went looking for you, she decided beforehand where we should drop her off
And, as we both know, she came through once again.
Mio: What in the world
IS Rico?

Adolf: No one knows.
I first met Rico 30 years ago. Since then, she hasn't aged a day. And it's not just her age.
If Rico suffers injury, then the wounds too disappear after 3 minutes, just like her memories.

Mio: ...Huh?
Adolf: Rico is already known as the Protector Goddess of Gondnea.
Rico will lead us to victory... that's what we believe.


Adolf: And we...
Want to share this fortune with the people of Oris.

Auntie: Mio!!

Mio: Auntie!!
Auntie: I'm so glad you're safe!


Auntie: Oh dear...
You lost your headphones?
Mio: ...Ah!

Mio: All those terrible sounds...
Are gone...

Mio: Rico, did you...
Heal my ears?

Mio: Rico!

Auntie: Mio!


Mio: I'm Mio!!
I'll never forget you!

Box: 20 years later...
Mio: You're Rico
I'm Mio.
Text: Their friendship is eternal.

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#1. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2009
Looks like an interesting one-shot, thank you for your hard work!
#2. by ikcud ()
Posted on Sep 20, 2009
nice work mate

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