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Mushibugyo 4

Shungiku and Jinbee

+ posted by AyameForPresident as translation on Jun 9, 2010 23:22 | Go to Mushibugyo

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Text: ...Scum.



Onlookers: Wow~

Man: ...Now we can finally exact our revenge.

Man: Just you wait
Koikawa Shungiku!!


Shungiku: When fortune's smiling at you~
Bad luck is sure to follow~

Shungiku: Kah Kah!
Ain't nothin' like drinkin' all nigh'
After a hard day's work... hic!

Love it!!


Jinbee: Good morning Koikawa-dono!!
Where are you?!
Shungiku: Owah?!!

Now my good mood's ruined.


Hibachi: So a bug was sighted
Somewhere around here then?

Kotori: Yes. In truth, during the past few days a number of people travelling on this route has disappeared.
And yesterday...

We recieved a report claiming
Someone saw a giant mantis in this area.

Hibachi: A praying mantis... quite serious.
Kotori: That's why you will search this area in pairs
And exterminate it ASAP.

Hibachi: Roger that.

By the way...
Just what are the two of you doing?


Shungiku: ...Tsk!
It's nothing...

Jinbee: Koikawa-dono, I implore you!
Please, please...

Please teach me your sword techniques! Become my master!
Shungiku: I told you, I don't wanna!

Hibachi: ...huh?


Jinbee: ...It was three days ago.
During my daily training, my mind was troubled.


No good!
I feel like these exercises cannot help me become stronger!
Hibachi: ...Just how stupid are you?

Jinbee: To become stronger...
To close the gap between me and Mugai-dono...

What do I have to do?!


Koikawa-dono, look out!


Shungiku: Yaaawn

Be careful!

Jinbee: ....With a worn katana like that, he cut those boulders in half...!!

What incredible technique!!

I was deeply moved!
That is why, please!
Shungiku: Man, you're loud...


Hibachi: Incredible technique...
I think you need to get your eyesight checked.
Kotori: Well then, why don't Shungiku-kun and Jinbee-kun pair up today?
Handwritten: Since you're going that far
Jinbee: Truly!
Shungiku: Huh?!

Handwritten: Treating people like objects...

Shungiku: Hey kid.
There's a big bug around here, so the whole area is off limits.
Handwritten: Here
Kid: Okay, thanks mi-

Kid: A... Aa...
Shungiku: Hm?
What's up?

Kid: ...Um...
I-I'm sorry...


Kid: Mister


Mother: Hurry up, we're leaving!


Hibachi: Aw, you made the poor boy cry!
Mister Manslayer makes little kids cry!
Shungiku: Shut it, you
Kotori: ...Shungiku-kun is rather unpopular, isn't he...

Shungiku: ...Heeeey...
Nasty bug...
If you're here, come on out.
I'll kill ya nice and easy.

Kotori: Hmm...
Shungiku-kun has been to a lot of places, and made a lot of enemies...


Hibachi: If you hang around that guy you'll regret it!

Shungiku: ....Hey bro.

You saw what happened earlier, right?

If you hang around me
All of Edo're gonna hate ya.



Jinbee: Kuuuuuh!
Koikawa-dono's swordplay is truly brilliant!
Handwritten: Like this!

Koikawa-dono! What did you do
To be able to perform a slash like that?!

Shungiku: ,...Hmph.
I dunno.

I just kept killing and eventually
I ended up as I am.

Jinbee: Killing what?

Man: ...Hmph!
What else would it be...


Man: But people!
Is that not so, Koikawa Shungiku, Slayer of five hundred men!

Shungiku: ....Well.
You aren't wrong...

What're you guys supposed to be?

Man: We are
Men from the magistrate's office of the northern city.

Jinbee: From the city?!


Man: We are here to avenge our friends
Whom you killed!!

Shungiku: ....Huuuuh...

Man: ...You are one of the worst criminals alive
Yet now, because you work for the government as a bug slayer
You've been granted a full pardon and can live as a free man in Edo...

I'll not allow it!

Justice will be served!!


Shungiku: Hup

Man: ...Why you!
Why do you flee!!

Shungiku: I'll be nice.
Quit while you can.

Man: D-
Don't fuck around!

Man: Huh?


Man: Uwaaaah!
A ma-


Jinbee: Hooold!!

Hibachi: Be careful Tsukishima, you hear?

The target is a praying mantis.

The mantis has very special eyes called "compound eyes".
They grant the mantis an extremely large field of vision. Catching a mantis unaware from behind is impossible.


Hibachi: But what you need to be most wary of
Is the defining bodypart of the praying mantis

Its enormous scythes
Can even cut through steel!!


Jinbee: Oh no!!

Shungiku: Kah kah, perfect.

C'mere bugsy.
I was really itching for something to cut up.

Jinbee: Koikawa-dono!!


Shungiku: Ah...
Much better!!

Jinbee: He cut through the mantis' scythes like butter...
And that swordplay, berserk but graceful...

He is truly a man with the power
To cut through anything!!

Shungiku: ...Hey, are you guys hurt?


Jinbee: Koikawa-dono!!

Shungiku: Ugh...

B... bastard...

Man: Hah, you fool...

Did you think your actions now would be enough to redeem you?


Man: ...Don't fuck around!!

A mere thing like this...
No, no matter how much you would atone for your crimes
There is no forgiveness to be had by the likes of you!

...Scum like you...

Deserve to fall down to hell, cursed and hated!!


Shungiku: ....Heh. So in the end
This is what it comes down to.

Guess I can't shake off my past
That easy.

Guess that these pitch-black
Hands o' mine

Can't do much more
Than kill people.


Shungiku: Wha?!

Man: Y-

Shungiku: Hey, hey, bro...
What're you doin'?

Man: Boy, don't interfere!


Jinbee: I will not!!

Man: What the?!
He can hold off the both of us with a broken sword?!

Jinbee: Please stop this!!

Your actions are unbefitting of government officials!
They are also direct violations of your superiors' orders!

Also, it was your superiors who decided how to handle the case regarding Koikawa-dono!
And you resent him for it? What kind of warrior are you!

Man: Shut up!
Shut up, shut up, shut uuuuup!


Jinbee: You people
Shut up!!

The past is the past!

And the present
Is the present!


Jinbee: Look carefully at how Koikawa-dono
Wielded his sword today!!

Today, Koikawa-dono swung his sword
For the sake of the people of Edo!!

...And also


Jinbee: Koikawa-dono is the man who will one day become my master.

Man: ...Don't!

Fuck arouuuuund!!

Another one?!




Shungiku: ...Hey.

We got a job to do!

Jinbee: Indeed!


Joujuu Senjin plus


Kotori: Heeeey!
Shungiku-kun, Jinbee-kuuuun!

Man: ...Hmph!
Don't think this changes anything!

Shungiku: ....Heh.

Jinbee: Koikawa-dono!!
A job well done!!

That last attack was splendid!
How do you manage to perform a slash like that?
Handwritten: Like this? Or like this?

Shungiku: ...Tsk.

I'm only gonna show you once.
Jinbee: Er?


Shungiku: ...Got it?

Jinbee: Yes!!
Text: Living for the present with all your strength! That is bushido!

Box: Night
Jinbee: Koikawa-dono! Once more!
Just once mooooore!
Shungiku: I said I'd only do it once!
Handwritten: Shut up already!

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