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Sha 1

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jun 2, 2012 14:14 | Go to Sha

-> RTS Page for Sha 1

Reserved don't use without my permission

Sya ch. 1

pg. 1
Meet the new series of Ootsuka Shirou of weekly shounen Sunday’s popular [Akira] in YG

The drama of the archery girls shooting right into the center of youth

pg. 2
panel 1: Kyaaahh
panel 2: Masami: ouchie
friend: are you alright? Masami?
Masami: hehehe I fell
(scroll: Yazawa Masami Ayazono High 1st year)
panel 3: friend: Whoa as usual you are an idiot aren’t you …
Masami: I wasn’t last place! So i’m proud
panel 4: on top of that you’re clumsy …
Masami: hehehe …
panel 5: moreover you are FLAT-CHESTED …

pg. 3
panel 1: Masami: Yuna is the flat-chested one!!!
Yuna: Sorry Sorry
panel 2: Yuna: by the way Masami have you decided on a club?
Still not! But i would look for something i am able to do
Masami: Sigh
panel 3: Masami: ah the answers
Yuna: ah! oh dear …
panel 4: they’re flying away !!!
Yuna: that’s dangerous Masami
panel 5: Ah

pg. 4
panel 1: Kyaaahh

pg. 6
panel 2: wh … what …!?
panel 3: this person …
panel 4: the arrow

pg. 7
panel 1: Masami: huh?
girl: give it back to me it’s too high for me
Masami: ah … yeah
panel 2: or rather how should i get off …
panel 3: thank you for helping me what’s your name?
panel 4:Misha: I’m Gendou Misha the president of the Ayazono High archery club
Masami: uhm … how can i thank you …
Misha: that’s not needed i didn’t intend to help you …

pg. 8
panel 1:Misha: you …!!! are holding an amazing treasure in your hands!!!
Masami: huh?
panel 2: then you!!! could enter the archery club!!!
panel 3: huh!?
Masami: me and archery!?
panel 4: Misha: Come with me!
Masami: uhm … wait a second …
Yuna: Masami

pg. 9
panel 1: Everybody!!! I brought someone!!!
our tendon of hope //tln: it actually says savior with the character for bow in it so i changed it to tendon (instead of string) of hope to keep the pun ^^
panel 2: Misha: You
Chikara: Ah president!
Welcome back
(scroll: Arai Chikara 2nd year)

pg. 10
panel 1: Misha: Chika are you strengthening your left hand
i can feel your spirit
Masami: Handpress?
Chikara: yeah
panel 2: Chikara: is this the promising new club member?
Misha: uh huh that’s about it
Masami: uhm …
panel 3: the arms are good not very long though …
her body is thin …
panel 4: Masami: So … sorry for disturbing you
Misha: Ah wait!

pg. 11
panel 1: Inori: Dear God dear buddha
(scroll: Kamisasa Inori 2nd year)
dear high priest
dear space marshall
Only today let me hit the target …
panel 3: a fortunately thin child …
panel 4: that’s pitiful

pg. 12
panel 1: Yazawa Masami
no boyfriend
panel 2: Study fail PE fail clumsy by nature
you are the female version of (…)
panel 3: Manabu: the archery club is in danger of being disbanded
In order for the next team to win the finals we must have a capable freshman in our team as quickly as possible
I won’t bother with a freshman who doesn’t even have this sort of ability
panel 4: You morons
have you got poor eyesight!?

pg. 13
panel 1: a freshman blessed with so much talent for archery
panel 2: talent!?
panel 3: Masami: blessed with talent …?
Chikara: you’re excited right
Manabu: until now I never would’ve said such a thing
Inori: that’s pitiful
panel 4: Masami: No I don’t have it!!! something like talent I’m sure!!!
Manabu: even she herself confirms it
Misha: *chuckle*
panel 5: ok then I’ll teach you
that this is talent …

pg. 14
panel 1: THIS

pg. 15
what else are breasts other than a hindrance when drawing the bow
to a female archer the very existence of breasts is a neverending problem
(from top to bottom: E-cup, C-cup, F-cup, D-cup)

pg. 16
panel 1: You don’t have this problem!!!
with this pathetic chest drawing the bow perfectly
panel 2: (echoing: pathetic pathetic pathetic)
Misha: uhm… what’s the matter?
Manabu: this is obviously not working (on notebook: complex about her flat chest)
panel 3: Moron!!! when you have big breasts then the string gets caught in them when pulling the bow that’s also the reason why the archery style crumbles
for an archer a flat chest is the most supreme body that everyone else would also be envious of
(poiner: flat chest, flat chest)
Manabu: I can’t be helped that’s the club pres …
Chikara: Well after all she is a person isn’t interested in anything other than archery
panel 4: Manabu: It can’t be helped I’m going to persuade her
Chikara: oh? weren’t you against it Mana?
Manabu: yeah but

pg. 17
panel 1: Until now the President never forced a freshman before
It got me interested as well
panel 2: Manabu: Listen first year
a flat-chested person is just like plain clothes
Masami: huh?
panel 3: the b-cupped Inori is the most popular with guys from other high schools
Inori: I’m a C-cup!
panel 4: Manabu: besides the Yamato Nadeshiko boom (…) (I think)
if you start with archery now you might also become popular with the guys (maybe)
panel 5: Masami: popular with the guys …?
Manabu: yeah
just one last push
panel 6: moreover with stuff like drawing the bow
will also train your pectoral muscles

pg. 18
panel 1: this as a result
will make your breasts bigger
panel 2: my breasts …
will get bigger!?
panel 4: I …

pg. 19
panel 1: I’ll do it!!! archery!!!
please let me do it!!!
panel 2: Masami: my breasts will get bigger …
Misha: Is she worried about getting bigger?
Manabu: Yes that’s it
Chikara: it’s her arms will get bigger
Inori: that’s an impure motif
panel 3: for now shall we do a little studying by observing?
ah yes!!!
panel 4: Watch me
the basics of archery are the so called “8 parts of archery”

pg. 20
panel 1: stepping in
body posture
holding the bow
raising to shoot


pg. 22
panel 1: releasing
panel 3: follow-through …
Misha: *exhale*
Manabu: into the middle of the bull’s-eye*
*author’s note: the center of the white portion in the middle. stands for the vital part of everything
Chikara: as expected of the president!
Inori: it’s an ecpected result

pg. 23
panel 1: cool!!!
panel 2: Masami: that’s so cool!!!
Manabu: what you will become better than me you are a genius after all!
Masami: really!?
panel 3: Chikara: better than the pres …
Manabu: What trauma?! Even though she placed 2nd in this time's national competition
panel 4: as a high school student the director of a super elite professional archery training house
she defeated her opponent in the finals
panel 5: since she was flat-chested

pg. 24
panel 1: Misha: well then why don’t you try drawing?
Masami: eh!? is that ok!?
Misha: try it! the weakest bow
Chikara: roger
panel 2:Inori: manager the breastplate
Misha: haha … in that case we need this girl’s size
panel 3: no for the time being just wear it
panel 4: when you fire an arrow with the breast plate it prevents the string from getting caught in the chest but a flat-chested person doesn’t need it
Misha: what a pitiful person …

pg. 25
panel 1: Manabu: stepping in, body posture, holding the bow is clear right
Misha: it’s only the form
now raise to shoot just like I showed you
panel 2: this is
a bow and arrow …

pg. 26
panel 1: first raise the bow higher
while pulling from below
panel 2: oh!?
panel 3: Masami: but it doesn’t even move an inch
Misha: you should not fix your left hand
Masami: left hand?
panel 4: draw the bow apart while twisting your arm to come about just above the elbow of the left hand
that is the right hand

pg. 27
panel 1: Misha: it’s faster when you actually see it
Chikara: yea yeah!!! leave the left hand to me!!!
Misha: a power-idiot like you doesn’t understand
panel 2: Chikara: I wish you had at least said idiot-power
Inori: look at me drawing the bow
panel 3: oh?
panel 4: if the left hand has been fixed
it doesn’t move an inch even with two people

pg. 28
panel 1: Misha: among high school girls they pray to be weak and have a slender body but to be able to draw a splendid 15 kilo bow
if the left hand is off then the impact when you fire the bow will be out of focus
panel 2: Misha: therefore when for drawing the bow your muscles aren’t really important
panel 3: Manabu: Yes!!! knowledge, theory that’s the most important in archery
Chikara: to draw a 20 kilo sterling bow purely by muscle power is also necessary!!!
Inori: lastly luck is also to mention
panel 4: what is this one after one you just say what what you want!!!
a flat chest is a luxury!!!

pg. 29
panel 1: now continue from “raising to shoot” like I showed you
Masami: Yes
panel 2: from there feel how you twist your elbow
Masami: Ah I did it!!!
panel 3: Misha: hmm fix it on just about the half
Masami: is that it?
panel 4: Misha: now pull down the bow with all your strength!!!
Masami: yes

pg. 30
panel 1: Masami: I drew it!!! I have drawn it!!!
Misha: Just like that this is the “drawing”!!!
panel 2: Misha: now next is the release so just release you’re hand
Masami: yes!
pg. 31
panel 1: Masami: uhm but I won’t get injured right?
Misha: hmm
panel 2: when releasing the arrow your face or your arm may be injured due to the force when touched by the bowstring
Chikara: hehehe
you have to be prepared for that when releasing
panel 4: just toughen up a little
that’s not how you do it
panel 5: pull the bow string with your right hand to the blind spot at the back of your hand where it’s out of your sight
then release this energy
this is exactly …

pg. 32
panel 1: true fear …!!!
panel 2: just like …
releasing your hand from the root of the tree you grasped hanging at the cliff!!!

pg. 33
panel 1: Manabu: president “releasing” on the first day is unreasonable
her eyes are rotating
Misha: oh
panel 2: it’s too scary …
I can’t do something like releasing my hand …!!!
panel 3: Manabu: we have to stop it quickly
Misha: no … wait
panel 4: scaredy cat first year!!!
you can do it!!!

pg. 34
panel 1: your reason for fearing the bowstring because of your face and arm when drawing the bow is naïve
and the bow would be tilted by the chest with two big ones
panel 2: for you the latter is nothing to worry about !!!
since you have a flat chest!!!
panel 3: So you only have to overcome the fear

pg. 35
panel 1: you want to make your breasts bigger!?
then you have to start with releasing that hand!!!
panel 2: release your powerful hand with a bang
panel 3: to make my breast bigger!!!

pg. 38
panel 1: …. huh …
panel 2: Chikara: well done first year!!!
Misha: yeah
Manabu: no way on her first day she managed to release it …
Inori: magnificent
panel 3: it didn’t reach the target however
that doesn’t matter
no matter how gifted you are it is nevertheless to overcome a big wall by relseasing

pg. 39
panel 1: both physically and mentally
I have nothing to complain about you joining
our archery club
panel 2: y … yeah!!!
panel 3: Masami: I’ll do my best!!!
Misha: that’s the spirit I was expecting
Masami: I’ll do my best I’ll …

pg. 40
panel 1: make my tits bigger!
panel 3: well that’s ok anyway please treat me well
thus started the path of the flat-chested archer Yazawa Masami

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