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Haru Polish 1

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jun 7, 2012 03:46 | Go to Haru Polish

-> RTS Page for Haru Polish 1

reserved for Kuudere Scans

pg. 05
panel 1: Haru
panel 2: Haru
panel 3: It's Haru
I became a highschool student

pg. 06
panel 1: ojii: oh haru it's good you came
obaa: did you come to show us your new school uniform
panel 2: i wanted to show you earlier
it really suits Haru right
panel 3: ojii: you're a highschool student already you've really grown up haven't you
Haru; although i stopped growing last year
panel 4: ojii: well we waited so long now she came our Haru
obaa: we should raise your allowance right
panel 5: Haru: no i don't need something like money
other than that ... well
panel 6: ojii: what is it Haru what else do you want
Haru: you know it already

pg. 07
Haru: I have grown up i already became an adult
ojii: ah
panel 2: Haru: once i became an adult you made a promise
panel 3: ojii: that ...

pg. 08
panel 1: Haru: thank you for the treat
Grandparents: ahh!!!
panel 2: please wait Haru!!!
Haru: umphh!!!
panel 3: Katana! Katana!!!
ojii: calm down! Haru!!!
Haru: but you told me !!
panel 4: you ! waah !!
ojii: yeah i remember it clearly ...
panel 5: 12 years before
Kyaa ... !!!

pg. 09
panel 1: obaa: What are you doing Haru!!!
panel 3: it's dangerous to have something like this
Let go!! Quickly!!!
Haru: oh
panel 4: obaa: you can't put such a dangerous thing in a place where a kid can reach
ojii: no i'm sorry i'm sorry
panel 5: ... that's strange
the string shouldn't have come undone
panel 6: Haru: give it give it
obaa: show me your hand! Look! Have you hurt yourself anywhere else!?

pg. 10
panel 1:Haru: noo
Haru wants to have it!
panel 2: stupid you never told me! meeh
ojii: Haru children mustn't touch such a thing
panel 3: Haru: ... then will it be ok once i grow up?
ojii: mhh ... once you grow up is it
panel 4: Haru: good once Haru becomes an adult
you will give this to Haru!!!
panel 5: ojii: ah ...
yeah it will be ok once you become an adult
well but i guess it won't ...

pg. 11
panel 1: ok Haru now listen carefully
panel 2: a highschool student is not a grown up
Haru: but just now you told me that i'm an adult!!!
panel 3: no no give me the Katana give it to me i want it uwooh !!!
ojii: what part of you is grown up
panel 4: why do you wnat that katana Haru
panel 5: Haru: that is ...
panel 6: because it is amazingly beautiful
panel 7: and i want to feel and touch that tip

pg 12
panel 1: ojii: ha ha ha!!!
so that's it, it was beautiful
panel 2: here have a real good look Haru
Haru: huh
panel 4: uhm
panel 5: a bamboo sword ...?
panel 6: ojii: since you were little we thought it would be unreasonable to have a
real sword
Haru: you're lying ... but
ojii: if i remember that time correctly ...
panel 7: the sword
what happened to it ... ?

pg. 13
panel 1: nevertheless you did well at your school entrance celebration
panel 2: what a waste i specially dressed in my school uniform and came to this
distant place ...
Haru: what a waste i specially dressed in my school uniform and came to this
distant place ...
ojii: she got so shocked she is speaking out what's on her mind
panel 3: take care

pg. 14
panel 2: forgive me
panel 3: i have seen it before ...
it's the real thing
i certainly am worried about money so i have sold it
there is a recession after all so it can't be helped ...

pg. 15
panel 1: with such a blue and black light shining so misteriously
after seeing it and being drawn into such a light you became like this
panel 2: after you have seen it once you can't forget it
surely ...

pg. 16
panel 4:friends: hi there Haru
isn't it good we got into the same class
panel 5: Haru: good morning
what happened aren't you feeling well that's unusual
after waiting so long for today i thought i would surprise you all ...
i didn't get it ...
i didn't get ...

pg. 17
panel 1: Haru: the japanese sword ...
friends: you ... you can't bring it even if you get it
(on newspaper: student bringing japanese sword to entrance ceremony news flash)
panel 4: Haru we're going to look for a table in class
panel 5: sorry
just go ahead

pg. 19
panel 2: a katana!?

pg. 20
panel 2: a katana!!!
panel 3: senpai: who!? what are you!?
panel 4: Haru: a japanese sword!? how!?
how can you have this katana in school!?
senpai: she's not listening
panel 5: i don't know about real ones
this one is a sword replica
but you use it in the same way
panel 6: Haru: sword replica ... it really is
after seeing it up close i noticed it too

pg. 21
panel 1: senpai: that's because i had it tailor-made by a skillful craftsman
the details as well as the brilliance of the blade are different
Haru: wow such a high quality product isn't it!
panel 2: I am Okamoto Haru i'm a freshman
panel 3: Wakana: right ... i'm second year Katayama Wakana
but is this ok?
Isn't the school entrance ceremony about to begin?

pg. 22
panel 1:Haru: Have you ... stopped club activities?
Wakana: yeah ... the club disbanded on it's own
panel 2: Haru: such a thing! i'll enter as well so please continue!
the Japanese Sword Lovers Club!!!
Wakana: ... that's wrong!!!
panel 3: Iaido what i am doing is the Iaido club

pg. 23
panel 2: Iaido ... if i remember correctly
that's where the masters are slashing straw right
panel 3: there is also a club for this in high school
since you don't have a real one you have to use a sword replica to imitate it ...
panel 5: Wakana: you ... uhm
Haru: just Haru is ok
Wakana: do you like Katanas Haru-chan?
panel 6: Haru: yeah! since like forever it has been my most favorite thing!!! i believe
that one day i will have "MY" japanese sword!
panel 7: Wakana: what will you do once you hold the Katana in your hands?

pg. 24
panel 1: Haru: I think i'm going to put in on the shrine in my room and decorate it
i'm going to worship it everyday from dusk till dawn
once in a while i'm going to remove it to watch it shine
i'm going to sing it's praise to everyone
panel 3: Wakana: ... that's out of question

pg. 25
panel 3: the Katana
panel 4:is a thing born to slash people
it can't be used for anything other than that
panel 5: something like this is not just a simple decoration
that is my opinion

pg. 26
panel 6: Haru: no way ...
this is no imitation ...
she is slashing

pg. 27
panel 3: Even though it's not real
she isn't cutting anything
even though she has a sword replica
then even though there should be nothing before my eyes
panel 4: what is she slashing so surely

pg. 28 - 29
panel 1: Iaido
a military sword art using japanese swords
compared to other martial arts it doesn't have things like opponents or matches
instead you are meeting imaginary enemies you created yourself and slashing them
every technique from drawing the sword until sheathing it was made into one martial
art which is very special even from a global viewpoint

pg. 30
panel 1: Wakana: except for me every other club member was just like you ...
although they didn't understand the true meaning of a katana they joined the
Iaido club just for show ...
panel 2: just because they wanted to have a sword
because they wanted to swing it
because it was cool ...
panel 4: that is except for that one person who taught me Iaido ...
panel 6: since that person has quit this club i should leave here as well ...

pg. 31
panel 4: since all the Senpais have graduated i am the only one in this club
i should use this opportunity to end it
panel 5: please feel free to make the Japanese Sword Lovers Club if you prefer it
well then
panel 6: Haru: uhm ... Katayama-san
panel 7: if you like ...
could you ... let me swing that sword one last time ...

pg. 32
panel 3: Haru: wow it's heavy
panel 5: Wakana: this sword replica has a proper blade however so be careful
when using it
Haru: ye yeah
panel 7: Wakana: grab it a little further down with your right hand
Haru: yeah

pg. 33
panel 2: upsi daisy
Wakana: stop swinging firmly without disconnecting
panel 3: Haru: this ... surely is expensive isn't it ...
Wakana: 150000 (around 1900 USD)
panel 4: Haru: ju ... !!!
panel 5: Wakana: put your heart into the swings
Haru: y ... yes!!
i absolutely can't damage it
panel 6: because it's heavy i can't swing the sword countinuosly
panel 7: what am i doing wrong
panel 8: the movement of the sword forcibly stops ...
something like that ... is not beautiful

pg. 34
panel 1: should be more like this ...
panel 3: ah a band of light how pretty
panel 4: i got it
if i don't overdo it and move the katana the way i like
panel 5: the katana becomes a part of me
panel 6: i have to move like am a part of the katana

pg. 35
panel 3: that was a good swing
panel 4: but this doesn't work Haru-san i told you earlier
panel 5: a katana is meant to slash people
panel 7: swing it just as if there were opponents in front of you

pg. 36
panel 1: opponents ...
panel 2: nooo even if it is meant as an example cutting people is a little ...
panel 3: that's right
something more unlike a human ... a different kind of thing
panel 4: for example the monsters you see in games
monster monster
panel 5: What is that
where should i cut such a thing
panel 6: a more ... human-like thing ...
at least walking on two feet ...

pg. 37
panel 2: yeah a zombie!

pg. 38
panel 2: ... what the?
does she really swing a sword for the first time
panel 3: although her form is messed up
her swordsmanship isn't shaking
panel 4: it's natural
panel 5: ahh i remembered
panel 6: definitely that time
i was called

pg. 39
panel 2: i wanted to swing it
panel 3: ah ...
panel 4: this time it's the same
panel 5: with this person

pg. 40
panel 1: Haru has so much feelings for the sword
panel 2: As i thought she is ...
like her dad
panel 3: when Haru was born
it was a stormy spring night
panel 4: she was born healthy but she was very small and weak
like she was about to disappear
panel 5: this night seems to be dark
panel 6: right ...
since it's so late it would be better if dad as well as mom would return

pg 41
panel 1: what about Yoshiko-san?
don't worry anymore she is sleeping well now
panel 2:i believe you two want to think of a name for your grandchild
right ... being named after the spring is a girly name ...
panel 3: right ...

pg. 42
panel 2: father...?
panel 3: my father who had appeared there
believed he was Haru's grandfather

pg. 43
panel 1: ojii: what do you want here ...
did you come here from Gifu?
oyaji: what about the child?
panel 2: ojii: yes ... she was born
but she is very weak
panel 3: oyaji: this
was forged for the child
panel 4: ojii: forged no way ...
a katana!?
panel 5: ojii: didn't you retire already ...
oyaji: i forged it since it was necessary
panel 6: swords are meant for cutting people but
even so at the same time they are also meant to protect

pg. 44
panel 2: it was forged for the child that was born
this radiance will protect the child's life force
panel 4: father are you alright it's impossible for one year
panel 5: don't worry the small child will get stronger ...
... if it takes this thing in

pg. 45
panel 1: ... well then
tell everybody to take care
ojii: fa- father
panel 3: ... thank you

pg. 46
panel 2: nurse: it's good she became healthy again
mother: yes and she drank some milk too
so much that i'm lucky i didn't weaken
panel 3: nurse: what is that?
mother: that's something my granddad brought me
panel 4: something to protect
but i didn't look inside

pg. 47
panel 1: thanks to this the child was saved
panel 2: since my father was devoted to his job he neglected the family but
but he forged the swords for the family of course
panel 3: Haru became healthy the next day after my father had left
i guess he wanted to leave something for the family in the end ...
panel 4: after Haru grows up a little more i'll give her that sword
until then i will keep it in custody
since it was too strong to bless

pg. 48 - 49
that child
can touch the soul of the sword

pg. 50
panel 2: Wakana: this can't be
panel 3: the way she is behaving with the sword
panel 4: if this goes on she will no longer be able to return

pg 53
panel 3: Haru: huh
where is the zombie?
panel 4: oh? what are you doing Katayama-san?

pg. 54
panel 2: Katayama-san?
panel 3: Wakana: Haru-san
why don't you try doing Iaido?
panel 4: huh
panel 5: if you are serious you can reach the upper stage
if you train yourself you will be allowed to really swing it

pg. 55
panel 1: Haru: seriously!?
amazing! i want to!
panel 2: if i find more club members the iaido club could survive leave it to me
it won't! but keep looking
panel 3: yes i did it
panel 4: Wakana: ... i didn't see it
but if this child is polished
she would touch the soul of the katana
but it might be very dangerous
if it is the essence of the sword

pg. 56
panel 1: Wakana: ... by the way is it ok?
the school entrance ceremony
Haru: ah i forgot
panel 2: perhaps it hasn't started yet
Wakana: wait a second
the sword ...
panel 5: Haru: Sorry for being late

pg. 57
panel 1: *screams*
panel 2: Wakana. *sigh*
panel 3: friend: well at least it was good for the highschool newspaper
(newspaper: Freshman carries a japanese sword at the entrance ceremony news flash)
panel 4: Club members wanted!
Iaido club

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