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Ghost Writer 1

what's wrong with being the man behind the curtain?

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jun 15, 2012 23:43 | Go to Ghost Writer

-> RTS Page for Ghost Writer 1

Reserved for Kuudere Scans

pg. 01
the rumors on the streets
panel 1: have you seen it, yesterday's Shadow People
panel 2: i saw it, i saw it!
Fukukawa Sadaharu is absolutely cool!
panel 3: until now i didn't read anything like that!
but even so it felt mysterious and was packed with romantic elements!
right right!
panel 4: Nagarehoshi Ryousei really is amazing!

pg. 02
Ghost writer
what's wrong with being the man behind the curtain?

pg. 03
panel 1: there are two types of people in this world
panel 2: the people who seize the day
panel 3: and the people who don't
(white panties) an endangered species ...
panel 4: lately on the streets mystery novels have been popular

pg. 04
panel 1: oh! the thrill is awesome
oh! i can't read the latest development
oh! that forbidden love is passionate
panel 2: i would say
panel 3: this is
panel 4: crap ...

pg. 05
panel 1: you bastard you got the deadline extended by one month and came up with this mess!?
what's with that amateur-level dreamy novel!!
it's serious literature
panel 2: i want to write serious literature ...
shut up!! even if it's just a joke of a male virgin!
panel 3: listen writing serious literature is only approved for those acknowledged by the company
their academic background, work experience, upbringing, way of life ... it's not writing from an
average but rather a special person that the reader agrees with ...
panel 4: what are you?
you graduated in literature from a third rate university
an insignificant loser in the job market who was rejected
you were accepted because you can return immediately since your hometown is somewhere in the
middle of the rural kanto area
you have a peaceful family and home your parents are alive and well
until the age of 25 without having sex even once

pg. 06
panel 1: how would you have what it takes to talk about serious literature!?
you shadow cockroach!! //she's basically using the characters in his name to insult him
it's Mikage ...
Mikage Tarou(25)
occupation: writer and novelist
panel 2: understood? rewrite all the pages until next week and then come back kneeling on the
if you can't i'm going to crush your balls and let you write an essay about woman's clothing
for real!
it's going to increase your popularity you feminine man ...
panel 3: i wanted to write serious literature and the company i submitted it to
panel 4: was corrupt company ...
no ...
that woman (in charge) might just be corrupt ...

pg. 07
panel 1: the work i'm doing now isn't really a work i want to do
panel 2: i'm hungry ...
i don't think i enjoy it and it isn't rewarding
panel 3: but i can't escape from this and go living without making a sacrifice
ah sorry
no ...
panel 4: how are the panties of female highschool students
i want to see them but i absolutely can't ...
panel 5: it's also good like this i can see it well ...
although clearly seeing a 32 year-olds (single) T-back isn't expected as well

pg. 08
panel 1: i'm going to masturbate when i get home ...
panel 2: ... news flash ...
the mystery novel which was a great hit will finally get adapted as a movie!
panel 3: the cast will have gorgeous actors!
the rumored popular female actress will participate on screen again after 7 years!
the main director: Kintoki Azuki, Music: Tensai Housou, theme music: the singer lilu
the spinoff series were successively decided to be produced as well
this year "that error" was first place! with a XX total awards ...

pg. 09
the up-and-coming young writer
"Nagarehoshi Ryousei"

pg. 10
panel 1: "the light shines through the dead"
coming soon
panel 2: i would say
i really didn't know ...
that is ...

pg. 11
panel 1: Mikage-san!
panel 2: ah ... Manager
it's vice-manager
Harukaze Mabuyu(22)
vice-manager of Mikage's apartment
panel 3: today for sure you have to pay me ...
the unpayed houserent for 6 months!
panel 4: ah no at the moment i really don't have any money ...
next month! next month the original fee ...
next month?
i heard that last month as well!
panel 5: didn't i wait already?
i didn't let you rent this room here out of my own accord!

pg. 12
panel 1: re ... really, if you wait until next month i'll bring some money in ...
are you being serious?
panel 2: aren't your eyes becoming teary?
no ... no they aren't ...
it's only difficult to let out my frustration ...
panel 3: still having said that
am i not always caring for Mikage-san?
sorry! since i absolutely won't make you worry without permission!
panel 4: ... understood
safe ...
would you be so kind absolutely not make me angry next month?
yes ... sorry ...

pg. 13
panel 1: ah ...
that ...
panel 2: ah! this ...
panel 3: he's amazingly popular at the moment isn't he
Nagarehoshi Ryousei!
on book: "the light shines through the dead" Nagarehoshi Ryousei
after i started reading it recently i became hooked to it ...!
i'm such a tag-along right ...
panel 4: moreover this writer is the same age as Mikage-san isn't he
"but i don't guess that he has the same problems as a certain other person ..."?

pg. 14
panel 1: uhm ...
ah! if i compare you it's not like that! he must be a different writer ...
panel 2: although you are the same age there is a huge difference
when he was young he build a house in south Aoyama
he speaks 5 languages
he studied ... at a famous university ...
pure japanese
local with 15 minutes walk to Shigeho
rejected by local Akaposu
dirty person
panel 3: ... but i
think that Mikage-san's compositions are extremely interesting ...
panel 4: it's surely after this!
Mikage-san slowly do your best!
panel 5: i'm being hurt and encouraged
yeah ...
thank you ... very much ...

pg. 15
panel 1: Mabayu-san comes over once every 3 days
panel 2: i'm going to go see the landlord about the rent!
she should shut up about the rent however
panel 3: actually she didn't even collect it once
panel 4: Mabayu-san ...
is my story interesting?

pg. 16
panel 1: after three days
will you come to meet me again?
panel 2: do your best at work please!
it's normal but good things will happen for sure from now on!

pg. 17
panel 1: ye ...
yeah ...
in this world there are two types of people
panel 2: the people who seize the day
panel 3: and the people who don't
panel 4: Mabayu-san ...

pg. 18
panel 1: this ...
is me ...
panel 2: i am Nagaboshi Ryousei
a Ghost Writer ...

Mikage Tarou ... he has a secret he can't tell anyone

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