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Ghost Writer 2

What's Wrong With Asking For A Replacement?

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jul 3, 2012 10:33 | Go to Ghost Writer

-> RTS Page for Ghost Writer 2

Reserved for Kuudere-Scans

story 2: What's wrong with asking for a replacement?

pg. 03
panel 1: Mabayu-san, the woman who slowly approaches with her feelings
Mikage-san ...
please don't run away ...
Ma ... Mabayu-san!?
panel 2: I'll let you let out a lot today
n ... no but
But I let out a lot yesterday too...
enough? noo i didn't get enough at all!

pg. 04
panel 1: until i'm properly satisfied ...
panel 2: i will sqeeze
Every last drop out of you
panel 3: ah ...!
wa ... wait a second ... Mabayu-san ...!
Don't open that...!

pg. 05
panel 1: ah ...
panel 2: really ...
250 yen is all you have...
panel 3: In other words
panel 4: I told you before didn't I?
it's vice-manager
It was just a dream

pg. 06
panel 1: It's only the lines from that dream that came true
please let it out (the house rent)
panel 2: Whenever I think of the word author, I always imagine a more brilliant and free person but...
There is an astronoical number of authors out there. For one to become truly successful is...
panel 3: the general novellist is living his life like walking on a tightrope with no secured future like a factory worker
And he can be replaced at any time
You don't have to demean yourself that much...

pg. 07
panel 1: we ...
Well I get it for now...
Since Mikage-san has his own reasons for this, I can't really scold you too much
yeah ... thank you
panel 2: ah ...
panel 3: Well, I have a meeting with someone else that I need to go to so...
Ah! Sorry for the trouble...
panel 4: well then take care ...
panel 5: the day of a ghost writer ...

pg. 08
panel 1: Is mostly thinking about what to write
I bet she's lying about having to meet someone
panel 2/3: Looking at it from other people's point of view, it looks like I'm just a NEET but
panel 4: Like this, inside of my mind, an amazing idea is born (probably)

pg. 09
panel 1: I'm not just slacking off...!!
This is a battle... with myself.., with hunger... with this foolish world...!!
panel 2: After I have collected enough material, I can begin writing
Enduring the cold stares of housewives who wonder "It's daytime isn't it? Is he a NEET?" I finish writing everything in one go
panel 3: this crystal imbued with worry, hardship, blood and tears
panel 4: it's extremely easily ...

pg. 10
panel 1: ripped apart by the last boss
that's boring shit
panel 2: you bastard after making me wait for one week i get this mess again!?
It's obvious you were just messing around for 6 days!!
i wasn't lazy
I was fighting against the gaze of the world...
But I wasn't able to come up with anything good...
Since your knowledge and life experiences are pretty shallow, of course you'd run out of things to write pretty quickly...
panel 4: this is really ...

pg. 11
panel 1: won't the newly written 600 page sequel become a lot more popular on the day of the film premiere of the spinoff series?
panel 2: huh ...
uhm ...
well we'll let Ryuusei write the interviews and the commentaries for ads and stuff ...
panel 3: uhm ... i haven't heared about that movie adaptation and
This is my first time hearing about the interviews and stuff as well...
ahh is that so?
panel 4: well the movie adaptation of "ghosts" has been decided
Even though it's all thanks to the work I did!
panel 5: but the schedule from here on ...

pg. 12
panel 1: will be 200 pages for this month, 200 pages for next month and 200 pages for the month after
Is she trying to kill me...?!
panel 2: 1500 yen per page is alright as a payment for the manuscript
without royalties
As for a bonus ... You'll get one as soon as the movie becomes a hit
panel 3: ohh! 300.000 in one month
For someone who usually gets 10,500 a month, this must be a great job for you right?!
uhm ...
ah ...
200 per month is impossible ...
at least 100 ...
panel 4: ugh ...!

pg. 13
panel 1: Is it really ok just to say you can't do it because you can't?
panel 2: since you are Nagareboshi Ryuusei and at the same time you're not!
panel 3: aren't you
just a simple ghost writer?

pg. 14
panel 1: even if we find a replacement for you
We can just say Nagareboshi Ryuusei changed his writing style and people would believe it
panel 2: no
I'll make them believe it
panel 3: this woman ...
panel 4: Got it Mikage...
panel 5: Are you afraid?
she has a large number of ghosts in stock ...!!

pg. 15
panel 3: i ...
panel 4: i will give it my absolutely best ...
oh is that so!
I'm glad we could come to an agreement Hikage Tarou-kun (TL note: This is a play on his name, as mikage can be read as divine spirit, but Hikage means shadow, while Tarou can also be read as cockroach)
it's Mikage ...

pg. 16
panel 1: Alright! next up is the weeks usual book ranking!
This week we have a special report on Nagareboshi Ryuusei who's high drated drama got slated for a movie adaptation this week
panel 2: well it's really interesting!
this weeks guest is the mystery critic ...
on sign: Nagareboshi Ryuusei topic of the new age first place "that error" mystery descent
on books: and now ghosts will shine
Nagareboshi Ryuusei the light shines through the dead
panel 3: There's nothing really bad with being told

pg. 17
panel 1: "A substitute would work just as well"
panel 2: it's so cheap
Please give me this
What really sucks is if someone else who can do it actually shows up
panel 3: uuh... Like being a deliveryman...
panel 4: ... so why

pg. 18
panel 1: Why can't I run away
If I can manage 10 pages a day... somehow...
panel 3: welcome back Mikage-san!
I'm back

pg. 19
panel 1: are you cleaning?
The neighbors cherry blossoms ended up falling all the way over here
panel 2: cherry blossoms ...
I didn't even realize they'd bloomed
panel 3: ah! that's right
today the old lady made a lot of chicken stew
panel 4: Let's all have some later
ah, really?
That's great. The landlady's cooking is delicious
panel 5: it will thoroughly warm you up

pg. 20
panel 1: still
panel 2: it seems like summer will come quickly
panel 3: yeah

A storm is coming...?

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