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Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki 2

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Jul 3, 2012 19:28 | Go to Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki

-> RTS Page for Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki 2

Reserved For Kuudere-Scans

ch. 2

pg. 03
panel 1: thanks mom
panel 2: I'm sure if I give her this, Noda-san will...
panel 3: thank you Katou-kun
panel 4: a boy who can cook is so cool (<- imitating her voice)
Katou stop doing strange vocal exercises, elective classes are next.

pg. 04
panel 1: This looks kinda fun
panel 2: since I'm pretty sure Noda-san is taking this class too.
Hurry up and sit wherever you want.
What're you doing thats so "fun"?
panel 3: what!?
We can sit wherever we want, so I want to sit with Noda-san...
yeah, yeah
panel 4: yikes, it's Hiroshima's twin dragons Arasawa and Takanishi
Let's sit away from them.

pg. 05
panel 1: ah
panel 2: Noda-san!
panel 3: Katou~ This one's open.
panel 4: Thanks for sittin' next to me.
panel 5: don't let it get to you

pg. 06
panel 1: Stand!
panel 2: Bow!
panel 4: What's so good about her?
Noda Haruko
panel 5: I'd understand if it was Honjou.
sit properly

pg. 07
panel 1: Why Noda-san?
panel 2: ...what was it again...
You don't know anything about her and you're still acquaintances.
panel 3: I... I'm going to get to know her from now on.
what are you doing
panel 5: This is for Katou~
panel 6: A letter? Just use your cellphone.
Sorry / Pass this to Katou.
I'm an honor student so these things are worthless to me.
huh who's talking

pg. 08
panel 1: Why don't you text (message) her?
panel 2: She'll definitely send something like that!
panel 3: how are you? let's exchange letters!
It's great that you get to know a little more about your girlfriend
But that teacher over there is really scary when she's angry, so be careful.

pg. 09
panel 1: i'm fine! let's do our best not to get caught!
panel 2: This is kinda exciting isn't it
panel 3: I feel the same way
panel 4: What was Katou~'s last name again?
panel 5: It's Katou Seiji

pg. 10
panel 1: Honjou
panel 2: Pass // this to her
panel 3: Yeah yeah
panel 4:Yukko, any reply yet?
You two should slow down a little.
panel 5: Sorry.

pg. 11
panel 3: mh
panel 4: What do you want? If it's something pointless then stop right now.
panel 5: I'm so happy~ I wonder what should I write next?
panel 6: How about this?

pg. 12
panel 1: I was thinking about adding hamburger patties for side dishes this time. Can I?
panel 2: Fufufu, I // made sure to find out if she liked hamburger patties.
hamburger patties!?
panel 3: It'll be indirect but maybe she'll give me a confession-like reply!!
panel 4: Who do you think I am!?
panel 5: Love love I looove hamburger patties
What kind of disgusting things is she writing?
panel 6: Honjou Yukko // Reply!!
That was fast!

pg. 13
panel 2: it's noisy over there
panel 3: oh no
i don't know which one is which anymore!!
panel 4: well it's alright
this one's for Katou-kun
and this one's for Arasawa
panel 5: the reply ...

pg. 14
panel 1: I hate you!
panel 2: I love you!
panel 3: Waaaah!
panel 4: ungh!

pg. 15
panel 1: grin
panel 3: Noda-san, it's mean to laugh at me like that... That was because of the hamburger talk wasn't it
panel 4: Even though he has such a sour look on his face, he actually looks at me like that...
panel 5: How do I look to her?
Why do you... What do you see in me...

pg. 16
panel 1: I guess I'm too feminine!
panel 2: I guess I'm really manly
panel 3: This isn't about the hamburger patties... // she found out about my ulterior motive.
Manly...? Do I look like it?
or emotional?
panel 4: Explain a little more...
panel 5: i'm sorry if i upset you
panel 6: Hey! Over there!

pg. 17
panel 1: Explain a little more
I wonder if it bothers him that I like it so much
panel 2: i'm sorry if i upset you
panel 3: i'll tell you personally
panel 4: Apologize, idiot. I just like it, alright?
panel 5: Ah, thats right. If it's that important then he has to tell me himself.
panel 6: i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry

pg. 18
panel 1: That guy has times when he takes roundabout ways to say something...
panel 2: so he perfectly conveyed his feelings to me
panel 3: i have to hear iy in person...
What do I do... What do I do... What if I'm replaced...
do you have stomache ache?
panel 4: At this rate, before I know anything about my girlfriend.... That's the worst...
panel 5: farewell
panel 6: waaah what am i thinking

pg. 19
panel 1: oh there's still time
panel 2: Katou-kun, there's a letter [Katou-kun, a letter]
yez... [yes...]
panel 3: I hope its something like "It was all a joke!"
panel 4: let's end it already
panel 5: No... Noda-san

pg. 20
panel 1: Well that was fun, right Katou?
panel 2: i'm looking forward to those hamburger patties
panel 3: how was it? did you get to know a little more about your girlfriend?
making me apologize for making you angry so often is getting stupid
panel 4: don't be shy
don't cling to me!
my girlfriend is a hidden "S"...
I couldn't say what I wanted to..
It seems like he shortened the distance somewhere else...

pg. 21
Arasawa's misunderstanding sped up
Come on, say it!
I don't have anything to say to you!
so you want to tell me with your body
what's wrong with you / that's gross!!

pg. 22
panel 1: Katou is admiring his work for Noda Haruka
i did it...!!
the story of the bentou
panel 2: If I give her this, Noda-san will admire me...
that's amazing Sei-chan! / it's perfect and beautiful, like the bentou of a skilled housewife!
(<- what Katou's mother made)
(<- what Katou made)
panel 3: Sei-chan did his best with the fried egg, although it became pitch-black
panel 4: isn't there something you want to say to your mother, since she greatly contributed to you bentou's appearance
panel 5: thank you mom
it's not like i couldn't have done it all alone!
you're welcome

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