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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki 4

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Aug 3, 2012 08:12 | Go to Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki

-> RTS Page for Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki 4

Reserved for Kuudere

ch. 4

pg. 0001
panel 1: a different morning than usual

pg. 0002
no matter where we go, we two will be best friends.

pg. 0003
panel 1: mornin'
*swoosh* *swoosh*
(please don't wave)
panel 2: yeah
panel 3: *sit*

pg. 0004
panel 1: hey there, did something happen
panel 2: haa...
Haruko really amazes me
panel 3: every single day, she walks around
so splendidly
panel 4: although i’d say this is not the time for that, since i got confessed to this morning
panel 5: except for one part you were right
don't read my thoughts
i was right

pg. 0005
panel 1: oooh,
that is
panel 2: how was it?
wait ...you haven't opened it yet / you're acting like a kid
panel 3: I mean, remember the story of Suzume. The small box has fortune // and the big box has misfortune. Basically, Suzume is telling us that greed isn't good.
i don’t understand what you want to say
If you think about it rationally (normally) then you would choose the small one

pg. 0006
panel 1: this is my spot as your senpai in love
panel 2: your life as a couple is not like the one of lover’s
panel 3: the grade schooler and
panel 4: the nutrition manager
panel 5: EAT THIS!
my heart isn’t prepared yet!
that was the absolutely worst feeling i ever got...

pg. 0007
panel 1: *glance*
panel 2: please open the letter at home
panel 3: the chance slipped away didn’t it
panel 6: why don’t
you let me
read it at
unlike you i’m a naive and shy child
panel 7: is that ok?
i still don’t get it, with your character and your looks...
if it’s like this, the latter proposal was your real intention, right

pg. 0008
panel 1: with this handwriting...
if i don't know his name i can't search for him
panel 2: but i think i can manage if i look at the letter
don't move your hand like that
panel 3: excuse me
panel 4: if i see the letter i'm sure that i can properly confirm who you got it from...
panel 5: ooh, so it’s the idea of the criminal returning to the crime secne a second time!
don't treat him like a criminal!

pg. 0009
panel 1: if he checks to see if the letter is still there, it would either be after school or lunch break
is it possible that he is skipping class?
panel 2: hmm... considering his honest personality, it's not likely the he's skiping class
i see
panel 3: we're switching classrooms next
hey wait
panel 4: at least change your shoes before you leave
that's like... so troublesome

pg. 0010
panel 1: *clatter*
panel 2: oh
panel 3: is it p.e. for the first years
panel 5: uh oh
class is starting

pg. 0011
panel 3: didn’t you already eat your bento?
on a stakeout, // you should settle for milk and anpan* //*tln: anpan is bread filled with anko (read bean paste)
panel 4: you're attentive in strange places you know...
fuath (what)
panel 5. oh
isn't that suspicious?

pg. 0012
panel 1: the first year Mizutani-kun
panel 2: why is he in front of the second-year’s shoe lockers...
panel 3: wh // whoa
panel 4: uehh
*rolling over*
oh // oh

pg. 0013
panel 1: kyah

pg. 0014
panel 1: ah
panel 3: uhm
panel 4: ah

pg. 0015
panel 3: uhm
panel 4: ...sm...

pg. 0016
panel 1: so small, our eyes met, but why did he run away
the letter had such a nice feel to it...!
panel 2: is that so
panel 3: what did you think of just now
panel 4: ...but i wonder why
panel 5: after he passed through // his scent... smelled like...

pg. 0017
panel 1: my father...?
panel 2: isn’t it said that a girl falls in love with a person who resembles her father
(i think even i have a similar taste)
it wasn’t the smell of a middle aged man
panel 3: all that's left is to open the letter and confirm if it's really him
i wonder if i'll be able to open it...
panel 4: maybe i'll just call him...
do that on your own

pg. 0018
panel 1: morning
panel 3: huh

pg. 0019
panel 1: *slam*
panel 3: fuehehehehe
panel 4: i was infected

pg. 0020
panel 1: i want to scratch it off, but i can’t
panel 2: a big scab!
if you got infected, mankind would go extinct
panel 3: athlete's
panel 4: wasn’t that embarassing
(letter: i am Mizuashi. i made a mistake on the break the other day. i put in my shoes in your locker. by doing that i might have infected you with an athlete's foot. can you please forgive me )
they probably just didn’t want to cause an uproar at school
panel 3: isn't it great? he actually told you it was him
there is a good time and a bad time to be honest you know

pg. 0021
panel 1: that explains why the letter was sealed with a shoe instead of a heartmark
panel 2: (really, thats so confusing!!)
why didn’t you tell me that
i thought you noticed
panel 3: i've learned something as well...
panel 4: ahh, that smell
my father has an athlete’S foot too... / that’s the smell of an athlete’s foot
panel 5: it would've been fine to apologize in the locker room
*tsk* *tsk* *tsk*
that’s not a situation to run away from is it?

pg. 0022
panel 1: what he saw from the other side was probably a red demon
panel 2: ah
my shoe)(?)
miss Yukko-chan, the demon

pg. 0023
is there a new developement for miss Yukko-chan on the next page!!?

pg. 0024
panel 1: is it ok like this
(close your legs)
panel 2: that you didn’t scare him on purpose
panel 3: will it be hard to solve the misunderstanding?
i don’t know what i should tell him
panel 4: but well it’s ok
what medicine might Mizumushi-kun be using
there was a possibility for that

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