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Ghost Writer 5

What's Wrong With A Different Image?

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Aug 15, 2012 13:15 | Go to Ghost Writer

-> RTS Page for Ghost Writer 5

Reserved For Kuudere-Scans

pg. 002
ch.5: what's wrong with a different image?

pg. 003
the ghost writer... is producing a drama...
panel 1: he said something like that
i don't believe you now...
panel 2: lies...
won't you believe me...?
...are these
panel 3: the gears of fate as well?

pg. 004
panel 1: this is absolutely wrong!
well... that's just how castings for a drama are...
panel 2: this is Asumi, the sad heroine of "moon cover" // why are we using this 3rd rate idol...?
well... that's just how a casting is...
panel 3: she is more like... the graceful Asumi... // like a lily under a full moon... she is cold and...
*character portrayal
yeah, yeah, i got it, that's just how it is.
panel 4: alright, we got the drama check done as well // we'll meet them all
huh? // wasn't it just this today? the meeting was included as well...
panel 5: this is the new project
we need your field of expertise

pg. 005
panel 1: the ghost writer Mikage Tarou...
phew, that's it
panel 2: all because she was guided by me
since i ran into a telegraph pole and got an amazing nose bleed, it became bigger!
panel 3: haa... // is that the beginning of the lone wolf Takami-san?
yes, yes! // it is! after that...
is also a ghost writer for essays or columns

pg. 006
panel 1: yes.
but why the heck is the price per unit so cheap
since i have some material and a lot of requests, i can earn a little pocket money by doing some of them.
i see.
panel 2: his guidance would be a bloody mess if he got a nosebleed in jail...
if he doesn't do anything important, what IS he doing...
panel 3: Takami-san, the production is starting // I look forward to working with you
ah, well, i'll come by here later again...
panel 4: ah!
panel 5: let's greet the director
to tell her that Asumi doesn't quite fit the image!

pg. 007
panel 1: aah enough! be quiet Puu-yan!
you've been spouting nonsense for some time!
Akizuki Kirari (18) idol
panel 2: Kirari will play the role of Asumi her own way!
are you still saying those selfish things... // after you went through such great trouble to get the role?
panel 3: well, we will move after one hour // there is a rumor that recently a thief has appeared in the dressing room, the key has...
shut up! why don't you finish your phone call quickly!
panel 4: *clack*
panel 5: *flip pages...*

pg. 008
panel 1: pregnancy
the actress Furugaki Mabuya
the short cut to innocence, the forbidden face of the actress at night...
the other party is a famous idol
the double for the drama of the new work from Ryuusei "moon cover" is Akiyuki Kirari.
does the idol have a great weakness?
panel 2: ...what's that about being someones substitute
i didn't have the chance, nor the image from the start...
panel 3: i see...
panel 4: that one certainly fits Asumi's character.
this girl is the substitute of the popular, pregnant actress

pg. 009
panel 1: a substitute...
panel 3: ...hn // i fell asleep...
panel 4: i have to pee...
what? // why is it so loud in the next room...
panel 5: ...no one told me that there would be a production in studio b
recently a thief has appeared in the dressing rooms...
no way...!?

pg. 010
panel 1: uhn...no!
i have to call Puu-yan...
ah... she's still in the middle of a call
panel 5: he's coming over here...?
panel 6: right!
the key... // i just need to lock the door with the key..!

pg. 011

pg. 012
panel 1: eh! // oh!?
i thought this was Takami-san's dressing room...
panel 2: ah...
panel 3: who is this girl
Ayumi san's substitute...
panel 4: ki...
panel 5: ki?
panel 6: KYAAHH...

pg. 013
panel 1: nhh...
panel 2: crap... since i thought she would scream, i instinctively restrained her...
panel 3: uhm // i'm the ghost... no, i'm collecting data for Takami-san from the next room
panel 4: since the floor is so large, i mistook your rooms...!
what's with this guy...
panel 5: does he think he can deceive an idol with such a lie!?
what a pervert! because my voice is stiffled and it's dark, he is concealing himself so i can't expose him!

pg. 014
panel 1: *squeeze*
panel 2: uuun...!
panel 3: uwaah! don't push on my belly so hard...
i'm trying to hold my pee back...
panel 4: moreover, my skirt is rolling up, my back will be completely visible
i'm really sorry...
uhm... so...
hyaah! is THAT rubbing up against me!?
panel 5: ha... have you understood what i said...? // i am definitely not someone suspicious
scary... i'm scared...
it's painful to even breath and i'm getting dizzy... my heads spinning...

pg. 015
panel 1: if my voice would come out louder, i could call for help...
someone help me...! // Kirari has never been in this situation before, so she doesn't know what to do!
panel 2: crap... this situation seems like...
panel 3: i snuck into an idol's dressing room
like a huge pervert...!?
panel 4: aauh... what should i do... i might not be able to hold it back anymore...
my skirt... is soaking with sweat...
but for an idol, that wants to run away... i can't...
panel 5: it's scary, but... // if i can bite that perverts finger with all my strength, i have a chance to escape...!
panel 6: ah... that's right my business card // if she sees my business card, she might understand, that i'm a writer...!

pg. 016
panel 1/2: now...!!
panel 3: *SQUEEEZE...!!

pg. 017
panel 1: hyaah...
noo... oooo!
it came oouut...!!
*drip drip drip*
panel 2: huh?

pg. 018
panel 1: cleaning
panel 3: i'm reeeeaaally sorry!
panel 4: don't tell anyone! // keep it secret until you die!
therefore, this will be private you freak
obviously! if i tell this to anyone, // i'd be called a pervert or even a molester!!

pg. 019
panel 1: a freak? // why do you say that?
a boring-looking guy like you being a writer! that's gotta be a lie!
panel 2: show me a book as evidence, a book!
uh... // th... that's a little...
panel 3: she definitely thinks i'm a swindler...
panel 4: ...uhm
i can't show you the book, but
as the original author of "moon cover" i can read you something from the manuscript...
panel 5: Asumi Misora previously commited the crime of an attempted assasination... // the only one who could stop her was the hero Enri
basically, she strongly respects him, who gave her a reason to live and love
absolutely no one was allowed to find out about that, because... // after that, together with Enri, it was his fate to go around and make the organisation into an enemy, so...

pg. 020
panel 1: You better talk to him without making eye-contact
panel 2: the enemy stares long and hard. after a pause, he gave off a wak smile // it wasn't a long pause, but an emotional one
panel 3: ...that's something // from the script... *piririri*
panel 4: ah! Puu-yan!? where are you now...
eh? you're going over there!? // what's with you... i even have all this luggage...

pg. 021
panel 1: wh- who was that guy...
he was saying things, that i knew...
panel 3: making an idol pee!? // making an idol pee!?
uwaaaah, i'm... i'm...!
even before losing his virginity, he gains experience in love plays.
Mikage Tarou... the man who gets involved with idols...

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