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Renai Boukun 1

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Aug 21, 2012 00:55 | Go to Renai Boukun

-> RTS Page for Renai Boukun 1

Reserved For Kuudere-Scans

pg. 0001
panel 1: all of a sudden a shinigami appears.
panel 2: Aino Seiji-san, it's sudden, but
panel 3: if you don't kiss someone,
panel 4: you're going to die.

pg. 0002
panel 1: please go home.
panel 2: i have no need for shinigami
panel 3: was that a religous fanatic or some new sort of fraud?
panel 4: crush?
panel 5: you should listen until people finish talking, right
HYAAAH / you appeared out of nowhere

pg. 0003
the dangerous love story that starts with a kiss
Love Tyrant

pg. 0004
panel 1: ta dah, please take a look at this
what do you think this is?
panel 2: isn't this
panel 3: ...a death note

pg. 0005
panel 1: it's a kiss note
a kiss... note!?
panel 2: anyway, please take a look inside
y... yes...
panel 3: uwah, as i thought, there are names, but... // next to them are weird scribbles
panel 5: is that... my name?
(on page: Aino Seiji)

pg. 0006
panel 1: why is my name... // HERE!!?
panel 2: S- Seeing as this isn't a rip-off...
it means...!?
yeah... you guessed right
panel 3: if the person whose name you write in that notebook, // doesn't kiss within 24 hours
that person will die
panel 4: i will
i... i see, as i thought...
panel 6: huh, it's not me?
i will die

pg. 0007
panel 1: please don't abandon me
panel 2: if you don't give me a kiss, i'm going to die!!
don't you feel any remorse leaving such a frail girl to die // and yet you are the main character!?
panel 3: just go wherever you want
panel 4: fueh...
panel 5: uuwwaaaan / you're a murdereeeer...!!!

pg. 0008
panel 1: well...
panel 2: what do you want from me...
you are going to listen to what had to say before!!
only because i don't want the neighbours to report me
panel 3: simply put, // i want you to give me a kiss!
that's what i came here for...
panel 4: ooh...
i thought she was going to give some sort of religious speech, but she...
(i could (yato?) say it)
panel 5: isn't she just a pervert!!

pg. 0009
panel 1: a... a kiss...!? is... is that it!?
isn't it said that when a woman gets old enough, their sexual desire increases ...is that the it!?
no, she doesn't look old enough for that... aah, but
with that strange looking magic she used earlier, could she really be an attractive, mature lady!?
no, no, if i think about it, this could be a new way of blackmailing someone!!
in the first place, how can she just easily say that we should k... kiss
(doubting everything)
panel 2: it's my first time!!
i... i would like to ask a question // will you demand... a large sum of money, after we k... kissed...
i won't do that
panel 3: rather, this will surely be the beginning of the best time in your life
and then i'll be saved by your love!
panel 4: wh... why is she going so far to search for something like that...
panel 5: now that i look at her, she is cute...
come on // come on
this is...

pg. 0010
panel 1: well then, we should immediately...
panel 2: th... this is
as a man!
panel 3: i can't refuse a woman's advances!!
panel 4: haah

pg. 0011
panel 1: w... with this you should be satisfied!!
uwah, uwahh, i really did it!!
panel 2: it looks like... you misunderstood something
panel 3: well, first of all i should show you an example of the ability of this notebook
huh!? do it!?
panel 4: i'm going to write, uuhm let's see... well, i'm going to write the name of the current prime minister(male) into this notebook
h... hey...
panel 4: and next to it, the name of the president(male)...
although i'm not really fond of doing things in reverse, i'm going to pay attention to the order of this thing
re... reverse?
panel 5: i'm going to write an "X" inbetween the names
and that's it
panel 6: now, i'm going to turn on the TV, // because it is in the middle of a live broadcast of the parliament

pg. 0012
panel 1: PFFFT!!!
*chatter* *chatter*
panel 2: what a horrible image
(just now we received a shocking image from the relay broadcast...)
why is it a man together with a man...!?
panel 3: the couple you write into this notebook, will kiss within 24 hours
(this is the power of the notebook)
really! awesome!! but why did you pair him with a man!?
it's my hobby
you're aweful!!
panel 4: to sum it up, if you don't write the name into this notebook as a couple, it won't have any effect // but in the current situation, only your name is written in it...
in that case... what i did before was...
panel 5: just a meaningless assault on a woman
ugh!! th... that was just because you said some misleading things... // ...no, i'm really sorry

pg. 0013
panel 1: ah... no... it wasn't...
really that unpleasant...
panel 2: eh
(can't really read the text on the TV :/ something like "please be patient while we fix the problem" or something probably)
panel 3: hoho!! i see! so this way will raise a flag with you, right!!
(you're unexpectedly simple)
(on book: memo - methods to raise flags)
you... return my feelings to me...
panel 4: to be honest, i was planning to see the beautiful BL(boy's love) of two handsome voice actors(both male) but
because i wrote one character wrong, it turned into your name
so it's all your fault
panel 5: also, to apologize for assaulting me earlier, you can choose which boy of your dreams you'd like to be paired with.
(even though things may appear like this, you can reflect on your actions)
why are you only focused on boys!?
panel 6: by the way, if the person let's those 24 hours pass without doing anything, he will remain a virgin for his whole life / and i will die too
isn't that too heavy!?
...in order to prevent that, let's do our best!

pg. 0014
panel 1: which means
we came to "school" to raise every single flag of youth and lust!
is it really ok to bring that strange girl with me...?
panel 2: hmm! it would have been perfect, if this was an all-boys school
(but it's coed...)
please, try not to stand out so much...
panel 3: it's alright, we're in a setting, where normal people can't see me!
leaving that aside, whose our target... hn?

pg. 0015
panel 2: *pih*
panel 3: that's amazing Akane! you've really improved!
really? that's great!
panel 4: whoaa, that must be Hiyama Akane-san, who you'd want to kiss out of your own free will!
(huge boobs)
d- don't look at people like that you kiss-devil!!!
panel 5: what did i do?

pg. 0016
panel 1: Aino-kun!
panel 2: Hiyama-san
panel 3: what happened? didn't you go home already?
ye... yeah, i just forgot something...
ugh, so cute...
panel 4: hey, so she really can't see you, right?
you worrywart, why don't you see for yourself // it's cool even if i do something like this
panel 5: ninpou(ninja arts)
(*move stealthily*)
(i see)
panel 6: pants accident!!!

pg. 0017
panel 1: owwahh, hey, what did you do!!
look, she doesn't realize it, because for an outsider, it looks just like an accident
if someone else sees this, he'll think that it's my fault!!
panel 2: Aino-kun...
(i didn't see anything, i don't know anything)
ye... yeah
panel 3: who's that cosplayer kid, i haven't seen before, who suddenly pulled down my shorts?
panel 5: didn't you say it would be alright!?
did i?
ah, Hiyama-san, that girl is not related to me...
panel 6: hmpf! unrelated you say, what do you mean! we have kissed already
hey, that's

pg. 0018
panel 1: ...kissed you say?
panel 2: eh, ah, no, wait, there was a reason for that / haha
a reason you say, how mean! // although you forced yourself on me against my will, and did weird things with your tongue!
we... weird things with my tongue!? if you say it like that people will misunderstand!!
panel 3: so you... have kissed... this girl?
yeah, b- but not against her will...
aha... so you did...
panel 4: well then
you'll receive capital punishment

pg. 0019
panel 1: ....huh?
panel 2: wh... // why?
(Hiyama-san is acting a little strange...)
panel 2: you already cheated on me. So it's only natural
h... huh?
panel 3: eh // eh
ch... cheated?
i'm not g- going out with Hi... Hiyama-san,... am... i?
panel 4: not yet
but in the near future, that might be different, so i won't allow you to fool around even now
panel 5: what's with that assumption!? // and what are those blades!? where did they come from!?
(so cool)
ooh!! ghurka blades, two kitchen-ish weapons!!!

pg. 0020
panel 1: hey! where did you buy them!?
don't be so happy at a time like this!
panel 2: don't have an affair in front of my eyes!!
panel 3: he- // hey
wai- wai- wai-
panel 4: out of the way
panel 5: umpf
panel 6: you
you saved me...

pg. 0021
panel 1: that was dangerous
you didn't save me at all!
panel 2: why didn't you die!?
were you really planning to kill her!?
panel 3: ah, are you alright?
that's my line!!
panel 4: you're still flirting...
panel 5: i won't miss this time!
you you thieving bitch?
ooh, the famous line of Hirudora (tln: reference to Gai's technique from Naruto)

pg. 0022
panel 2: hey, what's this all of a sudden
*tap tap tap*
it's ok, just run!
panel 3: Akane, we still have to take your time...
panel 4: hey, why did you take off your shorts!?
and what is that blade!?
panel 5: ohoo

pg. 0023
panel 1: although it's simple, it has the ability to kill people, the perfect weapon...
there are all kinds of people here, aren't there...
panel 2: she has the hots for you, doesn't she? // maybe she was able to see me because of her jealousy or sixth sense?
she was trying to kill you...
panel 3: isn't it good that you both like each other? // although she's a serious yandere /(her eyes went dark)
but you know...
panel 4: she likes you, so you should think about returning those feelings // don't all guys fantasize about kissing such a cute girl
the cute Hiyama-san before her sudden change
although she confused, all sorts of unreasonable developements
panel 5: but at this rate, for the rest of your life, you will stay a virgi...
shut up, how do i even avoid that!!!
how about writing down the name of a different girl you like?
ah... but if i do that...

pg. 0024
panel 1: she'll mercilessly murder any girl who tries hooking up with you right?
probably / (i can feel it)
panel 2: no way // i won't end up as a dead person...
panel 3: in, in that case
isn't it better if i write down your name!? // since you won't die!
panel 4: eh
we k... kissed once after all... // this is all your fault in the first place, so you should help me
panel 5: ah... // with me...
as i thought, is it impossible?
panel 6: no... i wouldn't say that it's impossible. but...
panel 7: ah

pg. 0025
panel 1: huh
panel 2: no- nothing in particular, if you don't do it immediately...
he- // hey
panel 4: fuwah!?
(you had my heart racing there for a second)
wh- what // are you doi-

pg. 0026
panel 1: fufufu
panel 3: so that's where you were hiding
panel 4: i found you*

pg. 0027
panel 2: i was looking for you
you came all the way here just to flirt
panel 3: hiiii
i hadn't notice at all...
panel 4: that you already so close to that girl...
i didn't know...
panel 5: wh... why did you do this all of a sudden...

pg. 0028
panel 1: the way i've acted until now...
isn't it because you thought i was together with this girl?
panel 2: ...it was
panel 3: the fact that Aino-kun // liked me
panel 4: the way you were looking at me with those eyes filled with passion
it's not like i didn't notice that
aah, so cute
panel 5: i was so happy
i thought that the only person you loved was me
panel 6: so i was wating for your confession
but she is ot of my my league
i was wating for it all the time...

pg. 0029
panel 1: and yet
before i noticed it
panel 2: you were with that woman...
panel 3: you're aweful...
panel 4: ...so that's how it was
sorry... that i didn't notice...
panel 5: my simple feelings
made her go on on such a rampage...
panel 6: even if you didn't have the self-confidence, wouldn't it have been better to confess
before everything got like this

pg. 0030
panel 1: Aino... // kun...
panel 2: Hiyami-san
panel 3: yeah...
that's right...
panel 4: but you kissed with that woman, right?
panel 5: capital punishment!
eeeh!? even though we had such a good mood going until now!?
panel 6: first of all, that woman... // doesn't look like she's going to come back to life, so i'm going to cut her into pieces
where did this weapon come from again!?
and your eyes went dark...

pg. 0031
panel 1: well then Aino-kun
move aside there!
panel 2: i will kill that girl
(in her eyes: kill)
panel 3: her eyes really went all dark...!!
panel 4: he- hey shinigami! let's run!
wake up i said!
panel 5: you were so cool before, why are you pretending to sleep now!?
panel 6: let go of that woman
right now!

pg. 0032
panel 1: damn
you abondoned me!!
panel 2: *smooch*

pg. 0033
panel 1: huh
you know you two are perfect for each other
panel 2: if i hadn't been so persistent, what were you planning to do?
panel 3: we... we kissed...
panel 4: Shinigami! // wh- what did you...
it was just a moment, but i understood the way you feel, // i was presumptious and wrote down her name for my own convenience

pg. 0034
panel 1: don't tell me...
panel 2: congratulations on becoming a couple!!
panel 3: (congrats)
(a fanfare)
(where's it coming from!?)
eh? what do you mean...?
panel 4: every couple which is formed through the use of the kiss note, will marry without fail
ma- marry!?
panel 5: the prime minister x president pairing from before, is going on a trip to the netherlands today
(we're going)
(to marry)

pg. 0035
panel 1: you there
(ma... marriage)
marriage, marriage, marriage, marriage, marriage
panel 2: a marriage means endurance // if you give up just because your husband cheated on you once, then it won't last long. Even if you want to run amok, you have to hold back! the most important thing for a wife is to prepared
w... wife!?
panel 3: be it the infidelity or anything else, it's all because of you shinigami...
and you!
opposing me is rude
panel 4: how many times will you call me shinigami... // weren't you sick of it already
there's no way a shinigami would do such a lovely job
panel 6: i

pg. 0036
panel 1: am // indeed
an angel!
panel 2: ueeee!?
panel 3: b-
but you... // had that shinigami-like appearance...
(with a skull and ...)
that's my hobby, cosplaying
(i don't like this, because it's out of fashion)
so confusing!! / it's so strange
panel 4: well, to be correct
you can call me Cupid
panel 5: wh... what she did was certainly alike...

pg. 0037
panel 1: u... uhm...
if you're cupid, does that mean // that you came here for our sake...?
panel 2: ...yes!
(wait, think about what you say!)
liar! how can you befriend someone who was your enemy at first! / you should rather support me!!
panel 3: i see...
i'm sorry that i jumped to a wrong conclusion // you were doing it for our sake the whole time!
panel 4: eeh, well
i'm so happy
that's a lie...
panel 5: h... how come
they're already talking as they please...

pg. 0038
panel 1: at this rate, won't it be my fate to be together with Hiyama-san...?
moreover, we will marry!?
just a few minutes ago, my future looked so bright, but
now it turned into a nightmare...!!
(background: darling
you're going to die because you cheated)
panel 2: from the blessing of the kiss note, you two might be together forever and ever
(forever and ever!?)
panel 3: Aino-kun
panel 4: what i'd like
to say, but

pg. 0039
panel 3: wha-
panel 4: see
(on book: cupid x Aino Seiji x Hiyama Akane)
panel 5: it's my name
panel 6: so i'll
be your love rival

pg. 0040
panel 1: when you tried to protect me before, i got so excited
i got interested in you!
panel 2: it might be impossible because i'm an angel, but // i want to know more about this feeling
panel 3: that which you humans call "love", please tell me about it
lo- // love you say...
panel 4: your cheating in front of me without hesitating!!
panel 5: ...wait // oh?
i didn't die...
(but it hurts)
panel 6: because we became a couple, you have the option of receiving an angel's divine protection
you both won't die

pg. 0041
panel 1: this is a so-called love-triangle
also known as a threesome!
panel 2: th... threesome!?
(do you understand what you're saying!?)
panel 3: because of various things
there's absolutely // no way
we were sucked into the vortex called a love triangle
panel 4: but well, i'm happy because it seems like i got a harem
i absolutely won't do it

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2012
Noooooo I already did it and just needed to do the last page....wrrryyyy? You knew it, you knew it!

Just kidding, had forgotten all about it until yesterday. :P

...and would have started today if I hadn't seen it on mu XDDD

/me goes to pick something else instead~
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2012
I bet you have forgotten about it again once you leave MH....
#3. by b3nriya ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2012
and you also forgot that I told you and you said to go ahead and do it XD
#4. by PROzess ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2012
Oh please...
Sorry Benriya, but your team sucks. Do they even know japanese?
You should let me QC it.
All the good jokes are ruined.
Yare yare...

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