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Renai Boukun 2

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Oct 1, 2012 20:26 | Go to Renai Boukun

-> RTS Page for Renai Boukun 2

Reserved for Kuudere-Scans


pg. 0001
panel 1: I know it's sudden but,
panel 2: it's time for breakfast.
panel 3: Gyaaaah
panel 4: Wh- // Wh- // Wh-
Why are you here!?

pg. 0002
The troublesome angel has returned.

pg. 0003
panel 1: Naturally
It's because we're lovers!
panel 2: Isn't it obvious that we'll be together?
Yesterday was... not a dream!?
Speaking of lovers, we should probably do this too.
Good morning, darling <3

pg. 0004
panel 1: This is Gris, the girl who has the appearance of a shinigami and suddenly appeared in front of me.
She's actually a cupid.
She used a strange item that made me a couple with the person I (formerly) liked and with herself.
panel 2: And they all lived happily ever after.
...How good it would have been, if it would've ended like that...
panel 3: Don't do that all of a sudden!!
panel 4: But I learned from manga that lovers live together like that.
Anyway, I didn't approve of you being my lover in the first place!!
panel 5: Moreover, you haven't even met my family!?
Aah, you don't need to worry about that.

pg. 0005
panel 1: Oh, so you woke up at last, Seiji.
Don't cause trouble for Gris-chan.
panel 2: No, it's not that bad! / If it's the wish of father and mother!
Thank you.
panel 3: What would you like for breakfast Gris-chan?
Rice! and nattou too, please! (TLN: Nattou = fermentated soy beans)
Fufu, with a lot of onions?
panel 4: What are you standing around for Seiji? Sit down.
Yeah, you should hurry up and eat.
panel 5: What do you want to have for dinner Gris-chan?
panel 6: There's no way you could suddenly blend in like that!!
What did you pull!?
Fuat ai did (What i did)?
(Is he at his rebellious age?)

pg. 0006
panel 1: Tadaah!
The surprising and shocking angel mechanic "Solve it skillfully shark!"
panel 2: If i use this, i can forcefully brainwash everyone... and can skillfully explain the circumstances.
Gris-chan is a family member.
Gris-chan is a family member.
panel 3: Don't do weird stuff to my family! / stop it already!
(text in the background: Member of the family)
This is a necessary action in order for me to live here.
Li- live!?
Well, well big bro, now that you know the situation you should calm down and listen to me please.

pg. 0007
panel 1: Moreover it talked!?
Yaha ha ha ha
panel 2: Would you please show a proper reaction if you understood what Gris told you.
Scary, scary, scary, scary.
panel 3: How rude of me. Right now I'm borrowing the body of your pet cat Blue-san, but
I'm Gris' boss, you can call me Kolari.
panel 4: B- BOSS!?
Eh, that means you're an angel!? / With that kind of face!?
Yes. // It's not something I should say about myself, but my original form is magnificent. But on earth I have to move around in this form.
panel 5: There was no way around causing such a disorder, but you have to sympathize with us this once.
I got it, i got it. // For now.
panel 6: So where is our cat?

pg. 0008
panel 1: No way, have you brainwashed Akua as well!?
Who is that?
My little sister!
panel 2: Little sister...! What a wonderful setting!!
panel 3: Akua-chan went to a training camp with her club.
Ah, I see. // So she's safe.
panel 4: I certainly want to meet your little sister!!
Yesterday the prime minister and the president who are currently in the Netherlands
were holding a magnificent ceremony---
But i don't think that she's the little sister you're imagening her to be...
Why are you saying something so suggestive! / Is it a flag!?
panel 5: Rather, what did you want to talk about...
Aah, there is another person I still have to meet.
Another person?

pg. 0009
panel 2: ok
panel 3: *don*
panel 4: *pi*

pg. 0010
panel 1: F- four seconds!?
panel 2: You were about to set a new world record, that's on the same level as cheating!? What have you done Akane!?
(for 100m)
Kyaah, Hiyama-senpai is so cool<3
panel 3: That's right... I wonder if it's because want to hunt down that person and kill that person...
What are you saying!?
panel 4: What have you done Ayane! You have been acting strange since yesterday!?

pg. 0011
panel 1: Hey, hey, is it really ok coming to school where everyone can see you?
It's cool, since no one but your everyday cute girl can see me.
It's alright for me too, since no one but your everyday human-faced-cat can see me either.
No, you're hopeless after all!!
(in her eyes: Kill)

pg. 0012
panel 1: Good morning, Aino-kun<3
Hi- Hiyama-san!?
panel 2: You're being so bold and unfaithful first thing in the morning, how mean<3
*cough* // C- c-c-c-c-calm down. // *cough*
panel 3: Si- since i can't die, would you stop sabbing me... Ugh
Is that the other person...
Yeah she is! She is a total yandere! / She's interesting.
panel 4: ...Is she ok with this face?
Excuse me...
panel 5: Whaaat?
Ah!! Well... You see...

pg. 00013
panel 1: Now that everyone involved is present,
I have something important to tell you and Gris.
(Who is that human-faced-cat?)
panel 2: Who is that over there?
Did a boy become close to Akane-senpai before we noticed!?
panel 3: That person... is Aino... Seiji-san.
panel 4: Pl- please calm down.
What is that little rat doing behind you?
panel 5: Why...

pg. 0014
panel 1: Cupid's helper?
panel 2: Yes, you will be getting different kinds of tasks... // hey, are you listening?
Please don't touch him!
It's ok, I'm listening. / Please go on.
I'm his lover.
I won't approve of that!
panel 3: ...Ok, so first of all we should start with this notebook.
I was surprised by the information I heard from Gris, // because a human and an angel can't become a couple just like that.
panel 4: An angel, who insists on becoming lovers with an inferior being like a human, is not normal.
Hey, that's rude.
Well since Gris can't be considered normal even among angels, it can't be helped...

pg. 0015
panel 1: Did you know that you can't die because of the angel's divine protection?
Aah, I've been through that already.
panel 2: So that means, that you are bound together with Gris. // So for the time being you are (temporary) angels.
panel 3: And there's a rule, that an angel always has to work.
In case he doesn't work, the angel is sent down to hell.
panel 4: I don't want to work
By the way, because she is always like this, Gris gets the most easy going tasks of a cupid.
(Basic work)
panel 5: When an angel gets sent to hell, he becomes a fallen angel.
In your case, your existence will become unstable and your soul will dissappear.

pg. 0016
panel 1: That means, if Gris doesn't do her work as a cupid, your souls will cease to exist alltogether.
panel 2: Wha-
panel 3: YOU! What the hell did you drag me into!!
What is there to be embarassed about!!
panel 4: Are you saying that Aino-kun will disappear? // There's no use if we can't even stay forever together after death (in heaven)...
Together after death!?
But I think that your safe, if Gris does her job.

pg. 0017
panel 1: Why would I want her to help me...
I refuse! I'm not going to the helper of this chibi rat!
But... then he's going to end up vanishing.
Well then I'm going to do it!
panel 2: For the sake of my future with Aino-kun, I will do anything!
He got used to it.
I generally understood how to handle this person...
S- so what exactly is it that we have to do now?
panel 3: It's easy.
Just like yesterday, we use this notebook to---
Wait a second!!
panel 4: Don't form a couple so easily! We don't want to produce another victim-couple like those guys (prime minister x president) yesteday.
Love is an extremely serious matter!?

pg. 0018
panel 1: But if I write a name into this notebook, // anyone can become a couple with someone.
panel 2: Well, yeah that's true, but that wasn't my point... Shouldn't we properly think about it before writing one down?
You're particularly doing what you please because of your hobby...
panel 3: Hmm... Is it really like that?
Even I don't know that / Though I was talking big just now...
panel 4: Noo, that's magnificent!!!

pg. 0019
panel 1: Do you understand that Aino-kun!
Scary, scary, scary, scary.
I'm always explaining that to Gris!!
panel 2: Forming couples, is the work of a cupid, but it's not limited. // Gris chooses to form male-only couples due to her hobby...!! // Even if your partner crossed over from an unknown country, you'll start to harbour feelings of love caused by your fateful meeting and go along with it...! // I want to do that so much!
I don't know you, but
I love you<3
panel 3: Aino-kun! I'd be uneasy to let Gris and a human become a couple, but if it's you, I can be at ease and entrust Gris to you!!
I'm also perfectly at ease...
panel 4: Hey Gris! Why don't you properly greet your new helpers.

pg. 0020
panel 1: Seiji-san.
(Huh, she's calling Aino-kun by his name?)
panel 2: I'll be relying on your help from now on.
I look forward to working with you!
panel 3: Oh... Oooh...
It's not like I'm doing it for you.
Pretty please.
That made my heart skip for a second.
panel 4: Let's take it easy!
You, be responsible!!

pg. 0021
panel 2: I'm going to return to heaven for a while to give my report to my superior.
Anyway, please keep supporting Gris.
Is what he said as well...
panel 3: But my everyday life already changed a lot...
Hiyama-san, that's not your seat...
Yahn! We're already in an unseperable relationship.
panel 4: The school's idol Hiyama-san is together with Seiji!?
I can't believe it!!
(As I feared)
panel 5: Se- Seiji...!?
What the heck is this!?

pg. 0022
panel 1: Wheeeeeen did you become so close to Hiyama-san!?
Well... I was forced into this situation...
Even though we made the "Only look at Hiyama-san with pure eyes and not make *beep* jokes" alliance together.
Hey, don't say that!!
panel 2: How did it get like this Hiyama-san!!
Why Seiji!?
(calm down)
panel 3: But...
I gave something very important... // to Aino-kun...

pg. 0023
panel 1: Seiji, you bastard!!!
No, you're misunderstanding...
You're the worst, Aino-kun!!!
You traitor!!
I'm jealous that you surpassed us, damn it!!!
panel 2: You soiled our innocent and beautiful Hiyama-san!!!
Please tell me that it's not true.
Ah! The bell rang, let's take our seats everyone!
panel 3: Ugh
panel 4: My everyday life, that I had until yesterday, is getting further and further away...
I'm getting bullied...
Come to think of it...
panel 5: That girl...
I'll go make some preperations as well!
Is what she said, but...
panel 6: There's no way she would come into the classroom...

pg. 0024
panel 1: Okay everyone, I'm going to begin the lesson.
panel 2: Now she looks like a teacher!!!
(That girl...)
(Who's that?)
panel 3: Did she think she can conceal herself, when she has the appearance of a pupil...
so small

pg. 0025
panel 3: Ok, it took one minute until everyone got quiet.
(Sensei is sad.)
panel 4: Yes, from today on I'm the new teacher at this school...
panel 5: *scritch* *scratch* *stroke*
panel 6: Go! Go!
You can do it!!
panel 7: I'm called Gris.
(on board: Gris)
That girl's so bothersome!!

pg. 0026
panel 1: Everyone, please call me Gris-sensei.
panel 2: Yes!
panel 3: She brainwashed them...
(She looks like an idiot.)
(Sensei is cute)
Ok! Then I'm going to start the lesson. // Please hand these out.
panel 4: Let's study with a copy of sensei's handmade book
(on book: Magical Yuri by Gris)
panel 5: Today's topic is going to be "Yuri"
What is that!!?

pg. 0027
panel 2: Who would've thought! // You continued with your lesson throughout the whole morning...
Well I wanted to try out a female teacher cosplay for once. I'm completely satisfied!
(My useless knowledge increased...)
And I got a lot of snacks from my dear students!
panel 3: Come to think of it, what about Hiyama-san?
(Explain yourself...)
She cruelly ran away from the class' pressure...
(Aino food time!<3)
Ahaha, seems like you have to chase her immediately.
panel 4: Leaving that aside, was there a candidate for an important couple, // Isn't that why you came to our class?
Hmm, there are several people that piqued my interest...
No male pairings.
panel 5: Haa
You should think about it more seriously // or it might be possible that we'll vanish.
panel 6: (That's impossible.)
I have to do it properly.

pg. 0028
panel 1: ...There really is nothing left but pairing two boys...
(I feel kinda sorry for them...)
panel 2: Whoa!? Even that actor!?
panel 3: You really decided at random---

pg. 0029
panel 1: Fuwah!!?
panel 2: Hmm, it doesn't make my heart race like the first time.
I told you not to do things like that so thoughtlessly!
Are you a foreigner or something!!
panel 3: You're really pure, aren't you Seiji-san.
Aren't you just lacking common sense!?
panel 4: Geez---

pg. 0030
panel 2: Wh- who is that!?
(A first year?)
panel 3: Moreover, did she see that just now!?
panel 4: You're the one...

pg. 0031
panel 1: Kyaah
Uwah // Hey
panel 3: A- are you ok?
Ooh, what a gentleman! (clap, clap, clap)
panel 4: D- don't touch me!
panel 5: That's how you do it, don't you? You're acting all kind to anyone and deceive the girls!?
You're the worst!!

pg. 0032
panel 1: Even though you're going out with Akane-senpai.
You're here cheating on her with another girl...!
panel 2: If... // If you're like that,
if that's how it is, even I...!!
panel 3: Huh
panel 5: Eh

pg. 0033
panel 1: Ah // Eh!? Wait, that notebook is...
panel 2: Gris! Let's chase after her! We have to take back the notebook!!
I ate too much sweets, I don't want to lift a finger.
panel 3: Ah, enough. You're going to follow me!?

pg. 0034
panel 1: hah
panel 2: hah
Where did she go?
panel 3: And... Is she an aquaintance of Hiyama-san?
Of all things, she took that notebook...
panel 4: (on sign: No trespassing)
panel 5: Upstairs?
panel 6: *clack*
panel 7: Ah, there she was.

pg. 0035
panel 1: ...Aino-san...
panel 2: Excuse me, I would like you to return that notebook from before.
panel 3: It's something really important...
panel 5: Hey, ha- have you written something in there!?
panel 6: Th-
panel 7: Wh-, wh-, wh-, what did you write!?

pg. 0036
panel 1: No
panel 2: Don't come any closer!

pg. 0037
panel 1: Huh!?
It's breaking...!?
panel 2: Ah
panel 5: "The End."

pg. 0038
panel 1: "Please stay tuned for Machiruda-sensei's next work Miyuki Omega!!"
(on manga: Mito...
Good... bye...
Orii!! Oriii!!
That's... is a lie!?
Please stay tuned for Machiruda-sensei's next work Miyuki Omega!!)
panel 2: What was that! Ending the final episode with the death of the heroine!
This is an ungrateful way of ending a series!
panel 3: How should i put it, axed...?
panel 4: Hey
panel 5: Where is Aino-kun?

pg. 0039
panel 1: Seiji-san
Stop calling people's lover by their first name as you please!!
....He's run off chasing after a girl some time ago.
panel 2: A woman...?
panel 3: Ah... I see...
I'll join him too in a moment.
panel 4: Wait, I'm going as well.
panel 5: I'm going to XX that woman and XX her XX.
...You should stop doing grotesque things at school...
You see, this will be in a manga
Shut up. Hurry up and go!

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