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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 541

The Blade and Me 2

+ posted by BadKarma as translation on Jun 15, 2013 12:09 | Go to Bleach

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Chapter 541
The Blade and Me 2

Page 01
His memories, revived…

Ichigo:(ずっと 考えないようにしてた)
(All this time I’ve been trying not to think about it)

(Back then)

(The first time I faced him)

Ichigo:(あそこに 呼び寄せられたような気がしたんだ)
(I felt like something had drawn me there)

Page 02
Ichigo:(それが何故だったのか ずっと考えないようにしてた)
(All this time I’ve been trying not to think about why that was)

(How did I go right to where he was)
(Without any information?)

(How did I know)
(That he was the most important “enemy”?)

(And why)

Ichigo:(初めてあいつを 見た時に)
(The first time I ever saw him)

Page 03
(Did I feel like he reminded me of “somebody”?)

Page 04

His cry rings out------

Page 05
…What the hell is going on…?

False Zangetsu:・・・聞いた通りだ
…It is exactly as you’ve heard
False Zangetsu:・・・そして

Page 06
False Zangetsu:私は
False Zangetsu:“斬月”では無い
Am not “Zangetsu”

Page 07
So you’re Yhwach…?

You’re really…
Not Zangetsu, then…?

False Zangetsu:私は
False Zangetsu:お前の中の滅却師の力の根源
Am the source of the Quincy power within you
False Zangetsu:ユーハバッハでもありユーハバッハではないもの
Thus I am Yhwach, and I am not

That doesn’t make any sense!!

Are you an enemy!?
Or are you a friend!?
Have all your words so far been lies!?

Page 08
Which is it!?!?

False Zangetsu:・・・敵ではない
…I am not an enemy
False Zangetsu:見方でもない
Nor am I a friend

False Zangetsu:だが
False Zangetsu:言葉にも心にも嘘は無い
Neither my words nor my intentions have been lies

False Zangetsu:――――お前に名乗った名以外は
------Aside from the name which I told to you

False Zangetsu:・・・一護
False Zangetsu:お前は今まで見てきた筈だ
Surely you have noticed that, all this time

Page 09
False Zangetsu:私がお前に斬魄刀の扱い方を教える時
Whenever I taught you how to use your Zanpakutou

False Zangetsu:いつも虚の力を借りていた事を
I always borrowed the hollow’s power

False Zangetsu:お前が斬魄刀の力を使い切れなかった時
That, when you couldn’t fully utilize the power of your Zanpakutou

False Zangetsu:お前が
When your life

False Zangetsu:本当の命の危機に瀕した時
Was truly in danger

False Zangetsu:お前の命を救ったのが
The one who rescued you

Page 10
False Zangetsu:私ではなく
Was not I

False Zangetsu:虚だったという事を
But the hollow

False Zangetsu:私は
False Zangetsu:お前を死神にさせたくはなかった
Did not want to allow you to become a Shinigami

False Zangetsu:だから私は
That is why
False Zangetsu:育ち切らぬお前本来の力を抑え込み
I suppressed your still undeveloped innate power
False Zangetsu:自らがお前の力の中心に居座った
And installed myself as the seat of your power

Page 11

False Zangetsu:“どうして”?
“Why?” ?
False Zangetsu:お前を危険から
My desire
False Zangetsu:戦いから遠避けたいと願うことのどこに疑問がある?
Was to keep you from danger, from battle. What about that do you doubt?

False Zangetsu:お前が死神になってしまえば
If you became a Shinigami
False Zangetsu:否応なしに戦いに巻き込まれる
You would be thrust into battles regardless of your will
False Zangetsu:お前は傷つくだろう
You would most likely be wounded
False Zangetsu:お前は苦しむだろう
And you would most likely suffer

False Zangetsu:そしていずれ必ず
And, one day
False Zangetsu:私自身の手でお前を殺さねばならなくなるだろう
I would almost certainly have to kill you with my own hands

Page 12
False Zangetsu:お前を死神にしてはならぬ
I could not let you become a Shinigami
False Zangetsu:死神とならねば殺さねばならぬ
If you became a Shinigami, then I would have to kill you

Page 13
False Zangetsu:―――――――そう思っていた
---------That is what I believed

False Zangetsu:だが
False Zangetsu:お前は死神への道を歩んでいった
You went down the path of being a Shinigami
False Zangetsu:きっかけと出会い
Encountering the catalyst
False Zangetsu:力を鍛え上げ
Refining your power
False Zangetsu:傷つき 苦しみながら
Getting wounded, suffering
False Zangetsu:自らの意志で歩んでいった
All the while walking the path of your own volition

False Zangetsu:その姿を見るたびに
Each time I looked upon you doing so
False Zangetsu:私の心は音をたてて揺らいだのだ
My resolve audibly weakened

False Zangetsu:やがて
Before long
False Zangetsu:私の心はお前を死神から遠避けるよりも
I became less inclined to keep you from being a Shinigami
False Zangetsu:お前の意志を助ける方へと傾いていった
And more inclined to support your will

False Zangetsu:そして
False Zangetsu:私は今こうして
I will withdraw

Page 14
False Zangetsu:身を引ける事に
And in doing so
False Zangetsu:喜びさえ感じている
I feel only happiness

False Zangetsu:一護
False Zangetsu:お前は強くなった
You have grown strong

False Zangetsu:そのお前の成長を
And I have been able
False Zangetsu:私はずっと傍らで見守る事ができた
To stand at your side and watch over you as you have done so
False Zangetsu:これ以上の幸せがあるものか
Is there any greater joy than that?

False Zangetsu:――――満足だ
------I am content

Page 15
Ichigo:待ってくれ 斬月!!
Wait, Zangetsu!!
I still haven’t………

Page 16
False Zangetsu:一護
False Zangetsu:お前が今迄遣ってきた
What you have been using all this time
False Zangetsu:私が抑え込み切れなかったお前の力の欠片に過ぎぬ
Has been nothing more than a fragment of your power which I could not suppress

False Zangetsu:お前はもう
It is time
False Zangetsu:お前自身の力で戦っていいのだ
For you to fight with your own power

False Zangetsu:持って行け
Take it
False Zangetsu:それがお前の真の斬魄刀――――
This is your true Zanpakutou------

Page 17
False Zangetsu:「斬月」だ

Insert text:閃光、爆ぜる――――
A flash of light explodes forth------

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