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Angel Myth 7

Guardian of the Darkness

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Oct 31, 2010 12:34 | Go to Angel Myth

-> RTS Page for Angel Myth 7

Page 1:
Panel 1: (main)
Test 1: (什么? 真的是—) What? It really is—
Text 2: (黑暗帝王路西华?) Lucifer, Guardian of the Darkness?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (为什么要----) Why do you want....
Bubble 2: (再度地---- 召唤我呢?)to yet again.... summon me?
Panel 3:
Bubble 1-1: (我已经沉睡了几千年----) I have been in a deep sleep for several thousand years...
Bubble 1-2: (希望----就此沉睡至永恒----永不醒来!) I want... to sleep for all eternity... to sleep and never wake up!

Page 2: (no text)

Page 3:
Text 1: (路西华—— 自从天地大战后, 便失去踪迹,) Lucifer—— ever since the Great War ended, there was no trace of him.
Text 2: (传说是被赶至地狱受苦?) Legend said that he was banished to suffer in Hell?

Page 4:
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (为什么要召唤我呢?) Why did you summon me?
Bubble 1-2: (难道是契约----失效了吗?) Could it be that the contract.... failed?
Panel 3: (main)
Bubble: (契约?什么契约?) Contract? What contract?

Page 5:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (阁下背叛了天神, 挑起了天地大战,) You, who betrayed the Gods and provoked the Great War,
Bubble 2: (不是已经被放逐到地狱里受苦吗?) weren't you banished to suffer in Hell?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (放逐到地狱去? 你们是被这么告知的吗?) Banished to Hell? Is that what you were told?
Bubble 1-2: (好一个茺诞的放逐啊!呵呵!) What an absurd banishment! Hehehe!
Panel 3:
Bubble: (什么意思?) What do you mean?

Page 6:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1-1: (信任一个欺瞒天上地下的主人,) Trusting a fool who lives beyond the world of mortals,
Bubble 1-2: (如同傀儡般永恒地被使唤,那才是无边的地狱!) like a puppet being eternally manipulated, that is the boundless Hell!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (阁下背叛了天界, 却反过来指责天神欺骗阁下——) You betrayed the Heavens, they say you denounced the Gods——
Bubble 1-2: (阁下该不会忘了自己煸动堕落天使们谋反这件事吧?) Yet you couldn't have forgotten the Fallen Angels conspiracy?
Panel 4:
Bubble: (呵呵! 你毕竟只是个傀儡啊!) Hehe! You are merely a puppet after all!

Page 7:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (以赛亚, 你若发现你以往坚定的信仰——) Isaiah, if you think of your past beliefs——
Bubble 2: (到头来只是一个----) only one thing comes to mind....
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (这----) This...
Bubble 2: (亘古的谎言与欺骗, 你又会如何?) Ancient lies and deceits, what will you do this time?
Bubble 3-1: (只怕----你也会和我一样,) I'm afraid... that you will become like me,
Bubble 3-2: (选择这万劫不复的下场吧?) and choose to leave this stage forever?

Page 8:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (看在同是“天界人”的份上,) Taking the part about "Heavenly People" into account,
Bubble 2: (以赛亚, 我给你一个忠告吧!) Isaiah, I will give you a piece of advice!
Panel 2:
Bubble: (不要相信任何人告诉你的任何故事!) Don't believe every story that you hear!
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: !
Bubble 2-1: (也正因如此我不会告诉你我所知道的任何事!) Therefore I will not tell you anything I know!
Panel 4:
Bubble 2-2: (你用自己的心与眼, 去看清楚真相吧!) Follow your own heart and use your own eyes to go find the truth!

Page 9:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1-1: (对了!) That's right!
Bubble 1-2: (我---差点忘了被召唤出来的目的----) I... almost forgot the reason why I was summoned....
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (陛下不喜欢被骚拢,) His Majesty doesn't like being harassed,
Bubble 1-2: (彩天使以赛亚! 你最好离远一点!) Veteran Angel Isaiah! You had better get far away from here!
Bubble 2: !

Page 10:
Panel 1:
Text: (陛下? 鲁西化指的是谁? 难道是——)  His majesty? Who is he talking about?  Don't tell me it's——
Panel 2:
Bubble: Waaaa!

Page 11-12: No text

Page 13:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: Waa!
Bubble 2-1: (因为不知道彩以赛亚真正的意图,) Since we don't know what Veteran Isaiah's true intentions are,
Bubble 2-2: (还是避开她比较安全) avoiding him would be much safer!
Panel 2: (哼!) Hmph!

Page 14:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1-1: (你们好歹也同是天使,就这么抓着回声逃走,) You are so evil yet still an angel! Just grabbing Huisheng and running away like that!
Bubble 1-2: (加百列! 难不成你是害怕那个以赛亚?) Gabriel! It can't be that your afraid of Isaiah?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (索西特! 你一点都不了解“天使”!) Suoxite! You don't understand the us angels at all!
Bubble 1-2: (我所担心的是下达给以赛亚的“命令”!) I was just worried about what "order's" Isaiah had!
Panel 3:
Bubble 1-1: (天使一旦接受了命令-----) Once an angel receives an order....
Bubble 1-2: (虽不知天神下了什么命令给以赛亚-----) and I don't know what order's God gave him...
Panel 4:
Bubble 1: (反正天界绝对来者不善!) In any event the Heavens harbor absolutely no ill intent!
Bubble 2: (咦? 加百列?) Eh? Gabriel?
Text: (咻!) Hey!

Page 15:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (呐! 回声!) Na! Huisheng!
Bubble 2: !
Bubble 3: (变小的话,我就可以一真留在你的身边保护你了!) If I become smaller, I can definitely stay by your side and protect you now!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (啊? 谢谢!) Ah? Thank you!
Bubble 1-2: (太吃惊了!) Amazing!
Text: (目瞪口呆——) stunned——
Bubble 3: (索西特刚好可以当我的座骑! 呵呵!) Suoxite can certainly act as my mount! Haha!
Bubble 4: (谁要当你的座骑? 快(?)下去! 我最过厌天使了啦!) Who would want to be your mount!? Get off of me! I hate you!

Page 16: Nothing

Page 17:
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (回来啦! 以赛亚!) I'm back! Isaiah!
Bubble 2: (如何啊? 人间好玩吗?) How was it? Was the human world fun?

Page 18:
Bubble: (你的玛西亚正等着你呢!) Your Marcia is waiting for you!

Page 19:
Panel 1/2:
Bubble1: (玛——玛西亚?) Ma-- Marcia?
Bubble2: (你---弄成什么鬼样子啊? 身上全是妖精的行头!) You.... What are you playing at? You're dressed up like a demon!
Bubble3: (哎呀! 以赛亚! 我以为你夸赞一下呢!) Aiya! Isaiah! I thought you would praise me!
Bubble4: (你到底是丛哪里搞来的这些鬼东西啊?) Where on earth did you get all this stuff?
Panel 3:
Bubble 1-1: (当然跟妖精要来的啊! 你看这条顶链!) Well I got them from the demons of course! Look at this chain headband!
Bubble 1-2: (这是妖精们用胡挑和贝壳雕该镶嵌成的呢! 手艺很棒呢!) The demons made this by using shells to carve out these patterns! The handiwork is simply wonderful!

Page 20:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (你还在跟妖精们打交道啊? 不怕被他们吃了啊? 玛西亚?) You're still meeting with those demons? You aren't afraid they'll eat you? Well, Marcia?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (你这是哪里来的偏见? 他们的个性都很可爱啊!) How did you become so prejudiced? They all such cute individuals!
Bubble 1-2: (他们还教我如何将布绞缠在头上的技巧哩! 很漂亮吧?) They're also teaching me how to wrap up my head in cloth! Isn't it pretty?
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (可是——我觉得他们都很过厌天使啊?) But... I thought they all hated angels?
Bubble 2: (不会啊! 他们还蛮喜欢我的哩!) Impossible! They all still really like me!
Panel 4:
Bubble 1: (那么——你那妖精船的瞳孔又是怎么回事啊?) This... So how could they think of you like this?
Bubble 2: (亏你还是彩天使, 这么简单的把戏还要问我?) What a shame, your a veteran angel yet you so simply asking me these jokes?
writtentext: (你应该也会弄啊!) You should also be able to do it!

Page 21:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (那——手上端的玩意儿呢?) That- And what about that thing your carrying?
Bubble 2: (抱着那个走来走去,太招摇了吧?) Hugging that thing while pacing back and forth, aren't you showing off too much?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (嘿嘿嘿!) Hehehee!
Bubble 2: (你注意到了? 那也就不枉我端来端去了嘛!) You noticed? My showing off wasn't in vain!
Panel 3:
Bubble 1-1: (这是妖精族某位长老的信物啊! 我觉得他们拿在手上很威风,) This is a demon clan leader's keepsake! I thought it looked very impressive when they held it.
Bubble 1-2: (所以啊! 我就用一首歌的代价跟他们换来了!) So! I traded them a song in return for this!
Panel 4:
Written Text: (连人家长老的信物你都敢?) You even asked for the clan leader's keepsake?

Page 22:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (真受不了你! 玛西娅!) I just don't get you, Marcia!
Bubble 2: (限你十秒之内将那些玩意儿全都弄掉!) You've got ten seconds to get rid of all those toys!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (去!) Go!
Panel 3: (main)
Bubble 1-1: (什么? 才不要!) What? I don't want to!
Bubble 1-2: (这些事我辛苦收集来的耶!) I worked hard to collect all these!
Bubble 2: (谁理你啊? 去丢掉!) Who asked you? Go get rid of them!
Panel 4:
Bubble: (换下来就是了嘛! 不过我是不会把他们丢掉的!) I can trade them back, but I will not just throw them away!

Page 23:
Bubble 1-1: (像点样子,那对怪里怪气的妖精眼也顺便处理一下吧!) You just carelessly deal with those weird demons like that!
Bubble 1-2: (我真是看了就过厌!) I just hate it!

Page 24:
Panel 1: (main)
Bubble 1-1: (以赛亚, 你不能因为不喜欢他们,) Isaiah, don't misjudge them,
Bubble 1-2: (就全盘否定他们的优点啊!) just because you don't like them!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (我倒觉得他们很可爱呢! 虽然脾气很古怪,) I actually think they are cute! Although their temperament is a little odd,
Bubble 1-2: (但是只要诚心诚意和他们交往, 他们是很好相处的呢!) I just want to be in contact with them, and they are actually quite fun to be around!
Panel 3:
Bubble: (反正我就是过厌妖精! 人类我也不喜欢,我自己也不知道为什么。) Anyways, I really do hate demons! I also don't like the humans, though I really don't know why.
Panel 4:
Bubble: (这就是奇怪的地方啊! 以赛亚!) This is such a weird concept! Isaiah!
Panel 5: (main)
Bubble 1-1: (为什么我们天使一定要过厌妖精或人类----) Why is it that us angels must hate demons or humans...
Bubble 1-2: (等等的非我族类呢?) Is my clan to blame for this?

Page 25:
Panel 1: (main)
Bubble 1: (玛西娅! 你怎么老是想这些奇怪的问题?) Marcia! Why are you thinking about these weird questions?
Bubble 2: (你没有想过吗? 以赛亚?) You've never thought about it? Isaiah?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (我倒时常想到这些事哩!例如——) I, on the other hand, often think about these things! For example-
Bubble 2: (为什么你是彩之天使, 而我是声之天使?) Why are you a veteran angel, and I a famed one?

Page 26:
Text 1: (我们---仿佛是对方的半身, 是两面一体---) We... are like two sides of the same body...
Text 2: (如果有一天, 我们接到了命令——杀掉对方---) Then one day, we received an order—— to kill the other side.

Page 27:
Text 1: (想到——有关双生与制衡的力量,) Then I thought—— the relation between twins and their balance of power,
Text 2: (以及光之天使克拉丽与影之天使华连西尔的事件!) as well as the matter about the Light Angel Clarimond and the Shadow Angel Raphael!

Page 28:
Panel 1:
Text: (为什么克拉丽蒙爱上了人类, 变为天使中惟一的女性体, 可以生育小孩---) Why did Clarimond fall in love with the human world, and change her body to that of a woman's. She can have children...
Panel 2:
Bubble: (我----无时无该不想到这些问题!) I.... how could I not think about these things!
Panel 3:
Bubble: (哪一天, 我们会不会也遭遇同样的事呢?) Some day, will we be able to experience these things too?

Page 29:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1-1: (我和你,会不会有一天也步上他们的后尘——) You and I, could we one day also leave footprints upon their world?
Bubble 1-2: (彼此互相毁灭呢? 以赛亚?) And together we could live and die as mortals? Isaiah?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (玛西亚! 你胡说八道什么啊?) Marcia! What rubbish are you talking about?
Bubble 2: (才不会发生那种事呢!) You just can't do that type of stuff!

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