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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210
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Angel Myth 8


+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Oct 31, 2010 12:34 | Go to Angel Myth

-> RTS Page for Angel Myth 8

Page 1:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (给我闭嘴! 玛西娅! 我才不会这么做呢!) Just shut up! Marcia! I just can't do this!)
Bubble 2-1: (以赛亚, 你不要否认! 如果哪一天你接受了消灭我的命令,) Isaiah, don't deny it! What if one day you receive an order to eliminate me,
Bubble 2-2: (也一定会连自己性命也不顾地执行的!) and you must carry it out regardless of your own life!
Bubble 3: (到那时, 什么双生。 什么血缘羁绊, 什么都没用!) When that time comes, twins, family, it's all useless!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: !
Bubble 2: (听见没有? 才不会有那种事呢!) Didn't you hear me? You just can't have those ideas!
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (不会就不会! 你干什么要打我啊?) Can't is can't! Why on earth do you need to hit me?
BubbleSFX: (啪) Pow
Panel 4:
Bubble: (我觉得——) I think-

Page 2:
Panel 1: (main)
Bubble 1-1: (够了! 玛西亚! 别再说了!) That's enough, Marcia! Stop talking!
Bubble 1-2: (我还有很多重要的是要告诉你呢!) I still have a lot of important matters I need to tell you!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (更重要的是? 那你怎么不早说?) More important matters? Why didn't you say so earlier?
Panel 3:
Bubble 1-1: (那是因为你一直再说莫名其妙的话,) That's because you kept babbling about such confusing things!
Bubble 1-2: (我一直插不上嘴的缘故) I couldn't say anything the entire time!
WrittenText 1: (我迟早被你气死!) Sooner or later, you're going to make me so angry!
Bubble 2-1: (是是是!) Yes yes yes!
Bubble 2-2: (就请你赶快说吧!) Quickly say what you need to!
Panel (main):
WrittenText 2: (年轻人火气那么大干嘛?) Is a young person's anger supposed to be this intense?

Page 3:
Bubble: (我----- 遇见黑暗帝王路西华了!) I... met the Guardian of Darkness, Lucifer!

Page 4:
Panel 1: (main)
Bubble 1: (喂! 玛西亚!) Hey! Marcia!
Text: (路西华?) Lucifer?
Bubble 2: (你怎么一点也不吃惊啊?) How come you're not startled at all?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (我是很吃惊啊?) Aren't I surprised?
Bubble 2 Text: (你那是吃惊的样子吗?) That's your surprised look?
Bubble 2 WritText: (给我差不多一点!) That doesn't look surprised at all!
Panel 1: (main)
Bubble 1: (不仅如此, 连加百列也出现了!) Not only that, but I also found Gabriel!
Bubble 2-1: (他们失踪了那么久, 竟然意处的在人间现身-----) They had disappeared for so long, then suddenly just appearing in the human world....
Bubble 2-2: (真是令人吃惊啊!) It's definitely a cause for surprise!
Bubble 3: (那么——) That's--

Page 5:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (你----向上面报告这件事了吗? 以赛亚?) Have you told the higher ups about this? Isaiah?
Bubble 2: (没有! 因为我觉得整件是变得很奇怪!所以—— ) No! I thought that this whole thing has become really weird! So-
Panel 2:
Bubble: (那很好!) That's good!
Panel 3:
Bubble: (听我的! 最好什么也别说哦!) Listen up! It's best if you don't talk about it!

Page 6:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (我们最好也别再讨论这个话题了!) We should also not talk about this anymore!
Bubble 2: (知道吗? 这件事千万不要告诉任何人哦!) Understand? By all means you mustn't tell anyone else about this!
Panel 2:
Text: (吗西亚! 你----) Marcia! You....
Panel 3: (main)
Text 1: ( 有时候我会觉得——) Sometimes I feel like-
Text 2: (自己一点也不了解你!) I just don't understand you at all!
Text 3: (我们是双生天使, 是一起降生的两个人,) We are angel twins, we were born at the same time,
Text 4: (应该是----这世上最接近的两个生命体!) We should... be the closest people in the entire world!

Page 7:
Panel 1: (main)
Text 1: (可是---- 我却一点也不了解你!) But.... I just don't understand you!
Text 2: (玛西亚! 有时候-----) Marcia! Sometimes.....
Text 3: (我甚至很怕你----) I'm even scared of you....
Panel 2:
Bubble: ....... (no change)
Panel 3:
Text: (以赛亚路检路西华和加百列了?) Isaiah met Lucifer and Gabriel?

Page 8:
Text: (那么-----我的学术天使拉斐尔呢?) That's.... my teacher Raphael?

Page 9:
Panel 1:
Text: (我的----拉斐尔----) My... Raphael....
Bubble 1-1: (好奇怪, 拉斐尔!) How weird, Raphael!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-2: (为什么你会去研究妖精族呢?) Why are you researching the demon race?
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (这也是学术之一啊! 玛西亚!) This is also one of my research subjects, Marcia!
Bubble 2: (我不能错过世界上的任何一种知识啊!) I have to make sure to study all types of things on this world!
Panel 4:
Bubble 1-1: (正面的, 反面的, 真的——) The positives, the negatives, the truths-
Bubble 1-2: (以及假的---- 我都有知道的必要啊!) as well as the fakes.... I must know them all!

Page 10:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1-1: (我们的知识里, 掺有假的信息吗?) Your knowledge, also includes fake information?
Bubble 1-2: (那你查出什么没有? 可不可以告诉我?) What did you find? Could you tell me?
Bubble 2-1: (玛西亚真是懒啊!) Marcia truly is lazy!
Bubble 2-2: (你那聪明的脑装放着不用太可惜了!) Not using that smart brain of yours is too pitiful!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (只要愿意去寻找真相,就会有答案的。) If you search for the truth, you will find your answers.
Bubble 1-2: (你若真的找不到,我再告诉你所有的事实吧!) If it seems like you truly can't find them, then I will tell you everything!
Panel 3:
Text: (我不知道我是否已经找到你所说的真相。) I don't know if the facts I have found are true.
Panel 4:
Text: (我的确是找到了什么, 但是我等着你告诉我它的真假啊!) I've certainly found something, but I'm waiting for you to tell me if it's true or not!

Page 11:
Text 1: (可是在那之后, 你化为终极战斗状态, 消失在我面前!)But after that time, you died for that final battle. You disappeared right in front of me!
Text 2: (就这样远离了我, 而我也永远失去了答案!) In this way you left me, and I forever lost the answers!

Page 12:
Panel 1:
Text: (我的学术天使不在了, 我要以自己的力量查明真相!) My teacher is no longer here, I must find the truth using my own power!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (我回来了!) I'm back!
Bubble 2: (丽姐快开门!) Lijie open the door!
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (你在逃难啊? 回声! 怎么回事?) You running from trouble again? Huisheng! What's the matter?
SFXbubs: (呼) *pant*

Page 13:
Panel 1:
(these bubbles may be out of order, just match up the symbols with what i've written....)
Bubble 1: (帮我算命!) Tell my fortune!
Bubble 2: (学长喜欢我吗?) Does senpai like me?
Bubble 3/5: (回声! 拜托!) Huisheng! Please!
SFXbubble: (嘻) hehe
Text: (都是佩英宣扬他们到处去宣扬!) They all go around and praise me like some hero!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (丽姐! 我回房间去了!) Lijie! I'm going back to my room!
Bubble 2: (等一下! 回声!) Wait a second! Huisheng!
Panel 3: (你的房间里老是有奇怪的声音响起哦!) There are weird sounds always coming from your room!
Panel 4:
Bubble 1: (奇怪的声音?) Weird sounds?
Bubble 2: (是啊! 我意去看却又安静无声。) Yes! But as soon as I go to look, it's quiet and peaceful again.
Panel 5:
Bubble 1-1: (回声! 除了那一只猫,) Huisheng! Other than that cat,
Bubble 1-2: (你是不是又检了什么东西回家?) did you bring anything else home?

Page 14:
Panel 1 (main):
Bubble 1: (我---- 我-----) I.... I....
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (没有! 我什么也没捡!) No! I didn't bring anything else home!
Panel 1 (main):
Text 1: ( 我的房间里是有东西! 但是----) My room definitely does has something in it! But...
Text 2: (我怎么能告诉丽姐。) how could I possibly tell Lijie.
Text 3: (说我捡回来的是天使呢? 谁会相信呢?) Say that I brought home an angel? Who would believe me?
Panel 3:
SFX: (吱) *squeak*

Page 15:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (咦?) Eh?
Bubble 2: (走开啦!) Giddyup!
Bubble 3: (别坐在我的身上啦!) Get off of me!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (过厌的鬼天使! 受不了你!) Loathsome angel! I can't stand you!
Bubble 2: (变个身看你怎么再骑我?) If I change my form, then will you still be able to ride me?
Panel 3:
Text: (索---- 索西特你?) Suo... Suoxite?

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