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Angel Myth 9

So Said Betrayer

+ posted by bajuwa as translation on Oct 31, 2010 12:39 | Go to Angel Myth

-> RTS Page for Angel Myth 9

Page 1:
Panel 1:
Text: (“天使” 是没有性别的!) "Angels" don't have a gender!
Panel 2 (main)
Text 1: (没有痛觉,也不会流泪。 他们只拥有正面的情绪, 所以——) They don't feel pain, nor can they cry. They only have direct and open emotions, therefore-
Text 2: (他们没有爱!) they cannot love!

Page 2:
Panel 1 (main):
Text 1: (可是-----倘若天使爱上了人类,) Yet.... suppose that angels were able to love,
Text 2: (那奖会发生什么事呢?) what would happen?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (我不知道! 跟我无关!) I don't know! It's got nothing to do with me!

Page 3:
Panel 1:
Bubble: ! (no change)
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (索——索西特! 你也考虑一下我的立场好吗?) Suo- Suoxite! Could you think about my situation for a second?
Bubble 2: (以那样子留在我的房间里——) If you stay in my room looking like that--
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (被人看见怎么办?) What will you do if someone sees you?
Bubble 2: (我哪有什么办法啦?) What other choice do I have?
Panel 4:
Bubble 1: (本来我也是担心吓到白痴人类才变成猫的样子的啊!) I originally changed into that cat form since I was worried about scaring those stupid humans!
Bubble 2: (谁叫那个过厌的天使老是喜欢坐在到我的身上?) Who told that loathsome angel to always try and sit on my back?

Page 4:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (原来索西特不喜欢人家坐在他身上啊?) Suoxite doesn't like people sitting on his back?
Bubble 2: (你——) You--
Bubble 3: (早说嘛! 我可以坐在你头上啊!) Why didn't you say so earlier! I can just sit on your head!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (走开走开! 离我的头远一点!) Get off! Get off! Leave my head alone!
Bubble 2: (唔) Ooh!
Panel 3 (main):
Bubble 1-1: (你们别再闹了! 丽姐差一点就发现你们了!) Stop being so rowdy! Lijie almost found out about you guys!
Bubble 1-2: (你们不怕被赶出去吗? 真是的——) You aren't scared of getting driven out? Really--
Bubble 3: (保护回声我一个人就够了, 你回去吧!) I can protect Huisheng by myself, you should go back!
Bubble 4: (我是接受了神的命令, 才留下来保护回声的, 所以不能走啊!) God ordered me to come down here to protect Huisheng, so I can't leave!
Bubble 5: (都是这个鬼天使啦! 你待在这里要干什么?) It's all this crafty angel's fault! What on earth do you want to do here?

Page 5:
Panel 1 (main):
Bubble 1: (好奇怪啊!) So weird!
Bubble 2-1: (你们都说我需要保护, 可是-----) You both say that you want to protect me, but...
Bubble 2-2: (我到底会有什么危险啊?) in the end, what danger could I be in?
Bubble 3: (不是吗? 为什么我会有危险? 我只是一个——) Right? Why would I be in danger, I'm just--
Bubble 4: (很普通的女学生而已啊!) a regular teenage girl, that's all!
Panel 3:
Bubble 1-1: (不是特别出色,) I'm not particularly remarkable,
Bubble 1-2: (也没有什么特别的能力。) nor do I have any special abilities.

Page 6:
Panel 1:
Bubble: (回声, 为了你的安全, 所以你的某段记忆被封印了!) Huisheng, for your own safety, some of your memories were sealed!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1-1: (我的记忆被封印? 真的吗?) My memories were sealed? Really?
Bubble 1-2: (什么人有能力这么做呢?) Who would be able to do such a thing?
Panel 3:
Bubble: (当然是—— 我们的神啦!) It-- was our God, of course!
Panel 4:
Bubble: (才不是呢! 是我们的魔王陛下!) No it wasn't! I was our Majesty the Demon King!

Page 7:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (/那索西特说说看, 我的什么记忆被封印了?) So tell me Suoxite, what memories of mine were sealed?
Bubble 2: (这个-----) This...
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (看吧! 吹牛大王! 你根本就不知道嘛!) Look here! You big bragger! You don't have a clue!
Bubble 2-1: (什么? 那时因为不能说啊!) What? That's because I can't tell you!
Bubble 2-2: (封印内容是重要秘密耶!) The details of the seal are of utmost secrecy!
Panel 4 (main):
Bubble: (是吗?) Really?

Page 8:
Panel 2:
Text: (就是---这里?) It's... here?
Panel 3:
Text: (在这里, 我能找到拉斐尔玛?) It's here, where I can can find Raphael?
Panel 4/5:
Bubble 1: (回声, 为了你的安全, 你还是别知道太多。) Huisheng, for your own safety, it's best if you don't know too much.
Bubble 2: (对啊! 你已经够笨了! 别问那么多!) That's right! You're already stupid enough! Don't ask so much!
Bubble 3: (什么? 太过分了!) What? That's too mean!
Bubble 4: (以后你自然会知道真相的!) You will naturally know the truth later!
Bubble 5: (何况被外面的人听到就不好了!) Also it's definitely not good if the person outside hears it!

Page 9:
Panel 1 (main):
Text: (啊! 被发现了! 开玩笑! 我还什么都没听到呢!) Ah! I've been discovered! But the jokes on you, I didn't actually hear anything!
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (啊!) Ah!
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (天使! 是天界的奸细!) An angel! It's a Heaven spy!

Page 10: (nothing)

Page 11:
Panel 1 SFX: (咦?) Eh?
Panel 2 SFX: (啊?) Ah?

Page 12:
Panel 1:
Bubble: (加百列快抓住他!) Gabriel grab him!
Panel 2:
Bubble: (加百列? 真的是加百列?) Gabriel? It's really Gabriel?
Panel 3:
Bubble: (真的是加百列?) It's really Gabriel?

Page 13:
Panel 2:
BubbleSFX: (咦?) Eh?
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (加百列! 你——你要干什么啊?) Gabriel! You-- what are you doing?
Bubble 2: (我是可爱的玛西亚啊!) I'm the cute Marcia!

Page 14:
Bubble 1: (过分过分! 真是太过分了!) Too much, too much! This really is too much!
Bubble 2-1: (我这么热情地拥抱你,) I so enthusiastically hug you,
Bubble 2-2: (加百列你竟然这样欺负我! 真过分!) yet you suddenly bully me like this! This really is too much!
SFXbubble: (呜~) Oww~

Page 15:
Bubble: (喂! 到底什么时候你们才要放开我啊?) Waah! When will you guys finally release me?

Page 16:
Panel 1:
Text 1: (过分 好过分!) Too much! Way too much!
Text 2: (太过分了!) Just too much!
Text 3: (加百列欺负人!) Gabriel's a bully!
Bubble: (看起来怎么好像某种SM的场面?) Doesn't this look like some kind of SM scene?
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (好吵的天使! 真的是天界的奸细吗?) Such a noisy angel! Is this really a Heaven spy?
Bubble 2: (放开他吧! 看起来好可怜哦!) Release him! This seems so pathetic!
Panel 3:
Bubble 1-1: (对嘛! 人家都已经说明我不是奸细了嘛!) That's right! You've clearly said I wasn't a spy!
Bubble 1-2: (我和以赛亚不同, 我是自己好起泡来的嘛!) I'm not the same as Isaiah! I came here of my own accord!
Text under Panel 4: (将水(?)收起来——) Pulls back the water--

Page 17:
Panel 1:
Bubble: (玛西亚, 你怎么会到这里来?) Marcia, how come you are here?
Panel 2:(你应该知道, 我们已经不是同一阵线的同伴了吧?) You should already know, that we aren't companions on the front line anymore?
Panel 3: (我听说了, 我听说你们早已背叛天界 -----) I heard that you had already betrayed the Heavens----
Panel 4: (为什么? 加百列? 为什么?) Why? Gabriel? Why?

Page 18:
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (你们为什么不回到天界来呢? 加百列! 你们七大天使——) Why won't you guys return to Heaven? Gabriel! You Archangels--
Bubble 2: (天界最强的战斗天使们, 真的背叛天界了吗?) Heavens strongest fighters, really betrayed the Heavens?

Page 19:
Panel 1 (main):
Bubble 1: (我们——并没有背叛天界啊!) We-- certainly did not betray the Heavens!
Bubble 2: (那为什么不回来?) Then why won't you come back?
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (如果你们安然无恙, 又并非背叛——) If you're safe and sound, and you didn't betray the Heavens--
Bubble 2-1: (那么就应该尽快回到天界来啊!) Then you should come back to the Heavens as soon as possible!
Bubble 2-2: (你知道我们大家都在等你们归来吗?) Don't you know that everyone is waiting for your return?

Page 20:
Bubble 1-1: (根本无法回去啊!) We simply didn't have a way to go back!
Bubble 1-2: (玛西亚!) Marcia!
Bubble 2: (天地大战之后, 天使军团已经所剩天几,) After the Great War, only a few angels from the regiment were left.
Bubble 3: (安好? 要让你失望了! 玛西亚!) Safe? I'm disappointed in you! Marcia!

Page 21:
Panel 1:
Bubble: (什么?) What?
Panel 3:
Bubble: (加百列---- 你说---- 什么?) Gabriel.... what.... what did you say?
Panel 4:
Bubble 1-1: (玛西亚! 大天使们大多数都已经-----) Marcia! Most of the Archangels have already....
Bubble 1-2: (进入了永恒的睡眼了, 连你的拉斐尔也---) fallen into an eternal sleep, including your Raphael....

Page 22:
Panel 1:
Bubble: (什么? 发生了什么事啊?) What? What happened?
Panel 2:
Bubble: (天地大战延续了三百万个人间年,) The Great War lasted for another three million earth years,
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (但是却只是短短的一万个天界年!) but it only last for a short ten thousand Heaven years!
Bubble 2: (这些时间过后, 一切都不一样了!) After this time passed, nothing was the same!

Page 23:
Bubble: (加百列! 天地大战到底发生了什么事?) Gabriel! What in the world happened during the war?

Page 24:
Panel 1:
Bubble 1: (在我们不知道的时候, 我们---) When we didn't even know what was happening, we..
Bubble 2: (就已经被称为“背叛者”了) had already been labeled "betrayers"
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (怎么可能?) How is that possible?
Text 1: (当年, 以米凯尔为首, 三亿天使参与歼灭叛徒路西华的战争,) That year, lead by Michael, three hundred million angels joined together to finish the traitor Lucifer's war.
Panel 3:
Text: (这是天神直接下达的命令, 由最高统帅大天使长米凯尔领军。) This was an order from god, left to the tallest and most handsome Archangel Michael to be their leader.

Page 25: (nothing)

Page 26:
Text: (真正最激烈的战争, 就是米凯尔与路西华对决的那一刻吧?) Truly the most intense battle, was the deciding battle between Michael and Lucifer.

Page 27:
Bubble 1-1: (不愧为天界最强的两名战士,) Worthy of being called the two strongest fighters,
Bubble 1-2: (他们对战的一瞬间, 风云变色——) whenever their swords met, the clouds changed colour--
Bubble 2: (天地震撼,日月无光, 十分可怕!) Heaven and Earth shook, the sun and moon went out, it was absolutely terrifying!

Page 28:
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (天使们的战争? 好浪漫的故事啊!) An angel war? What a romantic story!
Bubble 2: (笨蛋! 只是几个长翅膀的家伙在互殴而已,浪漫什么啊?) Idiot! It's just a bunch of winged guys beating each other up, what's romantic about that?
Panel 3:
Bubble 1: (啍! 你这个傻瓜!) Hmph! You fool!
Bubble 2-1: (唔----) Oh...
Bubble 2-2: (如果是妖精的战争, 一定像小孩子打架。) If it were a demon war, it would definitely be like a children's spat.
Panel 4:
Bubble 1-1: (浪漫的故事啊?) A romantic story?
Bubble 1-2: (家战的天使们可不这么认为!) The angels who fought in the war definitely didn't think about it like that!

Page 29:
Bubble 1: (米凯尔的天使军大获全胜, 成功地击败望落天使军团。) Micheal's regiment had an overwhelming victory, successfully defeating the remaining angels.
Bubble 2-1: (将叛军全部驱逐到下界去了!) Also driving their entire traitorous force down to Earth!
Bubble 2-2: (让他们永远进不了天界!) This would prevent them from ever again entering Heaven!
Bubble 3: (然后, 米凯尔以“赤光印”封印黑帝路西华。) Then, Michael used the "Red Light Seal" to seal Lucifer the Guardian of Darkness.

Page 30:
Text 1: (而米凯尔在封印了路西华之后,) Though once Michael sealed Lucifer,
Text 2: (也因不明的原因沉睡了。) for unknown reasons, he too fell into a dark slumber.

Page 31:
Text: (天界最强的战斗天使们全部沉入永恒的睡眠?) Heaven's strongest angel warriors all fell into an eternal slumber?

Page 32:
Panel 1:
Text 1: (或许是受了某种不可知的重创,) Perhaps they had sustained some unknown injuries,
Text 2: (才让大天使们再也醒不过来----) that prevented those Archangels from waking up....
Panel 2:
Bubble 1: (那么---你呢? 加百列! 你为什么在这里?) That... what about you? Gabriel! Why are you here?
Bubble 2: (你看起来-----并没有受重伤的样子啊!) You look like.... you certainly haven't sustained any major injuries!

Page 33:
Text 1: (玛西亚! 你怎么还是这么糊涂?) Marcia! How could you be so confused?
Text 2: (我的本质是属于四大云素中复原能力的水啊!) Out of the four main elements, my essence is Healing Water!
Text 3: (无论受到什样的重伤, 我都能自行复原。) No matter what injuries I might sustain, I can always heal myself.

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